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CASES FROM BRANCHES. above Branches.

C. J., of O., aged 60, local preacher
Yours in the best of bonds,
John Rose.

38 years. Wife dead; has four chil.
dren who cannot help. Was a ganger

on the railway, but lost his right leg GENERAL COMMITTEE.

in September, 1879. He made appliMINUTES of Meeting of Committee, cation last July for superannuation, held at our office, 24, Bedford Street, but the application was then poston Wednesday evening, April 13. poned to see whether the railway Present: Bro. C. S. Madder (Presi

company would assist.

This now dent) in the chair. Bros. Amphlett, appeared hopeless; but further infor. Andrew, Cropper, Durley, Johnson, mation was desired on one or two Milsom, Parker, Sims, Wardley and points. The case, therefore, was Wright.

ordered to be postponed until that The meeting was opened with information had been obtained, and a prayer by Bro. Andrew.

new schedule filled up. The minutes of last meeting were J.J., of G., aged 69, local preacher read and confirmed.

49 years; wife aged 49; has four A letter was read from Bro. Ste- children, but none can help; by trade phens, calling in question the reso- a shoemaker; average income about lution of the Committee respecting an three shillings per week, in addition application for superannuation. It to £10 per annum from a charity; was decided that a reply be sent to suffers from bronchitis and asthma. Bro. Stephens, respectfully informing Recommended by the Superintendent him that the Committee could only Minister of the Circuit. Resolved, decide on the facts placed before That the Brother have 3s. per week. them ; but if fresh information could The President being compelled be given, they would be quite willing to leave, Bro. Durley took the to reconsider the case.

chair. A communication had also been W. F., of H., aged 65, local received from the Keighley friends, preacher 15 years; wife aged 65; bas as to the reported resignation of Bro. three children, who cannot help him; Laycock as a member of Committee, a shoemaker by trade; suffers from a he not having resigned. Resolved, bad cough, failing eyesight, and affecThat the cause of error be investi- tion of the back, through constant gated and reported on at the next bending of the body; has a precarious meeting.

income of two or three shillings per The monthly abstract was read, week; is not a member but desires to showing receipts for the month, become one, and an annuitant. Re£232 28. 8d. ; payments for the month, solved, That it be made a special £351 10s., and bills, £44 11s. 9d. case, in consideration of what H. Receipts for the year, £2,878 83. 7d.; Briggs, Esq., is giving, and that he payments for the year, £2,619 2s. 11d., be at once received as an annuitant, leaving a balance of £258 158. 8d. and have five shillings per week.

New members for the month, 9; G. A., of D., aged 73, local preacher deaths, 5; on the funds, sick, 114; 50 years; wife dead ; has six children, annuitants, 164.

but none can help him ; a shoemaker Bill for 3 months' rent of office, by trade, earning two shillings per £8 15s., was presented and ordered week; suffers from failing eyesight to be paid.

and deafness. Resolved, That he Expenses had also been incurred, have 5s. per week. not only in removing, but also in the A promissory note for £16 148. 6d., purchase of crockery and other arti- with interest due on it, was presented cles, all of which had been defrayed to the Committee from Joshua Ray, by Bro. Wardley, who generously of Faversham. Not available at predeclined to be recouped. Resolved, sent, but may be of value in the That the best thanks of the Com- future. Resolved, That it be thankmittee be presented to Bro. Wardley fully accepted. for his kindness and generosity.

Bro. Parker asked for surplus magazines to be sent to meetings where our cause is advocated. Resolved, That such permission be given, leaving the distribution to the discretion of the Secretary and Bro. Parker.

Resolved, That new schedules be printed at once for annuitants, with spaces for Branch, Name, and Address of applicant, and also the insertion of the question, “In case of application being granted, and your circumstances should subsequently improve, will you undertake to inform the Committee of such increase of means ?'

The next meeting to be held on Monday, May 9, at Bro. T. M. Harvey's, Audley House, New Barnet, at 5.30 p.m.

The meeting closed with prayer by Bro. Wardley.

many years in the Gateshead Circuit. Claim £8.

March 6, 1881. George Pickford, Northampton ist Branch, aged 60 years. His end was peace. Claim £8,

March 15, 1881. Robert Brown, North Shields Branch, aged 47 years. He passed through a long and painful affliction with patience, and his death was triumphant. Claim £8.

March 15, 1881. William Large. Manchester Branch, aged 80 years, As he had lived, so he died, “trusting in the Lord.” He had been an annui. tant 616 weeks, and had received £133 118. Claim £2.

March 19, 1881. George Rose, Leeds Branch, aged 70 years. He was a good man, a true and faithful preacher, who had no need to be ashamed ; always willing to work. After a long affiction he entered into lest. Claim £3. April 11, 1881.

William Hamm, Tavistock Branch, aged 61 years. He passed away and left a clear and delightful testimony behind of his acceptance through faith in Jesus. Claim £8.

ERRATUM.- In the list of deaths, February number ; for Mrs. Bott, read. Mrs. Barratt.

DEATHS. March 3, 1881. George Cook, Gateshead Branch, aged 58 years.

Preeminently a man of God. Much respected and beloved. A good, plain, common sense, practical preacher for



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Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members.

£ s. d. £ 8. d. BathMrs. Plummer, hm. £1 ls (in memory of her late husband)

1 1 0 St. Agnes-Service of Song, £1 10s

1 10 0 Gateshead

1 13 0 Isle of Wight-Mr. G. W. H. Warder, hm, £1 ls

1 1 0 Oldham-Mr Leach, hm. £1 ls ; Mrs. Ward (don.) 10s 6d;

Collection at Wesley, €68s 6d ; Ditto Manchester Street, £8 10s 8d; Ditto Brunswick, £5 158 2d; Less Expenses, £3 16s 2d ..

18 9 8 5 17 0 Chatteris 1st-Mr. W. Chenery, hm. £1 ls

1 0 0 18 6 Cheadle-Mr. J. Corbishley, hm. £1 ls

1 1 0 0 3 0 Birmingham 2ndMr. G. Hill, hm. £1 ls

1 1 0 1 1 0 Leicester 2nd

0 12 0 Houghton-le-SpringMr. Banks, 58 ; Mr. W. Hill, 28 ; Mr.

Richardson, 28; Small sums, 2s; Mr. J. Cook, hm. £l;
Mr. S. Gibbon, hc. 10s; Anon, 4s

2 5 0 1 7 0 Kettering

1 0 Hexham 1st.

0 12 Devizes

1 1 0 Cleckheaton ...

0 12 0 Bensham Road (Gateshead)

1 1 Torcester 1st

1 10 0 Kendal

1 4 0 Stockton

1 1 0 Camelford








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Free Sub-

£ 8. d.
Midsomer Norton
Newport (Mon.)-Mr. H. Collier, hm. qly. 58 3d; Mr. R.

Davies, hm. 2 qrs. 10s 6d; Mr. W. Edwards, hm. qly. 5s 3d 1 1 0
Northampton 2nd
Chatteris 2nd
Leigh (Lanc.)
Stourport-Mr. B. Griffith, hc. 10s

0 10 0
Denby Dale ...
CardiffMr. J. Gibbs, hm. £i ls; Mr. W. Gibbs, hm.
£1 ls; Mr. W. Price, hm. £1 ls

3 3 0
Shipley-Mr. J. Baldwin, 2s; Mr. G. Bishop, 2s 6d; Mr. H.

Dawson, 2s 6d ; Mr. W. Dawson, 2s 6d; Mr. J. Denby,
5s; Mr. S. W. Duncan, 5s; Mr. W. Gray, hc. 10s; Rev.
P. McKenzie, 2s 6d; Mr. B. Rycroft, 1s 6d; Mr. J. Slater,
2s; Mr. G. Taylor, 2s 6d; Mr. J. Wilcock, 2s 6d

2 0 6
Srindon—1[rs. Baverstock, hc. 108 ; Mr. Young Horton,
hm. £1 ls; Mr. P. H. Mason, hc. 10s

2 1 0
Lancaster-Mr. R. Moon, hm. £1 ls

1 1 0
St. Leonard's-on-Sea-Mr. J. Taylor, hm. £1 ls ...

1 1 0
Hungerford ...
Liskeard 1st
Liskeard 2nd
Hexham 2nd
Keighley-Mr. A. Almond, hm. £1 1s; Mr. T. Clough, hm.
£1 ls; Mr. W. Clough, hm. £1 ls; Mr. C. Dinsdale, hm.
£1 1s; Mr. J. Lund, hm. £1 1s; Mr. P. Milligan, M.D.,
hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Rhodes, hc. 10s; Mr. W. Roper, hm.
£1 ls; Mr. W. Snowden, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. Stephenson,
hm. £1 ls; Mrs. Summerscales, hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Sug-
den, hm. £1 ls; Mr. C. H. Wilkinson, hm. £1 ls

13 2 0 Rochester, Mrs. Bartholomew, hm. £1 18; Mr. Benton, bc.

10s 6d ; Mr. Belsey, hc. J.P., 108 ; Mr. G. Cole, hu, 128 ;
Mr. Edwards, hc. J.P., 10s; Mr. Moore, hm. £1 1s ;
Moore, hm, £1 ls ; Collections at Bartholomew's Free
Church, £1 108; Frinsbury, £1 88; Gillingham, 12s 1d ;
New Brompton, 14s 4d; Ordnance Place, 6s id; Public
Meeting, £2 148 2d; Rainham Lower, 5s 10d; Rainham
Upper, 5s 7d; Star Hill, £1 148 2d. Less Expenses, 8s 9d

14 5 0 Shepton Mallet

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Benefit Members. £ s. d. 1 12 6 1 4 0 0 6 0 0 18 0 1 4 0 3 19 9 1 4 0

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1 5 9
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St. Agnes
Burton-on-Trent-Mr. D. Bassett, 5s; Mr. S. R. Deaville, 5s
North Shields
Birmingham 1st
Brackley—Bro. Barrett, Penny Preaching, £1 Os 6d ; Mr.

McKey, hm. qly. 5s 3d
Rotherham-Mr. H. Butcher, hm. £1 ls


Flashman, b.m. £1 ls; Mr. G. R. Killick, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. Alderman Rees, hm, £1 ls ; Mr. J.

Richardson, hm, £1 ls
Preston-Mr. Brown, don. 108
Doncaster—Mr. Appleyard, 28 6d ; Mr. D. Roberts, 12s;

Mr. D. Smith, 2s 6d
Andover-Collections at Andover, £1 1s 7d; Collingbourne,

8s 1d ; Hurstbourne, 8s 4d; Longparish, 6s 4d ; Thrux-
ton, 4s 6d; Vernham, 1ls 4d ; Wallop, 5s 6d ; Wherwell,

11s 6d ; Whitchurch, 17s 6d; Small sums, 108 4d
Torcester 2nd
Leeds-Miss Watson, hm. £1
High Wycombe
Bayswater—Mr. Brewer, hm. £l 1s; Mr. Knight, hm.

£1 ls
Aylesbury-Mr. S. Grist, hm. £1; Rev. R. Keyworth, 2s 6d;

Waddeston Tea Meeting, £5 6s 6d
Cross HillsWesleyan Chapel, £5 1s 11d; Public Meeting,

£3 8s 10d ; Ebenezer, £3 ls 8d; Wesleyan Chapel, Icorn-
shaw, £1 58. 10d ; U.M.F.C., Couling, £2 10s Less Ex
penses, £1 18s 3d.

Pateley BridgeMr. P. Eskholme, qly. 28 6d
Manchester and Salford
Runcorn—Captain C. Bowden, 28 6d; Mr. J. R. Frith, 2s 6d;

Mr. C. Garnett, 2s 6d; Mr. W. Griffiths, 2s 6d ; Mr. C. W.
Hazlehurst, hm. £1; Mr. G. S. Hazlehurst, hm, £1 ls;
Mr. J. D. Jones, 28 6d; Mr. J. Morris, 2s 6d ; Mr. J.
McQuinn, 2s 6d ; Mr. Thomas Norman, 58; Mr. S.
Ravenscroft, 28 6d ; Mr. M. W. Shaw, 2s 6d; Mr, T.
Simister, 2s 6d; Mr. S. Taylor, 2s 6d; Mr. J. Temperley,

2s 60 ; Miss Turner, 28 6d ; Mr. J. Williams, 2s 6d
St. Columb
Northampton 1st
Frome-Mr. W. Fussell, hm. £1 18; Mr. J. Brimson, hm.

£1 ls; Mr. Russell, 2s
Manchester-Bro. John Atkinson, hm. £1 18; Mr. W.

Boullen, hc. 108 ; Bro. D. Cleasby, 158 ; Mr. G. Cooper, hm. £1; Mr. H. Eaton, hm. £l 1s; Mr. M. H. Fowler, hc. 103 ; Bro. T. Hallam, hm, qly, 5s 3d; Mr. T. Lomas, hm. £2 2s; Miss A. Rains, 5s; Mr. R. Rains, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. C. W. Rippon, hm. £l le Sheffield_Mr. Alderman Bassett, hm. £1 ls ; Mr. C. H.

Camm, hm. £l ls; Mr. W. E. Clegg, 5s ; Mr. Alderman W. J. Clegg, hm. £1 ls ; Mr. Councillor J. C. Clegg, 5s ; Mr. F. H. Cockayne, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. W. Cockayne, hc. 108 6d ; Mr. John Cole, hm, £1 ls ; Mr. Thomas Cole, hm. £1 ls ; Mr. S. Cole, hm. £l is ; Mr. J. Collins,

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hm. £1 ls ; Mr. J. Glover, 58 ; Mr. L. Joel, hm. £1 ls;
Mr. W. Parker, hc. 10 60 ; Mr. W. Parlby, hm. £1 ls;
Mr. A. Priestley, 68 ; Mr. J. Wild, 58; Mr. Councillor
G. Woodcock, hm. £1 ls. The following by Mrs. Free-
borough : Mr. C. Burgon, 58 ; Mr. W. H. Downing,
2s 6d ; Mr. B. Freeborough, hm, £1 ls ; Mrs. Free-
borough 5s; Mr. J. Milner, 2s 6d ; Mr. Redfern, 10s ;
Mrs. Redfern, 10s; Mrs. J. Smith, hm. £1. The follow-
ing by Miss Sharman : Mr. J. Aislewood, hc. 10s ; Mrs.
H. Alcard, hc. 10s ; Mr. W. Batt, hm. £1 ls ; Mr. G.
Binns, hc. Jos; Mrs. Blyde, 2s 6d; Mrs. Booth, 2s 6d ;
Mr. D. Chapman, hc. 108; Mr. J. Chapman, hc.
108 ; Mr. T. Chapman, hm. £1; Mr. T. Chapman, Jun.,
hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Clarke, 5s; Mr. Cocker, 2s 60 ; Mrs. H.
E, Dutton, hc, 10s ; Mrs. Elliott, 2s 6d ; Mr. J. Ellis,
hm, £1 ls : Mr. J. Gallimore, hm. £1 ls ; Mrs. W.
Gallimore, hm. £2 2s ; Mr. J. Garfitt, hc. 10s ; Mr.
Hardy, 2s 6d ; Mr. J. Ibberson, 2s 6d ; Mr. Kaye,
hm, £1 ls; Mr. Knowles, 2s 60 ; Mr. G. S. Lee, hc,
10s 60 ; Mr. Peace, 5s; Mr. J. Peace, 2s 6d ; Mr. T.
Roberts, 5s ; Mr. J. Howarth, hc. 10s ; Mr. A. Sharman,
hm, £1 ls; Mrs. A. Sharman, hm, £1 ls; Mr. A.
Sharman, hc. 10s; Mr. Jabez Sharman, 5s; Mrs. John
Sharman, hm. £l ls; Ditto in memory of Mr. John
Sharman, hm, £1 is; Mr. G. W. Sharman, bm. £1 Is;
Mr. J. H. Sharman, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. B. Smith, 2s 6d;
Mr. J. Starr, 5s; Mr. G. Travis, 7s 6d; Mr. G. W.
Travis, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. G. W. Travis, hm. £1 ls; Mr.
J. Walton, 5s; Mrs. C. Wardlow, hm. £1 ls; Mr. S.
Wardlow, hm. £2 2s : Mr. R. Wheen, 5s ; Mr. G. Wilkin-
son, 58; Mr. G. Woodhead, 2s 6d; Mr. J. Wragg, hm.

£1 ls
OxfordMr Lindsey, hm. £1 ls.
Deptford and Woolwich-Mr. A. Coldwell, 2s.
Scarborough - Rev. N. Boynes. 58 : Mr. Calvert, hm. £l ls;

Mr. G. Dixon, hc. 10s 60 ; Mr. E. Harland, 5s ; Mr. W.
Pearson, hm. £1 ls; Mr. G. Porrett, hc. 10s 6d; Mr. W.
Robson, hc. 10s; Mr. B. Smith, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. R.

Swift, hm. £1
Office List -- Mr. W. P. Griffith, hm. £1 ls; Rev. I. Jones,
hm. £1 1s; Mr. W. Kilner, hm. £1 ls; Rev. O. Sharpley,

hm. £1 ls; Mr S. D. Waddy, Q.C., hm. £2 2s
Spitalfields- Captain King, hm. £2 2s...
Chelseu-Miss Cuthbertson, hm. £1 Is ; Mr. J. R. Cuth-

bertson, hc. 10s. 6d; Mrs. T. Cuthbertson, hm. £1 ls;

Dr. Scatliff hm. £3; Mrs. Scatliff. hm. £1
Southwark and Lambeth- Mr. W. Briggs, hc, 10s; Mr.

Brown, 5s ; Mrs. Huggins, 2s; Mr. G. W. Munt, hc. 10s;
Mr. D. Plant, hm. £1 18; Mrs. Plant, hm. £1 ls; Dr.

Powell, hc, 10s. 6d
CroydonMrs. Ward, hm. £1 ls
Hinde Street, Mr and Mrs. Bowles, qly. 28; Mr. Bousfield,

28. 6d ; Mr. Welbourn, qly. 18; Mr. R. White, hc. 10s. 6d ;

Miss Wright, hm. £1 Is President's List-See Letter

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£1209 6 11 1170 5 4

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