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SECRETARY ZIMMERMAN, of Aurora (III.) Union No. 291, writes headquarters that the scale of that organization has been raised $1 per week without any difficulty.

An increase of $1.50 per week in the book and job scale, and $2.50 per week in the newspaper scale has been secured by Springfield (Mo.) Union No. 158. The contracts were for a period of one year. The Springfield Leader is a member of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association.

A NEW scale has been adopted by La Salle-Peru (I11.) Union No. 442, and signed by all the employers in the jurisdiction. Hand compositors and machine operators receive an increase of $1 per week, dating from January 1, 1909, to July 1, 1909; an additional $1 per week from July 1, 1909, to December 31, 1911, the scale having been signed for a period of three years. Secretary Meisenbach, of No. 442, declares that the advance in wages is partially due to Edwin R. Wright, representing the International Union. He

says: “Mr. Wright worked persistently to effect a settlement, which he eventually accomplished.”

On May 17 the Baumgardt Printing Company, of Los Angeles, Cal., one of the largest printing concerns in the city, was unionized.

This com pany had been operating on a non-union basis since the beginning of the eight-hour strike in 1906. Ten or twelve journeymen are employed by the Baumgardt company.

A NEW scale has been obtained by Stratford (Ont.) Union No. 138, which provides for a flat wage of $12 per week for all employes, with the exception of foremen and machine operators. The pay of the latter is fixed at $15 per week, though most of this class receive higher pay than the agreement provides for.

CONTRACTS to run for three years, with every employer in the jurisdiction signing the same, have been negotiated by Leavenworth (Kan.) Union No. 45. Wages for all journeymen were materially advanced, the figures standing as follows: Jobmen, $16.50 per week; job foremen, $18; machine oper. ators (book and job), $18 day, $19 night. Morning newspapers: Foremen, $19.50 per week; machine operators, $19.50; operator-machinists, $24; ad foremen, $19.50; admen, $17.50. Evening newspapers: Foremen, $18 per week; operator-machinists, $22; machine operators, $18; ad foremen, $18; admen, $16.50.

The newspaper publishers of Louisville, Ky., have renewed their agreement with Typographical Union No. 10. A change was made in the bonus provision for linotype operators, 9 cents a thousand being paid for all over 5,000 ems per hour. On January 1, 1910, an advance of 2 cents an hour is granted to machine operators and admen on morning papers, and to makeups, proofreaders, headmen and distributors on evening papers.

SECRETARY McCallum, of Jamestown (N. D.) Union No. 205, writes headquarters as follows: “We have recently succeeded in signing up the largest printing plant in this vicinity. The Journal Printing Company has always been favorable to the union, but it was not until lately that we could get the management to consider a contract. However, persistent label agitation and the co-operation of a local theatrical manager, who demanded the label on all his work, led the Journal to conclude that the label would be a desirable adjunct to the business."

UNDER date of June 1, Organizer McLoughlin reported that a new scale for the book and job branch of Ottawa (Çan.) Union No. 102, had been signed by the employers. The agreement covers a period of four years and seven months, and the figures agreed on

follows: Handmen, $15.50 per week from June 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910; $16 per week to December 31, 1912; $16.50 per week to December 31, 1913. Operators and caster men, $17, $17.50 and $18, respectively, for the periods mentioned.



AFTER somewhat extended negotiations, Secre. tary Healy, of Edmonton Union No. 604, reports that a new book and job scale has been signed by all the employers of that Canadian city, to run for three years from May i last. For the balance of the present year the wages will be $18 per week, and on January 1 of the three succeeding years $1 will be added to the weekly wage, making the final scale $21 per week.

CONTRACTS for three years have been signed by the newspaper publishers of Vincennes, Ind., Typo. graphical Union No. 395 receiving a substantial increase over the previous scale. Foremen on morning papers are now paid $18 per week, an advance of $3.50; operators, $21, an increase of $3; floor. men and admen, $15, an increase of $3. The pay for work on evening papers is now $17 per week for foremen, $20 for operators and $14 for floor and ad men, about the same relative increase as that received by the morning newspaper workers.

AFTER negotiations which had consumed con. siderable time, on May 20 the last of the employ. ers of Butler, Pa., signed a contract with No. 415 granting a substantial increase in wages in all departments and providing for strictly union conditions.

As shown elsewhere in this issue of The JourNAL, in a summary of a meeting of the National Board of Arbitration, held early last month, newspaper scales were arranged for the cities of Houston, Texas, and Hamilton, Ont. In the case of the former union the machine piece scale was reduced I cent a thousand and the hand scale increased 5 cents an hour, and in the latter instance the scale which had been adopted by the union and been in force on two of the Hamilton papers for some months was sanctioned by the board.

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SAN ANTONIO TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 172 has just negotiated new contracts with the San Antonio Light and Gazette, the afternoon news. paper, and the San Antonio Express, the morning newspaper. Writing relative to the new scale of prices embraced in these contracts, President Rob. ert A. Miles says: “As you see, it is an increase of 5 cents hour for handmen on morning papers and 10 cents per hour for handmen on afternoon papers, an increase of i cent per thousand afternoon papers and morning papers changed from 55 cents per hour on machines to 12 cents per thousand for six point. As a whole, the scale is the best in this section, and, outside of five or six boom towns, in your jurisdiction. Besides this, while we had to argue from morning till night for about thirty days, and I looked like Santa Claus with my pockets full of statistics, etc., everybody (including the proprietors) is in good humor, as not even a harsh word was used during the whole time." The new scale for after. noon papers provides for 55 cents per hour for admen, assistant foremen, makeups, headmen and proofreaders, and 10 cents per thousand ems for nonpareil, i cents for minion and 12 cents for brevier; for morning papers, 60 cents per hour for assistant foremen, makeups, day foremen, headmen and proofreaders, and for machine composition 12 cents per thousand ems for nonpareil, 13 cents for minion and 14 cents for brevior. The contracts run for three years.

25, Baton


9, Buffalo, N. Y.-Delegates—John L. Fair,

Harry Herbert. Alternates-W. A. Coyell,

W. P. Kilcawley. 10, Louisville, Ky.-Delegates-W. R. Hickman,

J. O. Ames. Alternates--W. H. Stanley,

John P. Stack. II, Memphis, Tenn.--Delegates--Robert Arm

strong, J. N. Everett. Alternates—T. J.

McCormick, Sam F. Samfield. 12, Baltimore, Md.—Delegates-Edmund M. Ev.

ans, A. S. Harding. Alternates-Maurice

S. Hyland, E. C. Gosnell. 13, Boston, Mass.-Delegates--W. B. Stoodley,

E. F. Sweeney, George H. Hobin, Joseph

J. Dallas. 15, Rochester, N. Y.-Deleg: te-Edward J.

Walsh. Alternate--Frank I. Dilts. 16, Chicago, Ill.---Delegates-Omar E. Carter,

Joseph B. Simonds, Richard F. Doyle, R.

L. C. Brown. 17, New Orleans, La.-Delegates-James F. Shea,

John L. Ebaugh. Alternates-F. M, Glover,

E. K. Anderson. 18, Detroit, Mich.-Delegates-Otto C. Sprunk,

J. D. Roberts. 20, Nashville, Tenn.-Delegates-James J. White,

George G. Bell. Alternates-S. M. Shrews

bury, L. C. Herrington. 21, San Francisco, Calvi Delegates-WJ, Hig.

S. White, D. James Bruce. 22, Dubuque, Iowa-Delegate-Max Rathberger. 23, Milwaukee, Wis.—Delegates-Hugh E. Car

ney, James E. Killian. Alternates---C. Louis Firnhaber, Emil Meyer.

Rouge, La.- Delegate, Joe Snyder. Alternate-M. E. Regan. 27, Mobile, Ala.Delegate-D. P. Baker. Alter

nate-Charles H. Brant. 28, Galveston, Texas-Delegate-Oliver S. Gus.

Alternate-Emile Peterson. 29, Peoria, Ill.-Delegate-John A. Crawford. Al

ternate-Thomas H. Ridley. 30, St. Paul, Minn.-Delegates-C. H. Dimond,

Alfred J. Thode. Alternates-William Eich,

L. J. Nelson. 32, Norfolk, Va.-Delegate-Harry Anderson.

Alternate-Arthur W. Jacocks. 33, Providence, R. I.-Delegate-Charles Carroll.

Alternate-Charles R. Christie. 36, Oakland, Cal.-Delegate-Joe A. Mulhall. Al

ternate--S. J. Mathews. 39, Grand Rapids, Mich.-Delegates-Seth R.

Brown, L. C. Shepard. 40, St. Joseph, Mo.-Delegates-William T. Jones,

P.W. Curtiss. Alternates-Marshall W.

Smith, A. W. Beale. 42, Minneapolis, Minn.-Delegates-E. J. Shaw,

H. B. Benson. Alternates-Thomas Hersch

bach, Theo. W. Becker. 45, Leavenworth, Kan.-Delegate-Fred Mets

chan. Alternate-David A. Bosley. 46, Sacramento, Cal. --Delegate-W. W. Cuthbert.

Alternate-F. P. Baldwin. 47, New Haven, Conn.-Delegate-George H.

Sanders. Alternate- George F. Mullen. 48, Atlanta, Ga.--Ed L. Sutton, R. L. Whites.

Alternates-J. E. Bodenhamer, J. E. Rags

dale. 49, Denver, Colo.-Delegates-J. A. McNamara,

T. F. Dolan. Alternates-Albert E. Stone,

Charles E. Comstock. 51, Lawrence, Mass.--Delegate—Matthew De.

Grey Ripon. Alternate-Robert S. Ma

loney. 52, Troy, N. Y.-Delegate-George E. McMur

ray. Alternate John J. Delaney. 53, Cleveland, Ohio--Delegates-I. N. Merwin,

John E. Howlett. Alternates--C. M. Hutzel.

man, W. D. Jones. 54, Raleigh, N. C.- Delegate--Norman Sand

ridge. Alternate--E. R. Carroll. 55, Syracuse. N. Y-Delegate-William F.

Beard. Alternate--M. L. Higgins. 57, Dayton, Ohio-Delegate-George S. Lindsay. 58, Portland, Ore.- Delegate-R. Percy Coburn,

Alternate-W. H. Baker.



The following is a complete list of the delegates and alternates to the St. Joseph convention whose credentials have been filed with Secretary-Treasurer Hays: 1, Indianapolis, Ind. ---Delegates-John C. Stef.

fen, William E. Lincoln. Alternates

Frank M. Murphy, A. B. Hattery. 2, Philadelphia, Pa.- Delegates - John A. Smyth,

John D. Callan, Charles E. Hill. 3, Cincinnati,

Ohio - - Delegates — Joseph B. O'Hara, Ed J. Farley, Robert B. Smith, Alternates -Charles 0. Bernheisel, Edwin H.

Ellis, Henry Wersel. 4, Albany, N. Y.--Delegates-- James H. Crowley,

John A. Boyle. Alternates-William J. Don

nelly, Robert Cahill. 5, Columbus, Olio-Delegate-Charles M.

Howle. Alternate--William M. Davey. 6, New York, N. Y.--Delegates-Abraham J.

Portenar, Silas W. Gamble, Louis Selig,
John W. Hallett. Alternates-W. G. Mc.
Guinness, James M. Cunnion, William A.

Lenehan, Richard S. Watkins. 7, Pittsburg. Pa.-Delegates-C. Will Koch,

Charles H. Leighley. 8, St. Louis, Mo.-Delegates, James H. Mason,

sr., Wallace W. Cato, Joseph A. Jackson, Henry C. Braunhold.


59, Quincy, Ill.-Delegate--Otto Linz. Alter

nate-G. W. McIntire. 63, Toledo, Ohio--Delegates-William F. Ehlen.

feldt, Clarence A. Benedict. Alternates

George J. Boyle, Joseph P. Keating. 64, Lafayette, Ind.-Delegate—Harry Longwell.

Alternate-Charles B. Murphy. 65, Virginia City, Nev.-Delegate-F. L. Trump. 67, Lockport, N. Y.-Delegate-- Burt J. Green. 71, Trenton, N. J.--Delegate-George M. Apple

gate. Alternate-Henry S. Swing, 72, Lansing, Mich.---Delegate-L. B. Morris. Al.

ternate- John C. Richards. 73. Ottumwa, Iowa--Delegate-E. G. Johnson.

Alternate-G. A. McLaughlin. 76, Terre Haute, Ind.-Delegate-0. S. McNabb.

Alternate-W. H. Bischoff. 77, Erie, Pa.-Delegate-Wesley T. Stevens. Al

ternate-John Krieg. 79, Wheeling, W. Va.-Delegate-Harry L. Mills.

Alternate-Earl K. Emerick. So, Kansas City, Mo.-Delegates--R. J. Kincaid,

Oliver P. Weakley. Alternates-William

A. Knight, Henry A. Fratcher. 82, Colorado Springs, Colo.-Delegate-J. J. Mc.

Carty. Alternate-W. I. Reilly. 83, New York, N. Y. (Hebrew-American)-Dele

gate-Hyman Rosenson. Alternate-Nicho.

las Rosenauer. 86, Reading, Pa.-Delegate--Frank H. Fischer.

Alternate-Walter S. Frees. 87, Houston, Texas-Delegates-Tom C. Millis,

John H. Brown. Alternates-K. E. Choate,

Charles G. Lee. 88, Hannibal, Mo. - Delegate Benjamin F.

Brown. Alternate-A. H. Richmond. 89, Chattanooga, Tenn. -- Delegate Ralph D.

Stone Alternate-Charles E. Wing. 91, Toronto, Ont. ---Delegates--W. R. Steep, Dun.

can McDougall. 92, Little Rock, Ark.--Delegate-J. E. Purkins.

Alternate-W. M. Moore. 93, Macon, Ga-Delegate-W. S. McGuyrt. Al.

ternate-B. Walter Radcliffe. 94, Jersey City, N. J.--Delegate-Percy L. An.

derson. Alternate-Windsor R. Jaeger. 95, Helena, Mont.-Delegate-Don C. D. Moore. 99, Jackson, Mich.—Delegate--Sherman Downs.

Alternate-Charles A. Ihrke. 100, Norwich, Conn.-Delegate-E. B. Armstrong.

Alternate-William F. Metzger. 101, Washington, D. C.---Delegates-Louis R. Taya.

lor, F. N. Whitehead, W. S. Schinnerer, Joseph C. Whyte. Alternates--Robert E.

Stenner, Joseph D. Mann. 102, Ottawa, Ont.--Delegate--Michael Powell. 103, Newark, N. J.-Delegates - William H. Hack.

ett, R. E. Throssell. Alternates-Edward

Smullen, James F. Cahill. 104, Birmingham, Ala.-Delegates-J. E. Carson,

C. J. Deaton. Alternates—R. P. Schoppert,

H. F. Kinnane. 105, Goldfield, Nev.-Delegate--J. A. Williamson.

Alternate-E. A. Brown. 107, Rock Island, Ill. (Tri-City Union) --Delegate

-H. J. Gaspard. Alternate--Christian F.

Sass. 112, Scranton, Pa.- Delegates-Edward T. O'Mal.

ley, M. W. Walton. Alternates-Marshall

Preston, W. F. Hosie. 113, Atchison, Kan.-Delegate-Robert Tompkins.

Alternate-George W. Mesigh. 114, Annapolis, Md.-Delegate-Richard Wells.

Alternate-George W. M. Denver. 115, Salt

Lake City, Utah---Delegates--H. W. Dennett. Arthur E. Graham. Alternates

Austin Davis, J. W. Russell. 117, Springfield. Ohio-Delegate-Tames H.

Thrasher. Alternate-Herbert H. Morley. 118, Des Moines. lowa-Delegates-W. A. Need

ham, G. H. Krukenmeyer. Alternates-E.

S. Campbell, R. W. Langdon. 119, Jefferson City, Mo.-Delegate-O. F. Moore.

Alternate-George E. Root. 120, Lynn, Mass.-Delegate-Samuel Gale. Alter

nate--Charles R. O'Connell.

121, Topeka, Kan.--Delegates—T. B. Garrett, Otto

C. Kasten. Alternates--Franklin Barnes,

I. N. Grandon. 123, Wilmington, Del.-Delegate--William B.

Holton. Alternate-- John J. McGinley. 125, Durham, N. C.-Delegate-Geo. W. Mitchell.

Alternate-W. Thomas Carroll. 135, Oneonta, N. Y.-Delegate-William J. Ma.

son. Alternate-William B. Mason. 136, Duluth, Minn.—Delegate-G. A. Bergstrom.

Alternate-- James McDowell. 142, Olympia, Wash.-Delegate-William T.

Drips. Alternate---George L. Levy. 145, Montreal, P. Q. (Jacques-Cartier)-Delegate

- Victor Tardif. Alternate-- J. A. Rodier. 146, Charleston, W. Va-Delegate-James L. Hei.

Alternate-Virgil Hindman. 148, Wichita, Kan.-Delegate-A. M. Carr. Alter.

nate--W. T. Dando. 153, Meridian,

Miss.- Delegate-W. F. Palmer. Alternate--S. D. Dement. 155, Shreveport, La.-Delegate---John F.

Ellsworth. Alternate-H. F. Martin. 158, Springfield, Mo.--Delegate-George A. Bau

man. Alternate-A. L. Dawson. 160, Columbia, Mo.-Delegate-J. Guy McQuitty.

Alternate-1. G. Hawkins. 162, Jacksonville, Fla.-Delegate-W. N. Emlyn.

Alternate-C. A. Mayhew. 163, Superior, Wis.- Delegate--R. C. Colburn.

Alternate-R. L. Thacker. 170, Tacoma, Wash. - Delegate--0. N. Miller. Al.

ternate--H. E. Gaston. 172, San Antonio, Texas-Delegate--Robert A.

Miles. 173, Dallas, Texas-Delegate- James A. Florer.

Alternate--W. K. Thomas. 174, Los Angeles, Cal.- Delegate-F. P. Rowe.

Alternate-F. M. Baldauf. 175, Pueblo, Colo.—Delegate--J. L. Baldwin. Al

ternate-Ed Mullen. 176, Montreal, Quebec-Delegate-Fred Garrett. 177, Springfield, Ill.-Delegate--- Henry W. Doen.

ges. Alternate-- John M. Tipton. 180, Sioux City, Iowa-Delegate-William N. Em.

Alternate-Harry H. Adair. 186, Fargo, N. D.--Delegate-W. H. Dietrich. Al.

ternate--E. C. Fleming. 187, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.--Delegate-Joseph R. Wy.

lie. Alternate-George E. Lang. 189, Lexington, Ky.-Delegate-Fred A. White.

Alternate-Walter Riddell. 190, Omaha,

Neb. --Delegates-K. S. Fisher, Harry Thacker. 191, Winnipeg, Man.. Can.-Delegate-Charles A.

Watson. Alternate--J. C. Bleaken. 192, Cedar

Rapids, Iowa-Delegate- - Ross D. Smith. Alternate-Louis A. Wilson. 194, Joliet, Ill.-Delegate--A. J. Steffey. Alter

nate-C. A. Mills, 195, Paterson, N. J.-Delegate--W. F. McGrath,

Alternate-William A. O'Rourke. 198, Fort Worth, Texas-Delegate-Jack L. Rob.

inson. Alternate - - Joe J. Starr. 199, Zanesville, Ohio-Delegate-Roy W. Hocking.

Alternate-William H. Davis. 202, Seattle, Wash.-Delegate-A. N. Petty. Al

ternate -Charles F. Schlenker. 203, Council Bluffs. Iowa --Delegate-U. G. Cox.

Alternate-- Peter J. Fischer. 205, Jamestown, N. Y.-Delegate-James S. Mc.

Callum. Alternate-G. C. Magnuson. 213, Rockford, Ill. --Delegate-Charles Oudin. Al.

ternate-George W. Sherer. 215, Decatur, 111.- Delegate-George W. Shaffer.

Alternate-11. M. Scott. 217, Murphysboro, Ill.--Delegate-T. S. Tarpley. 218, Sioux Falls, S. D.- Delegate--G. F. Brucker.

Alternate-Will Jamieson. 221, San Diego, Cal - Delegate-L. R. Barrow.

Alternate--B. A. Neff. 230, Danville, Ill.---Delegate-A. W. Bishop. 233, Niagara Falls, N. Y. - Delegate-M1. F. Oh

mann. Alternate -S. W. Vale. 236, Ogden, Utah-Delegate--Harry Gravitt. Al.

ternate R. T. O'Donnell, 242, York, Pa.--Delegate -Charles W. Tastian.

Alternate-Clarence S. Glassmeyer,


405, Santa



243, Hutchinson, Kan.-Delegate, John E. Car

roll. Alternate--Paul R. Hunter. 244, Cumberland, Md.--Delegate-B. F. Walters.

Alternate-T. R. Williams. 245, Woonsocket, R. I.-Delegate, Michael J.

Mahedy. Alternate-- Albert J. Crepeau. 249, Fort Smith, Ark.—Delegate-- John T. Dor

mois. Alternate-Guy B. McDonald. 251, Muscatine, Iowa --Delegate-William P. Pier.

ret. 265, Ottawa, Ill.-Delegate-Owen F. Kelly, jr.

Alternate--Russell E. Madden. 271, Boise, Idaho--Delegate-H. L. Straight. Al

ternate-Wesley Morse. 277, Missoula, Mont.-Delegate-T. E. Weaver. 280, Marietta, Ohio-Delegate-Frank W. Theis.

Alternate-Dan H. Cammel. 282, Sterling, I11.—Delegate-H. E. Llewellyn.

Alternate-P. A. Alderfer. 283, Oklahoma City, Okla.-Delegate-Mike J.

Williams. Alternate--Charles F. Twyford. 286, Marion, Ind.—Delegate--G. C. Chambers.

Alternate--F. H. McClellan. 288, Galesburg, Ill.-Delegate-Harry H. Wager.

Alternate-Earle L. Thompson. 294, Waukegan, Ill.-Delegate-Dewey Hamilton.

Alternate-W. E. Secord. 298, Massillon, Ohio-Delegate-Harry Hamilton.

Alternate-Charles H. Snyder. 299, Tampa, Fla.-Delegate-Joseph A. Lyles. Al

ternate--Joseph Sherouse. 300, Port Huron, Mich.-Delegate-Frank S. Tay.

lor. Alternate-Milo E. Clark. 301, Richmond, Ind.-Delegate-W. R. Bloom.

Alternate-Hanson H. Miller. 302, Quebec, P. Q.—Delegate-C. E. Rousseau.

Alternate-Edward Little. 303, Cleburne, Texas--Delegate-George D. Dobbs.

Alternate-Ed Smith. 306, Alton, Ill. — Delegate-J. C. Bramhall. Alter

nate--George J. Ott. 310, Lowell, Mass.-Delegate-W. Edward Turn

bull. 313, Texarkana, Ark.-Delegate-W. H. Von

Tiercks. Alternate-Frank McElreath. 315, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.-Delegate--Frederick

Northrup. Alternate--James D. Martin. 316, North Adams, Mass.-Delegate-Ernest 0.

Cooke. 321, Connellsville, Pa.-Delegate--Bertha M. Wal324, Racine, Wis.-Delegate-F. A. Parker. AI

ternate-C. F. Daugherty. 329, Waterbury, Conn.-Delegate- Alexander Mac

Lean. Alternate--Alvan C. Bentley. 330, Chicago, III. (Bohemian)-Delegate--Frank

J. Hora. 332, Muncie, Ind.--Delegate-B. W. McGinnis.

Alternate-Joseph Herdering. 333, Denison, Texas-Delegate—W. L. Beavers.

Alternate--L. E. Stewart. 339, Beaumont, Texas-Delegate-M. L. Andrew.

Alternate-C. E. Drake. 348, Girard, Kan.--Delegate - William T. Nelson.

Alternate-R. M. Hampton. 349, Waterloo, Iowa-Delegate-G. D. Ralston.

Alternate-- John J. Fressle. 350, Joplin, Mo.- Delegate--Charles W. Fear. Al.

ternate-Charles R. Stearns. 352, Phænix, Ariz.-Delegate-H. D. Lawrence.

Alternate-Fred O. Adams. 354, Edwardsville, III.--Delegate-H. A. Durer.

Alternate-William Barraclough. 355. Bellingham. Wash.-Delegate--R. C. Gal.

braith. Alternate-Henry C. Borchardt. 363, Jackson, Miss.-Delegate-0. F. Brown.

ternate-R. A. Taylor. 364. Coshocton, Ohio-Delegate--Robert S. Thomp383, Martins Ferry, Ohio-Delegate-George B.

Barr. Alternate-Edw. M. Lipphardt. 387, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.-Delegate--R. M. Mur

Alternate-George H. Devermann. 388, Walla Walla, Wash. ---Delegate-Daniel Fer.

guison. Alternate--L. F. Clarke. 390, Pontiac, Ill.-Delegate-Thomas S. Black.

Alternate--James B. Spray.

395, l'incennes, Ind.-Delegate-James P. Ryan.

Alternate-A. T. Murphy. 397, Greensboro, N. C.--Delegate-Henry C. Cur

tis, Alternate-C. F. Pinnix. 398, Billings, Mont-Delegate-R. G. Linebarger.

Alternate-M. B. MacCartney. 400, Sunbury, Pa.-Delegate-C. B. Lyon. Alter

nate- Jacob K. Keefer. 403, Tulsa, Okla.-Delegate-D. E. Booth.

Fe, N. M.-Delegate-Frank P. Sturges. Alternate--J. A. Rael. 406, Mason City, Iowa-Delegate-Edward H. Tol.

Alternate-William H. Foster. 408, Ottawa, Kan.--Delegate-S. B. Mills. Alter

nate- James A. Martin. 412, Kokomo. Ind.-Delegate-Otto Shelkopskey. 414, Marshalltown, Iowa-Delegate-Ed. 1. Aus.

tin. Alternate-F. E. Corbin. 424, Orange, N. J.-Delegate--William M. Ham

ler. Alternate--Percy A. Miller. 425, Canon City, Colo.---Delegate--E. C. Shumway:

Alternate-Emil Klunker. 427, Vicksburg, Miss.-Delegate-S. N. William

Alternate--N. M. McElroy. 429, Battle Creek, Mich.--Delegate-W. J. Kelly.

Alternate-W. A. Dexter. 444, Champaign and Urbana, Ill.—Delegate-W.

F. Stoltey. Alternate-J. M. Collins. 456, Washington, Pa.-Delegate--Arthur R. Die

trick. Alternate-H. L. Chesley. 458, Carlinville, Ill.-Delegate-J. F. Olmstead.

Alternate-W. F. Stemmons. 463, Middletown, N. Y.-Delegate-Henry G. Mc

Carter. Alternate-Edwin Johnson. 468, Yonkers, N. Y.-Delegate-John T. Windell.

Alternate-J. D. Hickerson. 471, Sherman, Tex.-Delegate-J. T. Knott. AI

ternate-Dick Chamberlain. 473, Moberly, Mo.-Delegate-Albert Welsz. AL

ternate--Rolla R. Rothwell. 478, San

Juan, Porto Rico_Delegate-Rafael

Alonso. Alternate-Jose Lobato. 481, Iola, Kan.-Delegate-E. L. Gilliatt. Alter:

nate-H. C. Fleak. 484, Muskogee, Okla.-Delegate-E. C. Dighton.

Alternate-W. H. Calkins. 491, Pocatello, Idaho-Delegate-C. E. Jones. Al.

ternate-Ben Stevenson. 493, Henderson, Ky.-Delegate-E. G. Bishop. 494, Abilene, Texas-Delegate--Robert B. Gragg.

Alternate-Quincy A. Lowry. 499, Deposit, N. Y.-Delegate-- Adelard Gravel.

Alternate--Sherman J. Rees. 507, Princeton, N. J.-Delegate-W. H. Darkes.

Alternate-- John H. Kane. 511, Batavia, N. Y.-Delegate-C. A. Benchley.

Alternate-C. E. Todd. 520, Mattoon,

111.-Delegate--J. Frank Davis. Alternate-John W. Rider. 524, Freeport, Ill.-Delegate-H. A. Lohff. Al

ternate-Charles C. Wolf. 533, Huntington,

Va.-Delegate-W. W. Meadows. 537, Mineral Wells, Texas-Delegate-H. Albert

Tripp. Alternate-B. W. Pyle. 538, Washington, Ind. - Delegate-- John T. Har.

ris. Alternate-H. E. Teufel. 543, Watsonville-Salinas, Cal.-Delegate-W. L.

Granger. 545, Waukesha, Wis.-Delegate-H. F. Merten,

jr. Alternate-G. O. Austin. 548, Lancaster, Ohio-Delegate--D. F. Shriner.

Alternate-Irving MacD. Sinclair. 562, Harrisburg, Ill.-Delegate--George H. Lay.

ton. Alternate-Harry C. McIntyre. 567, Loveland, Colo.--Delegate--C. E. Barn

grover. Alternate-H. E. Siegel. 568, Lake

Charles, La.--Delegate--George W. Brayton. Alternate- Henry G. Ilayes. 571, Chickasha, Okla.-Delegate-Rufus Payne, jr. 574, Hot Springs, Ark.--Delegate-John B. Scud.

der. Alternate-G. P. Bumpass. 578, Coffeyville. Kan.-Delegate-W. A. Brad

ford. Alternate-E. II. Sloan. 583, Pasadena, Cal.-Delegate-J. W. Hart. AL

ternate-W. R. Kratka. 584, Independence. Kan.—Delegate-A. W. Rainey.

Alternate-- Earl Yoe.



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Sec. 4.

586, Grecley, Colo.-Delegate-W. B. Drennen.

Alternate-R. B. McDermott. 587, Guthrie, Okla.-Delegate—T. Westbrook. 591, Pekin, Ill.-Delegate -Jacob Schmidt. Alter

nate-W. A. Rude. 596, Houghton, Mich.-Delegate-Louis Kosman.

Alternate--D. L. Brown. 599, Herrin, Ill.-Delegate-Joe M. Bond. Alter

nate-Marshall Hunter. 604, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.-Delegate--Albert

J. Healey. Alternate-William Mac. Alams. 608, Chanute, Kan.- Delegate-Lemuel A. Woods.

Alternate-Wilfrid Cavaness. 613, Enid, Okla.--Delegate-H. O. Moody. Alter

nate-Edith L. Bisbee. 632, New Westminster, B. C.-Delegate-W. H.

Lewis. Alternate—R. E. Monteith. 633, Lawton, Okla.--Delegate-S. C. Chatham.

Alternate-S. K. Wilson. 638. Salina, Kan.-Delegate--Grover M. Harris. 649. Ardmore, Okla.-Delegate-J. W. Campbell.

Alternate-D. B. Gaines. 654, El Reno, Okla.--Delegate--Thomas J. Hen

nessey Alternate--T. C. Allen. 658, Perth Amboy. N. J.-Delegate-M. J. Seiler.

Alternate--Daniel Veber. 660, Tallahassee, Fla. - Delegate-W. H. Chancey.

Alternate-Fred Davis. 661, Chandler, Okla.- Delegate-George A. Smith. 664, Fredericton, N. B.-Delegate--Frank S. Lister.

GERMAN-AMERICAN 3, St. Louis, Mo.-Delegate-Wendel Schneider.

Alternate-August Graeff. 8, Newark, N. J.-Delegate-Andrew Ohmberger.

MAILERS. I, Boston, Mass. —Delegates—T. B. Spillane,

Bernard P. Fouhy. Alternates--Edward J.

Fitzgerald, James F. O'Brien. 2, Chicago, Ill. — Delegates-Florence Donoghue,

James P. Nichols. Alternate-Maxine Ma.

son. 3, St. Louis, Mo.-Delegate-James J. Mulcahy.

Alternate-Charles W. Roehl. 4, Duluth, Minn.-Delegate--James Macaulay.

Alternate-II. C. Rankin. 5, Toronto, Ont.--Delegate-J. G. Gallagher.

Alternate-Benjamin McKenna. 6, New York, N. Y.-Delegates-James J. Win

ters, Daniel L. Corcoran. Alternates-Wil

liam F. Muir, B. B. McCoy. 7, Kansas City, Mo.-Delegate-Norman A.

Snapp. 11, Newark, N. J.--Delegate-William H. Garra.

brant. Alternate-- James A. Gibney. 16, Louisville, Ky.--Delegate-F. P. Williams.

Alternate-E. J. Skiles. 18, San Francisco, Cal.-Delegate-E. L. Bangs.

Alternate-L. E. Giller.

arbitration agreement and the code of procedure, which was unsigned and had been sent to Presi. dent Lynch, of the International Typographical Union, by President Freel, of the International Stereotypers' and Electrotypers' Union. Accompanying the criticism received by Mr. Lynch were several proposed amendments to the arbitration agreement and the code of procedure submitted by President Freel. The proposed amendments were to sections 4, 5, 6, 7 and 13 of the arbitration agreement, and section 7 of the code of procedure. After considerable discussion, sections 4, 5 and 7 were amended as follows:

Amend section 4 of the arbitration agreement by changing the word “may” in the second line of said section to "shall" and inserting in the sixth line, in the place of "may be asked for by the dis. satisfied,” the words “shall be granted either,” and striking out the last sentence of this section, the amended section to read as follows, the new words in the section being in small caps:

If conciliation between the publisher and a local union fails, then provision SHALL be made for local arbitration. When a local board of arbitration is formed, and a decision rendered which is unsatisfactory to either side, then review by the National Board of Arbitration shall BE GRANTED EITHER party through appeal, provided written notice to the other party to that effect is given within five (5) days thereafter, and the ap. peal is filed with the national board within thirty (30) days after local decision has been rendered.

Amend section 5 by inserting the word “when" in place of the words "in case" in the first line and inserting the word "the" in the fourth line between the word "submit" and the word "rec. ords” and adding after the word “briefs," at the. end of the line, "of the local hearing," the amended section to read as follows, the changes in the section being printed in small caps:

Sec. 5. When a review is granted, as provided in section 4. the National Board of Arbitration shall not take evidence, but both parties to the controversy may appear personally or THE records and briefs OF THE LOCAL HEARING and may make oral or written arguments in support of their several contentions. They may submit an agreed statement of facts, or a transcript of testimony, properly certified to before a notary public, by the stenographer taking the original evidence or depositions.

Amend section 7 of the code of procedure by adding thereto that portion of the section enclosed in brackets, the same to then read as follows:

The party making the original demand shall have the right to present its case and evidence without interruption, excepting that when oral evidence is introduced cross-examination of witnesses shall be allowed. The opposing parties shall have the same right in turn.

The first party shall then have the right to present evidence strictly in rebuttal, and the opposing party shall be allowed to present counter evidence strictly in sur-rebuttal. (Where objection is made by either party to the admission of any evidence offered by the other party, the commissioner of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association and the presi. dent of the International Typographical Union shall decide as to the admissability of the evidence in question. In case the two officials can not agree, their differences shall be submitted to the National Board of Arbitration. )

The arbitration case from Houston, Texas, was then taken up, the publishers being represented by

may submit

NEWSPAPER WRITERS. 9, Milwaukee, Wis. --Delegate-Frederic Heath.

Alternate-Edmund T. Melms.

Sec. 7.

IRREGULARLY ELECTED. 196, Logansport, Ind.- Delegate-J. B. Cory. 379, Ithaca, N. Y.-Delegate--Thomas W. Hum


DECISIONS OF ARBITRATION BOARD, The National Board of Arbitration met at headquarters in Indianapolis, June 1, and continued in session until midnight of June 3. The American Newspaper Publishers' Association was represented by H. N. Kellogg, of Chicago, Ill.; Bruce Haldeman, of Louisville, Ky., and Henry N. Cary, of St. Louis, Mo. The International Typographical Union was represented by James M. Lynch, Hugo Miller and J. W. Hays, all of Indianapolis, Ind.

The first business to come before the board was the reading of a lengthy criticism of the present

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