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Patents in April and May. some who had obtained footing, were pushed They are a very stout race of people, not a down. On this a few arrows were fired into man amongst those that were seen appeared to the Arthur, in different directions, and be less than fix feet high; they are of a copMhortly a general discharge from every canoe per colour, with woolly heads. They saw took place. Captain Barber immediately cut no women. These islands require very great his cable, but found it neceflary to fire upon caution in approaching them from the westthem, from two or three swivels, and a few ward, being almost surrounded with reefs, and musquets, by which some of them must have interspersed with sunken rocks and ihoals, in been killed, as the canoes were very near the every direction. The 18th of May, on his ship. The report of the guns, and the effcct pariage towards the northward, in the lat. 3. they produced, occafioned the greatest con- 45. south, Captain Barber discovered a small Kernation among the lavages, who in an in- fandy idland, to which he gave the name of ftant disappeared. Two of the crew were Drummond's island, which appeared to have wounded by their arrows. There being a fine no other inhabitants than birds. This island breeze at the time, the Arthur foon got clear is very low, and cannot be seen from the of them. Their canoes appeared to be about deck of a veslel more than five or fix miles. thirty feet in length, but scarcely three feet It lies in lat. 5. 40. south, and nearly in the broad. They had a stage erected in the mid- longitude of 176. 51. west of Greenwichdle of each, apparently for the purpose of variation 9. east. Atending on to heave their spears; and there were from eight to 14 men in each canoe.

Enrolled in April and May, 1798.




vacuum, in consequence of the admission BREAKING BARK FOR TANNING, &c. of elastic vapour. Mr. CARTWRIGHT A was

JAMES WELDON, of Litchfield, tus, peculiarly adapted to the purpose, for a machine, or mill, for breaking or without the injection of cold water; and pulverizing hatched or chopped bark for by means of another apparatus, equally tanning; or other woods or hard fubstan- fimple, the engine is cleared of such elas

tic vapour as may separate from the wa. This invention consists in constructing ter in the boiler. It is further contrived, a cylindrical wooden case, in which is to that the condensation is at all times going be fitted a cast iron cone, either folid or forwards ; fu that there is a complete vahollow, which, by common mill machi- cuum, or at least as near an approxima. nery, is made to turn rapidly round in its tion to it as may be, whenever the piston cafe. The fide of the cone is to be armed is ready to make its stroke. The friction with long triangular cutting teeth, ap- is in a great measure removed, by making plied lengthwise, with considerable inter- the piston folely of metal, and so as to vals, to the cone : between these longer accommodate itself to the cylinder, with teeth, at the base of the cone, is to be the least possible pressure against its fides. fixed, in like manner, a very close row of The complexity which has hitherto been shorter ones. The bark, or other fub. complained of, as the great obstacle to the ftance to be ground, being then thrown application of the steam engine to any lightly into the cylinder, is coarsely broken purposes, except those of great magnitude, down by the longer teeth, and afterwards is in Mr. CARTWRIGHT's improveme reduced to finer powder by the shorter done away. The construction of this ma

chine is nearly as simple as a common MR. CARTWRIGHT's, FOR

pump, it having only two valves, and PROVED STEAM ENGINE.

those as it were self-acting. The Rev. EDMUND CARTWRIGHT MR. DOUGLASS'S FOR A MACHINE has just taken out a patent for an improv- FOR SHEARING WOOLLEN CLOTH. ed fteam engine. It is needless to observe, A patent was granted to J. DOUGLAS, that the team engine, though a very pow- of Christ church, Surrey, in March, for erful, has hitherto been not only an ex- a machine for fearing or cropping pensive, but a very imperfect machine. woollen cloth. The invention consists Its imperfections have arisen from the in fixing a number of shears in a frame, complexity of its parts, from the load of which are worked by various mechanical friction, and from the defectivenefs of the powers ; but the particular mode of ap






New Patents..... Review of New Musical Publications. 375 plication is too various and complicated To Joseph HAYCROFT, of Greento be understood without a reference to land dock, Surry, in March, for an imthe drawings which are annexed.

proved gun carriage. Besides the foregoing, the other new To HENRY GOLDING, of Willesdon, patents are as follow, some of which will Middlesex, in March, for a machine for be more particularly noticed in a future removing rubbish, stones, &c. so as to fa. number.

cilitate the working of canals. To J. EDWARDS, of Bristol, in April To W. BOLTON, of the royal navy, last, for a method of ascertaining more in March, for an improvement in the exactly, the geographical position of thips capstan. at sea.

To W. Lester, of Yardly Hastings, ToW.SELLARS, of Bristol, in April, Northamptonshire, in March, for an infor a machine for fpinning wool, cotton, proved harrow. &c. without drums or betts, usually em- To W.CHAPMAN, of Newcastle-uponployed in similar machines.

Tyne, in March, for an invention for lay. so RobT. JOHNSTON, of Greek- ing, twisting, and making ropes. ftreet, Soho, in March, for a medicine To Robert HOWDEN, of 'Hoxton, alled essence of mustard.

in February, for a portable furnace for To J. HARRIOTT, Goodman's-fields, heating ovens. in October, for inventing a cog, or cap- To J. DOUGLAS, of Christ church, tan, to be applied to pumps, hydraulic Surry, in February, for a machine for engines, and ships, and by which the lat. moulding and making bricks. ter may make way in calms.


Six Canzonets, and a Gipfey Song for the Concerts ; composed and dedicated to Mrs.

voice, with an Accompaniment for the DENISOT, by M. Devienne. 35. piano-forte or harp; composed and dedicated

MONZANI. to Lady VERNON, by 7. Fisin. 75. 6d.

This trio consists of two movements, Longman and Broderip. the first of which is in common-time, ale Mr. Fisin has succeeded in these pieces legro moderato, and the second a rondo in in a respectable degree. They are en- common-time, allegro asai. The opentirely calculated for the chamber, and ing movement is certainly no way strike qualified to improve the vocal pupil. The ing, yet contains many pleasing and well first song, “ The wretch condemn’d with constructed passages, and the rondo, life te part," is a plain but pleasing me- though not particularly engaging, is lody, and possesses much propriety of ex- smooth and easy. The digressions are pression. The second,“ The shape managed with theoretical address, and alone let others prize,” is in the form of the returns to the theme are natural and a ballad; and though far from being the attractive. belt air in the collection, is smooth, plea- A Quintetto for the piano-forte, two violins, fant, and expreffive. The third, « Poor

tenor, and violoncello, as performed at the moth, in vain;" is set with feeling. And Opera Concert; composed and dedicated to the fourth, “ Winds whifper gently;" is Miss BULLER, by D. Steibelt. 58, placid, and sweetly tender. In the fifth, We have perused this elegant quintetto * Thro' groves sequester’d,” the com- with fingular pleasure. It is highly poser has displayed nuuch beauty of fancy, finished in every bar, and does the highest and correctness of judgment; while the credit to the polished fancy of the com. sixth, “ When Delia on the plain ap- pofer. The execution is brilliant, the pears," is distinguished by its easy flow, expression forcible, and the parts fo conand the agreeable turn and connection of neet and entremélées, as to evince great its passages. The Gipsey song is given theoretical dexterity. The piece comin two movements; both of which pof- prizes two movements; the first of which þess a pleasing vein of melody, and form is in common-time, allegro brilliante; and a strict comment on the character of the the second, a rondo in presto, the fubwords.

ject of which is perfectly Mr. STEIA Trio Concertante, for the piano-forte, Belt's. The whole, in a word, forms Aute, and bassoon, or violoncello; per

a composition of first-rate merit, and reformed by Mesirs. MAZZ INGHI, Mon- flects much honour on the genius, science, ZANI, and Holmes, at the Nobility's and contrivance of the composer. MONTELX Mac. No. *XXI,

A Not







Review of New Musical Publications. A Notturno for the piano forte, with Accom Rannie; composed by Mr. Ross, organift of

panindents for the violin and violoncello; St. Paul's, Aberdeen. composed by Adalbert Gyrowwetę. 48.

Longman and Broderip. Longman and Broderip. “ Bara Vale'' is one of the prettiest This composition is highly elaborate, ballads we have noticed for a long while. and in many of its paffages sparkles with The air, which is somewhat plaintive in genius. The general beauty of - the its style, is uncommonly simple, and chaleading part has induced us to a very racterized by much sweetness and novelty. clofe examination of the accompaniments; The accompaniment is judiciously conand we find them constructed with great structed, and the bass carries with it the skill and contrivance. They flow along hand of a master. with their principal with an ease and inThe Cliffs, Keys, and Time; dedicated to timacy which proves the author qualified

Lady CATHERINE WEST, by Mr. Bemetto take every advantage of which the in


Skillern. genious theorist avails him, without the In this useful little publication, we intricacy and abstruseness of affected find a table of all the cliffs, examples of learning.

the several major and minor keys, marks “ Moll of the Wad:” a favourite Irish air, of time, progrefsions of time, and other

with Variations ; for the harp or piano- articles highly serviceable to the tyro-in forte, by P. Gardiner.

Skillern. music. Mr. GARDINER has given eight varia “ Lilly Chaste and Lilly Fair:" sung by Mr. tions to this air, which are progressive in DIGNUM; composed by Mr. Rofs. execution, and pleasing in style. They

Longman and Broderip. are perfectly calculated for the improve This song is pleasing in its subject, ment of young scholars, and lie so well and uniform in its style. If we were to for the fingers as to avoid every embar- point out the passages the least excellent, rassment.

we should select them from the second 6 When the Bark cuts the Seas :” a song in part. The relative unison, which is sud. the Algerine Corsair ; composed by 7. San- denly introduced, is deserted too hastily derson. 15.

Riley. to afford that relief for which the ear This song is an Algerine's description listens in a change of the key, and the of a sea-battle. The melody, which in notes given to “ Modest violet, alfo fly, general is extremely characteristic, is are aukward in their distances. much leightened by the spirited excel " The Wish:” a canzonet; composed by Jence of the accompaniments. Their 7. Ambrose.

Riley. combined effect is indeed fo powerful a The With” is one of Mr. AMthat we have feen few vocal productions BROSE's most pleasing and original proso truly theatrical and picturesque. So ductions. It consists of two movements, far above mediocrity as we find the agreeably contrasted; and the latter of whole, yet we must distinguish the paf- which rings a pretty change, and happily fages and accompaniments given to the accords with the subject of the words. words “ Such havock, such flashing," " The Seaman's Departure:" a song; comand “ Shot on thot quickly pour’d," and pored by Mr. Anderson. IS. Riley. which, for their fire and vigour, would This ballad is set in a style characterequal any praise we could give them. istic of the tar, and proves that the comThe British March; as performed by the poser can accommodate himself to general

Duke of York's band; composed and dedi- Tubjects. The fymphony is, perhaps, cated to the Duke of York, by M. P.King, somewhat too elaborate for the cart of the

Longman and Broderip. melody, and has the aukwardness of conThis march is published in a score of taining an odd bar. The paffage, at the thirteen parts, and is.given on a separate words “ Think no more,"is particularly Theet as adapted for the piano-forte. expressive, and leads the car to the close The parts are adjusted with skill, and in a manner that is strongly interesting. calculated to produce a good effect; and Young Towler: a hunting song sung at the though the melody poffeffes nothing very

theatres royal; composed by Mr. Moulds. new, the passages flow into each other

Rolf. with so much ease and nature, as to ren “ Young Towler" is a decent song in der the composition very pleasing, and its kind; the music, if not of the first furnish an agreeable exercise for the order of merit, does more than justice piano-forte.

to the words, which indeed are greatly ** Bera Vale:” a song, with an Accompani. below mediocrity; we do not, we muft ment for the piano-forte; written by Jcbn confess, discover much of that spirit of



73. 6d.



Correct Lift of New Publications:

377 the chace which distinguishes a few of to the leading bars, through the medium our old hunting airs; such, for instance, of the original key, minor, is excellently as “ From the east breaks the morn,” by managed, and offers a striking fpecimen Baildon; “ Away to the copse," by of the composer's science and taste. Battihall; and, « The echoing horn, « Poor Isabel :” a ballad: with an Accom> by Arne; yet it must be allowed that Mr.

paniment for the piano-forte; composed by MOULDS, in this little effort of his W. Bingley, of St. Peter's college, Cam, fancy, has not been wholly unfuccessful. bridge.

Preston. The St. Fiorenzo: an air, danced before their

“ Poor Isabel" is a pleasingly plaintive Majesties, on board the St. Fiorenzo frigate,

little air. We observe some marks of at Weymouth; arranged as a rondo, for the inexperienced musician; but at the the plano-forte, by K. Kambra.

fame time strong fymptoms of taste and

Preston. genius. The passage given to the word This dance is very pleasingly con- lot is ill-judged, and the bass, almost ceived. The subject is remarkably throughout, might have been better chopretty, and the modulations easy and fen; but the general cast of the melody natural, The return in the fecond page is sinooth, easy, and interesting,

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A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within ibe Month.Author's

and Publishers who desire a correct and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to tranfmie

copies of ibe same. * ANTIQUITIES, ASTRONOMY, CHEMIS- A Journey from Bengal to England, through

TRY, MINERALOGY, NATURAL His- the northern parts of India, Kashmere, AfTORY, and TRAVELS.

ghannikan and Perfia, and into Ruflia, by DISSERTATIONS and Miscellaneous the Caspian sea, by George Forster, in the ci

Pieces, relating to History and Antiqui- vil service of the East India company, 2 vols. ties, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of 4to. Il. 16s. boards.

Faulder, Afia, by the late Sir William Fones and others; A Collection of Welsh Tours, 3d edition, vol. 4th, being the whole of the articles con- with seven engravings and two ruins, 6s. tained in the 4th volume of the Asiatic Re- boards.

Sael. searches, printed at Calcutta. Ios. 6d. bds. Hunter's Travels in Hungary, France,

Vernor and Hood. Turkey, to Vienná, a new edition, with Tracts relating to Natural History, by Cuts, 2 vols. 8vo. 145. boards. White. James Edward Smith, M. D.F. R. S. &c. 73.

BIOGRAPHY. boards.

White. Biographia Navalis; or important memoirs A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Ches of the lives and characters of the officers of mistry, and the Arts, by William Nicholson,


of Great Britain, by John Charnock, vol. I, 4to. Il. 135. 6d. bds. Robinsons. Esq. with portraits, and other engravings, by

A Collection of West India Exotics, with Bartolozzi, vol. 5, gs. bds. Faulder. appropriate descriptions, 12 royal folio plates, A Genealogical History of the Stewarts, price, coloured, 2 guineas.

White. from the earliest period of their authentic The History and Antiquities of Framling- history to the present time, by Andrew Stue ham, in the county of Suffolk, including art, Esq. M. P. 4to. il. Ios. boards. brief notices of the masters and fellows of

Cadell and Davies, Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, from the found- The Baronage of Scotland, containing an ation of the college to the present tine: historical and genealogical account of the begun by the late Robert Hawes, gent. ftew- gentry of that kingdom; illustrated with enard of the manors of Framlingham and Sax- gravings; folio, 2 guineas. Cadell and Davies, ted; with confiderable additions and notes, by Kearsley's Peerage, new edit. brought down Robert Loder ; illustrated with ten elegant to May, 1798, 99. boards. plates, 4to. il. is, bds.

Treppass. Astronomical Observations, made at the Plays and Poems, by Mifs Hannah Brand, royal observatory at Greenwich, from the 8vo. 75. boards. Elmsley and Bremner. year 1750 to 1762. By Dr. Bradley, folio, Natalia and Menzikof, or the Conspiracy vol. 1, price 5 guineas in sheets.

againt Peter the Great, a tragedy, from the Elmsley and Bremner. German of Kratter, 4s. Allen and Trepafs. Description of the minerals in the Leskian Arminius, a tragedy, by Arthur Murphy's museum, by Karsten; translated by George Esq. 2s. 6d.

Wright. Mitchell, M.B. 2 vols. 8vo. Elmsley & Bremner. The Stranger, a' drama, faithfully transe

A Tour of the river Wye and its vicinity, lated from the German of Augustus Vor with two engravings, price 2s. sewed. Sael. Kotzebue, 2s.6d.

Wingrave, Pennant's View of Hindoftan, 2 vols. 4to. The Maid of Marienburgh, a drama, in s plates, 21. 125. 60.

White, acts, from the German of Kratten, 4s. Trepass. Symond's Synopsis, 12me. 55. bds. White.




New Publications in May.



jacent Villages, designed to amuse the Mind A new Italian Grammar, on a plan differ. and improve the Understanding, by Elizaent to any hitherto published, by Gallano beth Helme, 2 vols. 12mo. 6s. Longman. Ravizzotti, late teacher of languages at Na- The Study and Practice of the Law confia ples. 8vo. 6s.

Robinsons. dered, in their various relations to Society. Moral Philosophy and Logic, adapted to 6s. boards.

Cadell and Davies. the capacities of youth, by the late R. Gillett, Account of the Invasion of Switzerland by price is. 6d.

Sael. the French, in a Letter from Mallet du Pan. Syntax of the Latin Verbs, designed for IS.

Wright. the use of students, by Samuel Seyer, M. A. Impartial Stri&tures on the Poem called 8vo. 55. boards.

Cadell and Davies. “ Pursuits of Literature,” and a Vindication Reflections for every day in the year, by of the Romance of “ The Monk.” 3s. Bell. Sturm, abridged and transated by Y. Hemet, Eflays on the Picturesque, as compared A. M. 12mo. 55.

Lee and Hurst. with the Sublime and Beautiful, by Uvedale
Price, vol. 2d, 6s boards.

Robson. New Law Lift, with correct tables, &c. by

Cheap Repository Tracts, new arranged Fobn Hughes, of the stamp office, 2s. 64. sewed. edition, 2 vols. 8s. Rivington and Hatchard.

Clarke and Son.

Dr. Johnson's Table Talk: containing The Law of Mortgages, with scientific pre- Aphorilms on Literature, Life and Manners, tedents, by Edward Coke Wilmot, of Gray's with Anecdotes of distinguished Persons, feinn, 5s. boards.

Clarke and Son. lected from Boswell's Life of Jolinfon, 8vo. The Practice of the Court of King's Bench 6s. boards.

Dilly. in Personal Actions, part 1, 2d edit. corrected Addresied to Euxry Body: Short, sentimenand enlarged, by William Tidd, Esq. 75.

tal and humourous ESSAYS, Glled with ComButterworth.

mon Sense, by Noab Webster, esq. of the Dornford and East's Reports of Cases in the Connecticut Society, Is.

Arch. çourt of King's Bench, in Hilary term, 1798 by a Perfon in Paris to Dr. Priestley in Ames

Copies of Original Letters, recently written 5s. Law Chart, by Hartland, price 6s.

rica, is.

Wright. Butterworth and Clarke..

Political and Military Rhapsody, or the

Invasion and Defence of Great Britain, by MARS, PLANS, AND PRINTS. the late General Lloyd. With plates : a new A new Map of England and Wales, with edition. To which is annexed, an Account the southern part of Scotland, on which are of the Author, and a Supplement by the accurately laid down the turnpike roads, and Editor, 75. in boards.

Egerton. principal towns, parks, rivers and canals, A Letter from Mr. Brothers to Miss Cotto price one guinea, neatly coloured, in boards, the recorded Daughter of King David, and

on canvass and rollers, or in a case future Queen of the Hebrews. 3s. Riebau. 11. 115. 6d. on 49 plates, 5 feet 10 inches by Modern Philofophy and Barbarism; a com4 feet 8 inches.

Stockdale. parison between the Theory of Godwin and A large Plan of the Coasts of England, the Practice of Lycurgus, by W. C. Proby, France and Holland; with a book containing Is. 6d.

Westley. variety of information, 7s. 6d. Heather & Co. The Road to Knowledge, or Young Man

History of London and its environs, part 4, and Woman's best Friend, being a Plan of Ios. 6d.

Stockdale. General Instruction, as far as relates to the Decorations for parks and gardens, designs useful Pursuits and Purposes of Life, by for gates, garden seats, &c. with plans and George Stapleton, late Englith Preceptor at Icales, 56 plates, royal 8vo. Ios. 6d. Taylor. Paris, and at Brussels, 2s.6d. Treppaís.

Remarks on Inland Canals, the small A complete and uniform edition of the System of Interior Navigation, various uses of Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, in- the Inclined Plane, dice by William Tatban, cluding all his works hitherto unpublished: 15.

Taylor, embellished with 200 portraits and other Survey of the Turkish Empire, in which prints. 5 vols. 4to. 10 guineas in boards. are considered its government, state of the

Robinsons. provinces, &c. The subjection of the Greeks, The June Fashions of London and Paris ; their efforts towards emancipation; and the containing twelve beautifully coloured figures interest of other nations, particularly of of ladies in the actually prevailing and most Great Britain, in their success. The danger favourite dresses of the month: intended for of our quarantine regulations, and many other the use of milliners, &c. and of ladies of important particulars, by W. Eron, efq. quality and private families residing in the many years resident in Turkey and Rufliar country. To be continued monthly, price 8s. boards.

Cadeil and Davies. Is. 6d.per month. Hookham and Carpenter. Gregory's Economy of Nature, 2d edition,

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edin- with confiderable additions, 3 vols. 8vo. 278 Surgh, vol. 4th, il. is. boards.


Cadell and Davis, Confiderations addressed to the Clergy, Infruêtive Rambles in London and the ad

IS. 6d.




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