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Washington, D. C., November 1, 1899. SIR: I have the honor to submit to you the following report of the operations of this office:

Congress provided for taking the Twelfth Census by an act approved March 3, 1899, entitled "An act to provide for taking the Twelfth and subsequent censuses.” The undersigned was appointed director on the 4th of March, 1899, and qualified on the 7th of March. His assistant, Mr. Wines, qualified on the 10th of March.

A preliminary organization was effected by the appointment of Mr. A. F. Childs to the position of chief clerk; Mr. E. McCauley to that of disbursing clerk; and Mr. Henry Gannett, geographer. During the month of March four chief statisticians were appointed, namely: Mr. W. C. Hunt, in charge of the population division; Mr. W. A. King, vital statistics; Mr. L. G. Powers, agriculture; and Mr. W. F. Willcox, methods and results. In June, Mr. S. N. D. North was appointed to take charge of the division of manufactures.

The preliminary work is well under way. The forms of the schedules for taking the enumeration of the agricultural products and population have practically been determined upon and the division of vital statistics is doing considerable correspondence with the various boards of health throughout the country with regard to the work of that division. An effort will be made by this office to secure a uniform system of registration of deaths, so that more reliable statistics may be obtained.

A plan has been mapped out for the selection of experts to be employed as special agents and assigned to service in connection with the collection of statistics of manufacturing industries, with which they are familiar. The industries of the country have been grouped into sixteen classes. An expert agent will be put in charge of one or more of these groups and will have immediate charge of the special agents, who will be employed in gathering statistics concerning that subject.

A special agent has been appointed to look after the taking of the census in the Hawaiian Islands, and he has advised with this office concerning the work there. Two special agents have also been selected to superintend the taking of the census in the District of Alaska. They are now in Alaska for the purpose of doing the preliminary work.

Two hundred and ninety-five supervisors of census out of a total of 297 to be appointed have been selected and commissioned by the President. The law requires that the supervisors be confirmed by the Senate, and it is presumed that the names will be sent to the Senate for confirmation soon after Congress convenes.

A contract has been entered into between Mr. M. G. Emery and the Director of the Census, whereby a building will be erected for the use of this Bureau, to be ready for occupancy on or about the 1st of January, 1900. The building to be so erected will be especially adapted for the large force which it is expected will be employed in the census work. The contract made with Mr. Emery provides that the building shall be leased for a term of five years from the date of its completion at a rental of $26,600 per annum, with an optiori on the part of the Government to renew the lease for a second term of five years at a rental of $20,000 per annum. The right of purchase is also reserved to the Government should it desire to acquire the land an building at any time during the life of the lease.

In view of the large amount of supplies required for the use of the Census Office, and in order to purchase the same in an economical manner, it was deemed absolutely necessary to assign a special agent to act as purchasing agent. The census act does not contemplate the selection of a person for this particular purpose. It is recommended that an amendment be made to the census act, by which the office of purchasing agent may be created and made a permanent one in the personnel of this Bureau. It is proper to add in this connection that quite a large saving has been effected already by means of the plan adopted, and, as a very large amount of supplies and furniture will be required to carry on the census work, it is respectfully urged that provision be made by Congress for the creation of a purchasing department in the Census Office.

The act of March 3, 1899, under which the Census Office is being operated, provides that the reports concerning the four general subjects--namely, population, vital statistics, agriculture, and manufactures and mechanical industries--shall be completed and published by July, 1902. This will involve the employment of a very large force for two years, beginning about June, 1900. The act provides for five expert chiefs of division, ten clerks of class 4, fifteen clerks of class 3, and twenty clerks of class 2. The five positions for expert chiefs of division have been filled by the selection of experts to look after particular branches of the work. After a careful consideration of the whole subject, it has been deemed wise to recommend ar amendment to the law, so as to provide for two additional chiefs of division at $2,000 per annum, five additional clerks of class 4, six of class 3, and eight of class 2.

The Comptroller of the Treasury, in a communication to the Director of the Census, dated May 26, 1899, holds that this office may not purchase books and documents necessary for use in the Census Office work out of the appropriation made by the act entitled "An act to provide for taking the Twelfth and subsequent censuses," approved March 3, 1899, for the reason that the act does not specifically provide for their purchase. The decision is based on section 3 of the act of March 15, 1898 (30 Stat. L., 316), which is as follows:

That hereafter law books, books of reference, and periodicals for use of any executive department, or other Government establishment not under an executive department, at the seat of Government, shall not be purchased or paid for from any appropriation made for contingent expenses or for any specific or general purpose, unless such purchase is authorized and payment therefor specifically provided in the law granting the appropriation.

It is necessary, therefore, that legislation be had at the earliest practicable date to provide for the purchase of certain books of reference and documents, which are absolutely necessary for the proper administration of the work of this office.

It is estimated that there will be required for the purpose of taking the census over 50,000 enumerators, over 2,500 clerks, and over 2,000 special agents. The clerical force has been apportioned to the various States and Territories on a population basis, and an examination of every applicant, to test his or her capacity for the special work required, is being insisted upon, as required by law. The entire office force now numbers 182, most of whom are women employed as skilled laborers in doing the preliminary work.

A financial statement is attached hereto, showing the disbursements of this Bureau up to October 31, 1899. Respectfully submitted.



Financial report to October 31, 1899. Amount appropriated

$1,000,000.00 Amount advanced to Sam C. Dunham, special disbursing agent, by Secretary of the Treasury..

$10,000.00 Amount advanced to Arthur F. Wines, special disbursing agent, by Secretary of the Treasury.

5,000.00 Amount disbursed by disbursing clerk to October 31, 1899. 88, 146. 88

103, 146. 88 Balance unexpended ...

896, 853. 12 Amount disbursed forSalaries of employees.

61, 322. 74 Furniture and fittings

7, 713. 28 Rent ....

3,763. 68 Special agents.

2, 708. 87 Printing and stationery.

7, 479. 58 Miscellaneous

5, 158. 73 Total...

88, 146. 88


March pay roll......
April pay roll.
May pay roll.
June pay roll
July pay roll.
August pay roll
September pay roll.
October pay roll.....

$1, 618.05 3, 688.48 5, 177.35 7, 292. 16 8,858. 67 9, 949. 09 10, 878. 22 13, 860. 72

61, 322. 74





[blocks in formation]

A. H. WITMER, M. D., Acling Superintendent and Special Disbursing Officer.
M. J. STACK, M. D., Second Assistant Physician, in charge of Male Department.
J. C. SIMPSON, M. D., Third Assistant Physician, in charge of Detached Buildings.
C. H. LATIMER, M. D., Fourth 888istant Physician, in charge of Howard Hall.
I. W. BLACKBURN, M. D., Pathologist.
G. W. FOSTER, M. D., Assistant Physician in charge of Toner Building.
J. E. TONER, M. D., Night Medical Supervisor.
GEORGE W. Schwinn, M. D., Medical Interne.
A. D. WEAKLEY, D. D. S., Dentist.


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