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Carlos-Cyrillo Machado, Viscount de Santo-Thyrso, His Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary near His Majesty the King of the Belgians; and

Mr. Tomaz-Antonio Garcia Rosado, Lieutenant-Colonel on the General Staff, Member of His Council and His Honorary Artillery Officer;

His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias,

Mr. N. de Giers, His Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary near His Majesty the King of the Belgians;

His Majesty the King of Sweden, Gustave M. M. Baron Falkenberg, His Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary near His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

Who, vested with powers in good and due form, have adopted the following provisions:

ARTICLE I. From the putting into operation of this Convention, the import duty on spirits shall be advanced throughout the zone wherein the prohibition régime contemplated in Article XCI of the General Act of Brussels, to the rate of 100 francs per hectolitre at 50 centesimal degrees.

It is however agreed in regard to Erythrea that the duty may be not more than 70 francs per hectolitre at 50 centesimal degrees, the excess being in a general and continuous way represented by the aggregate of other duties existing in that colony.

The import duty shall be proportionally increased for each degree above 50 centesimal degrees; it may be proportionally decreased for each degree below 50 centesimal degrees.

The Powers retain the right to maintain and advance the tax beyond the minimum fixed by this article in the regions where they now have that right.

ARTICLE II. As a consequence of Article XCIII of the General Act of Brussels, distilled beverages made within the regions contemplated in Article XCII of the said General Act and intended for consumption therein, shall be subjected to an excise duty.

This excise duty which the Powers engage to collect as far as practicable shall not be less than the minimum import duty fixed by article I of this Convention.

It is however agreed, in regard to Angola, that the Portuguese Government will be at liberty, with a view to effect the gradual and complete transformation of distilleries into sugar factories, to take out of the proceeds of the said 100 francs duty a sum of 30 francs which would be allowed to the producers on condition that they shall, under the Portuguese Government's supervision carry out the said transformation.

If the Portuguese Government should avail itself of this liberty, the number of distilleries in operation and the producing power of each should not be greater than the number and power ascertained on the 31st of October, 1906.

ARTICLE III. The provisions of this Convention are established for a term of At the expiration of that period, the import duty fixed by Article I shall be subject to revision on the basis of the results produced by the preceding rates.

ten years.

24449—VOL 210462

Each one of the Contracting Powers will, however, be at liberty to move the revision of the duty at the expiration of the eighth year.

The Power availing itself of this liberty should give notice of its intention, six months before the said expiration, to the other Powers through the Belgian Government which would then undertake to call the Conference within the above stated term of six months.


It is agreed that the Powers that have signed the General Act of Brussels or adhered thereto and are not represented at this Conference, retain the right of adhering to this Convention.


This Convention shall be ratified and the ratification shall be de. posited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Brussels with as little delay as possible and in no case shall the term exceed one year.

A certified copy of the procès-verbal of deposit shall be addressed by the Belgian Government to all the Powers concerned.


This Convention shall go into effect in all the possessions of the Contracting Powers within the zone defined by Article XC of the General Act of Brussels on the thirtieth day after that on which the procès-verbal of deposit contemplated in the foregoing article shall have been closed.

From that date, the Convention relative to regulations affecting spirits in Africa, signed at Brussels on the 8th of June, 1889, shall cease and determine.

In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Convention and affixed their seals thereto.

Done in a single copy at Brussels the third day of the month of November one thousand nine hundred and six. [L.s.]


Signed: GÖHRING.

Signed: CAPELLE.

Signed: KEBERS.


Signed: A. GÉRARD. L. S.


Signed: A. W. CLARKE.
L. S.

Signed: H. J. READ.
Signed: BONIN.


Signed: Santo THYRSO. L. 8.

Signed: Garcia ROSADO.

Signed: N. DE GIERS. (L. s. )



L. S.
L. S.
L. S.

L. S.

Îl. s. L. S.]

L. S.




Signed at Brussels November 29, 1906.

(The agreement is in the French language. The following translation fur. nished by the Department of State.)


I. Designation of enumerated medi

cal substances in the Pharmaco

peia. II. Rules. III. Adoption of drop-measure.

IV. Nonsignatory powers.

V. Effect.
VI. Denunciation.

Procès-verbal of signature.




The Governments of Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, the United States of America, France, Greece, Italy, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Servia, Sweden, and Switzerland, having recognized the utility of concluding an Agreement with a view to the unification of the Pharmacopeial formulas for potent drugs on the basis indicated in the Final Protocol signed on the 20th September, 1902, as a result of the Conference held at Brussels, the Undersigned, duly authorized thereto, have agreed upon the following stipulations:


The medicinal substances inscribed in the Table given below shall be designated, in the Pharmacopeia published by each of the Contracting Governments, by the Latin names employed in this Table, and shall conform with the directions indicated in the column opposite.

Latin names and synonyms of drugs and


Pharmaceutical directions.

Aconitum Napellus. L.
Aconiti tuber seu Tuber Aconiti.

Use only the tuber of the current year, dried. Pow.

dered drug to be used entire, without separation of

residue. Aconiti tinctura seu Tinctura Aconiti.....

Prepare by percolation with alcohol (70 per cent. by

volume). Tincture to be standardized to 0.05 per

cent. of total alkaloids. Atropa Belladonna. L..... Belladonnæ folium seu Folium Belladonnæ.. Use only the leaf, dried. Powdered drug to be used

entire. Belladonnæ tinctura seu Tinctura Belladonnæ..... Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.).

Latin names and synonyms of drugs and


Pharmaceutical directions.

Belladonnæ extractum seu Extractum Belladonnæ. Prepare a solid extract containing about 10 per cent.

of water) by means of alcohol (70 per cent.). Colchicum autumnale. L Colchici semen seu Semen Colchici.

Use only the seed. Colchici tinctura seu Tinctura Colchici.

Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Digitalis purpurea. L...... Digitalis folium seu Folium Digitalis.......... Use the leaf of the second year. Powdered drug to

be used entire. Digitalis tinctura seu Tinctura Digitalis..

Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Uragoga Ipecacuanha. Baill. Ipecacuanhæ radix sou Radix Ipecacaunhæ.. Powder only the root-bark, rejecting the woody por

tion. The powder should have an alkaloidal

strength of 2 per cent. Ipecacuanhæ tinctura seu Tinctura Ipecacuanhæ.. Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Ipecacuanhæ sirupus seu Sirupus Ipecacuanhæ.... Prepare with 10 per cent. of the tincture. Hyoscyamus niger. L... Hyoscyami folium seu Folium Hyoscyami... Use only the leaf. Hyoscyami tinctura seu Tinctura Hyoscyami...... Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Hyoscyami extractum seu Extractum Hyoscyami. Prepare a solid extract (containing about 10 per cent.

of water) by means of alcohol (70 per cent.). Strychnos Nux vomica. L.... Strychni semen seu Semen Strychni seu Nux Alkaloidal strength (of powdered drug) 2.5 per cent.

vomica. Strychni tinctura seu Tinctura Strychni; Nucis Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with vomicæ tinctura seu Tinctura Nucis vomicæ. alcohol (70 per cent.). Alkaloidal strength 0.25 per

cent. Strychniextractum seu Extractum Strychni; Nucis Prepare by means of alcohol (70 per cent.). Alba

vomicæ extractum seu Extractum Nucis vomicæ. loidal strength 16 per cent. Opii pulvis seu Pulvis Oppi.....

Powder to be dried at 60° C. Strength in morphine

10 per cent. Opii extractum seu Extractum Opii..

Strength in morphine 20 per cent. Opii tinctura seu Tinctura Opii.......

Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Strength in morphine 1 per

Opii tinctura crocata seu Tinctura Opii crocata seu Strength in morphine 1 per cent.

Laudanum Sydenhami.
Opii et Ipecacuanhæ pulvis compositus seu Pulvis To contain 10 per cent. of Pulvis Opil.

Opii tinctura benzoica seu Tinctura Opii benzoica.. Strength in morphine 0.05 per cent.
Strophanthi tinctura seu Tinctura Strophanthi.... Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Seeds not to be freed from

fat. Sclerotium clavicepitis purpuræ Tul. seu Clavi.

cepitis purpuræ Tul. Śclerotium. Secale cornutum seu Ergotum Secale...... Ergot to be not more than one year old, and kept

whole. Secalls cornuti extractum seu Extractum Secalis Prepare a watery extract and make up with alcohol

Cornuti; Ergotiextractum seu Extractum Ergoti. (60 per cent.). Secalis cornuti extractum fluidum seu Extractum Strength 100 per cent.

fluidum Secalis cornuti; Ergoti extractum fluid

um seu Extractum fluidum Ergoti. Acidum hydrocyanicum dilutum.

Strength 2 per cent. Laurocerasi aqua seu Aqua Laurocerasi.

Strength 0.10 per cent. Amygdalæ amaræ aqua seu Aqua Amygdalæ Strength 0.10 per cent. Phenoll solutio seu Aqua phenolata...

Strength 2 per cent. Arsenas sodil seu Sodil arsenas; Arsenicicum ne- The crystallized salt, containing 36.85 per cent. of trium seu Natrium arsenicicum.

arsenic acid. Arsenicalis liquor Fowleri seu Liquor arsenicalis Strength in arsenious acid 1 per cent.

Fowleri seu Kalli arsenicosi liquor.
Ferri lodidi sirupus seu Sirupus iodeti ferrosi seu Strength in anhydrous ferrous iodide 5 per cent.

Sirupus ferri lodati.
Cantharidis tinctura seu Tinctura Cantharidis..... Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Iodi tinctura seu Tinctura lodi.......

Strength 10 per cent.' Prepare with alcohol (95 per

cent.). Lobellæ tinctura seu Tinctura Lobellæ...

Strength 10 per cent. Prepare by percolation with

alcohol (70 per cent.). Cocainum hydrochloricum...

The anhydrous salt. Hydrargyri unguentum seu Unguentum Hydrar- Strength 30 per cent.

gyri. Antimoniale vinum seu Vinum antimoniale; Strength in tartar emetic 0.40 per cent.

Stibiatum vinum seu Vinum stíbiatum.



So far as regards substances other than those which appear in the Table contained in Article 1, and which may hereafter be included in the Pharmacopæias, the Contracting Governments undertake that the following rules shall apply:

(a) No potent drug shall be directed to be prepared in the form of a medicinal wine (vinum);

(6) Tinctures of potent drugs shall be directed to be prepared of the strength of 10 per cent. and by percolation.

(c) Fluid extracts of potent drugs shall be prepared of the strength of 100 per cent.


The Contracting Governments shall adopt a normal drop-measure, the external diameter of whose outlet tube shall be exactly 3 millimetres, that is to say, which, at a temperature of 15 degrees centigrade and with distilled water, shall yield 20 drops to the gramme.


Governments which have not taken part in the present Agreement shall be allowed at their own request to signify their adhesion to it. Such adhesion shall be notified, through the proper diplomatic channel, to the Belgian Government, and by it to the other Signatory Governments.


The present Agreement shall come into force one month after the date of its signature. It is understood, nevertheless, that the stipulations of Articles 1, 2, and 3 shall not become binding upon any one of the Contracting Parties until the publication of a new issue, or of a supplement, of its Pharmacopeia.


In case one or other of the Contracting Parties shall denounce the present Agreement, such denunciation shall take effect only so far as regards itself, and then only six months after the day upon which such denunciation shall have been notified to the Belgian Government.

In witness whereof the Undersigned have signed the present Agreement.

Done at Brussels, the 29th November, 1906, in a single instrument, of which an exact copy shall be delivered to each of the Signatory Governments. (Here follow signatures.]


The Undersigned, duly authorized, have met together on the 29th November, 1906, at the Belgian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in order to proceed to the signature of the Act intended to give diplo

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