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Review of New Musical Publications. has been, for the most part, very fuccefs- genius, and induces us to recommend fully employed. The different objects of Mr. Rhodes to a close and constant inftru&tion are arranged with judgment, ftudy of composition; by which we are and his ideas explained with perspicuity, certain he would foon arrive at excellence We cannot, therefore, dismiss the article as a composer. without bestowing upon it a considerable The favourite duet of “ Tink a Tink,” sung portion of praise, and recommending it by Mrs. Bland and Mr. Bannister, jun. in to the sedulous attention of all musical

the opera of Blue Beard ; arranged as a students.

rondo for the piano-forte, by D. Steibelt. “ Black Beard," a grand ballet spectacle, as

Longman and Broderip. performed at the Royal Circus; composed

Tink a Tink," as here ingeniand adapted for the piano-forte, by 7. San- ously arranged by Mr. STEIBALT, forms derfor.3s. Longman and Broderip. a pleasing rondo for the piano forte, and

Mr. SANDERSON, in the ballet of will be found improving to the finger of “ Black Beard,” has evinced increasing the young practitioner. The favourite musical knowledge, and an improving duet sung by Mrs. Crouch and Miss fancy. The overture poffefies much DE CAMP, in the blue chamber, is introvariety, and is so ingeniously constructed duced in the piece, as also the two prin. in its parts as to produce an effect at cipal chorulles in the opera, the whole once striking and truly theatrical. The of which are incorporated with much first chorus “ While the jolly Grog's theoretical address, and reflect considerafloat," is an open, generous strain, and able honour on this ingenious musician. the different voices are well combined. Overture to the Algerine Corsair, as perSome paffages in the “Boatswain's Solo," formed at the Royal Circus ; composed and are much above mediocrity, particularly arranged for the piano-forte, by 7. Sander. the division given at “ We dash o'er the Jon. 26.

Riley. Deep." The pirate's glee, “ An Ene This overture comprises two movemy appears," is characteristic, but cer ments; the first of which is in * largo, tainly somewhat common-place. " My the second in common time, allegro modeWilly was a failor bold," sung by Mrs. råto. The one is happily introductory to HERBERT, is tenderly expresfive, and the other, and the general effect perfeály relieved with a powerful effect, by the adapted to the subject of the piece. We fuic eeding Battle Piece, in which we find are obliged to observe, that some little much fire and energy of expression. “In negligences in the harmony occur ; such, the good thip Revenge," sung by Mr. for instance, as the two consecutive HELME, is bold and broad in its style; octaves in the fourth line of the fifth page, and happily contrasted by the smooth, which we notice rather, to point out to easy flow of “ My friend when a captive," Mr. SAUNDERSON how easy such disfung by Mrs. HERBERT. The slave's allowances are to be avoided, than to dances are prettily imagined, and exhibit infer that they form any great drawbacks a lively conception of character and to the general merit of the composition. scenic effect, while the dialogue and duett Numbers V and VI. Of Apollo et Terpfia “- No longer heave the heart-felt figh,” chore, "continued monthly. Is. 64. each fung by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, is number.

Rolfe. ingeniously constructed, and concludes The present number support the credit, the piece in a style consonant with the and compleat the first volume, of this composer's general success in this species agreeable and serviceable little work. of composition.

Upon reviewing the contents of this voThe Sylvan Oracles and the Sylphids, two lume, we find in it thirty-seven move

fongs, containing four airs for the voice, ments, vocal and instrumental; much harplichord, or violin ; composed by Ricbe the greater part of which are selected ard Roodes. 35.

Preston. with taste, and greatly calculated to imWe find much native taste in these prove the tyro in music. compofitions. The paflages are all Numbers V. and VI. Of the Naval and Milipleasing, and many of them somewhat

tary Gentleman's complete Musical Comoriginal; but we are obliged to observe, pendium. is. 6d, each number. Rolfe. that they are not sufficiently connected to This work, so accommodating in its disguise that the author is but little in plan, to those who are partial to martial the habit of composing. The expreffion music, proceeds with articles of the same is juft, the modulation good, and the rank of merit as those with which it bass frequently well chosen: in a word, commenced. Such pieces as the Grand the present work is an indication of real March in Rinaldo, The Westminster


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Correct Lift of New Publications,

453 March, and the London. Volunteers’, the bass. The passages, however, Aow March, do credit to the taste of their' into each other with a natural ease, and compiler, and cannot but be attractive to the effect of the whole is tolerably the the judicious amature.

gaging “ Country and Town," a parody on Captain " I'm an Irishman born," sung by Mr. JohnMorris's “ Town and Country,” sung by

Rone, in the Raft; composed by Mr. Mr. Dignum, at the Theatre Royal, Drury


Longman and Broderip.. lane ; composed by Mr. Moulds.

This song is tolerably characteristic,

Skillern. but wants that vivacious, penetrating ". Country and Town," is not one of effect which the best lively airs of the those productions that can greatly add to Hibernian muses are found to produce. the reputation of Mr. MOULDS as a It is Irish in every thing but spirit: it composer : its material defects are the has the style to a certain degree, but does want of originality, and the ill choice of not sufficiently enforce it.





The follozving is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications tuithin the Month.-- Authors

and Publishers who desire a correct and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit
copies of the same.

London-bridge and Gravesend. With observaANEnglish Key to Xenophon's Memorabiliations on whatever is curious, &c 6d. Robinson.

of Socrates, literally translating the pas Account of the English Colony in New sages which appear difficult to young begin- South Wales : With Remarks on the Cufnérs, and explaining the grammatical con, toms, Manners, &c. of the Natives of that struction, intended as an introduction to Country. With some particulars of New construing the Greek classics into English Zealand. By David Collins, Esq. 4to. 21. 2s. without the use of Latin, 8vo. gs. boards. boards.

Cadell and Davis. Mathews. Observations on the Western Parts of EngFernandes's Spanish Exercises, 12ino. 2s.6d. land, relative chiefly to picturesque Beauty,

Wingrave. with plates. By William Gilpin, M. A. 8vo. Practical Education. By Maria Edgeworth, 255:

Cadell and Davis. Author of Letters for literary Ladies. By A Tour in Switzerland, or a View of the Richard Lovell Edgeworth, F. R.Ş. M. R. I. A. present State of the Governments and Man2 yols. 4to.

Johnson, ners of those Cantons; with comparative New and complete Dictionary of the English Sketches of the present State of Paris. By and Dutch Languages. By Samuel Hull Wil- Helen Maria Williams, 2 vols. 8vo. 125. bds. socke, 8vo. Ios. 60. Dilly.

Robinsons. A Letter addressed to Lord Chief Justice

HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. Kenyon, complaining of injustice, and point The History of Great Britain, from the ing out the danger to society from Perjury, Revolution to the Accession of the House of and the facility with which the loose and Hanover. By William Belsham, 2 vols. 8vo. equivocal testimony of servants may destroy boards.

Robinsons, the peace of families. By A. Hook, Esq. 1$. The History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, and

Murray and Highlcy. Survey of the Antiquities, of Winchester. A Mirror for the Female Sex. Historical By the Rev. John Milner, M. A. F. $. A. Beauties for young Ladies; designed princi- vul. 1, being the historical part, 4to. Il. 15s.6d pally for the use of ladies schools'; by Mrs. Pil

Robson. kington, 35. 60.

Vernor and Hood. A Journal of Occurrences at the Temple Amuling Recreations: A collection of cha- during the Confinement of Louis XVI. By racters and riddles on political characters and M. Clery, the King's Valet de Chambre, 6s. various subjects; by Mrs. Pilkington, is. Sold by the author, No. 29, Gt. Pulteney-str.

Vernor and Hood. Short Account of the Mosaic History of Tales of the Cottage, or stories moral and the Creation. By the Rev. T. W. 1Vrighie, amusing; written on the plan of Les Veillées rector of Wichling, Is. Rivingtons. du Chateau, by Madame Genlis, 2s.

Faithful Account of the Riot at Vienna, Vernor and Hood. 18th April, 1798. By an Eye Witness, 6d.

Wright. The New Universal Gazetteer, or Geogra.

View of the Causes and Consequences of phical Dictionary of the known World. By English Wars, from the Invasion of Julius Ehe Rev. Clement Crutwell, with 26 whole Cæfar to the present Time, 4s. By Anthony theet Maps, 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 25. boards. Robinson,

Pocock's Graverend Water Companion; de-

The Trials at large of Arthur O'Conner, fcribing all the towns, churches, villages, &c. Esq. James OʻCoigley, &c. By a Barrister. as they occur from the river Thames, between 2s.6d.

Ridgeway and Jordan.


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Correli Lift of New Publications. Treatise on Leases, and Terms for Years. Notes, and a Translation of the foreign Leto By Mattbew Bacon, of the Middle Temple, ters, &c. By Gilbert Parke, Wadh. Coll. Svo. gs. boards.

Butterworth. Oxon. 2 vols. royal 4to. (price 31. 3s. boards),

and 4 vols. 8vo. (325. boards), to suit the Essays on the Venereal Disease and its con- cdition of Lord Bolingbroke's former works. comitant Affections, illustrated by a variety

Robinsons. of Cafes. Essay I. Part I. On the anti Reflections on the present Condition of the venereal effects of nitrous acid, oxygenated Female Sex, With suggestions for its Immuriate of potash, and several analogous re provement. By Priscilla Wakefield, 35. Johnson, medies, which have been lately proposed as Pity's Gift; 'a' Collection of interesting substitutes for mercury. By William Blair, Tales to excite the compassion of youth for the A. M. Surgeon of the lock Hospital and Afy, animal creation, 25. boards. Longman. lum, and of the Old Finsbury Dispensary, 4s. Cheap Repository, vol. 3d, 4s.


Rivington and Hatchard. A comparative View of the Chemical and The Indian Obferver; being a serics of Medical Properties of the Bristol Hotwell Essays on Morals and Literature, chiefly by the Water. To which are added, Diet-Rules for late Hugb Boyd, Esq. Together with some Invalids. By Dr. Willich, Physician to the Miscellaneous Poems, and a life of the Author; Saxon Embassy; author of the Elements of by Lawrence Dundas Campbell, sos. 6d. boards. the Critical Philosophy, &c. 6d. Longman.

Cadell and Davies. A Justification of the Right of every well Melody, the Soul of Music: An essay toeducated Physician of fair character and ma wards the improvement of the musical art. ture age, residing within the jurisdi&ion of With an account of an invention, is. 6d. the College of Physicians of London, to be

Richardson, and Lee & Hurst. admitted a member of that Corporation; with A Series of Letters, by the Rev.W'm. Tucker, the opinion of the legal judges, &c. By A. B. ad edition. Trewman & Son, Exeter, Cbristopber Stanger, M. D. 8vo. 8.

Johnson. The Seaman's Medical Advocate; an At

Observations on the Claims of the Moderns tempt to few that 50cv Seamen are annually,

to Discoveries in Chomiftry and Physiology. during War, loft to the Nation in the Well By G. D. Youtts, M. B. of Hertford Coll. Indies, through the Yellow Fever, and other Oxon, Member of the Royal Society at Edin. Diseases, from causes which, it is conceived, burgh, and l'hyfician, at Bedford, 75. 64. hds. are chiefly to be obviated. By Elliot Artby,

Debrett. Surgeon in the West India service, 6s. bds.

Philosophy of Mineralogy. By_Robert Richardson and Egerton. Townson, L. L. D. F.R. S. author of Travels

White. Intellectual Freedom: or, an Effay on the

through Hungary, Svo. 7s. boards. Source and Náture of Moral Evil; by Ricbird Hayes Soutbwell, 3s.


Observations in the Use of Chasseurs and MISCELLANIIS.

Irregulars with an Army in an inclosed CounThe July Fashions of London and Paris; try, &c. &c. by Colonel Money, ci-devant containing twelve beautifully coloured figures colonel in the army of Louis XVI. Is. 6d. of ladies in the actually prevailing and most

A brief explanation of the new Sword Exfavourite dresses of the month: intended for ercise; by Sholto Sorlie, serjeant-major of the the use of miliners, &c. and of ladies of 7th Regiment of Light Dragoons, Is. quality and private families residing in the

Debrett. country. To be continued monthly, price Js. 6d. per month. Hookham and Carpenter.

The Young Philosopher; by Charlotte Athenian Letters, or the epistolary Cor.

Smith, 4 vols. 165. sewed. Cadell & Davies. - respondence of an Agent of the King of Per A Welch Story, 3 vols. ios, 6d. fia, residing at Athens during the Pelopen

Hookliam and Carpenter. nefian War. A new edition. To which is Ianthé, or The Flower of Caernarvon. prefixed a Geographical Index, with portraits, By Emily Clarke, grand-daughter of Colonel 2 vols. 4to. 21. 25. Cadell and Davis. Frederick, son of Theodore, King of Corsica,

An Essay on the Principles of Population. dedicated, by permission, to the Prince of 48.

Wales, 2 vols. 8s.

Hookham & Carpenter. An Appeal to the Men of Great Britain in

Solemn Injunction, by Agnes Musgrave, behalf of Women, 5s.

Lane and Miller, Two Appendixes of an Effay on Designs in

Aberford. 35. 68.

Hatchard. Gardening, by George Mason, Esq. in reply

Ildegerte, Queen of Norway, 2 vols. 6s. to fome passages in the two last published vo

Lane and Miller, lumes of an Essay on the picturesque. By Uvedale Price, Esq. IS,

White. An Epistle to a Friend, with other Poems. Letters and Correspondence, public and By the author of The Pleasures of Memory, private, of the Lord Viscount Bolingbroke; 4to. 25. 6d.

Cadell and Davies. during the time he was Secretary of State ot Poetical Beauties of modern Writers, 25. Queen Anne: with State Papers, explanatory fewed,

Wallis, Windermere,




Johsfon. 4 vols, 16s.


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8vo. 145.


Windermere; a Poem. By Capt. Joseph cattle and figures; the plates have never Budīvorth, is.

Cadell and Davies. been worked upon by any other artist, 31. 3. The Villain's Death Bed; or the Times :

Boydells. a Poem, 4to. 25. 6d. Bell, Oxford-street. Six Etchings of Landscape, &c. by P. T.

The Crisis ; or the British Muse to the Brie Pouncey, after Drawings by T. Hearne, F.S.A. tish Minister and Nation, by the author of In- 155.

Clarke. dian Antiquities, 4t0. 28.

Hatchard. Young's Night Thoughts, decorated with Julia: or Last Follies, 3s. 6d. Rivington. appropriate Designs, by Mr. Blake, Part I. Comus, a Maik, presented at Ludlow Cal- il. is.

Robron. tle, 1634. By John Milton. With notes The 2d and 3d Prints of Mr. Cicrke's Views critical and explanatory by various commen of the Iron Bridge at Sunderland. Price of tators; and preliminary illustrations. To the three Prints, Il. IIs. 61. Taylor. which is added, a copy of the Mask from a MS. belonging to his Grace of Bridgewater, The Sernions and Charges of the Rev. 8vo. 6s.

Rivington. John Thomas, late Lord Bishop of Rochester, POLITICAL ECONOMY.

published from his original MSS. by G. Å. Plan for raising the taxes Impartially, and Thomas, A. M. rector of Woulwich, 2 vols. almost Free of Expence, by Francis Adams,


Treatise on the Church Catechilm, conErq. Is. 6d.

Richardfons. The Sixth Report of the Society for better lifting of Lectures delivered at the parith ing the condition of the Poor, completing the church of Chiswick, during Lent, by the Rev. first volume, is. Hacchard. James Trebeck, vicar of Chiswick, ós.

Rivingtons. The Causes of the Rebellion in Ireland dir- Saviour, by Mrs. Catherine D'Oyley, 75. 6d.

History of the Life and death of our Bleiled closed, in an Address to the People of En

Rivingtons. gland, by an Irish Emigrant, is. 6d.. Jordan. Theory of the National Debt, with Ob- the Truth; a Sermon preached at Ipswich,

Ridicule, the most successful Adversary of servations on the Land Tax, and the present April 1798, by John Roberts, A. M. Rector Situation of Stock-holders, 68. Jordan. of Creeting, Is.

Rivingtons. Strictures on the late Motion of the Duke

Sermons on various Subjects, by the Rev. of Leinster and Mr. Sheridan, and a paragraph · Richard Marshall

, A. B. Fellow of Dulwich in the sensi-official Chronicle of Opposition: College. To which is added, an Address to By Samuel Hemball, M. A. 6d. Faulder.

the Deity, in the manner of Dr. Fordyce, Talleyrand's Defence : Stri&tures on the

8vo. 55. boards.

Richardson. American Papers, delivered by the President

The present Crisis of Affairs, a Sermon of the American States to the Congress, re- preached at Westminster Abbey, en Election lative to some Charges against the French Sunday, May 13th, 1798, by W. Cole, D.D. Ministry, by M. Talleyrand, Minister of Fo

Rivington and Hatchard. reign Affairs in France, 60. Jordan. Sermon on Easter Day, 1798, 34. Dilly.

Speculative Sketch of Europe, transated from the French of Monf. Dumourier... To jesty's ship Impetieux,in the western squadron,

Naval Sermons, preached on board his Mawhich are prefixed, Strictures upon the Chap- during its services off Brest, by James Stanier ter relative to Great Britain, 25. 60.

Hatchard. Prince of Wales, 46. boards.
Clarke, F. R. S. domestic chaplain to the

Payne A Letter to the Author of Considerations

The Rev. Archer Thompson's Anniversary upon the State of Public Affairs, &c. &c.

Sermon for the Royal. Humane Society, translated from the French of Mr. de C*****

preached at Ebury chapel, May 20, 1798.

Hatchard. To which is fubjoined an Appendix on ReA Cool Appeal to the sober Sense of En- suscitation by the Society. is. Dilly. glishmen; or Republicanism and Monarchy

A Letter to the Rev. John Martin, occae confidered, is.

Hatchard. fioned by the publication of a Sermon preached A Letter to the Right. Hon. William Pitt,

at Broad-street, 14th January, 1798, 6d. by a Country Clergyman, is. Bell.

Button. A Collection of Interesting Tracts on the

Remarks on the above Letter, 6d. Affairs of Ireland, large 8vo. 155.. Dabrett.

Gardener, Princes-street.

An Address to the Board of Baptist Mini. Two curious Miniatures, from the Origi sters, by John Martin. is. Martin, jun. nal Paintings in his Majesty's Collection, by A Sermon preached in the Chapel of the Holbein, of the Children of the celebrated Foundling Hospital, June 2d, 1798, on the Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, by his Confecration of the Colours presented by the 4th wife, Catherine Willoughby, engraved Rt. hon. Lady Loughborough to the Blooms. by Bartolozzi,-printed in colours, so as to ex- bury and Inns of Court Asociation, come actly resemble the originals, Il. Is. Robson. manded by Lieut, Col. Cox; by T.Willis, L.L.D.

Etchings, by the late Mr. Gainsborough. rector of St. George's, Bloomsbury, Is. Twelve Prints of Landscape Scenery, with

Cadell and Davies. MONTHLY Mag. No. XXXII,








2 Hen Ply 456

New Publicatios.- Account of Diseases. The Political as well as Moral Conse centes qui ont été faites dans les Illes Britanquences resulting respectively from Religious nique, 35. 6d.'

Deboile. Education and its Reverse, deduced from Saint-Julien, ou Mémoires d'un Perè de History and Example, by R. B. Nicholls, Famille, imité de l'Allemand d’Augufte LaL. L. B. Dean of Middleham, is. 'Rivington. fontaine, 2 vols. 5s.

Deboffe. Predestination calmly confidered from Prin Sotinet, ou la Clemence de Reveillot, Traciples of Reason, inconsistent with the Na- gédie burlesque, Is. 6d.

Deboffe. ture of Things, and the Scriptures of Truth. Elegia di Tommasse Gray, Poete Inglese, To which are added, Answers to Queries on Da Efo scritta in un cimitero Campeftré: TraPredestination, by William Tucker, 2s. sewed. dotta in Versi Italiani. With an elegant En.

Bagster. graving,'of Sappho, from the Justiani Palace at
Rome, 4to. 25. 6d.

The History of the Incorporated Town and
Parishes of Gravesend and Milton, in the

Books imported by T. Booley, No. 4, Old Broad County of Kent, selected with accuracy from

Street. topographical writers, and enriched from ma @uvres de St. Pierre, 7 vols. 175. 6d. nuscripts hitherto unnoticed. ios. 6d.

Euvres de Florian, 8 vols. Il. is.

Robinson. Euvres de Florian, 14 vols. Il. 8s.
The History and Antiquities of Rochester Abregée de l'Hift. Naturelle, par Raff,
Cathedral, 6d.

Robinion. 2 vols. fig. 8s.

Incas, par Marmontel, 2 vols. 5s. Voyage de la Peyrouse, autour du Monde, Emile, par Rousseau, 4 vols. 8s. 4 vols. 4to. with an Atlas, folio, (price, best Heloise, par Rousseau, 3 vols. 1os. 6d. paper, 13 guineas, smaller, 11 guineas) and Entretiens, par La Fite, 2 vols. 55. 4 vols, 8vo. with without Atlas, Origines des Cultes, par Dupuis, 12 vols. 41. 145. 6d. Imported by A. Dulau and Co.

8ve. 31. Eftelle Pastorals, par M. De Florian, 2s. 6d.

Dulau and Co. Le Sort des Femmes, fig. 25. 64. Abrège di la Grammaire Francoise, de M. Pauline et Mor, fig. 25. 6d. L'Abbe De Levizac, Is. 6d., Dulau and Co. Contes Jaunes, fig. 25. 6d.

La Voix du Patriotisme dans la Circon Antonio, 3s. 6d. stance prefenté, par F. Prevost, Minister Angli Sabina d'Herfield, 2 vols. 45. tan, et Pasture de L'Eglise Francoise Confor Année Religieuse des Theophilanthropes, mite ditte le Quarré, Membre de l'Acadé 2 vols. 35. mie des Arcades de Rome, Is. 6d.

Debotte. Gageur Dangereuses, 3s. 6. &c. &c. &c.
Notice Historique pour et Contre les def-

From the 20th of May to the 20th of June.

No. of Cafes. Vomitus
Typhus Mitior

3 Procidentia Vaginæ Intermittent Fever

ernia Measles 4. Hæmorrhois

3 Chicken Pox 5 Dysuria

3 Acute Rheumatism



6 Hypochondriasis Dyspnea

4 Hysteria Cough'and Dyspnea

10 Palpitatio Hæmoptysis

2 Hemiplegia Pulmonary Consumption

2 Paralysis Hydrothorax


2 Cephalalgia
Fluor albus


- Puftulofus Menorrhagia

Prurigo Menorrhagia Gravidarum

Nettle rah Abortus

Chronic Rheumatism

5 Amenorrhea


PUERPERAL DISEASES. Chlorosis 3 Ephemera

3 Gastrodynia



4 2


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