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66 tain of confolation; and thus we are “ enabled to proceed from one degree 66 of holiness to another, until we come " to the glorified vision of God in 66 Heaven itself.

To which blessed state, may God Almighty bring us all, through Jesus Chrift our Lord - Amen.



GENESIS, xlviii. 8, 9.

And Ifrael beheld Joseph's fons, and said, Wha

are these? And Joseph said unto his father, they are my sons whom God hath given me in this place, and he faid bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I will blefs them.

The last scenes of Jacob's life are peculiarly awful and grand: As the outer man decayeth, so much the more is he renewed in the inner man; weak in body, but strong in faith, his views into futurity are open and enlarged, as his mortal sight grows dim.

Draw near the sick bed of the aged Patriarch, and witness the dying behaviour of an old man who has lived all his life long in the fear of God Hear him pronounce the folemn patriarchal blessing on the two sons of Joseph — Hear him afterwards declare to his twelve fons assembled round him, their future fortunes in the last days: What an impressive scene must this have been to them—May is be fo to us, as we contemplate the description of it by Moses, and consider the last words of dying Jacob.

When Joseph was told that his father was sick, he hastened to him without delay,and brought with him his two sonsEphraim and Manasses: No worldly business could detain him from attending on his dying parent. He took his sons with him, that he might pro

cure for them the blessing of their venerable ancestor: Riches and honours himself could give them; but what are the riches and honours of Egypt, compared to the blessing of God, and an inheritance in the heavenly Canaan! Hetook them that they might see his father die, that they might listen to his dying injunctions, and learn fronı his faith and hope, the sovereign remedy against the fear of death.

Joy sparkled in the countenance of the dying Patriarch, when he heard that Jofeph and his sons were come; he fummoned all his scattered spirits to receive them; he strengthened himself and fat upon his bed. The affection he had for his children was no hindrance to his piety towards God.

About to resign his fpirit into the hands of his Creator, he is pleased to find those near


him whom he loves, and to take a last farewellofthat family whom he expects to see once more, assembled before the eternal throne.

And what think you, were the sub. jeêts of his discourse? Not the vain things of this perishing life; not use. less regrets at parting with them; not idle lamentation on the prevalence of disease, and the inefficacy of remedies fought out to prolong life; but, his trust in the mercies of God, the promises he had received, and his reliance on the Divine faithfulness for their fulfilment.

HEAR him relate the wondrous hiftory in his own words - God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and blessed me, and said unto me, behold I will make thee fruitful, and mul

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