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accept the resignation of any member, at any time, if the annual fees of such member, to the date of such resignation, shall have been paid or remitted.

If the fees of any member remain unpaid for a term of two years, the name of such defaulting member may be reported to the Chamber, and thereafter, unless otherwise ordered by the Chamber, be stricken from the rolls.



Of the President.-The President shall exercise a general supervision of the affairs and interests of the Chamber. When in the city, or not unavoidably absent, he shall preside at all meetings of the Chamber, regular and special. All motions of business and adjournment shall be addressed to him. He shall appoint all Special Committees, except where the Chamber shall otherwise order. He shall sign all official documents of the Chamber. He shall countersign the annual accounts of the Treasurer, when duly audited. He shall call special meetings of the Chamber, on the written requisition of not less than ten members, stating the object thereof, and shall designate the time and place at which such special meeting may be held, and direct the duc notification thereof.

Of the Vice-Presidents.—The Vice-Presidents, in the order of seniority, shall, in the absence of the President, have the same power and authority as the President, when personally present.

Of the Treasurer.—The Treasurer shall have the charge of all moneys collected or received for the use of the Chamber. He shall disburse the same, when not otherwise provided for by these by-laws, only upon the written warrants of the Executive Committee. He shall keep books of account of all receipts and disbursements, and the vouchers therefor, in the usual form, and shall produce a copy of the same, fairly stated, for the inspection of the members, at each annual meeting. Such a copy of accounts shall be duly audited by auditors appointed for the purpose by the Chamber, and be signed by them and countersigned by the President, on or before the Tuesday next preceding the annual meeting. The Treasurer shall deliver over to his successor the cash remaining in his hands, as also any certificates of stock or other securities, the property of this Chamber, together with the books of account, chest and key, and may require a receipt therefor. In the absence of the Treasurer elect, the same shall be delivered to the President.

Of the Secretary:The Secretary shall devote himself entirely to the affairs of the Chamber. He is the custodian of the property of the Chamber, and shall bave care of the rooms, furniture, library, pictures, and of all documents and correspondence belonging to the Corporation. lIe shall look to the insurance of such property against fire. He shall attend all meetings, and keep a fair and correct register of all proceedings, rules and regulations of the Chamber, which shall be regularly entered in the book of minutes, after the ancient usage. He shall also attend upon and keep minutes of the proceedings of the Executive and other Standing Committees, and shall assist the Special Committees as far as in his power. He shall, under direction of the President, conduct the correspondence of the Chamber. He shall duly notify members of their election, sign all documents jointly with the President, and have the custody of the seal of the Chamber for their proper authentication. He shall give due notice of all meetings, both regular and special. It shall be his duty, whenever the President, or one of the Vice-Presidents, shall not appear at any meeting regularly called, and after reasonable delay, to declare such meeting irregular, and adjourn it sine die.

He shall see to the collection of all dues from members, and regularly return the same to the Treasurer, and shall render him all required assistance in the clerical part of his duties. He sball prepare the Annual Report of the Chamber, under the general guidance of the Executive Committee.

In the absence of the Secretary, the President shall appoint one of the members to take his place for the time being.



The Standing Committees of the Chamber shall be

An Executive Committee, of which the President, two Vice-
Presidents and Secretary shall be members ex officio.

A Committee on Finance and Currency.
A Committee on Foreign Commerce and the Revenue Laws.
A Committee on Internal Trade and Improvements.
A Committee on the Harbor and Shipping.

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Each of these Standing Committees shall consist of a Chairman and four members, and shall be elected at the regular annual May meeting, and shall continue in office until others are elected in their place. Vacancies occurring in any Committee may be filled at any regular meeting of the Chamber.

Three members of any Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Of the Executive Committee.—The Executive Committee shall, under the direction of the Chamber, have a general control of the property and affairs of the Chamber. It shall act as an advisory committee to the Secretary, and direct the preparation of the Annual Report of the Chamber. It shall audit all bills and claims against the Corporation, and direct their payment, if approved, except bills for only salaries and rent, which shall be approved by the President,

and paid upon his order, or that of one of the Vice-Presidents, in his absence. It shall fix the amount of all salaries and compensa. tion for service. It shall consider all nominations for membership, for the Standing Committees and other elective officers of the Chamber, and report the same regularly to the Chamber. It shall have power to accept resignations and remit fecs as hereinbefore provided by Article V.

Upon complaint of any member for dishonorable conduct or dealings on the part of any other member, it may, in its discretion, report the complaint to the Chamber, with recommendation to expel the offending member, but not otherwise ; always provided that it give to the member complained of an opportunity for a prior hearing, either in person or by proxy, before making such report.

The Executive Committee shall hold a regular monthly meeting for consideration of nominations and audit of bills on the Tuesday next preceding the regular monthly meeting of the Chamber.


Their duty shall be to examine into and make report upon such subjects as may be referred to them by the Chamber, or they may originate and report to the Chamber such views as they may deem proper for its consideration.

They shall, respectively, keep regular minutes of their meetings and proceedings, in which the Secretary shall give them all required assistance, and they shall make an annual written report to the Chamber at its regular annual May meeting.



The Chamber shall elect, in conformity with the laws of the State, the following named officers :

Commissioners of Pilots.—There shall be elected by ballot, to serve for two years, at a special meeting called for the purpose, three members of the Chamber to act as Commissioners of Pilots. Whenever any vacancy shall occur by death, resignation or otherwise, of either of such Commissioners so elected, the vacancy shall be filled at a special meeting of the Chamber, and the term of service of the member so elected shall date from the day of such election, [as by law of the State of New York, passed June 28, 1853.]

Trustees of the Nautical School for the llarbor of New York.There shall be elected by ballot, at the regular meeting of the Chamber in May, 1876, and at the interval of every

five after, three members of the Chamber to act as Trustees of the Nautical School for the Harbor of New-York, [as by law of the State of New-York, passed April 15, 1861.]

Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Boarding-Ilouses or Hotels. -There shall be elected by ballot, to serve for one year, at the

years there

regular meeting of the Chamber in May, a member of the Chamber to act as Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Boarding-Ilouses or Hotels in the Cities of New-York and Brooklyn, [us by laro of the State of Ncw-York, passed March 21, 1866.]

Council of the Nautical School.—There shall be elected by bal. lot, to serve for one year, at the regular meeting of the Chamber in May, three members of the Chamber to act as the Council of the Nautical School, [as by law of the State of Nero-York, passed April 24, 1873.]

Whenever any vacancy shall occur in the above named offices by death, resignation or otherwise, except in that of the Commissioners of Pilots, the same shall be filled at the regular meeting of the Chamber next following.



Eleven members of the Chamber, of which number the President or one of the Vice-Presidents must always be one, shall be necessary to form a quorum for the transaction of business, or to ballot for members.

In case a quorum shall not be present at the time fixed for any regular meeting of the Chamber, the President, or, in his absence, the senior Vice-President present, may adjourn the meeting to such other day in the same month as he may judge proper; but in caso there be no quorum present at the time fixed for any special meeting, such adjournment shall not be made, except by consent of twothirds of the members present.

If there fail to be a quorum from the absence of the prescribed officers, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to declare the meeting adjourned sine die.

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At all regular meetings of the Chamber, (except the annual meeting, for which a special order shall be prepared each year by the Executive Committee,) the regular order of business shall be :

1. Reading of the minutes.

2. Report of the Executive Committee on nominations for membership.

3. Ballot for members.
4. Report of Executive Committee.

5. Reports of Standing Committees, in their order, on the call of the President.

6. Reports of Special Committees. 7. Untinished business. 8. New business,

Members having any motion or remarks to make, shall rise and address the Chair. All resolutions or propositions, of whatever nature, must be reduced to writing before they can be entertained. The time to be taken by any member in debate may be limited by the presiding officer at the request of the Chamber. Each member shall be entitled to the floor, without interruption, for such time as may be allowed to him. Where reports of Committees are submitted to debate, the Chairman of the Committee introducing such report may open and close the debate.

At special meetings called to hear and consider reports of Committees ordered by the Chamber, no new propositions or resolutions in the nature of substitutes, (except the report of the minority of the Committee, if any,) shall be introduced or debated until after final action shall have been taken upon the report of such Committee; when, if it be rejected, such new propositions or resolutions may be entertained, but no business other than that named in the requisition and call for the special meeting shall be entertained, even though unanimous consent be had.

Members having appeared in the Chamber shall not withdraw previous to adjournment, except by permission from the President.

Whenever any resolution shall be proposed in the Chamber which calls for the immediate expression of its opinion or action touching any public matter, and if the same be objected to by any member present, it shall be the duty of the President to state the objection, and to call upon those who sustain the same to rise, and if one-fourth of the members present rise in support of such objection, then such resolution shall be referred to a Standing or Special Committee, who shall report thereon at the next meeting of the Chamber; and upon the presentation of such report, the same, and the original resolution, and the subject referred to, may then be acted upon without further right of such objection.



Members of the Chamber may, by ticket, introduce to the Rooms and the use of the Library, Newspapers and Magazines, any stranger, and such ticket shall be available for one month from date.



Delegations or Committees, which may be appointed by this Chamber at any time, to represent it at any meeting of Chambers of Commerce or Boards of Trade, or at any other Convention, Meeting or Assembly whatever, shall have no authority, by virtue of such appointment, to bind this Corporation to concur in the action

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