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154 Staffordshire...Warwick sire....Worcestershire, &c.
of port wine at one draught, and soon after At Clifford Court, after a hort illnefs, for
fell from his feat to the ground. In about Richard Williams, bart. of Goldnighton's.
an hour and a half he.expired.

At Suitmill, Mr. John Smith.

At Yorkhill, Mrs. Patrick. This family Married.] At Litchfield, Mr. A. Wood- exhibits a fingular instance of longevity. ward to Miss Topping. Mr. Stephen Simp- The deceased was in her 85th year. Her fon to Miss Startin.

husband, who is ftill living, is 90. His Mr. Willian Bourn, of Smithfield, in this brother, who resides in the same parish, is county, to Miss Hannah Walker, of Heage, 93; and the wife of the latter enjoys perfect in Derbyshire.

health at the extraordinary age of 99. Died.] At Stafford, in her 24th year, At Cotmore, near Kingston, suddenly, Mrs. Patter. At Breretan, Mr. Andrew Birch. while eating his dinner, Mr. Lawrence Ste

At Wolverhampton, Mr. Wm. Waddoms. phens.
At Newcaste under Line, universally

At Lyonshall, in the 27th year of his age, eteemed and lamented, Nathaniel Beard, Mr. Jolhua Thomas Driver, late surgeon of ela. only brother to the late William Beard, the Rodney East Indiaman. esq. chief justice of South Wales.


Married.) At Chalford, Mr. Monkhouse Married.) At Birmingham, - Mr. James Tate, to Miss Hunt, daughter of Mr. Hunt, Deeley to M Winkie. Mr. John Pardoe to of the Brades, near Birmingham. Afits Elizabeth Wright. Mr. Simeon Tart At Henbury, Mr. H. J. Llewelling of to Miss Mary Showell. Mr. John Lander to Bristol, to Miss Hudson, of the rmer place. Miss Tildelity.

At Bristol, Mr. Samuel Price, .to Miss Mr. J. Terrct, of Redmarley, to Miss Ann Jones. Mr. Charles, foap-boiler, aged Herrios, of Abberley.

35, to Mrs. Witt, aged 70. Mr. Trevelyan, At Handsworth, near Birmingham, Mr.

to Miss Revell, Lieut. Colonel George Johua Woodhill to Miss Sarah Scofield, Duke, of the 26th regiment of infantry, to

Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. Richard Miss Emily Freeman. Mr. Benjamin JenAnderton, sen. In the prime of life, Mr. nings, to Miss Ann Morgan. Mr. William William Kerby, Mr. Thomas Underhill, an Browne, to Miss Boetefeur. eminent brass-founder. Mr. Benjamin Line. Died.) At Gloucester, in his 830 year, Mr. Thomas Haft, optician. Mt. T. Orton, Mr. Samuel Niblett. In a very advanced jun. button-maker. 'In the prinie of life, age, Mrs. Mary Pauncefort, the last of the Miss Godolphin Sparham. Mr. William very ancient family bearing that name. Jones, mould-turner. Mrs. Mileş. Mr. So At 'Thornbury. the Rev. Wm. Howell, lomon Plater, Mr. John Laughter. Aged B. D. many years vicar of that place, and 79, Mrs. Ann Badley. In his gist year,

one of the oldest justices of the peace, for Mr. John Jennings, wood-screw-maker. the county of Gloucester. As a public ma

At Wishaw, near Birmingham, aged 90, giftrate, he discharged his duty with ability Mr. John Brown, sen.

and faithfulness for more than 30 years. At Coventry, Mr. William Bayley. In a At Wellscote, Mrs. Prentice. yery advanced age, Mr. John Warner. At Tewkesbury, Mr. Wm. Ball, Crafton.

At Drayton Ballet, Mr. William Edden. At Old Sodbury, Miss Chapp.
At Digbeth, Mr. William Goodbarne. Mrs. Whittle, of Chorley.
Ar Bordsley, at the advanced age of


At Bristol, Mr. Silcox. Mr. Richard Mr. Jolin Adams.

Smith. Mrs. Halifax. Miss Hannah Levy.

Mr. Lloyd: Mr. Fitch. Mra. Coghlan. Mr. Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Luke Spill- George Plumley. Mrs. Norton. Mrs. þury, post-master. Mr. Partridge, musical Bowden. Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Broderip, of inftrument maker. Mr. Eliza Langham, King's.square. Mr. Gabriel Smith Bradley.

At Kidderminster, Mr. Nicholas Penn, Mr. William Foot. Mrs. Rogers. Aged an eminent snuft-manufacturer.

78, Mrs. James. At Tything, in her 3ift year Mrs. Han At the same place, Mr. Edward Shiere nah Bray.

cliff, proprietor of the circulating library, At Malvern, Mrs Francis Wilson. St. Augustine's Back, and author of the

At Sheltwood, Mr. Brown, an opulent Bristol Guide. He was á man highly refarmer.

spected for candour, ingenuuufness and fua

Yity of manners. Died.]. At Ulk, in his 85th year, the At his house, on St. Michael's Hill, after rev. Richard Vaughan Norman, rector of an illness of a few days, Thomas Whitehead, Llanlowell, vicar of Llantretiaint, Magor and efq. banker. Ridwick, and justice of the peace for the county of Moninouth.

Died.] At Buckingham, aged. 34, Mr. HEREFORDSHIRE.

Patrick O'Hagan, a member of the BuckDied.]

At Hereford, Mrs. Margaret ingham croop of yeomanry cavalry. His Smallman, mistress of the charity-school in remains were interred with military honours, this city. Miss Woodcock, daughter of the At Newport Pagnell, aged 67, Mr. Wm. fev. Francis Woodcock.



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Efex...Norfolk.... Suffolk.... Sussex....Kent.

155 Underwood. Among other charitable lega ? At Diss Aeywood, aged 32; Mr. Doggett, cjes, he has bequeathed 1001. to the Nor a respectable farmer.! thampton General Infirmary.


Married.) At Lavenham, Mr. Westrop, About two o'clock in the morning of the surgeon, to-Mifs Mary Pofter. . 16th inftant, the house of Mr. Thomas Har Died.)' At Bury, in her 50th year, Mrs. ris, of Burleigh, was discovered to be on fire Hart. by one of the men and an apprentice; who At Woodbridge,' the Rev. T. Goodwin, alarmed the family, but too late to save the rector of Martletham: life of Mrs. Harrisy her two sons, and two At Redgrave, aged 73, Mrs. Barker. daughters. The eldest daughter fortunately - At Biddleston, aged 22, Mr. Tho. Stevens. escaped through a window, whilst the dir i At Hadleigh, Elizabeth Gibbons, wife of tracted parent, regardless of her own safety, Thomas Gibbons, M. D. and only anxious for that of her children, At Dallam, in his 68th year, Mr. George perished with them in the fames. Mr. Hår- Fisher. ris was absent on a journey at the time.

Mr. Gabriel Truffor, of Friston Hall. Married.] At Colchester, Mr. John Lingwood, to Miss Sarah Whitaker Wade. A very severe, and, for the season, very

Died.] At Chelmsford, aged 86, Mr. unusual tempest was experienced at Lewes on Stephens Levitt. And the following day, the 31st of last month. Two claps of thunaged 76, Mrs. Levitt, his wife. Mr. Scott. der, in particular, were extremely loud and

At Colchester, Mr. Samuel Nockolds, an awful and the lightning that preceded the eminent hat manufacturer.

peals fet fire to the spire of Barcomb church, Mrs. Woodward, of Feering Fraine. the flames of which foon aiarmed the prriih,

After a lingering illness of several years, and allembled a great number of persons to Thomas Selwyn, efq. of Down Hall. the spot. By dint of uncommon exertions,

At Springfield, in his 49th year, Mr. Ri- aided with a plentiful supply of water, the chard Balls, of the Three Cups “public. fire was at length fortunately extinguished, house.

after it had burnt about three hours, and conNORFOLK

fumed between lix and seven feet of the Married.] At Norwich, Mr. Peter Co- spire, The body of the church did not relombine, jun. to Miss Brunton. Mr. Ben- ceive the flighteft injury. Considerable dajamin Bates to Mifs Osbora. Mr. Henry mage was done by the Atorm in several other Toll to Mifs Gillman. Mr. R. Bacon, jun. places. The swifts of Hendfield wind-mill to Mifs Noverre..

were driven round with such velocity, that Mr. Robert Barnham, of Banham, to Miss it was imposible to stop their motion, and Sarah Keddell, of Saham Toney.

the mill, in consequence, caught fire. At Eaft Watton, Mr. Richard Young to Married.] At Lewes, John Vernon, esq. Miss Ann Lemon.

of Bedford-Iquare, to Miss Cranston, only At Dils, Mr. Suffum, of Finsbury Square, daughter of the late Capt. Cranston,of the navý. London, to Mifs Racon, of the former place. At Tillington, Mr. William Bishop, of

At Fakenham, Mr. Joseph Redgrave to Hastings, to Miss Sarah Pútrick, of the forMiss Hennant. Mr. Thomas Lamb to Miss mer place. A. Johnton.

At Steyning; Mr. Woolgar, aged 18, to At Holt, the Rev. John Glover to Miss Mils Longley, aged 80. · Upwards of 500 Jennis.

persons atcended this extraordinary wedding, At Foulsham, Mr. Quarles, attorney, to

and the bride received the warm congratulaMiss Leaford, of Ely.

tions of all the elderly ladies in the neighDied.} At Norwich, aged 88, Mr. James bourhood. Hall. Aged 68, Mr. Thomas Partridge. Died:] At Ipswich, aged 22, Mr. Tho. In his 57th year, Mr. Prior. Aged 62, Mr.


Mr. John Carter. Mir. Edward Thomas Nelson.

Mayes. At Lynn, Mrs. Selfe.

At Rye, Mr. Waterman, attorney. At Yarmouth, in the 22d year of her age, At Horsham, Mr. Grace, tanner. after a severe illness, Mrs. Margaret Smith.

At Surlingham, aged 52, Mr. Christopher Married.]. At Canterbury, Mr. Thomas Coffey.

Bishop, master of the Golden Lion, tɔ Miss At Bacton, in the 22d year of her age, Mary Hodgmän. Lieutenant Langley, of Mrs. Atkinson, wife of the Rev. Mr. At the Royal Glamorgan regiment, to Miss kinson.

Arabella Claringbould. At Morlingford, aged 64, Mrs. Mary At Rámsgate, Mr: Jamie's Sharp, to Miss Wright.

Mary Stock. At:Tivet hall, aged 63, Mr. Robert

At Preston, hear Feversham, Mr. John Holmes, an opulent farmer...

Wisenden, tô Miss Sarah Prost. At Lammas, aged 19; Mr. Tho. Coleby. At Hiddenden, Mr. Seaman Beale, to Miss

At the family feat, at Heydon, in the Ann Witherden. Also, Mr. William Wim93d year of her age, Mary Wiggett Bulwer, , fett, to Mrs. A. Olbourne. feliet of W. Wiggett Bulwer, efq.



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Surrey....Hertfordshire....Hampshire....Berkshire, &c.

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At Miniter, Isle of Sheppey, Mr. Janies

BERKSHIRE. Heaú to Mifs M. Leopard.

Married.] Mr. Henry Witherington, A: Chatham, Mr. John Eggier to Mrs. S. baker, of Reading, to Miss Bushell, only Sharp. Mr. John Weekes to Mrs. Margaret daughter of Mr. Bushell, an opulent farnier, Pettitor. Lieutenant Moss, of the Hereford of Critton, Wilts. Militia, to Miss Linderidge.

Died] At Reading, at the advanced age At Margate, William Chester, esq. of the of 88, Mr. Richard Simcon. The according Royal Navy, to Miss Peacock, of the Man- testimony of two generations renders any fion House in that town.

eulogium on his character superfluous. Mr. At Athford, Mr. William Jones, of the Baker, surgeon and apothecary, of LondonRoyal Artillery, to Miss Sparrow.

ftreet. Mr. R. L. Bacon, grocer. Mrs. LyDied.] At Canterbury, Mr. Thomas dia Alexander. Mrs. Simmonds. After a Elms, maner of the Blue Anchor public lingering illness, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Crutthouse. Mrs. Young, wife of the Rev. Mr. well. Mrs. Lydia Speakman, Young, a diflenting minister. Mrs. Gauffon. On his passage to Lilbon, the rev. William Miss barham. Mr. Samuel Holness. In Goddard, rector of West Woodhay, in this her 79th year, Mrs. Sarah Frances. Mr. county. Roure.

At Brimpton, after a lingering illness, At Lewisham, aged 89, Mrs. Hannah Mr. Arundell. Butterworth.

At Longwerth 'park, aged 86, Mrs. Jane At Margate, Mr. Greenwood, of the Payn, widow of the rev. Francis Payn, Crown and Thistle public house.

A. M. late rector of Swerford, Oxon, and At Afhford, aged 73, Mrs. Janneway. dean of Jersey.

At Rochester, after a short illness, - Mrs. At Clewer, in his 66th year, Mr. WilLay. In a very advanced agé, Mrs. Smith. liam Cook, miller.

Died.] At Graveseni, Mrs S. Tucker, At Woodley, in his 39th' year, Mr. Ri. wite of the rev. Jolin Tucker, rector of chard Elmby. this place.

At Deal, in her Sift year, Mrs. Mary Married. ] At Salisbury, Mr. Darby to White.

Miss Chambers. Mr. Perry to Miss Courtney, At Dover, aged 37, Mr. G. Shaw, cooper. At Hungerford, the Rev. Mr. Rowlinson In her 87th year, Mrs. Susannah Broadley. to Miss Shrimpton, of Marlborough.

At New Romney, aged 55, Mr. Coates, At Donhead, Mr. John South to Miss one of the jurats of this corporation.

Cater. At Charins, Mr. George Harrison, sen. At Scourton, Mr. John Child, linen-mas.

At Bromley, after a lingering illness, John nufacturer, to Miss Nicholas, of Charlton Booth, erg.

At Upper Rainham, aged 73, Mr. John Died.] At Salisbury, Mrs. Stone.

At Hungerford, Mr. Henry Blake, of the At Chatham, Mr. Ivet Pankhurit, quarter- Red Lion inn. master of the shis-wrights in this dock-yard. At Devizes, Mr. John Gamble, an emi. Miss Sarah Sugden, second daughter or Mr. nent stone-mason. William Sugden, chief clerk of the cominif At Marlborough, in her 71st year, Mrs. froner's office.

Orchard. She had been confined to her bed

for the last five years. Married.] The rev. Henry Wise, rector At Brieford, Mr. John Newman. of Charlwood, to Miss Porter.

SOMERSETSKIR E. Died.] At Vauxhall, Mrs. Payne.

As fome labourers were lately repairing At Kennington, aged 94, Mrs. Stokes. the Wellington road, they dug up an earthen

At Kennington Cross, Mr. John Brown, vetiel, containing about 2000 finall Glver Stock-broker.

coles, of ce lize of fixpences. They are At Chertsey, Mr. Martin, jun.

of the reign of Edward the First, and are in HERTFORDSHIRE.

a state or high preservation. Married.] At Wheatliamstead, the rev. Married.] At Bath, Mr. Samuel Fyler, George Bell, A. M. to Miss Sarah Dowbig- to Miss Margaret Arnott, of Queen-square. gin, daughter of the late Dr. Dowbiggin, The rev. James Payne, son of the late rev. lub-dean of Lincoln.

Caron Payne, to the ho9. Mrs. Hyde, daughDied.] At Brookman's Park, in this ter of lor] Francis Seymour, dean of Wells. county, the lady of Samuel Robert Gauf- Mi. Cunninghain, of the theatre, to Miss 1en, esq. M. P. of Warwick.

Luder, daughter of Mr. Loder, musician.

Mr. Jonathan Harman, to Miss Moore. Married ] At Chilton Candover, the rev. Captain Whelans, of the 61st regiment, ta Richard Burleigh, A. M. late of Queen's Miss Frances S. C. Griffith. Mr. QuarlingCollege, Cambridge, and upwards of 32 ton, to Mrs. Gwinness. Lieutenant Colond years rector of the parishes of Candover and Hatton, of the 66th regiment of foot, to Woodınancote.

Miss Hodgcy, eldest daughter of Jeremiah Near Lyndhurst, R. V. Gilbert, efq. major Hodges, pag. of pys-cogrt, Surrey. comprandapt of the New Forest ride dragoons.



Dorsetsbire.... Devonshire....Wales.



At the same place, Mr. John Hale, to

Mrs. M. Williams.

Married.] At Frampton, Mr. Williams
At Wells, Mr. James Bacon, to Miss Salisbury, to Miss Jane Lucas.

At Pitcombe, the rev. William Frederick
Married.] At Wayford, Mr. John Framp- Grove, of Melbury Abbas, to Mifs Pounsett,
ton, of Greenham Farm, to Miss Ellwood, of Cole-place, near Bruton, Somersetshire.
of Blackdown. The happy bridegroom has, Died.] At Osmington, near Weymouth,
for the lat 45 years, been in the constant after a short illness, Miss Wood.
habit of paying his devoirs to the fair object At West Coker, Mr. Abraham Sandford.'
of his affections regularly twice a week, in At Odcombe, whilst sitting in his chair,
doing which he has travelled as a pedestrian, just after he had paid his workmen, Mr.
within that time, little less than 17,000 Harris, stone-cutter,
miles !

At Moolham-house, near Ilminster, Mr. Married.] At Exeter, Robert Walpole William Slater, to Miss Amelia Wallington. Dudley, esq. of the Wiltshire militia, to

Mr. John Cook, grazier, of Rooksbridge, Mrs. S. Grahame, widow of Robert Grae to Miss Haynes.

hame, esq. of Morphie. At Chewton-Mendip, Mr. Lamorock At Tor-Abbey, Mr. William ThrogmorCurtis, to Miss Ann Hippisley.

ton, to Mifs Giftard. At Kingsdon, Mr. Thomas Parker, to At Plymouth, Captain Elrington, of the Miss E. Tucker.

army, to Miss Colby, of Barnstaple. At Barrington church, Mr. T. Brooknian,

Died.] At Exeter, Thomas Hayman, of Sandford, to Miss Parker, of Langford. gent. coroner for that city. Also, Mr. John

Died.] At Bath, John Gunning, esp. Rickord. Mr. Allistone. In the 74th year
F. R. S. A. S. S. surgeon-general to the arnıy, of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Kennavay.
and surgeon extraordinary to the king. Also At her seat at Crofs, near Torrington, the
Major Keightley.

right hon. lady Clinton, widow of the late
At the same place, Aaron Knight, many Robert George William Trefufis, lord Clin-
years head hoftler at the Mews in Avon ton, who died in August last.
street: after doing his customary duty in the At Hall, in this county, Mr. Charles
morning, he went into the hay-loft, and Chichester, aged 76.
hung himfelf. He was an honest and faith At Silverton, aged 84, Mr. Robert Rowe,
ful servant, but has been subject to fits of
melancholy and despondency for a considera- The follorving PROCLAMATION far a MEET
ble time. He has left a wife and four chil ING of WELSH BA os, at Midsummer,

1798,, will

prove that the race of bards and At his seat at Menford Castle, in a very the religion of the Druids is not yet extinel. advanced age, Dr. Pugh, an eminent and " In the year 1797, the sun being in successful practitioner.

Alban Hevin, or the summer folftice, an InAt Winford, Mrs. Yorke.

vitation was given, in. the hearing of the At Stanton Wick, of the gout in his country, and the government, under the pestomach, Mr. Joseph Sage

riod of a year and a day, with protection for At Bath, Mrs. Methold, relict of the late all who might seek for privilege and graduaE. Methold, eiq. She has left handsome tion in science and bardism, to repair to the legacies to most of the charitable inftitutions. London Meeting, upon Primrose Hill; to in Bath, and 50l. to the asylum for poor blind the Chair of Glamorgan, upon Tyle y Gawl; perfors in Bristo!

and to the Chair of North Wales at Caerwys; At the same place, after an illness of where there wili not be a naked weapon only a few hours, Mrs. Tarry haberdasher. against them; and then and there, in the Mils Davis, fifter of Dr. Davis. Mrs. Ra- presence of M. Du, Ioło Morganwg, and B. cey In an advanced age, Mrs. Sheppard. Glas, and others, Bards according to the Mr. Ifaac Matthews. Mr. John Gent, jun. privilege of the Bards of the Isle of Britain, apothecary. Mrs. Juliana Mackworth, fiiter to deliver and set forth the judgment of the of the late fir Herbert Mackworth, of Gnoll feilions, in the face of the sun, and in the Caftie, Glamorganshire. Her death was oc eye of the light, on all, with respect to gecafioned by a severe contufion on the head, nius and no al con uct, who may seek for which the received by a fall from the vine- presidency and privilege. And also at the yards.

time and places aforesaid, to pronounce on At Frome, suddenly, Mrs. Middleton., the merits, and to adjudge a prize, for the

Mr. James Turner, schoolmaster of the best Transation, into Welsh, of Gray's Oie, parish of Keen, near Garton, was lately " The Bard;” and relating to other matters, found drowned in a ditch near his own house. according to the rights and custom of the He was a very useful man in the neighbour- Bards of the Isle of Britain. hood, and supported an unblcmilhed cha

Ygwyr yn erbyn y Byd! racter.

18e Truib, in opposition to the World."





Agricultural Report; &c.

Ancient Baths, and Earl Mansfield, and his
David Martin, esq. portrait painter, died Hume, and Rouflcau, are distinguished (pe-
at his house in Elinburgh, on Saturday the cimens. Mr. Martin's predilection for Scot-
30th of December, 1797. Mr. Martin was land is easily accounted for: his venerable
born at Anftruther in Fife, and received the parents and nearest relations refided there;
education of his early years from his father, his attachment to the metropolis was leiten-
Mr. John Martin, a man of a most respecta ed by the death of his wife. In 1783, he left
ble character, and very ingenious. In very London; und since that time has enjoyed
carly life Mr. Martin's genius for drawing much reputation and success in his projestion;
discovered itself, procured him the notice of and it is universally allowed, that no Scot-
the neighbouring gentlemen, and introduced tilh artist has appeared of superior, if of equal
him to the acquaintance and friendship of abilities.
Mr. Ramsay, late painter to his Majeity. The Countess of Stair, at her liouse in
With Mr. Ramsay he went to Rome, and

Gallaway. resided in that school of the arts about three At Dundee, Mrs. Camilla Elizabeth years. During the period of Mr. Ramsay's Wright, wife of James Wright, jun. esq. greatest fame, and while he was painter to daughter of colonel D. Campbell, and great the royal family, Mr. Martin was his friend grand-daughter, on the maternal lide, to the and useful affittant. He did not confine him. late lord Rokeby, archbilhop of Armagh, &c. self to the pencil, which was employed not She is greatly regretted by all her friends on portraits only, but occasionally on other and acquaintance, who could justly appreftudies: he frequently amused himself as an ciate great sensibility, a high tense of procagraver and worker in mezzotinto, of priety, frankrels, integrity of principle, and which, his Summer Evening, and Ruins of independance of ipirit.

OUR accounts from the more northern diftriéts ttate, that notwithstanding the frost and

falls of snow during this month, the operations of the husbandman have not been much retarded. In general, farmers have been bufily employed in turning over their winter fallows, or in preparing their lands for barley and oats.

Fron Wates too we find, that the late changes in the weather have, in many respects, been favourable; speaking of those di:tricts in the vicinity of the river Wye, our reporter observes, that the heavy rains, the torrents from the mountains, and the frequent and uncommon overflowings of the Wye, during the winter, have spread a cheap manure over the meadows, which has been meilowed by the warm weather that succeed; and as the practice of fooding is universally attended to in this country, there is perhaps scarcely a bit of pasture, all around, cipecially in che vallies, that is not considerably enriched. The wheat crops, of which alone any conjectures can yet be formed, looked, before the frost, very fine and promising; and the contiderable fall of fnow, by which the frost was ushered in, will probably contribute' rather to their benefit than injury. In other parts of the kingdom, we alto find, that the wheat crops, especially on dry loams, in general, appear well: but that on strong wet clayey foils they are not to promising.

TURNIPS.. These roots have continued to stand the winter extremely well. In most of the diftricts north of the Tay, this crop feens to have failed.

Grain. The markets keep still rather on the decline. Wheat, on the 17th inftant, averaged throughout England and Wales, 49s. 6d. Barley, 265. 11d. and Cats, 16s.gd. per quarter.

MEAT. This continues pretty much the same as in our last Report.

In SMITHFIELD, on the 26th, Ecef sold from 40d. to god. and Mutton from 44d. to 52d. fer stone, finking the offal.

Hops. Kentish Hops fetch from go to 108s. bags ; from 100 to 126s. pockets.
STOCK. Fat stock still continues high, but the prices of lean cattle are much lower.
Horses. These are still getting cheaper.

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ERRA TA. In the valuable paper, No. 27, On Weights, p. 13, 1. 28, for 'vitis read viri. p. 14, 1. 6, for bonis read boni.-- p. 16, 1. 36, for lower read tower.

In Mr. Richter's paper, No. 26, the first line, The principal means by which, should have Leen the principle by means of which. In the 25th line, the word posible initituted for inpoffible. In p. 534, col. 2, 1.8, from the bottom, ibat necessary connection should have been ikat of necelar y connection.

In p. 134, col. 1, of the prefert Number, the head-line “CHEMISTRY,” is, by the neg ligence of the printer, in its wrong place. It should be understood as preceding the subleguent paragraph respecting the “ Annales de Chemie.”

In Mr. Lott's Paper, No. 25, the duration of the lunar eclipse should be 3h. som, instead of 5. and unusual, instead of unequal, in the account of the folar (put.

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