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Limits of age

of Mr.

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Mr. Mann to Col. Larcom. (IRELAND).

Civil Service Commission, Sir,

6th November 1858. for Messen- With referencee to the proposed examination on the 16th instant, gers.

for the post of messenger in the office of the InspectorGeneral of Constabulary,

I am directed by the Civil Service Commissioners to request that they may be favoured with the opinion of the Lord Lieutenant as to the limits of age which it would be advisable to establish for persons admitted to this situation. I am to add, for his Excellency's information, that the limits usually adopted by other public offices in similar cases are from twenty to thirty-five.

It is presumed, with regard to the two other points, viz., health and character, as to which rules are by the Order in Council required to be settled, that the Lord Lieutenant will be content that the Commissioners should follow the course which is uniformly pursued in the case of similar appointments in other Departments; but they will be happy to receive any suggestions which his Excellency may think fit to make upon the subject.

I have, &c.

Col. Larcom to Mr. Maitland.

Dublin Castle, 9th November 1858.
I am directed by the Lord Lieutenant to acknowledge the receipt

your letter of the 6th instant, relative to examinations of candidates for the situation of Messenger, and I am desired to acquaint you, for the information of the Civil Service Commissioners, that his Excellency wishes the age and qualifications of Messengers in the offices under his control to be the same as those established in England, which his Excellency understands to be, that the candidate be between twenty and thirty-five, of good health and character, to have a knowledge of the four first rules of arithmetic, and be able to write from dictation.

I am, &c.



The Secretaries to Mr. Maitland,

Office of National Education, Dublin, Proposed com- Sir,

10th May 1858. petition for a

A VACANCY having occurred in the supplemental class of clerks in Supplemental Clerkship.

this office, and the Commissioners of National Education being desirous, in filling it up, of trying the “competitive system” under certain restrictions as an experiment, have directed us to request you afford them the following information :

It is proposed in the present instance to send forward four candidates for examination in the prescribed programme, and to appoint the person who shall have exhibited the highest amount of qualification.

Will the Civil Service Commissioners undertake to pronounce of the four candidates has been most successful in answering the ques. tions, &c. ?

In the event of the other three candidates, or any of them, being considered qualified according to the programme, though not equal to the



person pronounced best qualified, will they be considered eligible for EDUCATION appointment at a future time without a second examination ?

OFFICE In the event of all or any of the candidates being found below the (Ireland.) required standard of qualification, will they be eligible for a second i'roposed comexamination if again nominated, and if so, are there any special condi- petition for a tions in such cases ?

Supplemental An early answer to the foregoing questions will particularly oblige, Clerkship. if possible on or before Friday next, when the Board meets.

We have, &c.

Mr. Maitland to the Secretaries.

Civil Service Commission, GENTLEMEN,

12th May 1858. In reply to your letter of the 10th instant, relative to a proposed competitive examination of candidates for a supplemental clerkship in the office of National Education,

I am directed by the Civil Service Commissioners to acquaint you that they will be prepared to conduct the examination in question, and to report to the Education Board the name of the successful candidate, stating also whether he has or has not passed in all the prescribed subjects. They will at the same time (according to their usual practice) send a table showing the number of marks obtained by each candidate in each subject.

I am to add that the Commissioners will not object to inform the Board which, if any, of the unsuccessful candidates have passed satisfactorily in the several subjects of examination ; and that if one of such candidates should be again nominated within a reasonable time, the Commissioners would grant him a certificate on the result of his former examination, supposing him to be eligible in respect of age, health, and character.

No unsuccessful candidate is debarred from presenting himself again on a new nomination, but it is of course desirable that such new nominations should not be given too soon after failure, or too frequently.

· I have, &c.



PRISONS Col. Larcom to Mr. Maitland.

(IRELAND). Dublin Castle, 25th May 1858. Proposed comI am directed by the Lord Lieutenant to acquaint you, for the petition for information of the Civil Service Commissioners, that there being a

an Assistant

Schoolmastervacancy for an Assistant Schoolmaster at Spike Island, Convict Depôt, ship. his Excellency is desirous that this appointment should be competed for.

If the Civil Service Commissioners see no objection to undertaking this examination, I am to request that they will give the necessary directions for the examination of the candidates hereafter named ; and that Tuesday the 15th day of June next may be fixed for the purpose, if not inconvenient to the Commissioners :


PRISONS The candidates for the above appointment are not to exceed forty (IRELAND.)

years of age, and are to be examined in Proposed com

English Grammar, petition for

History, an Assistant

Geography, and Schoolmaster

Arithmetic, including Decimal Fractions. ship.

It is also of importance that they should be able to impart clearly the knowledge they possess, and an inquiry into their mode of teaching would appear to be most desirable.

The salary of the Assistant Schoolmaster in question is 55l. per annum, with rations valued at 71. yearly.

I am, &c.

Mr. Maitland to Col. Larcom.

Civil Service Commission, SIR,

4th June 1858. In reply to your letter of the 25th ultimo, relative to the proposed competition for the office of assistant schoolmaster at Spike Island Convict Depôt ;

I am directed by the Civil Service Commissioners to acquaint you, for the information of the Lord Lieutenant, that they will be prepared to conduct the examination in accordance with the scheme contained in your letter ; and that the day named (Tuesday the 15th inst.) will be perfectly convenient.

The Commissioners will send with the other examination papers a series of questions in school management, designed to test the practical efficiency of the candidates.

They will also require evidence that the age of the candidates does not exceed the limit named in your letter ; and presume it is also wished that the usual inquiries as to health and character should be made.

I have, &c.

Col. Larcom to Mr. Maitland.

Dublin Castle, 7th June 1858. REFERRING to your letter of the 4th instant, relative to the ex: amination for the office of Assistant Schoolmaster at Spike Island Convict Depôt, I am directed to acquaint you that the Lord Lieutenant approves of the suggestion of the Civil Service Commissioners, that in addition to the evidence as to the age of the respective candidates, the usual inquiries as to health and character should be made.


I am,






for Eight WRITERSHIPs in the INDIA OFFICE, held on January 18th, 19th, and 20th, 1859.


(Time allowed, 31 hours.)


1. In 523,769 grains how many lbs. oz. dwts. ? 2. Reduce 3 acres, 20 rods, 12 square yards, and 7 square feet to

square feet.

Proportion. 3. If the yearly profits of an investment be 111. 98. 6d. per cent., how

much must be invested in order to produce an annual return of

6401. 13s. 9d. ? 4. If a pocket of hops weighing 1 cwt. 3 qrs. 12 lbs. cost 71. 138.,

what is the price per cwt. ?


5. Find the cost of 75 cwt. 1 qr. 16 lbs. of sugar at 21. 4s. 11

per cwt.

6. A bankrupt owes 25,9621. 10s. What must his assets be worth in

order that he may pay 7s. 11 d. in the pound ?

Interest. 7. Find the simple interest on 1,9231, 15s. for 2 years and 8 months

at 33 per cent. per annum. 8. Find the amount of 4,8001, in 3 years at 3} per cent. per annum, compound interest.

Vulgar Fractions. 9. Add together 7, 14, li, and 2. 10. Subtract 50 from 74. 11. Multiply 22 4 by 47. 12. Divide 194 by 43.

Decimal Fractions. 13. Add together 42.79, 2105, '047, and 140. 14. Subtract 42.946 from 161 '06.


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