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Resolved, That the thanks of the Chamber be, and they are hereby tendered to Mr. Bigelow, for the service he has rendered to the commercial community in presenting, in an impartial manner, much valuable information as to the present condition and the prospect of the completion of this great international enterprise.

The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Mr. Suitii said he had been requested by the Executive Committee to nominate Mr. Bigelow for honorary membership, and recommend his election, as a further recognition of the service he had rendered.

Mr. BIGELOW was, by a unanimous vote, elected an honorary meinber of the Chamber.

Mr. Suitu further reported the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the President be, and he is hereby authorized to re-appoint the following named Special Committees, and make such reduction and change in their membership as he may deem best, for the purpose of continuing the investigation of the subjects referred to them by the Chamber.

1st. The Special Committee on Revenue Reform, consisting of three members.

2d. The Special Committee on International Bills of Lading, consisting of seven members.

3d. The Special Committee on Revision of the Rates of Com. mission, established by the Chamber, consisting of five members.

4th. The Special Committee on a National Bankrupt Law, consisting of five members.

Mr. JAMES W. ELWELL, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Commerce and the Revenue Laws, called up the report submitted by the Committee at the last regular meeting of the Chamber, providing for the payment of a salary to the Health Officer of this port and abolishing fees, and moved its adoption.

The subject was further discussed by Messrs. DANIEL DRAKE Suitu, A. Foster Higgins, GUSTAV SCHWAB, JAMES W. ELWELL, William P. CLYDE and SAMUEL H. SEAMAN.

On motion of Mr. Isaac Pullips, the report was unanimously laid on the table.

Mr. A. Foster Higgins, Chairman of the Committee on the Harbor and Shipping, verbally reported that the Committee had been active, during the year, in their efforts to secure legislation to improve the harbor and preserve its integrity. Bills to accomplish these objects were pending in Congress, and would probably receive favorable action before the adjournment. And that the Committee had had prepared a model of the harbor and its surroundings, covering an area of eight hundred square miles, which would remain in possession of the Chamber, and doubtless be found of great practical value to the City of New-York and all interested in its commerce.


Mr. William E. DODGE, Chairman of the Special Committee appointed at the last regular meeting to nominate Officers and Standing Committees of the Chamber, to serve for the ensuing year, submitted the following report :

For President.-JAMES M. Brown.

For First Vice-President.CHARLES S. SMITH.

For Second Vice-President.-JOSIAJI M. FISKE,

For Treasurer.-Solon HUMPHREYS.

For Secretary.-GEORGE WILSON.

For Executive Committee.

CORNELIUS N. Bliss, Chairman.


John H. INMAN.

For Committee on Finance and Currency.

GEORGE S. COE, Chairman.
Cyrus W. Fieli),

GEORGE H. Potts,
Edmund W. CORLIES,

WILLIAN P. St. Joux.

For Committee on Foreign Commerce and the Revenue Laws.

JAMES W. ELWELL, Chairman.
William II. Guion,


HENRY F. Hitcu.

For Committee on Internal Trade and Improvements.

FRANKLIN Edson, Chairman.



For Committee on the Harbor and Shipping.

ANDREW Foster Higgins, Chairman.


For Members of the Board of Trustees having charge of the

Real Estate of the Chamber of Commerce.

To serve for Three Years, until May, 1889.
JAMES M. Brown,


For Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Hotels or Boarding

IIouses, to represent the Chamber of Commerce.

Josiah O. Ward.

For Council of the Nautical School, established by Act of the

Legislature, passed April 24th, 1873.

Tuomas P. Ball, Chairman.


On motion of Mr. Isaac Puillips, the report was unanimously accepted, and laid on the table pending the transaction of the business before the Chamber.

Mr. James W. Elwell, in behalf of the Special Committee appointed to audit the accounts of the Treasurer of the Chamber, submitted a report accompanied by a statement showing the receipts and disbursements during the official year, duly audited, and countersigned by the President, as required by the By-Laws.

The report was unanimously accepted, and ordered to be placed on file.

Mr, Isaac Phillips, Chairman of the Special Committee on a National Bankrupt Law, verbally reported in reference to the bill pending in Congress to establish a uniform system of Bankruptcy throughout the United States, and the action taken by the Committee to inform the Chamber as to the status of the measure. Mr. Pullips read a letter received from the Hon. ABRAM S. HEWITT, on the subject, dated Washington, May 3, in which he suggested a course to pursue to secure the passage of the bill at this session.

Mr. Pullips offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That the recommendation of the Hon. Mr. HEWITT is, in the opinion of this Chamber, wise and discreet, and that the merchants of New York, and all others interested in the question of a National Bankrupt Law, are advised to take early steps to influence their Western and Southern correspondents to urge upon their Representatives in Congress the necessity of prompt action in supporting the bill demanded by the best interests of the country.

The resolution was unanimously adopted.


Mr. William E. DODGE, Chairman of the Special Committee on the Nomination of Officers and Standing Committees, offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:

Resolved, That the Executive Committee be requested to present to the Chamber, at its next regular meeting, such suggestions as they may deem best as to the desirability of providing for the appointment of two new members of each Committee of the Chamber, at each yearly election, to take the place of two members whose terms of office shall then expire. That they also be requested to consider the eligibility of the two members so retiring for re-election, and to present any suggestions they may think proper as to action which may tend to interest a larger number of the members in the active work of the Chamber. That, if the Committee shall deem it best, they shall present, for the consideration of the Chamber, such amendments to the By-Laws as shall be necessary to carry out their suggestions.

The resolution was supported by Mr. CHARLES S. SMITH, and unanimously adopted.

Mr. AUGUSTINE Suitu called the attention of the Chamber to the rules and regulations established by the Health Officer of this Port, relative to the disinfection of rags and other materials imported for the manufacture of paper. He said the rules and regulations in question were unknown to his predecessors in office ; were unnecessary, and have proved to be a great detriment to the commerce of New-York.

On motion of Mr. AUGUSTINE Smith, the President was authorized to appoint a Special Committee of three to investigate the subject and report at the next regular meeting of the Chamber.

The President appointed as the Special Committee, Messrs. DANIEL DRAKE Suitu, ISAAC Puullips and Constant A. ANDREWS.


The business before the Chamber having been transacted, on notion it was resolved to proceed to elect Officers and Standing Committees, to serve for the ensuing year.

The President then vacated the Chair in favor of Mr. GUSTAV SCHWAB, and retired to the Library of the Chamber.

On motion of Mr. A. Foster HIGGINS, the Chairman was authorized to appoint two members to act as tellers.

The Chairman thereupon appointed Messrs. A. FOSTER HIGGINS and WILLIAM P. CLYDE.

A ballot was taken, after which the tellers announced that all the votes cast were for the candidates presented by the Nominating Committee.

These gentlemen were then declared to bave been unanimously re-elected to serve for the year ending May 5th, 1887.

The President resumed the Chair, and, in a brief address, thanked the Chamber for the renewed honor of his re-election as its presiding officer.

The President announced the appointment, pursuant to the resolution adopted on the 1st ultimo, of the following named gentlemen as the Special Committee on the Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Organization in this City of the Constitutional Government of the United States and the Inaugura

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