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this young but worthy patriot; he received, in that Charles the 10th, the liberal! live forever Boyer!) ber engagement, a mortal wound. The government, har loved and cherished of his people—the least we can ing remarked the sincere zeal of Petros Mavro Mi- call him, the happy Boyer. chaelis, who himself persuaded his sons to perform On the 9th, at half past 6 o'clock P. M. one of the that heroic feat, restored bim to all those civil rights, three French vessels of war, the schooner called the of which circumstances had obliged it to deprive him Bearnoise, made sail for the kingdom of France, and last year. At present, he is united with the other bearing with her the ratified treaty, duly signed, seal. patriots who bravely vindicate the rights of their ed and exchanged by both nations--despatches that country.

will bolaly show to the world that the republic of We give you the agreeable news of a victory ob- Hayti, free, sovereign and independent, was recognized tained by our brave Gouras over Odysseus and his as such by the authentic act of "sacred treaty,” signed Turkish companions. We have sent you the details by the French nation in this their ancient metropolis ef that gıTair by Mr. K.

of their country. This very day Monsieur le baron The Lively has arrived here with l.60,000, from de Mackau received the respects and visits of all London.

Frenchmen in Port au Prince, merchants and others. We have received the contract of the second En On the 9th, at 8 o'clock A. M. his excellency the glish loan, and have forwarded it to you with the rati- president of Ilayti, received, with his usual good will, tication.

the felicitations of all the French merchants and Vupoli di Romani, 11th, (231), April, 1825. others of that great nation in this capitol.

Mr. Barbet delivered a discourse to his excellency,

thanking him, in the name of all strangers in his posRepublic of Hayti.

sessions, for his politeness and goodness to them gePor nu-Prince-- Interior, July, 1825. nerally. His excellency remained silent, and having On the 3d inst, three French vessels of war, carry- received the expressions and sentiments, replied ing the national flags, one schooner, one brig and one “That, in doing that which he conceived his duty, he ship, wearing the white flag at the peak and Haytien (only followed the natural dictates of his heart.” This colors at the fore-top, moored in the Great Wads- same day the French squadron, composed of the folhead, without gur-shot of our forts, at one o'clock, lowing vessels, also anchored in our waters, and at P. M. Immediately after mooring, the frigate sent 6 o'clock P. M. the two bigh admirals, from the line her launch on shore, as a flag of truce, to transmit to of battle ships, L'Eylau and the Jean Bart, landed our government the despatches of the French nation. on the quay.

Colonel Boisblanc, chief of port regulations, repaired on board the French frigate, having, on the road,

The line of battle ship L'Eylau, 80 guns, vice admifallon in with the flag of truce, and receiving from it ral Jurien, capt de raisseau

The line of battle ship Jean Bart, 74 guns, vice adthe despatches: the Bag was remanded on board till further orders. The next day, the 4th current, col. miral Grivel; Brou, capi. de -, vaisseau in com

mand. St. Victor Poel, chief of the military police, attached

The frigate the Circe, 44 guns, capt. Mackan, anto the prime staff of the place, grand envoy of the republic of Hayti, aid-de-camp of H. E. the president of chored on the 3d instant. the republic, commander-in-chief of the squadron de

The frigate Nymph, 44 guns, captain de vaisseau

Couviller. vissama, and Duton Inginac, aid-de-camp to gen. B.Inginac, received orders to repair on the beach, and

The frigate Magicienne, 44 guns, capt. de vaisseau meet

Blonpapaut. the French minister, Mons. le Baron Mackay, commander of a line of battle ship of H. M. C. majesty,

The frigate Venus, 60 guns, capt. Menovvrier Des.

frene. king of France. As soon as the public were informed that so distinguished an officer, of such high fame

The frigate Clorinda, 50 guns, capt. de vaisseau in the glorious career of arms, had made his entree

Pellepot. in this republir, with a treaty from his sovereign, of

The frigate Mede, 44 guns, capt. de vaisseau De

mole. the recognition of our independence, full and entirenews hichiy acceptable-astonished many citizens,

The frigate Themis, 44 guns, captain de vaisseau

Bedford. whilst others expected it from the justice and liberality thai tas distinguished the reign of the august mo

The brig Ruse, 18 guns, capt. de frigate Hunoi, narch, Charles X. of France, since his possession of moored on the 3d inst. the crown

The brig Curieux, 18 guns, lieutenant vaisseau Goi

liace. From the 5th to thc 6th inst. in the morning, nothing transpired relative to the treaty of our recognition;

The hermaphrodite brig Antelope, lieut. de vaismeanwhile we could perceive a certain je ne sais quai

seau Mandruf. on the countenance of every one, presaging some

The schr. Bearnoise, lieut. be vaisseau Dervilic, thing great and honorable, but, on the 7th, the good moored the 3d instant. news was known publicly to all classes. On the 8th

And a ship, armed en flute, the Salamander, cour insl. early in the morning, one of the French vessels manded by cap. de frigate mon. Coste. of war, the brig, made all sail from the harbor, carry.

The billets of invitation from the secretary general ing the orders and joyful account to the Heights of were distributed every where, for the different reSt. Mares, where we distinctly heard the rejoicings joicings to take place the ensuing Monday, in the spaof the people-fete succeeded fete, and they applaud- cious and magnificent mansion of the secretary of ed the prince who proclaimed them free and inde- state, in the Grand street. pendent.

Here is to this day, as faithful an account as we can The ladies were occupied in this instance, as on all render our benevolent readers, of the happy events former occasions, in the duties of their toilets, at that all are glad to repeat with enthusiasm--Mive li balls. and, in fact, in all amusements common to the France, Vive Hayti. Haytiens-all striving to please. In the midst of all this joy, festivity and rejoicings, echo, that nymph, ever faithful to repetition, this once was true to re

CHRONICLE. collection and sound, and was every where distinci Mr. Rush has arrived Washington, and taken his ly heard to repeai, vire la France! Vive Maytı! Vive place in the treasury department. a jamais. Charles the 10th, le liberal! Vive a jamais The U. S. bank stock is seiling at 113!, at N. Forks Boyer! (long live France! long live Ilayti! long live land Philadelphia.

Netherlands. A new minister to the United States, It is stated that the United States branch bank at baron Banvernan Huygens, with his family, has arrived Charleston has negotiated bills of exchange to the at New York, in the corvette Eagle. She exchanged amount of from two to three millions of dollars, dursalutes with the castle on Governor's island.

ing the last seven months. The duke of Sare Weimer arrived at New York on the 27 inst. in the Dutch corvette Pallas, capt. Rysk. arrest, and has fled to New Orleans, whence he pur

The bishop of Llavana has effected bis escape from Brandywine. It is stated that the pleasing duty of poses to proceed to Mexico. The interest which the conveying Lafayette to France, in this noble frigate, public in Havana took in favor of this respectable will devolve on captain Morris who was first lieu- prelate, the victim of the rage of the atrocious Fertenant of the Constitution when the poor Guerriere dinand, must, doubtless, have aided in facilitating his was so dreadfully battered.


(Lou. Alr. The Sea Gull, lieut. McKeever, has arrived at Nore folk from Thompson's island, and since proceeded the streets has been discussed in Boston, by the com

The high-way. The subject of placing chain across for Philadelphia-officers and crew in good health. mon council; and the board of aldermen gave it as She has lost five men during her cruise.

their opinion that the corporation had no right to alThe army. On the 27th May, general Atkinson took thorize any religious society to place a chain across up his line of march from the Council Bluffs for the a public sircet. mouth of the Yellow Stone river, and, perhaps, as far west as the Rocky Mountains. The troops are 475 of one thousand feet in length, has recently been cast

A pump, for one of the Mexican mining companies, strong, with the exception of the mounted companies. at a furnace near Cincinnati. The bore is about four Maj. O'Fallon accompanies gen. A. as a joint com- inches, and the pump was cast in one hundred demissioner to treat with the Indians.

tached pieces, of ten feet in length, each. This stuDavid Hoffinan, esq. has published, in the pamph- pondous pump cost six cents per pound, and each let form, his able lecture on the law of personal rights piece weighing 1,000 pounds, the aggregate cost was and personal remedies; this lecture being the second of $6,000. It was taken to New Orleans, by the steam a series introductory to his regular course delivered boat Mississippi. From New Orleans it was intended in the university of Maryland.

to ship it to some Mexican port, whence it is to be The last of the Mohicans," a new novel, by the carried in wagons, about 300 miles, into the interior, author of the Spy, Pioneers, &c. is announced as in Finally, it will be borne 30 miles up a steep and ruz. the press, and shortly to be published, by Mr. Wiley, ged mountain, on the backs of the Indians, to its place of New-York.

of destination. This pump will be worked by steam. Died, at Ferrisburg, Vt. Noah Porter, aged 93. He Rye. A stalk of rye has been shewn at Allentown, was a lieutenant in the column led by lord Howe, Penn. which had one hundred and thirty stems! each when that general was killed the last survivor of stem had its ear, and in one of them were counted those, perhaps, who attacked Ticonderoga in 1758, eighty fine large grains of rye. This is yielding one and an active soldier in the revolution.

thousand fold! The boiler of another steam-boat has collapsed and

Oysters. The town of Newbern, in North Carolina, exploded on the Ohio, in consequence of the water contained at the last census 8,663 souls. It has been being permitted to get too low. Counterfeiters. A great nest of them was lately tion, that the quantity of oysters consumed in that

ascertained, by actual measurement and enumerabroken up in Canada-the chiefs taken and their town, from the 1st October last to the 1st June, was tools destroyed. Saratoga. Nine huodred persons are already on a about 2 2-3 bushels of oysters for every man, woman

nine thousand eight hundred and forty bushels-or risit to the famous springs at this place—though the and child in the place They must be dear lovers of season has only just commenced. The newly disco shell fish.' (Why should they not?) vered spring called Lafayette,is very highly spoken os. Hudson, N: Y. suffered much by fire on the evening

Something new. On a late Sunday evening, the Auof the 19th inst

. and, for a while, the whole city was burn state prison, (famed as the strongest and best threatened with destruction. 'Twenty-four or twenty-regulated prison in the United States), was, it is said, five buildings were reduced to ashes-among them visited by a thief, or a gang of thieves, who effected two of the late extensive and prosperous satinett'ma

an entrance, in the dark, into almost the heart of the nufactories in that city. The fire broke out in a sta- prison. It appears they made their way into the ble, and was supposed to be the work of an incendia- tailors and shoe-maker's shop, seized upon several ry. The loss is estimated at $50,000, of which about articles of clothing, &c. &c. and retired with the 20,000 were insured.

booty without molestation. It is a wonder, while Ontario county, New York, contained only 1,081 they were about it, that they did not deliver their inhabitants in 1790. It has since been divided into 400 companions, in the "donjon keep." seven counties, and their aggregate population in

[Auburn Free Press. 1820, was 221,327!

New York, July 16. At no period within our recoiMaine The first session of the Maine conference of lection, has the bustle of business been so great as it the Methodist Episcopal church commenced on the now is at our ship-yards. There are building at the 7th inst. and ended on Tuesday, the 12th. Bishops different yards, two line of battle ships, two frigates George, Hedding and Soule, were present.

and two sloops of war, which are, we believe, intendAlabama. The building at Washington court-house, ed for the Colombian and Mexican governments. containing the post office, the office of the clerk of the Colombian line of battle ship is undergoing repairs. county court, with the public weights and measures,

In addition to the above there are twelve merchant was, (with the most of its contents), destroyed by vessels, of different descriptions, on the stocks, and fire last month. The loss of the public records is im eight steam boats. Two frigates and two sloops of portant to many individuals.

war are also on the stocks at the navy-yard. Gaz. Charleston. The value of domestic produce ex Milledgeville, July 12. The Georgia commissioners ported from the port of Charleston, for the half year have returned from the council held with the Indians ending on the 30th June, is estimated at seven millions at Broken Arrow, and we are informed gen. Gaines and a half of dollars. This is nearly equal to the whole had not effected a reconciliation between the friendamount of the preceding year.

ly and hostile parties.

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great frith in the energy of the president, to recom- f water communication to Lebanon from Philadelphia, mend and carry into elect, some plan by which there through a rich and populous country. Mr. William may also be peace in the navy.

Groves, of the Northern Liberties, and two other

persons, were the contractors for the above locks, CARASINTAN seer. One of this celebrated breed, which are said to be completed in a most workman otherwise called the camblet wooled sheep, is on Mr. like manner. They have also contracted to build Shotwell's arm, at Woodbridge, New Jersey. Ile Gifteen locks, on the western section of this canal, was taken from on board a Turkish vessel, bound to which they hope to complete in all the next summer. Constantinople, and presented by the Greek admiral

(Dem. Press. to capt. Gerry, from whom he passed into the possession of Mr. Shotwell. He is above the common Gen. Jacsson joined in the celebration of the annisize, his slecce grows so long as to hide his feet-it versary of independence at Franklin, Ten.-previons weighed 21 pounds, and it was thought would have to which he was warmly addressed, en behalf of the yielded 4 or 5 pounds more, but for the occasional corporation, by Dr. Breathitt, to which the general clippings of it that had been made to gratify the cul- replied: riosity of different persons. His frame is good, tail Sir-The friendly welcome--the kind wishes exbroad, and the color of his wool a dark brown. The pressed by you in behalf of the citizens and corporabreed will be encouraged, for it is valuable. tion of Franklin, I receive with much pleasure, and

in return, tender to you and them my sincere thanks. VIRGANTA. The Staunton convention met

and ad- it is to me a matter of extreme satisfaction, that journed, after passing certain resolutions, &c. favor those of my fellow citizens, who for years have been able to amending the constitution of the state. The my neighbors and friends, and witnesses to the proceedings shall be noticed hereafter. The matter scenes that have accompanied mo through life, are appears to have been conducted with a great deal of amongst the nunber disposed to approve my public dignity.

and private course. I have indeed always acted upon

the belief that ours was a a government of the pecple; MICHIGAN. It seems that si.c hundred people as that it belonged to them: and that to preserve it pure sembled at Pontiac, in this territory, to celebrate the and correct in its operations every agency, sanclate annirersary of American independence! Why- tioned by the charter of their liberties, should be it was only "a day or two ago!" that nobody lived at maintained to them. The chief magistracy of this Pontiac except Indians and wolves. It is now a country, is indeed a post of high distinction, and is “blithe village" on the Huron.

equally one of great responsibility; yet the distinc

tion and honor which pertain to it disappears, whenCUBA. The London Courier of the 3th ult. after ever it may be attained through any other channel, having mentioned the report of the invasion of Cuba, and by any other means, than a free and spontaneous from Mexico, observes-

approbation of the people. 'Upon this have I acted “There would be some danger, we should think, in the late event to which you allude, and I am happy of a project of this kind, if seriously undertaken, pro- to bearn that it has met the approbation and sand ducing discussions with the cabinet at Washington, tion of my friends. I pray you, in behalf of the corwhich might, ultimately, even branch out into others poration and citizens of Franklin, to accept of my with our own. Cuba is the Turkey of transatlantic respectful acknowledgements. politics, tottering to its fall, and kept from falling Gov. Carroll was also a guest. The declaration of only by the struggles of those who contend for the independence was read by major Eaton, of the seright of catching her in her descent.”

nate of the United States, and an oration pronounced

by Mr. N. P. Perkins; and Mr. John McAllister preMorr British "FREE TPJDE. A Halifax paper, sided over the feast. The regular toasts were good of the 29th June, says, “It is with sincere regret we --the following were among the volunteers. amounce that the operations of our iron company By gen. Jackson—the volunteer service-its ethare stopped, from the new; having been received by ciency in the late war, entitles this species of defencs the paeket, that government will not sanction the act to the gratitude and confidence of the nation. of incorporation, or allow private individuals to By gov. Carrol!—The virtuous and hospitable citiwort their mines--the crown claiming an exclusive zens of Williamson county; may an abundant kar. right to all mines and minerals here.

vest reward their agricultural labors.

By col. A. P. Hayne, of Alabama-Col. Drayton, SINGULAR TOAST, drank at Boston, on the late anni- "an amendment to the constitution:" on this subjeet versary: By general Austin, sherilt of Middlesex- much is expected from him, in connection with the ** John Pons, the renerable political preacher, who patriots of our common country. denounced the doctrine of the hereditary right to go By doctor Breathilt, (mayor),- Thos. It Renton, vern by predestination, but lives to see it established senator fron Missouri: the stern advocate of the peoby election, and himself subject to a son,

ple’s will—the man who can bury personal consi(The word "sub;cot," as having relation to "here- derations under the mantle of his country's good. ditary rights," is well---but it has no sort of reference By John H. Eaton-Our guest, Col. Arthur P. to that which exists between a president of the United Hayne; the accomplished and gallant soldier, wha, States and a private citizen ihereof-for both are sharing fully the confidence of the commanding gene equally subject to the laws ]

ral, had confided to him a forlorn hope to meet and

hold in check the British at New Orleans. Tys ALBANY Pitr, at the eastern termination of By gen. Ilouston, a guest- The Tennessecang the Erie canal, was sold in lots by auction last week. they have but one motto, "God and our country.” The cost of the nier was $133 000; and the sale of At five o'clock gen. Jackson and gov. Carroll, a:then lots, after making one or two reservations, tended by the procession of the uniformi corps sand amounted to $191.750. The lots are chiefly purchas- citizens, returned to their quarters. The day closed ed by residents of Albany.

with an elegant and sumptuous ball at the Bellis

vern, at which all the beauty and fashion of the counUkTOY CAVAL. It is expected that in a few days, ty were collected. twenty-four locks on the Union Canıl line will be completed, and that the water will, this fall, be let into CODES AND PUNISHMENTS. The laws, in general. the eastern section of that canal. This will open alare wretchedly defective in the apporticament dis


punishment to the enormity of crimes; and it would | NORTH CAROLINA BANKS. In the Raleigh Register. almost seem as if they had been made with a view to of July 19, we find toe following paragraph, under the respectability of criminals or the dignity of offences. the head of bank "regulations" We see that, in Philadelphia, a certain John Branson, "The officers of the Fayetteville North Carolina who, in about seven months, contracted debts to the branch of the bank of the United States, we learn, amount of 35,438 dollars, and then petitioned for the have received instructions from the parent bank, to benefit of the insolvent laws, has been found guilty of pay out, after the first of September next, notes of fraudulent insolvency-and, from what is stated,' nof the i their own branch, only, but to receive, doubt justly. But mark the tenderness of the court-- as heretofore, in payment of debts, indiscriminately,

by the laws of the state, such offenders may be pu- the banks of this state. What effect this arrange nished by imprisonment only, or imprisonment and ment will have on the money transactions of our stat hard labor; but it being certified by a "respectable cannot be precisely foretold: but we apprehend it physician,” that the state of the prisoner's health will be the means of curtailing the business of our tenced to be imprisoned for the term of one year, out their notes, they will, of course, from time t'i during which he will live on the very fat of the land; time, call upon the local banks for payment in specie. and it would seem that he can very well afford it. United States notes or northern drasts, for which

By the proceedings had, we are bound to believe calls the several banks must be always prepared. that the person was guilty of the offence with which with a view to this event, we believe our banks havo he was charged, and that he defrauded persons out of taken measures for redueing the present amount of tens of thousands of dollars: now what sort of jus- their notes in circulation.” [Which they ought to tice is there in simply confining this man for twelve have done a long while ago, or have paid their debts months, allowing him to live on the best that the mar- like other people.] ket will furnish,

and the sending of a poor creature to the penitentiary for seven or ten years, to hard labor, "LEGITIMACY." It appears from the following that solitary confinement and bread and water, who may the poor negroes of Africa bare some very refined have stolen some article of the value of 50 or 100 dol- notions about the doctrine of "legitimacy"-but they lars? Ought not the amount of the damage sustain- agree with the English, that it is lawful to put a ed by society to grade the punishment-and

should sovereign” to death, when the chiefs shall declare not the cool, deliberately calculating fraudulent debt-him an enemy! in the holy alliance” have not or, rather suffer, than a simple thief, who, perhaps, enough to do already in support of their principles impelled by want, or giving himself up to a momen against the progress of reason and of arms in America, tary indiscretion, appropriates to his own use the and the stand taken by Great Britain in Europe, wa property of others. There is as much difference, in might expect they would teach the negroes that a my opinion, between the offences as there can be be- "sovereign” may not be killed, under any circumtween murder by poison, and manslaughter in an af- stances, with impunity,*-notwithstanding the murfray: and while it is my most earnest wish that the derers of the father of the head of this "holy allilaws may be amoliorated as to unfortunate and even ance,” are of those who are nearest to his heart and imprudent debtors, I am not the less zealous that his throne! those who are fraudulent should take up their resi- Extract from travels in Western Ifrica, by major W. dence in our penitentiaries, with kindred counter Gray and surgeon Dochard, just published in reiters and thieves.


"The fever and dysentery still continued to do

their works of destruction. To divert, as much an name, is rapidly rising to importance. The spacious the scenes of death around them, I had recourse to harbor of Presque islo is the best on the lake; but the amusements and employments of all kinds. Huntin. entrance to it has been obstructed by a sand bank, the game in which the country abounded, afforda?

that would not generally admit of vessels drawing an ample range for those who were able to partake up more than six feet water, and the channel was si- it, to employ their time to advantage. T'ild hogs, nuous and irregular--but it is believed that the im- antelopes, guinea fowls and partridges, were conprovements now going on will make it easy of en- stantly brought in. During one of our cxcursions, irance, and give it a depth of ten feet. Within the ba; we met, and sccceeded in killing, a large lioness, sin, vessels of the largest size may ride in safety, and it is protected from storms, especially from the west,

*If a minister could not be bad in the allied courts which are the most dangerous on this lake. As there sufficiently well versed in the “divine rights of kings,” is a current from the basin to the lake, the changel we have in our eye thc cditor of a certain American will be confined by parallel embankments, supported newspaper that would be exactly fitted for an ambasby piles; and the pleasing fact is already shewn that sador'lle has lately called Napoleon an "upstart the bar has been reduced. The works are superin- emperor," though he was the idol of the French natended by capt. Maurice, of the U. S. army, and the tion, and, by the stamping of his fout, drove the "egiPennsylvania commissioners.

timate" Bourbons from the throne. If Napoleon deThe town is described as one of the most beautiful served to be called an "upstart,” we should like to in the west-the streets are wide and laid out at see it shewn by what right it was that the Guelphs right angles. It contains between 800 and 1000 in- came to the sovereignty of England-or Kate, of habitants, who enjoy excellenthealth: the scenery is Russia, sat on the throne of the Czars: or, to come beautiful--and the soil of the adjacent country gen- more closely home, on what principle it is, that we

erous and productive. Its hapny location and import. call WASHINGTON "the father of his country?" Will ant harbor, whether for a naval depot, or as a place we admit that, if we had not succeeded in our revolu

of refuge for vessels navigating the lake, with the rich tionary struggle, he ought to have been cailed a traicountry round about it, will soon render Erie a place tor! yet so he would have been called by all the le. of much business, and give to it a large and valuable gitimates.” Success is revolution--such as the 'gloripopulation. The roads leading to it are excellent, and ous revolution” in England, when one tyrant was sorerol lines of stages are upon them,--and it is a expelled and another introduced to supply his place slopping-place for all the steain boats that ply on the -biit "rebellion" is that which fails, like the ar

Take: ane is building there to accommodate travels tempt in Ireland, where better men than ever sat on Ters to and fron Buffalo,

a throne were hunted and budg up like dogs.

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