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Poems the Doctor Should Know


If you and I, dear, face the world together,

Loving each other—as I'm sure we doWe have no cause to fear that stormy weather

Can wreck our lives, or make our hearts less true.

For like the strands by clever figures knotted,

Our lives when drawn upon will lighter grow, Our chart of life by love and wisdom plotted

Will warn of rocks and reefs as on we go.

When all nature spreads wide and free,
Her colors of bronze, crimson and gold,
She draws over all a thin veil of mystery,
As pearly tones in violet tints unfold.
It's Indian summer

In Missouri.
When setting sun across the azure sends,
The last golden rays of departing day,
Frost with gentle touch in tracery blends,
Crimson and gold, into sweet harmony,
It's Indian summer-

In Missouri.
When distant hills are purple clad,
Squirrels hide nuts for the winter supply,
The melody of woodland brooks is sad,
For the birds southward swiftly fly.
It's Indian summer-

In Missouri.
When hushed nature silently spreads
Its mystic spell, like. cloistered isles,
The hunter 'cross meadows softly treads,
Or lingers long by wayside stiles.
It's Indian summer-
In Missouri.

-Lloyd Freeman.

For you no angel are—and I am human,

You have your faults-and I'll admit a few,
I love you more because you're just a woman
And tho' a mere man I'll be true to you.

The love by beauty held is love unstable,

The love I have for you holds Time at bay, It waxeth with the years—and is well able

To brave grey hairs and wrinkles smooth away.

But, should we find that we have been deluded,

Our ship of wedlock driven off its course, I'll buy a ticket for some place secluded, And you can get a "safe and sane" divorce.

H. E. Bates.


By John McCrae, M. D. In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place, and in the sky The larks still, bravely singing, fly, Scarce heard amidst the guns below. We are the dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

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Take up our quarrel with the foe,
To you from falling hands we throw
The torch-be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

It will show how a bone that was broken,

Has healed in a beautiful line, But if the break heals like a corkscrew,

The focus is wrong every time.

Lieut.-Col. McCrae served in France with the Ca 1 nadian expeditionary forces, contracted pneumonia and died. His name is familiar to medical men as the joint author of the Adami and McCrae Pathology.

[blocks in formation]

Management Three recommendations are made-
of an

Stop at once the giving of milk.
Infant's Diet

Thoroughly clean out the intestinal tract.
Give nourishment composed of food elements

capable of being absorbed with minimum

digestive effort.
A diet that meets the condition is prepared as follows:

Mellin's Food . . 4 level tablespoonfuls
Water (boiled, then cooled) . 16 fluidounces

Feed small amounts at frequent intervals.
It is further suggested:—As soon as the stools lessen in number and
improve in character, gradually build up the diet by substituting one ounce
of skimmed milk for one ounce of water until the amount of skimmed milk
is equal to the quantity of milk usually given for the age of the infant;
also that no milk fat be given until the baby has completely recovered.


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a great many physicians
never order or employ
any other preparation


Summer Skin Troubles-For relief from the attacks of sunburn which are so common during the vacation season, there is no remedy so promptly effective as Dioxogen, diluted with five to six parts of water. This may be applied by wads of cotton, gauze or old linen. The affected area should be kept thoroughly wet or soaked with this solution of Dioxogen until the burning and smarting are decidedly relieved. This is often accomplished in a surprisingly short time, with the further advantage that swelling, puffing and subsequent soreness are usually greatly lessened—and often completely avoided. Other skin afflications such as mosquito bites, bee stings, prickly heat, profuse and fetid perspiration, ivy poisoning, and so on, are quickly amenable to the action of Dioxogen. In these conditions it should be applied full strength, or diluted according to the physician's judgment. The effects are immediate, with gratifying avoidance of infection or inflammatory reaction. The efficacy of Dioxogen is so pronounced in these conditions peculiar to the summer months, and in addition it is so free from any unpleasant or objectionable action, that physicians will do well to recommend that every vacationist include it in his kit. A bottle of Dioxogen has saved many a vacation from being a dismal period of discomfort and suffering.


Of all the iodine products at their command, they have found this particular preparation not only the most dependable but the one that can be used in effective dosage and over long periods without producing gastric disturbance, or other ill effects.

Burnham's Soluble lodine is iodine in its most active and satisfactory form.

CAUTION-Imitations of this product never give
the positive results that the Original door. To
avoid disappointments and safeguard your
results, specify "Burnham's" and if convenient,

order an original bottle.
For interesting and helpful literature on the use

of iodine, address
Burnham Soluble lodine Co.

Auburndale, Mass.

Important in Diabetes-Physicians who have prescribing bread made from Lister's Diabetic Flour. -studied diabetes most thoroughly are convinced that This flour is made from diabetically prepared casein the successful management of this disease resolves and contains no gluten or other cereal. It is starchitself primarily into the choice of a suitable dietary. less, appetizing, palatable and warranted noncarbo They are relying less and less upon drugs because hydrate. A month's supply costs only $4.85, and their use has met with but transitory success. “The may be secured direct from the makers, Lister Bros. dietetic treatment of diabetes mellitus," says one Inc., 110 W. 40th Street, New York City. authority, "is by all means the most important therapeutic factor. It aims not only to diminish the When Prescribing Digitalis, it is essential to se sugar that makes its appearance in the urine, but cure a preparation that is uniform, being standart also the sugar in the blood.” To that end the naturalized to contain the required constituents of the dig course is to restrict the intake of carbohydrates. In talis leaves in proper and constant proportion. The carrying out the dietary regimen, perhaps the great difficulty of producing such a preparation is testified est obstacle is the question of bread—which is so in to by the great number of digitalis preparations ou tegral a part of the ordinary diet. Most of the sub the market. Few, if any, however, enjoy such a stitutes for bread and starchy foods generally, on justly merited reputation for dependability and for investigation, show dangerously high percentages of effectiveness as does Digipoten (Abbott). Doctor, carbohydrates, although claimed by the producers to we suggest strongly that you write to The Abbott be relatively, if not entirely, free from starch and Laboratories, Ravenswood, Chicago, concerning this sugar. The physician, however, can feel secure in splendid digitalis preparation.

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"- results remarkable, even beyond my expectations. ANEDEMIN is
truly a Medicinal Trocar in Dropsy from any cause."-From member State
Board of Examiners.

Indications. Ascites, Cirrhosis, Nephritis, Anasarca or DROPSIES from

"- gave tablets as last resort to man 78 years of age dying with a very
weak, irregular heart, general oedema, dyspnea, etc., and he made com-
plete recovery."-From member State Board of Health.

any cause.

“_ physicians can push ANEDEMIN without fear if the patient can
stand the loss of effusion quickly, and it is equally as valuable in the
cause, as in dropsical effusion.”-From prominent Kentucky physician.

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“ Anedemin tablets did everything you claimed for them. Seventeen
days after I began using them I was able to leave the hospital where I
had been for seven months. I am about ready to resume my practice."-
From a California physician.



Each physician may test it for himself. Clinical data, literature with exact formula,

and samples sent on request.

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ANEDEMIN CHEMICAL CO., Chattanooga, Tenn.


Packed in Sealed Tins. Remains Fresh


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tablet containing 1-3 grain of Apothesine and 1-2500 grain of Adrenalin.

An Exceptional Local Anesthetic-When, a little more than a year ago, announcement was made that the scientific staff of Parke, Davis & Co. had achieved the distinction of producing a local anesthetic possessing all of the advantages of similar products then in use, minus the disadvantages peculiar to many of them, the intelligence was received by thousands of American surgeons and physicians with manifest satisfaction. The advent of the new product was propitious. The time was ripe for a truly efficient American-made local anesthetic. And Apothesine appears to justify every promise that preceded it. There is abundant evidence that the product can be advantageously used in any case in which a local anesthetic is indicated. Proof of the efficacy of Apothesine comes from all over the United States. Two examples may be cited: A Minnesota surgeon says that he has used Apothesine at least eight hundred times and has yet to find a case that shows any toxic symptoms or incomplete anesthesia; he reports seven thyroidectomies, ex cision of elbow, amputation of arms, legs, fingers, carcinomas, sarcomas, cysts, and all manner of minor work. A New Orleans surgeon reports 250 operations of various kinds, ranging all the way from amputation of the finger to amputation of the breast, without a single failure and with no untoward result. Comparative tests prove that Aposthesine is as efficient as any synthetic local anesthetic and more potent than most of them. Its toxicity is low, being far less than that of cocaine and no greater than that of the least toxic of other syntheic anesthetics. Apothesine is supplied in hypodermic-tablet form, as follows: H. T. No. 216, each tablet containing 144 grains of Apothesie; H. T. No. 217, each tablet containing 3-5 grain of Apothesine and 1-1600 grain of Adrenalin; H. T. No. 218 (dental), each

A Timely and Important Declaration to the Medical Profession-Founded in New York City in 1867, the House of Schering & Glatz has been from its very inception, and throughout its existence, an American concern, entirely free and independent of foreign control, financial or otherwise. The relation of Schering & Glatz to the German-owned Chemische Fabrik auf Actien (vorm E. Schering) has always been that of an outright buyer of that Company's products with the sole privilege of marketing them in the United States. The German concern has never had a dollar's worth of investment in Schering & Glatz, nor have Schering & Glatz ever owned stock in the German concern, either as a firm, or as individuals. The "Schering" in Schering & Glatz stands for the name of one of the founders, Mr. Hugo Schering, a distant relative of the Berlin family. He and the original partner, Mr. Glatz, both American citizens, have been dead for many years. Schering & Glatz leading chemical and pharmaceutical products, so long identified by the brand name of “S. & G." are now manufactured in the U. S. A., either by ourselves, or under our direct supervision and control. Others, as yet unavailable, will be added as fast as prevailing conditions permit. We guarantee for all of these products a standard of quality fully the equal of the formerly imported. In prescribing "S. & G.” products, the physician will henceforth have the double satisfaction of applying therapeutic agents which he has known and relied upon for many years, while feeling assured that he is using the Americanmade products of a wholly American concern.

Schering & Glatz, Inc. New York, August, 1918.

The Medical Herald

Incorporating the kansas City Medical Inder-Lancet

Subscription, $1.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Alaska, the Philippines, Cuba and Mexico. Canada, 25 cents additional. Postage to foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including Newfoundland, 50 cents a year additional.

A Food Tonic Rich in Hemoglobin-A food tonic containing the nutritive properties of beef blood, rich in hemoglobin and possessing the valuable biologic properties of beef serum unaltered by heat. Such is a description of Bovinine which is offered for infants and adults where nutrition is impaired or where debility is present. Bovinine has been found of value in anemic affections, also in metabolic diseases, in short, wherever the nutrition of the patient has suffered. It also has proved meritorious as a local application in indolent ulcers in which it promotes healing. The Bovinine Company, 75 W. Houston Street, New York City, will be glad to sup ply samples and literature to physicians on request.

The Medical Herald aims to reflect the progress in the sciences of medicine and surgery, especially throughout the Missouri Valley and Southwest, the territory of its greatest distribution,

Concise and practical articles, news and reports of interesting cases invited, and should be typewritten

The privilege of rejecting any communication is reserved, and all papers accepted must be for exclusive publication in this magazine, unless otherwise arranged.

To contributors of original articles a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished) and the publishers will furnish reprints at printers' cost, application for same to be made when proof is returned.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of contributors or correspondents.

Illustrations will be furnished at reasonable rates, if drawings or photos are furnished.

Address all remittances, correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

Subscribers changing their addresses will please notify us promptly, as magazines cannot be forwarded without adding postage.

Advertising forms close on the 20th of each month. Time should be allowed for correction of proof.

ctrotypes and changes in advertising copy should be addressed to the Medical Herald, St. Joseph, Mo.

Advertising rates on application to the Managing Editor.

Poetic Reprints-Do not mutilate your Medical Herald by tearing out any piece of poetry that may strike your fancy. Write to the Managing Editor, and he will send you a reprint. Reprints are made of all verse appearing in this magazine.



CAUTION! Whenever the true merit of a preparation is authoritatively established, imitation is sure to make its pernicious appearancr. To counteract the injurious results of another of these fraudulent pro ceedings in this instance affecting firm name and reputation-Sander & Sons have been compelled to appeal to law, and in the action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the testimony of a sworn witness revealed the fact that this witness suffered intense irritation from the application to an ulcer of the defendant's product, which was palmed off as “just as good as Sander's Eucalyptol." Sander & Sons had the satisfaction to obtain a verdict with costs against this imitator, who is perpetually restrained from continuing his malpractice. Dr. Owen, in a report to the Medical Society of Victoria, and Dr. J. Benjamin, in the Lancet, London, both denounced, as others did before, on the strength of negative results, the application of unspecified eucalyptus products.

This forms convincing proof that only an authoritatively sanctioned article can be relied on. SANDER & SONS EUCALYPTOL

(Ecalypti Extract) 1. Has stood the test of Government investigation.

2. It was proved at the Supreme Court of Victoria by experts to be an absolutely pure and scientifically standardized preparation.

3. It is honored by royal patronage.

4. It always produces definite therapeutic results,

Therefore, to safegaurd the physicians' interest and to protect their patients, we carnestly request you to specify “Sander's Edcalyptol” when prescribing eucalyptus.

The Meyer Bros. · Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo., agents, will forward one original pack. age (1 oz.) on receipt on One Dollar.

Where Edema is Attendant and where the heart, liver and kidneys are involved, Anedemin tablets may be prescribed with absolute fredom and safety and satisfactory results anticipated. These tablets are a combination of the active principles of Apocynum, Strophanthus and Squill with Sambucus as adjuvant and their action immediately eliminates effusion, controlls and increases the power of the heart, liver and kidneys to perform their function and affords the patient prompt relief and comfort. With continued use Anedemin strikes at the root of the trouble removing the cause. Being non-toxic, not cumulative and not a gastro-intestinal or renal irritant, Anedemin may be administered at frequent intervals in large doses and continued an indefinite time in small doses if necessary. The patient does not have to be watched or kept recumbent as in the administration of many drugs of this class. Physicians may obtain samples of Anedemin and literature containing exact formula by writing the Anedemin Chemical Company, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Pond's Extract

To allay the itching, smarting and burning of the heat rashes, there is no lotion more effective than Pond's Extract, full strength-or diluted with water equal parts.

Cooling, soothing and anti-pruritic, Pond's Extract is invaluable in the treatment of hives, sunburn, chafing, ivy-poisoning, etc.

POND'S EXTRACT CO., New York and London

ickly Heat

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