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Academies: See School headings.

Accidents: See Insurance headings; Workmen's compensation headings.

Accountants, certified public:

appropriation for examiners and employees, salaries..

Acknowledgments: See also Affidavits; Commissioners of deeds; Notaries
public; Oaths.

soldiers and sailors, before whom taken, real property law amended.
$ 300

Actions: See Code headings; Limitation of actions.

[blocks in formation]

Active militia: See National guard; Naval militia; New York guard.

Addison Junction:

[blocks in formation]

ferry across Lake Champlain, renewal of franchise..
Adirondack state park: See also Forest preserve; Forestry headings;
Parks, reservations, historic places and memorials, state.
white fish, size limit, conservation law amended, § 234, par. 1........

Adjutant-General: See also National guard; New York guard.
appropriation for maintenance and operation..

second appropriation

military records hall...

[blocks in formation]

mobilization of national guard, re.-L. 1917, ch. 3..

348 1151

pensions, civil war veteran employees.

557 1782




civil war veteran employees, retirement and pension, military law,
§ 19a, added...

[blocks in formation]

Administrators and executors: See also Code of civil procedure amended;
Decedent estate law amended; Surrogates' courts; Wills.

lands subject to power of sale, acquisition or exchange of adjacent
lands, real property law amended, § 105...

403 1238

partition actions, parties, code of civil procedure amended, § 1538..
real property of decedent, mortgage, lease or sale, code of civil pro-
cedure amended, §§ 2702, 2705, 2706..

[blocks in formation]

power of temporary administrator, code of civil procedure
amended, § 2600...

[blocks in formation]

trust funds, investment in parts of mortgages held by trust and title
companies, decedent estate law amended, § 111, personal property
law amended, § 21....

544 1746

Adoption: See also Children; Minors.

children in charitable institutions, domestic relations law amended,
8 115

280 946

Affidavits: See also Acknowledgments; Oaths.

deputy superintendent of prisons, power to take, prison law amended,

§ 10

29 57


[blocks in formation]

damages, additional or increased, § 139e..

view by department, § 139f..

Agricultural law:

violations, prosecution by attorney-general, farms and markets law
amended, § 34...

Agricultural law amended:

See also Agriculture headings following;

Farms and markets headings; Table of amendments preceding index,
p. 3.

cheese, branding, § 49....

dogs, additional regulations and restrictions by department of farms
and markets, posting and publishing, § 139b..
additional restrictions by cities or towns, § 139.

procedure for determining, measure, additional damages, re-

[blocks in formation]

fees for seizing and killing, § 139d.

439 1301

fees, penalties and damages, disposition, § 139h.

439 1299

revocation of designation, § 139.

killing, designation of humane society or city officer to enforce
law, § 139....

439 1303

439 1296

fee to officer, § 139...

439 1296

licenses, enforcement of law, § 139k..

report, penalty for failure, § 139g.

order of court of justice, penalty for failure, § 139c.

439 1295

439 1998

439 1303

failure to make, § 139d.

failure to pay, report by town and city clerks, penalty for

439 1305

female dogs, § 132..

439 1299

form of license, § 135.

439 1293

registry, books for, furnishing, § 137.

lists prepared by assessor, place and time of filing, § 134.

439 1295

439 1294

transcripts of, furnishing, § 137.

439 1295

tags and blanks, furnishing, § 138..

439 1295

penalties, recovery, § 139i..

transcripts, registry and other records, furnishing, § 137.

439 1295

439 1295

milk, definition, § 30...

milk and cream, regulation regarding manufactories where values de-
termined by milk fat contents, § 33..

male domestic animals above certain age, running on premises without
consent of owner, misdemeanor, § 321, added...

seizure, expense of feeding and care pending disposition, § 139b..
surplus moneys, distribution, § 139j.

pounds and dog catchers in certain counties, old § 139-1, renum-
bered § 139m, new § 139-1, inserted...

[blocks in formation]

pure bred stock, protection, § 321, added.

fat tests, resealing and keeping part of samples, § 35a.

[blocks in formation]

state fair, acquisition of additional real property, §§ 295–299, 299a-
299d, added

[blocks in formation]

Agricultural societies: See Fairs; State fair commission.

Agriculture: See also Agricultural headings preceding and following;
Farms and markets headings; Foods and drugs; State fair

appropriation for education department, agricultural and industrial
education division

[blocks in formation]


farms and markets department..

fairs, apportionment under agricultural law.
national milk and dairy farm exhibit....

state fair commission...

co-operative associations, collective sales and marketing not conspira-
cies, penal law amended, § 582..

exemption from anti-trust laws, general business law amended,
§ 340

formation and powers, membership corporations law, art. 13a,
$8 198-209, 209a-209i, added, (for indexing in detail, see Mem-
bership corporations law amended).

dairy products, live stock and poultry investigation by legislative com-
mittee, appropriation for expenses.

drainage of agricultural lands, conservation law, art. Sa, §§ 495-501,
added (for indexing in detail, see Conservation law amended)..
declared public use, assessment of property benefited, constitu-
tional amendment, submission to next legislature...

fruit and other farm products, auctions, New York city.
improving conditions, payment of claims against farm bureaus, county
law amended, § 28a....

Agriculture, department of:

See also Agricultural headings preceding;

Farms and markets headings.

appropriation for Baker, Dr. A. W., expenses incurred in quarantine


diseases of animals, indemnities.

second appropriation

dog licenses, distribution of surplus..

Livingston county towns, refund of dog taxes.

Agriculture, state schools of: For items of appropriation in detail see

under names of particular agricultural schools throughout index.

appropriation for Alfred University.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

second appropriation


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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