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Motor vehicles

audit and warrant of certain automobile rentals by comptroller
unnecessary, state finance law amended, § 36....

auto trucks and trailers, dimensions, distribution of weight, excep-
tion, highway law amended, § 232a...

Chap. Page.

382 983

189 685

light delivery cars used for hire, registration, highway law amended,
§ 282, subd. 6a.

687 1713

registration fees, minimum for all vehicles, highway law amended,
§ 282, subd. 6....

omnibuses, fees for number plates, highway law amended, § 282,
subd. 6a....

lights, proper equipment before registration, highway law amended,
§ 282, subd. 1..

[blocks in formation]

speed regulations on grounds of state institutions, violations, highway
law, 287a added, § 290, subd. 2 amended...

tampering with manufacturers' mark or number prohibited, penal
law amended, § 436a....

transporting school children, registration, highway law amended,
§ 282, subd. 6, subd. 9 added..

Mount Vernon: City third class: see also City headings.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Municipal courts: See also City courts; Justices of peace; see also Table
of amendments preceding index, p. 26.

New York city, appropriation for retired justice as official referee,

chattel mortgage to secure payment of loan, lien on chattel.
fees for issuing and filing precepts..

salaries of justices increased..

summary proceedings, stays for thirty days, municipal court code
amended, § 6, subd. 3..

summons, time of filing.

vacancies in office of justice, term of successor.

Syracuse, jurisdiction enlarged, compensation of officers.

Membership corporations law amended:

agricultural and horticultural corporations amount of capital stock,
$ 194

Municipal officers and employees, general: See also Bonds and under-
takings; City headings; Civil service headings; County headings;
Firemen; Municipal officers and employees, local; Pensions; Police;
Titles of particular officers, e. g., Registers of deeds; Village headings.
absent on military duty, compensation, military law § 245, subd. 1,
amended, subds. 2-5, 7 repealed, subd. 6 renumbered subd. 2.
clerks and assistants for public business, appointment in certain towns,
town law amended, § 127.

commissioners of equalization, compensation increased, tax law
amended, § 51

[blocks in formation]

constables in certain towns, compensation, town law amended, § 85,
subd. 1 paragraph k..

[blocks in formation]

continuity of service of persons in world war, civil service law, § 22c

266 795

county comptroller, audit of bills and records, reports, county law
§ 235-238 amended, § 235a, 235b added.

county detectives, compensation in certain counties..

835 2144

779 1911

Municipal officers and employees, general-Continued:

election officers in districts where voting machines are used, election
law amended, § 418.....

employees of boards of education in ecrtain cities, pensions, education
law amended, § 872a..

justices of the peace certain towns, compensation in criminal cases,

town law amended, § 107b, subd. 1..
official acts and proceedings legalized..

peace officers, term includes county detective, certain counties, code of
criminal procedure amendd, § 154...

receiver of taxes, adoption of office by any village, village law, § 76
added ..

retirement commission, time of filing report.

returning from military service, promotion examinations, classification,
military law amended, § 245, subd. 7....

right of appeal not to be denied, civil rights law § 15 added.......
second class cities, salaries of officers increased, special revenue bonds,
second class cities law amended, § 16...

superintendent of public works in villages, appointment, powers,
village law § 89, subd. 19a added...

surrogates' courts, special deputy clerks, appointment, powers, code of
civil procedure amended, § 2491...

suspension and reinstatement, civil service law, § 22a added.

terms of certain town officers, effect of changing date of town meeting,
town law amended, § 41....

[blocks in formation]

town auditors, compensation in certain towns, town law amended, § 154 290
town clerks, certain towns, compensation, town law amended, § 85,
subd. 1, subd, 1....




town physicians, combination with adjoining town in employment,
residence, town law amended, § 142...

[blocks in formation]

town superintendent of highways and deputy, compensation, highway
law amended, § 45...

[blocks in formation]

towns adjoining first class cities, compensation of officers, town law
amended, § 85, subd. 1, subd. 1.

[blocks in formation]


village trustees, number in certain villages, village law amended,
§ 329c

village planning commissions, qualification of members in certain
counties, general municipal law amended, § 234..

[blocks in formation]

world war veterans, retention in office, civil service law amended,
§ 22.

Municipal officers and employees, local: See also Bonds and undertakings;
Civil service headings; County headings; Firemen; New York city:
Pensions; Police; Titles of particular offices, e. g., County clerks.
Beacon, powers and compensation of city officers.
Bronx county, compensation of certain employees.

court attendants, compensation, judiciary law amended, § 352....
surrogate's court, compensation of employees, judiciary law
amended, § 348a....

Brookhaven town, compensation of trustees.

compensation payments to trustees legalized..

Canandaigua, qualifications of city judge, compensation of officers.
Canisteo village, water commissioners, oaths, duties and powers..
Carthage village, office of collector abolished, clerk to perform duties..
Corning, city officers, compensation and security.
Cortland, city officers, salaries increased.


Fredonia village, president and trustees, salaries increased.
Gloversville, city officers, duties, compensation..

Herkimer county, purchasing agent, term of office, amount of bond..
undersheriff and deputies acting as court officers, compensation.
Herkimer town, poor fund officers, compensation increased..
Ithaca, compensation of city officers..

[blocks in formation]

Municipal officers and employees, local—Continued:
Jamestown, mayor, salary increased...

Kings county, commissioner of records office, compensation of employees
copyists or recording clerks of current records, compensation....
district attorneys, number increased..
employees of register's office, salaries..

Kingston, city comptroller and commissioner of contract and supply,
establishment of offices..

Chap. Page.
440 1176

821 2123
544 1381

864 2196

823 2125

441 1177

[blocks in formation]

New York city, board of purchase, powers and duties as to proposals
or bids



[blocks in formation]

borough presidents, salaries.

443 1184

length of vacations....



marine inspector, appointment, compensation.



officers and employees engaged in world war service, allowance of
difference in compensation..

[blocks in formation]

teachers, compensation, education law amended, § 888, subd. 3, ¶ b
wardens of the grand and additional grand juries, compensation..

[blocks in formation]

Niagara county, deputy commissioner of elections, compensation.
election law amended, § 230....

[blocks in formation]

Onondaga county, auditor, deputy auditor and confidential secretary,
salaries increased

[blocks in formation]

transfer tax clerk, salary increased, tax law amended, § 234, subd. 7

[blocks in formation]

Peekskill village, water commissioners, bond of treasurer.
Queens county, public administrator, salary....

[blocks in formation]

Rensselaer, city officers, powers, duties, compensation, public contracts.
Richmond county, district attorney's office, compensation of assistants
and employees

866 2197

795 1936

Saugerties town, police justice, jurisdiction in Saugerties village..
Syracuse, court of special sessions, officers, compensation, duties,
official minutes.

municipal court, compensation of certain officers.

Tonawanda, salaries of city officers, bond issues, appointment of
assessor and clerk..

Utica, compensation of election officers, L. 1898, ch. 72 repealed..
delinquent tax clerk, salary increased...

Watertown, city auditor, office established, duties of city council..
duties of assessors..

[blocks in formation]

duties of assessors, city council, time of performing city functions.

580 1465

Murtaugh, John:

appropriation for services, farms and markets department.....

165 558


time of taking, conservation law amended, § 239..


open season, manner of taking, conservation law amended, § 201....

Musical foundation:

Juilliard Musical Foundation, incorporation, purposes, powers....

Chap. Page.
467 1232

552 1399

89 135


American Baptist Education Society, changed to Board of Education
of the Northern Baptist Convention, board of managers, meetings.. 341 917
change at special village election, village law amended, § 347..
Craig Colony for Epileptics, changed to Craig Colony, state charities
law amended, article 8, title, § 100..





German Liederkranz of the city of New York changed to Liederkranz
of the city of New York..

317 881

ment of public welfare....

Isaac L. Rice Memorial Hospital for Convalescents changed to Isaac L.
Rice Memorial Foundation, scholarships...

joint-stock association law, changed to general associations law.
New York city, department of public charities, name changed to depart-

police matrons, now designated as policewomen, status..
proceeding for change of name, civil rights law, article 6, §§ 60–64

Psychiatric Institute now known as New York State Psychiatric
Institute, insanity law amended, §§ 170, 172, 172a added...
Silver Lake Assembly, changed to Silver Lake Institute, trustees.
Trustees of the New York Universalist Relief Fund, consolidated and
merged with the N. Y. S. Convention of Universalists, name, status. 243 747

Napanoch reformatory: See Eastern New York Reformatory, Napanoch.

Narcotic drug control department:

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for maintenance and operation.
second appropriation.

third appropriation

fourth appropriation

[blocks in formation]

Nassau county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair.....
commissioner of jurors, compensation...

[blocks in formation]

county judge and surrogate, salaries increased, county law, § 232,
subd. 29 amended, subd. 72 added...

229 731

form of government, constitutional amendment, .referred to next


tax sale, postponement



transfer tax clerk, compensation, tax law amended, § 234, subd. 14..
women vagrants, etc., commitment to certain institutions..

[blocks in formation]

National Academy of Design:

powers over property and income.

268 797

National guard: See also Adjutant-general's office; Armories and arsenals;
Armory commission; Military law amended; Military training com-
mission; Naval militia; New York guard.

appropriation for Coates, William B., court martial proceedings, ex-

[blocks in formation]

National guard Continued:


Delehanty, James, rehearing of application for retirement..

service badges and ribbons for members who guarded public property,

service medals, issuance of duplicates, military law, § 256a added.

Chap. Page.

807 2106

672 1684

219 722

[blocks in formation]

Natural gas corporations: See Corporations, general laws affecting.

Nautical school, state: See New York State Nautical School.

Naval militia: See also Military law amended; National guard; New York

appropriation for maintenance and operation.

second appropriation

third appropriation

fourth appropriation


service medals, issuance of duplicates, military law, 256a added.


crow blackbirds, destruction not prohibited, conservation law amended,
§ 220 ..


Neversink town:

unpaid taxes for 1916-18, reassessment and collection....

[blocks in formation]

Newburgh: City third class; see also City headings.

assessment roll, completion, delivery..

[blocks in formation]

poor, apportionment of maintenance between city and Newburgh town.
Washington street property, conveyance to state.

[blocks in formation]

Newburgh supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Newburgh town: See Newburgh.

New Hartford town:

annexat.on of part of territory to Utica, election, adjustment of
local matters

New Lebanon town:

culvert contract claim, jurisdiction of court of claims....

[blocks in formation]

Newtown battlefield state reservation: See also Parks, reservations, his-
toric places and memorials, state.

appropriation for salaries and maintenance.

[blocks in formation]
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