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From brim to bottom he drank up,
Of wrath, that deep mysterious cup;
This Jordan pass'd, then rose on high,
And captive led captivity.

Justice now fully satisfied,
The law now honour'd, magnified;
At God's right hand he takes his place,
Executor of Cov'nant Grace.

Crown'd by Jehovah's firm decree,
With universal sov'reignty;
All nature owns his powerful sway,
He speaks, the elements obey.
The emblem, then thou may'st pursue,
For safe to thee this Jordan through;
The priests but touch the watery space,
When lo! the floods desert their place.

They gather up upon an heap,
Leave dry the channel of the deep;
The ark and priests there take their stand,
And beckon thee to leave the land.

I come, my best belov'd, I come;
Now lead me to our Father's home;
On thy dear person fix mine eye,
And faith firm footing shall supply.

I fear no ill while thou art near,
But let thy voice salute my ear;
Should spirits faint, and 'scape the sigh,
With these sweet words "Fear not, 'tis I."

With courage fresh my soul shall tread,
On faith's firm ground where thou dost lead;
While still upon thy gracious face,

My steady eye maintains its place.

And now, my Joshua, choose, and lay,
The stones in Jordan's middle way;
Let them o'ertop the flowing wave
Memorial of thy power to save.

For once a suit I did prefer,
With feeble hope, and trembling fear:
That I might have a Pisgah view,
In Jordan's swells of Canaan new.

O then, thy glory let me see,
Then cause thy face to shine on me;
And tune my heart, and tune my voice,
And language furnish to rejoice:

That all around may lend their tongue,
And sweetly join my dying song;
And Newton sav'd by grace like me,
We'll sing of sov'reign grace with thee.


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