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Villages, general laws affecting -

squirrels, black, gray and fox, permits to take, conservation law
amended, § 195, subd. 1....

tuberculosis patients, state aid, appropriation.
village planning commissions, qualification of members in certain
counties, general municipal law amended, § 234.....

Villages, local laws affecting: See also Village law amended; Villages, gen-
eral laws affecting; Name of following villages:

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Chap. Page.

70 113
900 2265

377 978

Voting: See Election headings.

Voting machines: See Election law amended.

Walks: See Highway law amended.

War bonds: See Liberty bonds.

Warren county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, construction and improvement.
improved, maintenance and repair.....

Warren town:

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unpaid taxes for 1914-17, reassessment and collection...



Washington county: See also County headings.
appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......

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Washington's headquarters, Newburgh:

appropriation for salaries and maintenance.




action for; other actions, real property law, article 16 added....

Water districts:

Belfast town, conveyance of property to water district.
Sherrill-Kenwood water district, scope, administration.

Water fowl:

taking on Reeves and Flanders bays, and Hudson river and vicinity,
conservation law amended, § 212, subd. 2.....

Water power:

forest preserve, use for water power and transmission lines, constitu-
tional amendment, referred to next legislature...

Waterloo village:

street paving bonds, issuance and proceedings legalized.....

Water supplies, general:

appropriation for conservation commission, hydrographic investiga-
tions, salaries

audit of claims against water districts, town law amended, § 178...
reservoirs on forest preserve lands, conservation law, article 9b, §§ 540-
548 added

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Water supplies, local: See also Water headings preceding and following.
Canisteo village, water commissioners, oaths, duties, powers.
Cohoes, water works bonds, validation..
Jamestown, water system bonds legalized.

Johnson city village, water works bonds, issuance legalized, sale, tax

for payment

Ogdensburg, water regulations, violations by owner or occupant.
Owego village, water contracts, term, maximum expense.
Peekskill village, water commissioners, bond of treasurer.

Syracuse water supply bonds, temporary loan for payment....

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Waters: See also Canals; Conservation headings; Docks and wharves;
Drainage; Public works headings; Streams;


Water headings pre-

165 520

465 1230

appropriation for state engineer, hydrographic surveys.

pollution causing injury to shellfish prohibited, violation, conservation
law amended, §§ 325, 182, subd. 3.

Watertown: City third class; See also City headings.
assessment roll, completion, filing and review in 1920.

city auditor, office established, duties of city council..
city council, school funds..

duties of city assessors..

finances, payments into general city fund.

nonpartisan primaries and elections.

powers of assessors, city council, time of performing city functions.
soldiers and sailors' memorial hall, use by American Legion camps.

Watertown supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Waterways: See also Canals; Conservation headings; Docks and wharves;
Names of particular lakes; Public works headings; Streams; Water
Hempstead town, loans for waterways improvement, amount increased.
Watkins Glen state reservation: See also Parks, reservations, historic

Watkins village:

places and memorials, state.
appropriation for salaries and maintenance..

electric lighting bonds, issuance, referendum.

Wawarsing town:

highway claims, audit and allowance tax for payment....

Wayne county: See also County headings.

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appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...... 80

Weights and measures:


sale of commodities by net weight, general business law amended, § 16. 874 .2218

Welfare department: See New York city.

Westchester county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...
coroners, number, county law amended, § 180, subd. 1.

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number, terms, compensation, county law amended, § 180, subd. 1,
subd. 3 added...

[blocks in formation]

estimating income tax revenues in towns.



form of government, constitutional amendment, referred to next legis-


special deputy clerks, restrictions on appointment abolished, county
law amended, § 169, subd. 1..

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Westchester county- Continued:

town tax liens, contents of notice on sale.....
trustees of savings banks in New York city, residence in state adjoin-
ing, banking law amended, § 260, subd. 2, ¶ a.

West Haverstraw State Hospital for Crippled and Deformed Children: See
New York State Hospital for Care of Crippled and Deformed Children.

Western House of Refuge for Women, Albion: See also State charitable

appropriation for construction.

second appropriation

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third appropriation

[blocks in formation]

maintenance and operation.

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second appropriation

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[blocks in formation]

second appropriation



Western New York Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes,
Rochester: See also State charitable institutions, general.
appropriation for pupils, support and instruction..



Western town:

state lands, taxation for school purposes, education law amended, § 440,
subd. 2

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towns may appropriate funds to control, town law, § 141a added.....

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White Plains supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Whitesboro village:

reincorporation legalized



Willard State Hospital: See also State hospitals, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction. .

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action to establish a will or construe a devise, decedent estate law,
article 8, §§ 200-206 added..

919 2367

petitions for probate by public administrator or county treasurer,
code of civil procedure amended, § 2609..

477 1242

Queens county, clerks of surrogate's court empowered to take proof of,
code of civil procedure amended, § 2502, subd. 8..

493 1259

testamentary trustees appointed pursuant to power in will, qualifica-
tion, code of civil procedure amended, §§ 2637, 2639..

858 2185

Wilton town:

land sold to state for taxes in 1915, redemption..

Wingdale prison: See also Prisons, state, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction...


criminal anarchy investigations and proceedings, privilege of, penal
law amended, § 166....

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New York city, board of standards and appeals, attendance of wit-





employed by electric railroads, restrictions in terminals and stations
abolished, labor law amended, § 161d, subds. 2, 3, 6...
vagrants, etc., in Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties, commit-
ment to certain institutions..

[blocks in formation]

voters at town meetings, term includes, town law amended, §§ 53, 54,
§ 55 repealed...

59 103

Women's land army: See New York State Women's Land Army, Inc.

Woodbury town:

lands of Palisades Interstate Park Commission, taxation and assess-

850 2170

Workmen's compensation:

additional deputy commissioner in compensation cases, labor law
amended, § 41..

appropriation for state employees' compensation insurance.

Workmen's compensation law amended: See also Insurance headings;

Table of amendments preceding index, p. 40.

act covers policemen in villages, § 2, group 47 added..

effect of award, beneficiaries, § 15, subd. 3, new paragraph added.
employees undergoing rehabilitation, maintenance, § 15, subd. 8

eye-sight, amount of payments, excess wages, § 15, subds. 3, 5, § 16,
subd. 4

fees and business from claimants, soliciting prohibited, § 24.
insurance carriers, preference of awards against assets, § 34.
interest payable on awards, § 24...

occupational diseases, appropriation, article 2a, §§ 37-49b added.
thumb, finger, toe or phalange, partial loss or use, § 15, subd. 3..
state insurance fund, administration expenses, payment out of premium
income, statements to legislature, § 94.

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Writs: See Code of civil procedure amended; Name of particular writ,
e. g. Certiorari.

Wyoming county: See also County headings.

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appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair.....

[blocks in formation]

Yates county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair.
audit of accounts of county treasurers by supervisors, legalized.
county superintendent of highways, salary and expense, allowances by
supervisors, legalized

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Yonkers: City second class; See also City headings.

appropriation for armory, Company G..

public health department, establishment, powers, functions..

Yorktown Heights Training School: See New York State Training School
for Boys.

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Zoning commissioners:

Niagara Falls, establishment of advisory board, powers and duties..

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