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Lunatics: See Incompetent persons: Insanity law amended; Mental
deficiency law amended.

Lyons village:

officers, elections, band concerts, tax assessments...

McKenna, John J.:

pension as retired policeman, New York city, increased....

McNamara, Mary J.:


712 1769

claim for damages to property in New York city, determination.......

Madison county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...
county clerk compensation, abstracts of title, assistants..

Magistrates: See City courts; Justices of the Peace; Police.
Magistrates courts:

New York city, additional district in Queens borough, establishment..
Malignant diseases: See State Institute for Study of Malignant Disease,

Malta town:

Round Lake Association, grounds constitute fire district, tax for

Mamakating town:

[blocks in formation]

unpaid taxes in 1916-18, reassessment and collection....

Mammals and birds: See Game.


definition of term, general construction law, § 28a, added..

Manhattan borough: See New York city; New York county.

Manhattan State Hospital: See also State hospitals, general laws

appropriation for construction..

maintenace and operation..

second appropriation.

third appropriation.

fourth appropriation.


second appropriation.

third appropriation.

R. T. Ford Co. amount of deposit on bid for construction work..

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[blocks in formation]

Maps and surveys:

See also Records, public.


appropriation for state engineer and surveyor, hydrographic surveys.. 165 520
Jamaica bay boulevard, amendment of map, action by local board

Lake George, biological survey, appropriation.

New York and New Jersey tunnel, changes in maps and subsurface


Marine inspector:

New York city, appointment in police department, compensation...

[blocks in formation]

826 2128
909 2275

785 1920


Marine medical inspection:

appropriation for health officer port of New York..



Markets: See also Farms and markets headings.

dept. of markets, for a county or county and city, farms and markets
law, 89, added...




persons eligible to perform ceremony, domestic relations law amended,
§ 11, subd. 1..

filing records, New York City exception, domestic relations law
amended, § 19..





Masonry construction:

experience of inspectors, civil service law, § 30a added.....

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alimony and counsel fees in contempt proceedings, no demand necessary,
code of civil procedure amended, § 1773..

[blocks in formation]

custody of children, who may make application, code of civil procedure
amended, § 1771...




mattresses, upholstered spring beds and metal bed springs, general
business law, article 25b repealed, new article 25b, §§ 389m-389w

590 1517

Measures: See Weights and measures.

Mechanicville: City third class: See also City headings.

commissioner of accounts, salary, bond issues, referendum, water rents,

[blocks in formation]

Medical library, state:

appropriation for salaries....

Membership corporations; law amended:

See also Corporation headings,

Table of amendments preceding index, p. 26.
consumers' co-operative associations, organization, purposes, powers,
article 21 renumbered article 22, new article 21 (§§ 310–330) ‘added.
county agricultural corporations, reports, disposition of property on
dissolution, § 190a added.....

soldiers monument corporations, funds for maintenance, §§ 170, 171..

Memorial day:

appropriations for expenses, when available, increased in certain
towns, town law amended, § 136...

city appropriations, interest of American Legion, general city law
amended, § 13..

[blocks in formation]

leaves of absences for world war veterans, public officers' law amended,
§ 63..

384 985

New York city observance, appropriation for world war veteran


366 962

acquisition of lands,and erection of buildings for world war veterans,
general municipal law, § 72b added..

616 1567

Gouverneur Morris memorial tablet and flagstaff, construction, appro-

545 1383

National Guard Memorial Association,

incorporation, purposes,

405 1021


soldier memorials, acquisition of land by municipal corporations,
funds, general municipal law amended, § 72..
trustees, when taxable to county, county law amended, § 40..
soldiers monument corporations, funds for maintenance, membership
corporations law amended, §§ 170, 171....

Watertown, soldiers and sailors memorial hall, use by American Legion

Mental defectives:

division for mentally defective delinquent women at reformatory,
Bedford Hills, state charities law, article 12a, §§ 240-244 added..

Mental deficiency law amended: See also Incompetent persons; Table of
amendments preceding index, p. 26.

state farm for women, control and management by state commission
for mental defectives, § 22a added..........

Mental hygiene:

[blocks in formation]

commission or commissioners on, duties, constitutional amendment,
referred to next legislature....


Mercantile establishments:

physical examination of children employees, labor law amended, § 76a.

[blocks in formation]

Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital: See also State hospitals,

general laws affecting.

appropriation for construction.

second appropriation.

165 583


[blocks in formation]

Military law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding index,
p. 26.


armories, compensation of employees, emergency expenditures, §§ 189-

[blocks in formation]

expenses, time of apportioning funds and annual estimate, §§ 177,
178, 193.

[blocks in formation]

use by world war veteran organizations, § 186..



armory employees, maximum compensation, § 189.

628 1604

armory property inventory, time of filing, § 195..
conspicuous service cross award, appropriation, § 247 added.
maintenance funds of disbanded organizations, disposition and credit,
§ 178.

[blocks in formation]

military and naval property, assignment to other state agencies, § 17..
service medals, issuance of duplicates, § 256a added...
state and municipal officers and employees in military service, com-
pensation, 245, subd. 1, amended, subds. 2-5, 7 repealed,
subd. 6 renumbered, subd. 2.
returning from military service, promotion examinations, classifica-
tion, 245, subd. 7....

who served in world war without consent of Governor, status,
§ 245, subd. Sa added..

status, appropriation, § 245, subd. 8 added.

veterans of Spanish American and world wars, retirement, § 19a....

Military records hall:

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for salaries.....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Militia of the state:

See Military law amended; National guard; Naval

militia; New York guard.

Miller, Daniel O.:

appropriation for payment of costs, conservation commission.....

Milk and milk products:

condensed milk from which butter fat has been removed, use in public
institutions prohibited, agricultural law amended, § 53..

milk and cream fat tests, preparation of data, agricultural law
amended, § 35a..

skim milk and whey, sterilization, agricultural law, § 33a added.
statement from purchasers of milk to producers, contents, agricultural
law amended, § 33..

Minors: See also Children; Domestic relations law amended.

Miscellaneous reporter's office:

appropriation for maintenance and operation..


[blocks in formation]

Miscellaneous reports: See Court reports.

Misdemeanants: See Penal law amended; Prison law amended.

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin:

annullment of taxes and assessments by New York city....

[blocks in formation]

Monroe county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......
county court stenographer, salary increased, judiciary law amended,
§ 319, subd. 5..

interpreters and assistants, appointment, county law amended, § 203..
surrogate's court, stenographer, appointment and salary, code of civil
procedure amended, § 2495...

Montcalm state park, Oswego:

appropriation for salaries and expenses..

See also County headings.

lands adjoining, conveyance by city of Oswego to state.

Montgomery county:

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair.....
supervisors, compensation increased..

Monuments: See Memorials; Parks, reservations, historic places and
memorials, state.

Moreland Act investigations:

appropriation for executive department...

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Morrisville State School of Agriculture:

appropriation for construction.

maintenance and operation.



[blocks in formation]

Mortgages: See also Deeds and conveyances.

instruments for indefinite amounts, recorded with taxes unpaid,
validation, tax law amended, § 256..

75 118

public utilities, foreclosure, public service commission party defendant,
code of civil procedure, § 1627a added...

277 819

taxes on, nonpayment before recording, penalty, tax law amended,
§ 258.

51 95


supreme court, eighth judicial district, where heard, code of civil
procedure amended, § 769...

491 1257

Motor Corps of America:

incorporation, purposes, powers.

424 1051

Motor vehicles:

appropriation for manufacture of number plates in state prisons,

165 619

secretary of state's bureau.

165 268

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