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H. R. 379. Fifty-fifth Congress of the United States of America,
at the First Session, begun and held in the City of Washington
on Monday, the fifteenth day of March, one thousand

eight hundred and ninety-seven.

An Act to Provide Revenue for the Government and to

Encourage the Industries of the United States:

Pages 1 to 46.

Comparison of the Dingley Tariff (July 24,

1897) and Wilson Tariff (Aug. 28, 1894):

Pages 47 to 110.

Complete Index to the Dingley Tariff:

Pages 111 to 139.



H. R. 379. Fifty-Fifth Congress of the United States of America







Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- , preparation of which alcohol is used, and alcoo resentatives of the United States of America in holic compounds not specially provided for in

this Act, sixty cents per pound and forty-five Congress assembled, That on and after the pas

per centum ad valorem. sage of this Act, unless otherwise specially pro

3. Alkalies, alkaloids, distilled oils, essential vided for in this Act, there shall be levied, oils, expressed oils, rendered oils, and all combicollected, and paid upon all articles imported nations of the foregoing, and all chemical com. from foreign countries, and mentioned in the this Act, twenty-five per centum ad valorem.

pounds and salts not specially provided for in schedules herein contained, the rates of duty 4. Alumina, hydrate of, or refined bauxite, which are, by the schedules and paragraphs, six-tenths of one cent per pound ; alum, alum respectively prescribed, namely :

cake, patent alum, sulphate of alumina, and

aluminous cake, and alum in crystals or ground, SCHEDULE A.

one-half of one cent per pound.

5. Ammonia, carbonate of, one and one-half CHEMICALS, OILS, AND PAINTS :

cents per pound ; muriate of, or sal ammoniac, 1. Acids : Acetic or pyroligneous acid, not three-fourths of one cent per pound ; sulphate exceeding the specific gravity of one and forty- of, three-tenths of one cent per pound. seven one-thousandths, three-fourths of one cent 6. Argols or crude tartar or wine lees crude, per pound; exceeding the specific gravity of containing not more than forty per centum of one and forty-seven one thousandths, two cents bitartrate of potash, one cent per pound; conper pound ; boracic acid, five cents per pound ; taining more than forty per centum of bitarchromic acid and lactic acid, three cents per trate of potash, one and one-half cents per pound; citric acid, seven cents per pound ; pound; tartars and lees crystals, or partly resalicylic acid, ten cents per pound ; sulphuric fined argols, containing not more than ninety acid or oil of vitriol not specially provided for per centum of bitartrate of potash, and tartrate in this Act, one-fourth of one cent per pound ; of soda or potassa, or Rochelle salts, four cents tannic acid or tannin, fifty cents per pound ; per pound; containing more than ninety per gallic acid, ten cents per pound; tartaric acid, centum of bitartrate of potash, five cents per seven cents per pound; all other acids not spe. pound ; cream of tartar and patent tartar, six cially provided for in this Act, twenty-five per cents per pound. centum ad valorem.

7. Blacking of all kinds, twenty five per cent2. All alcoholic perfumery, including cologne um ad valorem. water and other toilet waters and toilet prepa- 8. Bleaching powder, or chloride of lime, onerations of all kinds, containing alcohol or in the fifth of one cent per pound.

9. Blue vitriol or sulphate of copper, one-half | lars per pound; ethers of all kinds not specially of one cent per pound.

provided for in this Act, one dollar per pound : 10. Bone char, suitable for use in decolorizing Provided, That no article of this paragraph sugars, twenty per centum ad valorem.

shall pay a less rate of duty than twenty-fivo 11. Borax, five cents per pound; borates of per centum ad valorem. lime or soda, or other borate material not other- 22. Extracts and decoctions of logwood and wise provided for, containing more than thirty- other dyewoods, and extracts of barks, such as six per centum of anhydrous boracic acid, four are commonly used for dyeing or tanning, not cents per pound; borates of lime or soda, or specially provided for in this Act, seven-eighths other borate material not otherwise provided of one cent per pound; extracts of quebracho for, containing not more than thirty-six per and of hemlock bark, one-half of one cent per centum of anhydrous boracic acid, three cents pound; extracts of sumac, and of woods other per pound.

than dyewoods, not specially provided for in 12. Camphor, refined, six cents per pound. this Act, five-eighths of one cent per pound. 13. Chalk (not medicinal nor prepared for toilet 23. Gelatin, glue, isinglass or fish glue, and purpose) when ground, precipitated naturally prepared fish bladders or fish sounds, valued at or artificially, or otherwise prepared, whether not above ten cents per pound, two and one-half in the form of cubes, blocks, sticks or disks, cents per pound; valued at above ten cents per or otherwise, including tailors', billiard, red or pound and not above thirty-five cents

per French chalk, one cent per pound. Manufac- pound, twenty-five per centum ad valorem; valtures of chalk not specially provided for in ued above thirty-five cents per pound, fifteen this Act, twenty-five per centum ad valorem. cents per pound and twenty per centum ad 14. Chloroform, 20 cents per pound.

valorem. 15, Coal-tar dyes or colors, not specially 24. Glycerin, crude, not purified, one cent per provided for in this Act, thirty per cen- pound ; refined, three cents per pound. tum ad valorem ; all other products or prep- 25. Indigo, extracts, or pastes of, threearations of coal tar, not colors or dyes, and not fourths of one cent per pound; carmined, ten medicinal, not specially provided for in this cents per pound. Act, twenty per centum ad valorem.

26. Ink and ink powders, twenty-five per cen16. Cobalt, oxide of, twenty-five cents per tum ad valorem. pound.

27. Iodine, resublimed, twenty cents per 17. Collodion, and all compounds of pyroxy-pound. lin, whether known as celluloid or by any 28. Todoform, one dollar per pound other name, fifty cents per pound ; rolled or in 29. Licorice, extracts of, in paste, rolls, or sheets, unpolished, and not made up into arti- other forms, four and one-half cents per pound. cles, sixty cents per pound; if in finished or 30. Chicle, ten cents per pound. partly finished articles, and articles of which 31. Magnesia, carbonate of, medicinal, three collodion or any compound of pyroxylin is the cents per pound; calcined, medicinal, seven cents component material of chief value, sixty-five per pound; sulphate of, or Epsom salts, one-fifth cents per pound and twenty-five per centum ad of one cent per pound. valorem. 18. Coloring for brandy, wine, beer, or other

OILS: liquors, fifty per centum ad valorem.

19. Copperas or sulphate of iron, one-fourth of 32. Alizarin assistant, sulpho-ricinoleic acid, one cent per pound.

and ricinoleic acid, by whatever name known, 20. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, bal- whether liquid, solid, or in paste, in the manusams, buds, bulbs, bulbous roots, excrescences, facture of which fifty per centum or more of fruits, flowers, dried fibers, dried insects, castor oil is used, thirty cents per gallon; in the grains, gums and gum resin, herbs, leaves, manufacture of which less than fifty per centum lichens, mosses, nuts, nutgalls, roots, stems, of castor oil is used, fifteen cents per gallon ; all spices, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden other alizarin assistant, not specially provided seeds), seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and for in this Act, thirty per centum ad valorem. woods used expressly for dyeing ; any of the 33. Castor oil, thirty-five cents per gallon. foregoing which are drugs and not edible, but 34. Cod-liver oil, fifteen cents per gallon, which are advanced in value or condition by re- 35. Cotton-seed oil, four cents per gallon of fining, grinding, or other process, and not spe- seven and one-half pounds weight. cially provided for in this Act, one-fourth of 36. Croton oil, twenty cents per pound. one cent per pound, and in addition thereto ten 37. Flaxseed, linseed, and poppy-seed oil, raw, per centum ad valorem.

boiled, or oxidized, twenty cents per gallon of 21. Ethers : Sulphuric, forty cents per pound ; seven and one-half pounds weight, spirits of nitrous ether, twenty-five cents per 38. Fusel oil, or amylic alcohol, one-fourth of pound; fruit ethers, oils, or essences, two dol-Jone cent per pound.

39. Hemp seed oil and rape-seed oil, ten cents | ing ultramarine, three and three-fourths cents per gallon.

per pound. 40. Olive oil, not specially provided for in this 53. Varnishes, including so-called gold size or Act, forty cents per gallon ; in bottles, jars, japan, thirty-five per centum ad valorem ; spirit tins, or similar packages, fifty cents per gallon. varnishes, one dollar and thirty-two cents per

41 Peppermint oil, fifty cents per pound. gallon and thirty-five per centum ad valorem.

42. Seal, herring, whale, and other fish oil, not 54. Vermilion red, and other colors containing specially provided for in this Act, eight cents quicksilver, dry or ground in oil or water, per gallon.

ten cents per pound; when not containing 43. Opium, crude or unmanufactured, and not quicksilver but made of lead or containing lead, adulterated, containing nine per centum and five cents per pound. over of morphia, one dollar per pound ; morphia 55. White lead, white paint and pigment conor morphine, sulphate of, and all alkaloids or taining lead, dry or in pulp, or ground or mixed salts of opium, one dollar per ounce ; aqueous with oil, two and seven-eighths cents per pound. extract of opium, for medicinal uses, and tinc- 56. Whiting and Paris white, dry, one-fourth ture of, as laudanum, and other liquid prepara- of one cent per pound ; ground in oil, or putty, tions of opium, not specially provided for in one cent per pound this Act, forty per centum ad valorem ; opium 57. Zinc, oxide of, and white paint or containing less than nine per centum of mor- pigment containing zinc, but not containing phia, and opium prepared for smoking, six dol- lead, dry, one cent per pound ; ground in oil, lars per pound ; but opium prepared for smok- one and three-fourth cents per pound ; sulfid of ing and other preparations of opium deposited zinc white, or white sulphide of zinc, one and in bonded warehouses shall not be removed one-fourth cents per pound; chloride of zinc therefrom without payment of duties, and such and sulphate of zinc, one cent per pound. duties shall not be refunded.

58. All paints, colors, pigments, lakes, cray

ons, smalts and frostings, whether crude or dry PAINTS, COLORS, AND VARNISHES :

or mixed, or ground with water or oil, or with 44. Baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, including solutions other than oil, not otherwise specially barytes earth, unmanufactured, seventy-five provided for in this Act, thirty per centum ad cents per ton; manufactured, five dollars and valorem; all paints, colors and pigments, comtwenty-five cents per ton,

monly known as artists' paints or colors, 45. Blues, such as Berlin, Prussian, Chinese, whether in tubes, pans, cakes or other forms, and all others, containing ferrocyanide of iron, thirty per centum ad valorem. in pulp, dry or ground in or mixed with oil or 59. Paris green, and London purple, fifteen per water, eight cents per pound.

centum ad valorem. 46 Blanc-fixe, or artificial sulphate of bary

60. Lead : Acetate of, white, three and onetes, and satin white, or artificial sulphate of fourth cents per pound ; brown, gray, or yellow, lime, one-half of one cent per pound.

two and one-fourth cents per pound ; nitrate of, 47. Black, made from bone, ivory, or vegeta- | two and one-half cents per pound ; litharge, ble substance, by whatever name known, in

two and three-fourths cents per pound. cluding bone black and lampblack, dry or

61. Phosphorus, eighteen cents per pound. ground in oil or water, twenty-five per centum

POTASH: ad valorem. 48. Chrome yellow, chrome green, and all

62. Bichromate and chromate of, three cents other chromium colors in the manufacture of

per pound. which lead and bichromate of potash or soda are

63. Caustic or hydrate of, refined, in sticks or used, in pulp, dry, or ground in or mixed with rolls, one cent per pound; chlorate of, two and oil or water, four and one-half cents per pound. one-half cents per pound.

49. Ocher and ochery earths, sienna and sienna earths, and umber and umber earths, not spe- five cents per pound.

64. Hydriodate, iodide, and iodate of, twentycially provided for, when crude or not pow

65. Nitrate of, or saltpeter, refined, one-half dered, washed or pulverized, one-eighth of one

cent per pound. cent per pound ; if powdered, washed or pulver

66. Prussiate of, red, eight cents per pound ; ized, three-eighths of one cent per pound ; if yellow, four cents per pound; cyanide of po ground in oil or water, one and one-half cents tassium, twelve and one-half per centum ad per pound.

valorem. 50. Orange mineral, three and three-eighths

PREPARATIONS: cents per pound.

5l. Red lead, two and seven-eighths cents per 67. Medicinal preparations containing alcohol, pound.

or in the preparation of which alcohol is used, 52. Ultramarine blue, whether dry, in pulp, not specially provided for in this Act, fifty-five or mixed with water, and wash blue contain: cents per pound, but in no case shall the same

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