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CHAP 1.-JOINT RESOLUTIONS Reaffirming the Third Resolution

of the Conservative Platform of 1873, and Protesting against the passage of the Civil Rights Bill, now pending in the Congress of the United States.

Agreed to January 5, 1874. Resolved by the general assembly of Virginia, That the Resolutions desentiments embodied in the third resolution of the platform claring the in,

tention Virof the conservative party of Virginia in the late election, ginia to judge ratified as they have been by an unprecedented popular ma- tion of the fedejority, and commended to the favorable consideration of the ral government

impartially by general assembly by the governor of Virginia in his inaugu- its official acts ral message, be, and the same are hereby reaffirmed; and this general assembly doth declare, that there is no purpose upon their part, or upon the part of the people they represent, to cherish captious hostility to the present administration of the federal government, but that they will judge it. impartially by its official acts, and will cordially co-operate and to co-opein every measure of the administration which may be benefi- rate in promo

ting the wellfare cent in its design and calculated to promote the welfare of of the people the people and cultivate sentiments of good will between the body good will different sections of the Union.

tions of Union 2. That this general assembly recognizes the Fourteenth Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States as a amendment of

the constitution part of that instrument, and desire in good faith to abide by to be executed its provisions as expounded by the supreme court of the as expounded

by the supreme United States. That august tribunal recently held, after the court most mature consideration, that it is only the privileges and immunities of the citizen of the United States that are placed by this clause under the protection of the Constitution, and that the privileges and immunities of the citizen of the state, “whatever they may be, are not intended to have any additional protection by this paragraph of the amendment," and

between sec

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