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Ut meminit nostri ?

Terraene caelo perfrueris memor, qualem insiti divinitus ingeni

dotes in angustis foventem

pauperies tulit arcta pagi :

qui vincit obstans immerito genus, praetervolanti se citus applicat Fortunae et adversis repugnat

sideris impatiens iniqui :

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vim donec instans protulit igneam, et clave tandem praeditus aurea

stat Roma quid decernat auctor,

quo patribus sonet ore Caesar :


mes C

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And moving up from high to higher,

Becomes on Fortune's crowning slope

The pillar of a people's hope, The centre of a world's desire;

Yet feels as in a pensive dream,
When all his active powers are still,

A distant dearness in the hill,
A secret sweetness in the stream,

The limit of his narrower fate,

While yet beside its vocal springs

He play'd at counsellors and kings, With one that was his earliest mate;

Who ploughs with toil his native lea,

And reaps the labour of his hands,


Or in the furrow musing stands;

* Does my old friend remember me?'


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qui sulcat aegre rus patrium, metens quos sevit agros, aut patitur boves


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cessare, dum secum : meine


forte vetus meminit sodalis ?


u are


Yet thanks I must you con,
That you are thieves profess'd, that you work not
In holier shapes : for there is boundless theft
In limited professions. Rascal thieves,
Here's gold. Go, suck the subtle blood o' the grape,
Till the high fever seethe your blood to froth,
And so 'scape hanging; trust not the physician ;
His antidotes are poison, and he slays
More than you rob; take wealth and lives together ;
Do villany, do, since you protest to do't,


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δει μήν τιν' αλλά τούδε μ' είδέναι χάριν, οι γ εκ προδήλου κλέπτετ' ουδε τάσεβειν ως ευσεβείς ασκείτε ταϊς γαρ εννόμοις τεχνών έπονται μυριoπληθείς κλοπαί. όδ', ώ πανούργοι, χρυσός έρρετ', αμπέλου αίμ' οξύ κάρτεκπίνεθ, ώστ' ακμή φλογος ζέοντα πέλανoν εξαφρίζεσθαι φλεβών, αίδου κρεμαστου φευξιν ιατρώ δ' όπως πείσεσθε μηδέν όλοα γαρ τα φάρμακα, κτείνει δε πλείους κείνος ή συλα κλοπεύς. ουχ ούς αποστερείτε κάξολείθ' άπαξ, μηδ' ήν επαγγέλλεσθε χειρωναξίαν



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