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was doublecrossed in the way his name was major and disastrous price fluctuations. this agreement the Government agreed used.

The report accompanying this bill points to pay 24 percent of whatever damages Wirtz, however, denied reports he might out that in Latin America alone, more are fixed

in lawsuits growing out of the not attend the 2-hour reception. I will be than 12 million persons depend on coffee crash. This agreement represents a New York (where he will address the AFL- for their livelihood. It has been pointed reluctant about-face on the part of the CIO convention) for it."

out by other sources that a 1-cent-a- Government because it had been preThe letter signed by Sharon is dated Octo: pound decrease in the price of coffee re- viously offered by the airlines involved in ber 1944 days before the first stories were sults in an estimated loss of $70 million the crash, only to be vetoed by the Adpublished about the invitations.

in the foreign exchange earnings of the ministrator of the Federal Aviation It reminds the recipient he has "received 35 African, Asian, and Latin American Agency. Seven months, 15,000 pages of an invitation from Secretary Wirtz” to atcoffee growing nations.

depositions, and more than $100,000 later tend the party.

Earlier this year when the Foreign As, the Attorney General overruled the deci"I hope you can accept and thus assure that this occasion will be a triumphant one for

sistance Act of 1963 was on the floor of sion of the Administrator and entered a grand person and a great Senator," the the House, I was among those who voted into the three-way agreement. letter says.

to reduce the authorization for aid under The Administrator has at all times “New Jersey will be a key State in 1964. that bill. I voted to reduce the amounts maintained that the FAA did nothing to There the President won by the narrowest of that the administration sought to make cause the accident and that it was in no margins in 1960. There the opposition is

available under the Alliance for Progress. way responsible. The facts apparently aggressive and well financed.”

lead to the opposite conclusion. From It then goes on to say how badly “PETE The actions of such countries as Brazil

the testimony elicited during the deposineeds your help” and concludes with the and Argentina in recent days have only second reference to Wirtz.

served to confirm my belief that foreign tions it is clear that FAA personnel made aid, particularly so-called supporting as a number of departures from the rules

sistance, which is nothing more or less on how air traffic should be handled, and INTERNATIONAL COFFEE AGREE than a "bail-out" to countries which FAA procedures were not adequate. MENT ACT OF 1962 are living beyond their means is not This testimony is in direct conflict with

the internal report of the FAA which Mr. MacGREGOR. Mr. Speaker, I ask proving effective. Having thus voted to

states that there were no departures and unanimous consent that the gentleman would be made available to these coun air traffic control procedures were adefrom Illinois [Mr. ANDERSON] may ex

quate. tend his remarks at this point in the tries, and I refer particularly to the RECORD and include extraneous matter. America, I do feel that we should make coffee-producing countries of Latin As I have stated, this difference be

tween the stubborn position of the AdThe SPEAKER. Is there objection

every effort that we can to enable these ministrator and the facts has cost the to the request of the gentleman from every effort that we can to enable these

countries to earn sufficient amounts of American people more than $100,000. Minnesota?

foreign exchange so that they will not be Perhaps the Administrator's behavior is There was no objection.

faced with a continually recurring deficit a classic example of bureaucratic inflexiMr. ANDERSON. Mr. Speaker, I in their balance of payments. I will vote bility and callous disregard for the hushould like to set forth for the record for this bill in the fervent hope that it

for this bill in the fervent hope that it man beings involved. But it seems that the reasons that I feel will impel me, al- will enable these countries by virtue of the Administrator does not represent the beit somewhat reluctantly, to cast an

their ability to obtain more stable prices attitudes of all high Government officials, affirmative vote for H.R. 8864, the In

for the basic commodities which they nor the public policy. The following ternational Coffee Agreement Act of 1963. I shall do so for two principal financial houses in order. I think that

export, in this case-coffee, to put their editorial from the Washington Star,

financial houses in order. I think that Sunday, November 10, 1963, comments reasons.

to the extent that commodity stabiliza further on this facet of the case: First of all, it seems to me that Sen- tion agreements are an alternative to ate ratification on May 21, 1963, of the

MATTER OF CONSCIENCE? treaty known as the International Coffee do deserve our support. massive handouts of foreign aid, they

In an unprecedented decision the U.S.

Government now has agreed to pay a large Agreement of 1962 has, under the Con

Despite the reasons I have enunciated part of whatever damages are awarded in stitution of the United States, already above, I would not vote for this bill were lawsuits resulting from the fearful collision essentially decided the question

it not for the fact the next Congress

of two airliners oyer New York City on whether or not we should unite with will have an opportunity to review what

December 16, 1960. The decision overrules other major coffee-producing and coffee steps have been taken pursuant to the

Najeeb E. Halaby, head of the Federal Aviaconsuming nations in a collective effort International Coffee Agreement. If I am

tion Agency, which runs the air traffic conto attempt to stabilize the international a Member of the next Congress and I

trol system. coffee market. Mention has been made find this agreement has redounded to the

It has been Mr. Halaby's contention that here on the floor today by the gentleman injury of the American consumer, then

the tragedy—costing 134 lives and involving from Florida (Mr. PEPPER), the gentle I shall feel no compunction whatever in

an off-course United Air Lines jet and a

Trans World Airlines piston-engined planeman from Missouri [Mr. CURTIS], and

was in no way attributable to negligence others, that it would be eminently desir- refusing to give my further assent to

this type of effort to stabilize interna on the FAA's part. He has therefore argued able to have a constitutional amend

that the damages should be paid solely by ment which would require the advice and tional commodity markets.

United and TWA. However, while emphaconsent of the House of Representatives

sizing that the action does not constitute to treaties as well as the advice and con

an admission of legal liability, the Justice

FEDERAL AVIATION AGENCY sent of the Senate. I would agree that

Department has indicated, without spelling such an amendment might be highly de Mr. GIBBONS. Mr. Speaker, I ask it out, that there is ample reason why the sirable. Nevertheless, we are faced here unanimous consent that the gentleman

Government should share the burden of the today with the fact that under existing from Texas [Mr. GONZALEZ] may extend costs, which probably will run upward of constitutional law it is quite clear that his remarks at this point in the RECORD $10 million. Perhaps this is a matter of Fedit was the Senate alone which had the and include extraneous matter.

eral conscience. Although Mr. Halaby has power to give its assent to the Interna The SPEAKER. Is there objection

made out a strong case for his position, there tional Coffee Agreement of 1962 and that to the request of the gentleman from

has been testimony that FAA traffic control

lers departed from some of the rules of the it has done so. Therefore, I am im- Florida?

book and that they might have been able, pressed with the argument that has been There was no objection.

otherwise, to prevent the collision. made that for this body to now repudiate Mr. GONZALEZ. Mr. Speaker, last

In any case, under the three-way agreethe action taken by the Senate would in Wednesday, November 6, 1963, I made a

ment, United will pay 61 percent of the damessence be offensive to our constitutional speech from the floor of this House in ages, TWA 15 percent, and the Federal Govprocedures and an act of poor faith on which I discussed the three-way agree

ernment 24 percent. This should eliminate the part of the House.

ment between the Federal Government, protracted court proceedings and speed up Secondly, I shall vote affirmatively for United Airlines, and Trans World Air- awards to the survivors. Beyond that, of this measure because it has as its an- lines in connection with the mid-air col- course, it sets a precedent that is obviously nounced intention the stabilization of lision over New York City of December 16, significant for the future of commercial the world coffee market in order to avoid 1960, when 134 persons were killed. By aviation.

SHEVCHENKO-A MONUMENT TO of understanding the meaning of Shey Add to this a persuasive intelligence and FREEDOM

chenko, the Governor of Michigan issued a winning manner and you have the prinThe SPEAKER. Under previous order

a Taras Shevchenko Year Proclamation cipal reason why, next May, a 14-foot, quarin 1961. The great poet is not unknown Shevchenko will be unveiled at a choice

ter-million-dollar bronze statue of Taras of the House, the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. DERWINSKI) is recognized for in this country as the Post's editor would Washington location. 15 minutes.

have us believe. One could go on and on Shevchenko was identified as the Ukraine's Mr. DERWINSKI. Mr. Speaker, over with these examples, but in this bi- “poet laureate and national hero” in a glowthe past few weeks we have been pa- partisan achievement my colleagues will

partisan achievement my colleagues will ing tribute printed as a House document in cite others.

1960. tiently witnessing in this city a perform

This description does him no injustice. ance of editorial inaccuracy that only


He is not just the most-perhaps the onlyconfirms our convictions about the Shev Mr. Speaker, I introduce the first edi- distinguished poet in more than a millenium chenko_statue as a monument to free- torial on “Poetic Injustice,” which misses of Ukrainian history; he is a most distindom. I am proud to join my colleagues the whole point of the Shevchenko statue guished Ukrainian. in this solid contribution to freedom and project by injecting Shakespeare. In the For his poetry, Ukrainians both under and enlightenment. I take this occasion to light of a later erroneous reference to beyond Soviet rule adore him. Two nonrefute the misinformation published by anti-Semitism, it is interesting that the

Ukrainian Washingtonians familiar with his the Washington Post. In fact, by read- editorial overlooked Shakespeare's well

work speak of him as "Pushkin and more,”

“ah, a Shakespeare.” Few others know him ing the editorials in their successive en- known character:

and there is only one incomplete American tirety even a person unfamiliar with the [From the Washington Post, Sept. 23, 1963]

edition of his poems, published privately in subject can detect their inconsistencies


1945. and contradictions.

We yield to no one in our esteem for the

Born a serf in 1814, Shevchenko had his MOSCOW AND POST OPPOSE STATUE Ukraine and that country's poet and hero,

freedom purchased by his artist patrons in Before presenting this surprising spec Taras Shevchenko. Yet, like most Americans, St. Petersburg at age 24. Nine years later,

for his part in a society of radicals and tacle I should like to point out that the we have never read a line of Mr. Shevchenko's Post was one of the few papers in this verse, in Ukrainian or otherwise, and like Ukrainian patriots in Kiev, he was sentenced

to 10 years of imprisonment and exile. He country which also opposed the Captive ence until ground was broken last Saturday died, under police supervision, 4 years after Nations Week resolution in 1959. It was for a plaza and 14-foot statue consecrated to that in 1861. joined by Moscow in denouncing that a distant national idol who died in 1861.

He belonged to the fermenting, freedomact of Congress. Unfortunately we find A choice site the triangular plot bounded

minded Russian intelligentsia of the midit sharing the same position with Mos- by 22d, 23d, and P Streets—will henceforth 19th century and he was an ardent Ukrain

ian patriot. These elements, expressed cow and its puppets in their opposition bear witness to Mr. Shevchenko's memory to the erection of a statue in honor of and to the potency of Ukrainian political both in his life and his poetry, caught fire

pressure. Taras Shevchenko. In reading the edi

and made him a regional celebrity in literate

circles of his time. torials again even the unfamiliar cannot

Yet, without belittling Mr. Shevchenko, some murmur of wonder is in order from

The Ukraine was then controlled by Czarist but sense that the issues involved are far

those of us who harbor an incorrigible preju- Russia; it has known only fleeting intervals broader than just a statue in Washingdice in favor of poets closer to our own tradi

of independence from either Russia or Poton. They involve the captive nations. tion. Next year will be the 400th anniversary

land in its long history. Shevchenko sang I would not stain our record with re of Shakespeare's birth. That the city has

of the exploits of Ukrainians and Cossacks productions of all the bitter attacks made found precious space for the Ukraine's na

against both of these nations. He also spoke

for the oppressed serfs. these past 3 years against the action of tional poet and not yet found room for some

His poetry reflected, too, popular feelings our Congress in approving a Shevchenko comparable token to Shakespeare's genius

about Jews, who had been persecuted in the statue. Permit me to cite just these few is really remarkable.

Ukraine for several centuries—partially beexamples. In Sovietskaya Kultura, De Mr. Speaker, for a more balanced view cause of their enforced economic role as midcember 24, 1960, supposedly a top period- I submit the article by the Post's staff dlemen and their questioned loyalty to the ical on culture, an article lambasts us reporter, Stephen S. Rosenfeld on "A Ukraine. for honoring Shevchenko as a patriot. Ukrainian Poet Gets Statue Billing,' In his poems, he sometimes referred to Jews Another in the Kommunist, March 1961, September 29. The contradictions now in the vernacular (“pig,” “miser”) and his depicts Congress' work as one of "the appear even between the Post's own epic "Haydamaki” glorified the Ukrainian

band which murdered thousands of Jewsmost incredible and filthy distortions.” writers:

and Poles. The Literaturna Gazeta, March 21, 1961, A UKRAINIAN POET GETS STATUE BILLING

In person, Shevchenko once signed a petisees it as a "filthy whimsical invention,"

(By Stephen S. Rosenfeld)

tion against anti-Semitism, a brave act for Kommunist Ukrainy, February 1961,

Next Memorial Day, if 40,000 people as

the time. This episode, related in the House fulminates against us and lies that semble for a ceremony on a small triangular

document about the poet in order to blunt “Shevchenko as an implacable enemy park at P, 22d, and 230 Streets NW., in possible criticism, helped reassure those of Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism." Washington, no one who knows Lev E. Congressmen who had qualms on this score. Bourgeois nationalism throughout East- Dobriansky will be surprised.

Shevchenko's various themes and his enern Europe means the spirit of national An ordinary man-one who did not speak during stature in the Ukraine have since led

to a vigorous contest for his spiritual kinfreedom and independence. One could in the name of a small but solid ethnic

minority-would never have believed that ship between Ukrainians abroad and Soviets go on and on, but my colleagues will cite the U.S. Congress could be induced to au

at home. others, including Riore recent ones. The

thorize erection of a statue of Taras The Soviets encouraged and then crushed crowning point is that this Shevchenko Hryhorovych Shevchenko, a Ukrainian and

a Ukrainian independence movement after project stung both Moscow and its pup a poet at that.

the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Ukraine pets, since they know its significance. An ordinary man-one without a keen

is now a constituent republic of the Soviet

Union. The Post editorials unfortunately in appetite for cold war-would not have imagtheir opposition do an injustice to all of ined that a regional figure of the last cen Moscow treats Shevchenko as a latent

Bolshevik who strained for brotherhood with us, including the President. In both tury could be converted into the cutting edge

the Russian people while opposing the op1961 and 1963 the President extolled

of a propaganda campaign against the Soviet
Union today.

pressions of Czarism. Shevchenko's freedom works to

works to the
Lev E. Dobriansky of course is no ordinary

Ukrainians in the Dobriansky camp see world and praised the work of the Shey

He is a 44-year-old Georgetown eco

Shevchenko as a fighter for human freedom chenko Scientific Society, with which nomics professor, born in New York of

and Ukrainian nationhood, with a built-in Albert Einstein and other world figures Ukrainian parents, who has energetically pur

anti-Soviet passion. have been associated. Internationally, sued twin careers as a dispassionate scholar

Anticipating Moscow's celebration of the for example, the Canadian Prime Min and a passionate anti-Communist devoted to centenary of the poet's death in 1961, he dethe Ukraine.

termined to head it off. In 1959 various Conister John Diefenbaker had this to say

He is also the 14-year president of the

gressmen began to learn of their constituof Shevchenko:

ents' interest in a statue for Shevchenko. What he sought for them he sought no less Ukrainian Congress Committee of America

Dobriansky was already well known on for the oppressed everywhere in the world. (which includes perhaps 100,000 of the esti

Capitol Hill for pushing through the Capmated 2 million Americans of Ukrainian

tive Nations resolution of 1959–he considers Thus others, too, are being slandered descent), an adviser on nationalities to the the Ukraine “the largest non-Russian naby the malicious and intolerant contents Republican Party, and an expert in ethnic

Republican Party, and an expert in ethnic tion behind the Iron Curtain.” He now beof these editorials. As another example leverage on American politics.

came a virtual fixture.

There developed not only an awe for Dobri- article on Shevchenko were deleted, and Kiev registered a malicious opposition simiansky's devotion but a sympathy for the also an unpublished letter by former lar to yours now. In fact, it appears that anti-Communist aims of the statue project. Congressman Charles J. Kersten:

your own writers don't bother to read the Even the skeptics thought it harmless and

Post itself. Reports on the project and the no one wished to be against it. As Dobri

[From the Washington (D.C.) Post,

open congressional hearing were published ansky said in an interview, the goal was not

Oct. 18, 1963]

on April 2 and September 14, 1960; March 7, just to venerate the poet but to "educate"


1961, October 18 and 26, 1962. Where were Americans about communism and to use

The Shevchenko statue should never have your interest and comments then? If the Shevchenko as a "psychopolitical cold-war

been approved by Congress. There is no element of dictated pressure has characweapon.” legitimate reason why a 19th century

terized anything, it certainly has this conSenator JACOB K. JAVITS and his fellow New

Ukrainian poet, a cipher to the vast major tradictory editorial. York Republican, Senator KENNETH B. KEAT

ity of Americans and an object of intense As to the second question, it is actually ING, found themselves sponsors of a 1959

manipulation by the few who know him, amusing to compare this editorial with the Senate resolution for the statue. A more should be honored with a statue at an en one on “Poetic Injustice” that appeared in florid House resolution, written by Dobrian viable location in the Nation's Capital. your September 23 issue. In the latter, the sky, was offered by then Representative Alvin

Ground has been broken for the statue but 3-week experts start out in this vein: Bentley, Republican, of Michigan, in 1960. it is still not too late to call the whole “We yield to no one in our esteem for the The Senate's resolution was tabled after affair off.

Ukraine and that country's poet and hero, the Interior Department protested that there There are two reasons why the project Taras Shevchenko.” They even admit that were too many statue claimants and too few

has gone this far and neither is good. The "we have never read a line of Mr. Sheypolicy guidelines for selection. first is the efforts of a tiny group of Ameri chenko's verse *

Three weeks later But Dobriansky, who gives much credit to

cans of Ukrainian birth or background who the reader is fed the supposedly studied and Representative PAUL C. JONES, Democrat, of managed to convert an errant private pas- quite absurd conclusion that a "statue of Missouri, saw the House resolution past In sion into a public cause. The second is the Shevchenko would be a monument to disterior's shoals.

misguided and careless reception given the unity and recrimination among Americans.” In June 1960, a resolution proudly sub statue proposal by Congress, which allowed Earlier, Shevchenko was a "country's poet mitted by Representative JOHN LESINSKI, itself to be swept along in order to please and hero"; now, he is “the pet of a small Democrat, of Michigan, authorized the some insistent constituents.

minority.” With such capricious thinking, House's printing of the 45-page "biograph The Ukrainian-American sponsors con one can well imagine the abusive interpreical documentary of the life and character ceive of the statue as a blunt weapon in a tations they've formed by references to his of Taras Shevchenko.” Dobriansky wrote fierce cold-war propaganda campaign poetry out of historical context. Shevchenko the foreword.

against the Soviet Union. They are using scholars in the United States and Canada His monumental efforts were crowned with it to advance their own peculiar notion of have devoted lifetimes to the historic works success on September 13, 1960, when Presi how to fight communism and their own of this immortal freedom fighter; your dent Eisenhower signed the House resolution implausible goal of Ukrainian nationhood. writers, with brazen self-contradiction, have into law. It authorized erection of a Shey Many people feel that Shevchenko was rendered their expert judgment-all distilled chenko statue “on public grounds in the a fine poet, but his artistry is of no moment in 3 weeks. District of Columbia * without expense to the statue sponsors. If it were, the statue If there is anything offensive in various to the United States."

would still be objectionable, simply because ways to the intelligence of our American Details remained: collection of about as a poet Shevchenko has no universal sig, people and to their unity against the So$250,000 for the statue; approval of Leo nificance for Americans. He is the pet of viet Russian threat, it is this brand of irMol's design by the Fine Arts Commission, a small minority, whatever his poetic merit. responsible editorializing. Your fictitious and selection of the site by the National It has not been possible to assess the points on some errant private passion of Capital Planning Commission. The NCPC rivalries and suspicions which have foamed certain Americans, the misguided and carebalked a bit and again Dorbriansky had to up around the edges of this project. It is less reception by Congress, and other specipatiently minister to doubts.

perhaps enough to say that both in the writ mens of groundless rhetoric not only violate Last July, Associated Public Relations ings of the poet and in the efforts to exploit available facts but have been openly exCounselors of 1028 Connecticut Avenue NW., him there are elements which are offensive ploded while your editorial writers slept began to put out publicity for the ground in various ways to Americans of Russian, these past 3 years. Solid reasons for the breaking German, Polish, Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox,

statute are clearly set forth and explained The publicity made much of a poem in and even Ukrainian background. A statue in House Document No. 445, which was cirwhich Shevchenko had asked for a Ukrainian of Shevchenko would be a monument to

culated throughout the country and inspired George Washington "to promulgate his new disunity and recrimination among Ameri

worthy contributions for the statue from and righteous law." This particular passage cans.

Americans of all backgrounds. What did was embellished by at least four of the The Congressmen who were persuaded to

you do with your copy 2 years ago? speakers at the ground breaking last Satur support the Shevchenko statue-Senators

On how to fight communism, the record day. JAVITs and KEATING, Representatives LESIN

of your notions is scarcely an enviable one. The Congressmen honored at that occasion SKI, PAUL JONES and others-should at once

Taking just the two issues mentioned here, included all those so far named, plus Sen act to reverse their earlier error.

it is most revealing how, in fact, your proators HUGH SCOTT, Republican, of Pennsyl

tests have coincided with Moscow's. The vania and THOMAS J. DODD, Democrat, of LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE WASHINGTON

reasons, of course, are different. Moscow is Connecticut, and Representatives MICHAEL

POST, OCTOBER 19, 1963

fearful of any outside support given to A. FEIGHAN, Democrat, of Ohio, RAY J. MAD I trust you will afford me the same op the powerful force of nationalism among its DEN, Democrat, of Indiana, and THADDEUS J. portunity of replying to your October 18 captive non-Russian nations in the U.S.S.R.; DULSKI, Democrat, of New York.

edition on “The Shevchenko Affair" as you you've been too blind to understand this. At Dobriansky's request, DULSKI has sub did in July 1959, concerning an editorial on Thank God we have countless Americans mitted a House resolution to honor Shey the Captive Nations Week resolution. Your who do. As just one among numerous exchenko with a champion of liberty stamp opposition then was based on a medley of

opposition then was based on a medley of amples, you might profit from reading Dr. next year when the statue is unveiled. factual inaccuracies; bearing the same trait, Frederick Brown Harris' recent column in

Dobriansky reports that the 200 people at your present opposition to the Shevchenko the October 13 Sunday Star, wherein he the ground breaking made up the largest statue sounds almost desperately vindictive states: "For the years to come this statute such crowd in the 40-odd years of Wash and, to say the least, unbecoming to an will be an altar of intercession for the emanington history recorded by the Board of organ of your reputation.

cipation of all captive nations. This statue Trade.

Two questions immediately arise after will publish the fact that America is well And that is why those who know Lev reading this misleading piece. One, why this aware that the U.S.S.R. is not a nation, Dobriansky do not doubt that the multitude editorial at this time? Second, how expert but a colonial empire claiming sovereignty he envisages for the unveiling will be there. have your writers become on this project in over non-Russians numbering more millions

the span of 3 weeks? The factual answers than there are Russians." The statue is obFollowing this, we now read the first

to these questions are sufficient to indicate viously not for those who would appease controversial editorial titled "The Shey

the degree of editorial irresponsibility re Moscow by burying or distorting truths chenko Affair," October 18. By the flected in this self-indicting performance. which are essential to our own national Post's own admission, a heavy volume of

It is very easy to pontificate and hide be interest. In its wisdom Congress has recmail criticizing this editorial for its tone hind juggled words after a given event. But ognized this; let us hope that in time and and errors has been received. Up to this where were your sheltered writers these past beyond consistent error you will, too. time few have been published and at 3 years while the subject was widely reported

LEV E. DOBRIANSKY. that I understand with careful deletions.

and discussed in this country and in Soviet Along with the editorial I submit in full Evening Star, the Chicago Tribune and many Union; The New York Herald Tribune, the

MILWAUKEE, November 1, 1963.

Attention EDITOR, THE WASHINGTON POST, text the letter written by Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky of Georgetown University, from ject in 1960; and, as in the case of the Capother papers satisfactorily covered the sub Washington, D.C.

GENTLEMEN: Your recent editorial, “The which references to House Document No. tive Nations Week resolution, for a period of Shevchenko Affair,” was a sad commentary 445 and Dr. Frederick Brown Harris' 7 months the organs of Moscow and puppet on how dangerously far we've drifted from

the American political philosophy of the should have approved such a memorial, when fables, Shevchenko by his own convictions right of self-determination of nations.

all of the offended minorities are among their did, too. You oppose the erection of a statue of constituents. The larger reason, however, is In your editorial of ignorance the height

in Washington, D.C., when simply that Shevchenko is neither a uni of garbled nonsense is reached when in the Shevchenko represents the right of self- versal poet nor a national poet of this coun same paragraph, Shevchenko is painted as determination of Ukraine, a nation of over 40 try entitled to recognition in the United "the idol of Communist Party members" and million people and the largest non-Russian States. It is inconceivable that a statue also a flaming nationalist whose patriotic nation of the Soviet empire.

would be dedicated to him in Tel-Aviv or trait is supposed to be offensive to a "Polish In the 83d Congress, i had the honor to be in Warsaw, for example. The only tenuous minority” here. Again, for the beginning of the chairman of the House Select Commit- connection he has with American national- your education on this, you might start with tee on Communist Aggression which docu ism consists of a single overworked quota- the report in the Washington Post issue of mented the Communist takeover of the cap- tion voicing the wish that the Ukraine had March 7, 1961, captioned “Reds Decry Ukraintive nations, including Ukraine. The nine a George Washington.

ian's Statue Here.” members of our committee-four Democrats

As a practical matter, during this period My previous letter pointed out the puerile and five Republicans held the common be of thaw, a memorial to a favorite poet of contradictions between your first two edilief that no nation should be subjected to the Communist world may be in the spirit torials. Now your "Monument to Ignooutside domination against its will, either of the times. If Khrushchev should visit us rance" contradicts "The Shevchenko Affair.". by Russian, Soviet or any other form of

again, he could lay a wreath on this me In the latter, you stressed the “peculiar noimperialism.

morial. But the climate may change and tion” of conceiving "the statue as a blunt These are sorry days when our foreign

it seems premature to consider a permanent weapon in a fierce cold war propaganda campolicy experts seem to be considering such memorial to detente.

paign against the Soviet Union." Now the things as a European nonaggression pact,

Let us make it clear that we are not asking reader is told the memorial conduces to a deacquiescence of Moscow domination of Cuba

that any of the memorials to Shevchenko tente with Moscow, and Khrushchev "could and a general alinement that legalizes Soviet in the Soviet Union be torn down, or that lay a wreath” on it. Surely a greater respect domination of a large number of captive his memory in any way be defiled. It just could be shown toward your editorial

readers. nations. Among the writings of Shevchenko, in one

seems to us very doubtful wisdom to place The joke circulating about town today is

in the midst of a city that knew him not, "What's the Post's latest view on Shevchenof his poems he cries for a George Washinga memorial to a poet who knew nothing of

ko?" ton of the Ukraine to lead his nation to this land and who spoke neither to its past

For one who only 4 weeks ago "never read independence. nor its present generations. The Congress

a line of Mr. Shevchenko's verse" and, in this Your editorial would forever stifle that ought to reverse a decision that can be

time, doubtless hasn't perused the dozen cry and it does dishonor to the spirit of explained only on the grounds of ignorance.

and more volumes of his works, you display Washington and of the American Declara

an intellectual arrogance beyond cultured tion of Independence.

NOVEMBER 4, 1963. expression in your crude brushoff of ShevSincerely, To the EDITOR OF THE WASHINGTON POST:

chenko as a universal poet or as not being CHARLES J. KERSTEN. Regarding the forthcoming erection of the uniquely related to our great American

tradition. Once again, for the commenceWhat has been truly characterized as a Shevchenko statue, it is obvious from the

ment of your education you might look into literary monument to ignorance is the evidence at hand that a distinction must be

Clarance Manning's introductory work “Taras third editorial, titled a “Monument to drawn between the neurotic output of the

Shevchenko" and, after considerably more Ignorance”-November 1. It is note- duced by other writers of the Washington reading, perhaps in time you will come to worthy that whereas in the preceding Post. The contrast is one of night and day, understand Shevchenko's stature not only as editorial concern is expressed about a between fumbling falsities and approximate a universal poet but also as a powerful East “fierce cold-war propaganda campaign,” accuracy, between a base motivation and an

European spirit of freedom who was inspired in this one there is fear about Khru- attempt at honest objectivity.

in many ways by our own tradition. If you

Your November 1 editorial is genuinely a shchev laying a wreath on the memorial.

knew something about the harsh suppresMoreover, the reader is introduced to "Monument to Ignorance.” In fact, all three sions in the Russian Empire in mid-19th

century, you wouldn't denigrate the poet's editorials on the subject so far constitute a additional absurdities such as the poet literary monument to ignorance. From an

call for a Washington. being an “idol of the Communist Party" educational viewpoint, this series of monu

Clearly, among its many other purposes, and that Shevchenko's flaming national- mental ignorance well justifies additional the Shevchenko statue in the capital of both ism is “an affront to members of the constructive projects in honor of Shevchenko

our Nation and the free world will serve as Polish minority.” Also the employment on the 150th anniversary of his birth next

a beacon of enlightenment for the ignorant

and uncultured among us. In the current of the anti-Semitic issue continues, al- year. The editorials will serve as prime evi

struggle we could ill afford their presence, though on page 32 of House Document dence for the need of such educational en

particularly where a public medium is deavors. No. 445 Shevchenko's early indignation against exploitation of whatever type October 19 letter, there was no oversight of

Despite your calculated deletions of my

abused to vent the ignorance of a supposed

opinionmaker. is clearly pointed out. I request that, I request that, the real occasion for your opposition to

Our request for the names of the "schole following this editorial, the unpublished the statue. In your demonstrated ignorance

ars" who regard the poet as "minor" and the reply by Dr. Dobriansky also be printed, you well described the occasion by the one

"grumbling" local planning officials, allegedalong with a supporting Post report of consistent strand that infuses some intel- ly quoted in the Post's belated October 25 March 7, 1961, on “Reds Decry Ukrain- ligibility to the three editorials; namely, article, has not yet been satisfied. Again, ian's Statue Here'':

imagined “Ukrainian political pressure" and let's not hide behind irresponsible words and

your ludicrous attempt to counter it by in- opinions. Indeed, out of respect for our [From the Washington (D.C.) Post, Nov. 1, citing a hoped-for Jewish and Polish antago- many informed legislators and officials sup1963)

nism against the statue project. Russian porting this project, are you liberal enough MONUMENT TO IGNORANCE despots have long used this technique, but to open up your medium for an article by

one of the Shevchenko scholars in our counObjections of this newspaper to the pro- one would never have dreamed that an ediposed memorial to the Ukrainian poet, tor of a reputable American newspaper would try? Shevchenko, have inspired a great many sink to this level.

LEV E. DOBRIANSKY. letters. The writers of these letters seem As a 4-week expert on Shevchenko you're to have overlooked the real occasion for our really going from bad to worse. Like

[From the Washington (D.C.) Post, Mar. 7,

1961] opposition to the statue of Taras Shevchenko. Shakespeare, Dickens, and numerous other

It is not just that Shevchenko said many expressionists, Shevchenko put into verse and REDS DECRY UKRAINIAN'S STATUE HERE anti-Semitic things that are an affront to the

prose what he sensed among the people at The Soviet press has jumped with both Jewish community of this country—in this

the time. Only a small measure of historical feet into the campaign to limit the monuhe was a product of his time and shared perspective, not to say honest intellectuality, mental statuary of Washington. the antipathies of his class and his region is needed to understand this. Your brazen

Translations of Moscow and Kiev publiMoreover, he did oppose Jewish persecution attempt now to associate the poet with

cations received here show that they have deon one occasion. It is not just that the poet whatever prejudices prevailed then among voted major articles to oppose plans of the is the idol of Communist Party members segments of the Ukrainian nation is not only Ukrainian Congress Committee of America who have caused the Soviet Union to flower morally despicable but also plainly insulting to erect a monument to Taras Shevchenko, with libraries, collective farms, plants, vil

to the intelligence and stature of Americans Ukrainian poet and national hero. lages, and memorials to his name. It is not of Polish and Jewish backgrounds. For

A principal target is Lev E. Dobriansky, just that his very name is, by reason of his your education you had better bone up on professor of Soviet economy at Georgetown flaming nationalism, an affront to members free world developments in close Polish- University, who was described in one article of the Polish minority, which also is a very

Ukrainian and Jewish-Ukrainian relations as being one of the "political intriguers and large one in this country.

against despotic Russian domination and criminal renegades" backing the statue. These reasons, to be sure, make one wonder suppression. We Americans strongly sup Dobriansky was one of the main backers why gullible Senators and Representatives port these relations and, contrary to your of legislation last year authorizing the mon

ument. He predicted at the time that the for the small landscaped park and Shev- exile and prison for his efforts, have met Russians would try to "claim this historic fig- chenko statue. The Fine Arts Commission the fate he predicted for them. ure as one of theirs,” and said that the poet likewise approved the program.

The empire over which the hated czars actually belongs to the Western tradition of On September 22, 1963, the 14,000-square- ruled crashed and was broken in 1917 and freedom.

foot plot was dedicated to the memory of 1918 by the power of the national independThe Moscow publication, Soviet Culture, Taras Shevchenko—102 years after his death. ence movements, unleashed by the circumcontended that Shevchenko would not be more than 2,000 persons attended the cere stances of World War I. popular in the United States, because in one monies.

Ukraine won its national independence, as of his writings he "favorably mentioned Last week—to complete the record-a mo did more than a score of other non-Russian George Washington, who is not now at all tion was made in the National Capital Plan- nations long submerged by an evil concert popular in the well-known [House] Commit- ning Commission that approval of the site of empires. tee on Un-American Activities.”

be rescinded so that a statue cannot be Petrograd, the seat of despotic Russian erected to Taras Shevchenko,

power, temporarily rid itself of a corrupt Mr. Speaker, after reading of this

Whatever the merits of the reasons for aristocracy when the chains of its historic controversy it is necessary for us to view this action-which failed but which may imperialism were broken. this vitally important project with can bob up again-the effect would be negation The world, so it then appeared, was on dor, balance, and perspective. Two of the will of Congress by an agency which the threshold of a new era of peace in which among many presentations excellently does not have the right to do so.

freedom and the independence of nations provide the necessary view. I refer to

Withdrawing a site at this late date also long submerged was assured.

could constitute an affront to many This illusion of peace was short lived. The Robert J. Lewis' article on "The Status

Ukrainian-Americans and others who have vacuum of imperial power in Petrograd was of a Statue" which appears in the No

raised nearly $250,000 to pay for this me soon filled by a new batch of despots, who vember 10 issue of the Sunday Star and

sailed under a red banner and called themthe address on “Human Destiny" de Frustrating this effort also could well have selves revolutionary Marxists. livered by the Honorable MICHAEL A. cold-war consequences, since killing the me They were not long at the task of fixing FEIGHAN on the day of the Schevchenko morial doubtless would be seized on by So their dictatorial power over the Russian naground-breaking ceremonies, September

viet propagandists as evidence the U.S. tion-who Shevchenko called the Moskals.

Congress was not sincere in its desire to These so-called social revolutionaries were 21. I include both the article and adhonor a freedom-loving Ukrainian.

unable to reform or contain the chauvinism dress at this point:

A sense of perspective and understanding or the imperial spirit of the Moskals. [From the Washington (D.C.) Star, Nov. 10, would seem to dictate the proper course. If But they did manage to change the name 1963]

such a course is followed, Washington will of the Russian nation from Muscovy to that THE STATUS OF A STATUE

be graced by a memorial to a significant fig- of Russian Federated Soviet Socialist Re

ure in the continuing battle for liberty. It public and to make Moscow the permanent (By Robert J. Lewis)

will also have cause to rejoice that human seat of imperial power. On March 25, 1961, President Kennedy brotherhood and understanding once again Wars of subversion and aggression were sent a telegraphic message to the Shevchenko have affirmed the cause of freedom.

soon launched by the Red Moskals against Scientific Society in New York, as follows:

all the newly independent non-Russian na"I am pleased to add my voice to those


tions—in an effort to reconstruct the Rushonoring the great Ukrainian poet, Taras

(Address of Hon. MICHAEL A. FEIGHAN, U.S.

sian empire. Shevchenko. “We honor him for his rich contribution

By 1923 the Red Moskals had destroyed Representative, 20th Ohio District)

The curtain was lifted today on an epic with that of Byelorussia, Georgia, Armenia, to the culture not only of the Ukraine, which

the national independence of Ukraine, along he loved so well and described so eloquently, chapter in the great book of human freedom

Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Cossackia, Idel-Ural, but of the world. which for too long has remained closed to

and the Republic of Siberia. "His work is a noble part of our historical the Western mind.

But the theories of Marxism were embarheritage.”

That is the real meaning of the dedica

rassed by the dominance over the practice The object of this presidential praise was

tion ceremonies which took place today in a Ukrainian nationalist hero who was born connection with the memorial to Taras

of those theories exercised by historic Rus

sian imperialism. a serf on February 25, 1814, and who died

Shevchenko, soon to take its rightful place
among the monuments to freedom which in 1924 by announcing the establishment

So the Russians solved this embarrassment 47 years later, on February 26, 1861, as a much-respected poet and symbol of Ukrain grace our Nation's Capital.

For Taras Shevchenko was a unique

of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. ian patriotism and aspirations for freedom from Russian domination. champion of full freedom for all men and

The formerly independent nations recol

onized by the Red Moskals were labeled The Shevchenko symbolism has continued independence for all nations, just as he was

"Union Republics." to inspire the Ukrainian people down to the an avowed enemy of tyranny, despotism, and

This served and continues to serve as a present day.

imperialism. His name also has become a weapon in the Shevchenko stands among that small but propaganda cover for the reconstructed

empire of the Russian czars. cold war on both sides of the Iron Curtain. select group of gifted men whose toils and

Lenin, the oracle of Russian Marxism, Both the Soviet Union and nationalist sacrifices over a lifetime have won them a recognized before he died that the

theories Ukrainians claim him as their own because lasting place of honor in the annals of their

of Marx and Engles had become the victim of his life and work were so valuable in their native lands.

Russian despotism and imperalism.

He shared as well as sensed the sufferings symbolism and so exemplary in their dedi

He of his countrymen under the oppressive yoke “There can be no doubt that the insignif

made this deathbed prophesy in 1923: cation to freedom. It is for a statue of this man that con

of Russian imperialism.

He sensed as well as shared with moving workers will drown in the great Russian sea gress authorized the use of public grounds

icant percentage of Soviet and sovietized in Washington, in a resolution passed by convictions the aspirations of his country

of chauvinist riffraff like a fly in milk." both Houses and approved September 13, men for a life of freedom and human dignity.

The 40 years since his death have proved 1960, by President Eisenhower.

He was able to see beyond the travail of Lenin's prophesy to be correct. The obvious and proper objective of honhis own people and the despotism of their

World War II restored by force of arms oring this man as a symbol of the hope for oppressors and thereby to understand the

the former imperial Russian colonies of freedom was to demonstrate, once again, to

spirit of the new hope which had been lighted Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to the the world and to the Ukrainian people, that

up across the seas by George Washington. U.S.S.R. and added a new crop of Russian the cause of liberty is one which this country With gifted pen he recorded all these

colonies, called peoples republics or socialist can always be depended on to champion.

things and communicated them to his peo- republics. In the congressional resolution approved ple in a style which won for him the endur

While the new crop of colonies were not 3 years ago, the Secretary of the Interior ing role of poet laureate of Ukraine.

forcibly incorporated into the U.S.S.R., the was authorized and directed to select an A century has passed since the death of spirit and national life of these colonies are appropriate site upon which to erect” the Shevchenko.

imprisoned by imperial Russia. Shevchenko statue.

But the message of his literary works It is proper, therefore, to observe that Acting in accordance with these direc- burns more brightly today in the hearts of while much has changed in the affairs of tions, Secretary Udall had his representa- his countrymen.

men and of nations during the century since tives go before the National Capital Plan The reasons for this are all too obvious. the death of Shevchenko, Russia, the Rusning Commission on October 25, 1962, with Ukraine remains a victim of Russian im- sians, and their empire have not changed in site recommendations.

perialism and her people now suffer the substance. At that session, the Planning Commission tyranny and exploitation of the Red czars. They are little different today than they voted to defer action, but on December 6, it During the century since the death of

were in the days of Shevchenko. Some alapproved a small triangular site at 22d, Shevchenko much has happened and much terations in form and tactics have been 23d and P Streets NW. as the spot for the has changed in the affairs of men and of forced upon the Russians by the pressures statue. nations.

of time and change, but the rock bed subOn April 4 this year, the Planning Com The autocratic czars, who felt the literary stance of Russian national life and purpose mission approved the site plan and design barbs of Shevchenko and who put him to remains as imperialist and chauvinist.

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