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Every Christian Household ought to be a Church in miniature. The ties of Family are ordained of God, and should be consecrated to Him by the regular collective worship of the Family, conducted, in the absence of a Priest, by its Head. In the houses of Clergymen, and elsewhere, when possible, it is well to have a room set apart for the purpose, simply furnished in such a manner as to indicate its appropriation to holy uses. An oblong room is best, with a Prayer Desk, at which the Reader may kneel facing the end wall or window furthest away from the door. The congregation should range themselves down the two sides of the room, with their backs to the wall, and, without turning round, kneel down in that position, so as still to face each other. The males and females may take opposite sides, or the family one side and the servants the other. Chairs, or long benches, may be placed along, and close to, the side walls. But if the room be narrow this is not necessary, as those assembled may stand during the saying of the Psalms or the reading of the Lesson.

With regard to the Prayers to be used, the Editor would give the following recommendations:

I. In cases where attendance at the daily Church Service is out of the question, to use as much of the daily Matins and Evensong of the Prayer-Book as may be possible. It is the greatest possible mistake to suppose that familiarity with them, from constant private or household use, lessens their value, or our reverent appreciation of them, as Public Offices of the Church. All experience proves the contrary. Indeed it were most


earnestly to be desired that they were really familiar in our mouths as household words.' For use in families they would of course be shortened. This may be done in the following ways.

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(a) Begin with the Lord's Prayer, (except in the Evening, when the Confession may be said;) omit the Canticles and the first Lesson; after the Third Collect say, in the Morning, only the Prayers For the Clergy and People,' and For all Conditions,' and in the Evening, only the 'General Thanksgiving;' concluding with The grace of our Lord,' &c. This will not take more than a quarter of an hour.

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(b) The Daily Services may be still further shortened by saying the Creed only once, either Morning or Evening, and concluding after the Third Collect.

(c) On Wednesdays and Fridays, after the Psalms and Lessons, the Litany might be said instead of the Daily Prayers.

II. On Sundays, and whensoever attendance at the public Service is possible, it is undesirable to have at home a form of Prayer involving repetition in the case of those members of the Household who may be able to go to Church. We may then adopt either of the two latter of the following forms of Daily Prayer for a Household, of which the first is abridged from the Offices prescribed in the ancient English Use of Salisbury for use at morning and night, and the second from those given in the American Book of Common Prayer.

The Hymns, with the one exception of that for Whitsuntide, are taken, with the kind permission of the Editors, from "Hymns Ancient and Modern." They should, if possible, be sung; as they easily may be with the help of the edition of that excellent Hymnal which gives the simple melody for each Hymn in the Treble Part. Otherwise they may be recited in alternate verses by the Reader and those assembled.


On Sundays.

On this day, the first of days,
GOD the FATHER's Name we praise ;
Who, creation's Fount and Spring,
Did the world from darkness bring.

On this day th' Eternal SON
Over death His triumph won;
On this day the SPIRIT came
With His gifts of living flame.

Oh! that fervent love to-day
May in every heart have sway,
Teaching us to praise aright
GOD the Source of life and light.

FATHER, Who didst fashion me
Image of Thyself to be,

Fill me with Thy love divine,
Let my every thought be Thine.

HOLY JESUS, may I be

Dead and buried here with Thee;
And, by love inflamed, arise

Unto Thee a sacrifice.

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