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Although unattended with any public ceremonies, the unveiling of the statue of Governor John Winthrop, the founder of Boston, was an interesting event of the celebration.

The action of the Board of Aldermen to procure this statue was as follows:

At a meeting of the Board, June 23, 1879, on motion of Alderman Stebbins, a committee, consisting of Aldermen Hugh O'Brien, Solomon B. Stebbins, and Charles H. B. Breck, was appointed to consider the expediency of erecting a statue of John Winthrop.

On the 1st of September, 1879, the committee reported as follows:

The special committee appointed to consider the expediency of erecting statues of Samuel Adams and John Winthrop in this city, having considered the subject, beg leave to submit the following report:

The committee were advised that duplicates of the statues of Winthrop and Adams, now in the Capitol at Washington, could be obtained at reasonable prices, and therefore, through Hon. F. W. Lincoln, one of the commissioners who purchased the original statues for the State of Massachusetts, and who kindly assisted the committee in this matter, they corresponded with the artists in relation to the subject. The committee find that the statue of Winthrop, cast in bronze at one of the best founderies in Italy, can be obtained for a sum not exceeding $5,000. It will be a copy of the marble statue now in Washington, with some alterations made by the artist, Richard S. Greenough, in the model, in order to adapt it for casting in bronze. This statue is recognized as one of the finest works of art in the country, and it is doubtful

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