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New York Institution for Education of the Deaf and Dumb.
New York State Nautical School.

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second appropriation

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New York State School for Blind..

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fifth appropriation



New York State Veterinary College at New York University,

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second appropriation

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Saint Joseph's Institution for Improved Instruction for Deaf-

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State Normal and Training School for Teachers, White Plains..
Syracuse State School for Mental Defectives.

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second appropriation

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third appropriation

Syracuse University, forestry college.

second appropriation

third appropriation

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veterinary college, state..

Western New York Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf-
Cortland, state normal and training school property, conveyance to city
Hempstead town, school property, conveyance to school district....
Hogansburg village property, acquisition for Indian school, appropria-


Jamestown, school district bonds not a part of city debt, education law
amended, § 879, subd. 5..

New York city, bond issues, use of proceeds for school purposes.

certificates of indebtedness for school purposes, issuance, payment
compensation of teachers, education law amended, § 888, subds. 3,

leasing of marginal wharves and streets, improvements.
North Elba town, school district bonds, issuance legalized..
Poughkeepsie, public school bonds issuance, election, education law,
§ 878, subd. 4 added...

Smithtown town, conveyance of Kings Park state hospital lands to
school district

state lands in Trenton, Western, Lee and Rush towns, taxation for
school purposes, education law amended, § 440, subd. 2..
Suffolk county, temporary loans, in anticipation of school taxes, educa-
tion law amended, § 410b...

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Syracuse University, nonsectarian corporation, trustees, number,
terms, election

Trudeau sanatorium, maintenance of schools and laboratories, acts
legalized, application of education law. . . .

University of Buffalo, council of the university, personnel, terms.
Watertown, funds for school purposes..

Schuyler county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......

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Second class cities law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding
index, p. 33.

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public contracts let to lowest bidder, minimum amount, § 120.
salaries of officers increased, special revenue bonds, § 16..

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taking soldier vote, repayment of loan.

salary increased, appropriation, executive law amended, § 20.

session laws, certificate 1920...

contents, publication, requirements.

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Chap. Page.

to be given by committee of lunatics, code of civil procedure, § 2337
repealed, new § 2337 added...

490 1256


agricultural seeds, labeling, analysis, sale, agricultural law amended,
§§ 340, 341, §§ 342-346 added..

90 158

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Seneca county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair........

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Sennett town:

Remington and Robinson farms, acquisition by Auburn prison......


85 151

not to be suspended after commencement of term, code of criminal
procedure amended, § 470a.

476 1241

sentence of convicts expiring on Sunday, to end on day preceding,
prison law amended, § 234.

363 960

suspension after beginning of term of imprisonment prohibited, penal
law amended, § 2188..

568 1441

Service badges and ribbons:

award to guardsmen who protected public property, appropriation.. 672 1684

Service medals:

issuance of duplicates, military law, § 256a added......

[blocks in formation]

construction in certain villages at expense of property benefited, vil-
lage law, § 264a added..

[blocks in formation]

rehearing of charges and reinstatement in New York city police depart-

442 1183


pollution of waters causing injury to, prohibited, violation, conserva-
tion law amended, §§ 325, 182, subd. 3.

465 1230

power of commission to take, conservation law amended, § 155.

455 1207

Sheriffs: See also Police.

appropriation for transportation of prisoners...

Albany county, deputies, attendance at chambers of resident justices
and county judge.

Cattaraugus county deputies serving in riots or emergencies, compen-

fees, county law, § 185a added.

Herkimer county, undersheriff and deputies acting as court officers,

New York county, allowance for legal expenses after expiration of
term, maximum

deputies and chief clerk, compensation.

new sheriff assuming office, delivery of mandates, county law
amended, § 195, subd. 3, ¶ 4, subd. 4...

Rockland county, undersheriff and deputies, compensation
Suffolk county, number of officers and employees, compensation.
Sherrill-Kenwood water district:

creation, scope, administration....

Shorthand reporters:

appropriation for certified shorthand reporters, examiners...

[blocks in formation]

See also Stenographers.

165 332

Silver Lake Assembly:

name changed to Silver Lake Institute, trustees....



Sing Sing prison: See also Prisons, state, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction..

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

maintenance and operation.

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

third appropriation


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

employment of convicts on Ossining village street work..

sale and conveyance of land to Ossining Hospital Association..

Sinking funds: See also Bond headings; Debt headings; Tax headings.
appropriation for canals.

237 741

[blocks in formation]

Saratoga Springs state reservation...

extinguishment of certain canal stock, cancellation of record.

[blocks in formation]

late justice of city court, New York, remainder of salary for 1920, pay-
ment to widow...

[blocks in formation]

Kings Park state hospital lands, conveyance to school district.....

326 889

Smithtown town:


Jefferson county, removal from highways by supervisors..

Soldiers and sailors:

acquisition of lands and erection of memorial buildings for world war

veterans, general municipal law, § 72b added..

for memorials by a municipal corporation, funds, general munici-
pal law amended, § 72...

American Legion posts, lease of public buildings, general municipal law
amended, § 77..

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for Grand Army of the Republic.

[blocks in formation]

pensions, industrial commission....

[blocks in formation]

public buildings department..



rooms for American Legion by town boards in certain counties,
town law amended, § 137...

[blocks in formation]

secretary of state, repayment loan for taking soldier vote.

[blocks in formation]

armories, use by world war veteran organizations, military law
amended, § 186...

conspicuous service cross award, appropriation, military law, § 247

embalming examiners, applications for licenses, public health law
amended, § 295, subd. 2..

headstones for graves, price allowed for, poor law amended, § 85.
honorable discharges from military service, recording and effect, county
law, 161a added...

maintenance funds of disbanded military organizations, disposition and
credit, military law amended, § 178..

Memorial day appropriations, interest of American Legion, general
city law amended, § 13..

when available, increased in certain towns, town law amended,
§ 136

Memorial day leaves of absence, public officers law amended, § 63.
national guardsmen who protected public property, service badges and
ribbons, appropriation

New York city, Memorial day observance, appropriations for world
war veteran organizations.

officers and employees engaged in world war service, payment of
difference in compensation...

672 1684

249 772

872 2210

[blocks in formation]

366 962

329 892

personal exemptions, compensation of federal employees, refund, tax
law, § 362, subd. 3 repealed....

New York military hospital, construction, lease to U. S., emergency
contract, appropriation...

958 2497

58 102

poll tax, exemption of certain world war veterans, village law amended,
§ 103

physical examinations of world war veterans, civil service law, § 22c

750 1844

412 1031

property purchased with bonus or insurance funds, extent of exemp
tion, tax law amended, § 4, subd. 5.....

413 1032

relief of persons formerly in military or naval service, poor law
amended, article 6, title, §§ 80-83..

803 1952

retired veterans, payment of wages where department is merged or

abolished, civil service law amended, § 21a....
pensions, maximum abolished, civil service law amended, § 21a..
sale of liquor to persons in uniform of military or naval forces of
United States or of New York guard, liquor tax law amended, § 30c.
service medals, issuance of duplicates, military law, § 256a added...
state and municipal employees, absent on military duty, compensation,
military law, § 245, subd. 1 amended, subds. 2-5, 7 repealed,
subd. 6 renumbered, subd. 2.

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