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When wise Minerva still was young, 421.
Where is the true man's fatherland ? 14.
“Where lies the capital, pilgrim, seat of who

governs the Faithful ? " 432.
Whether my heart hath wiser grown or not, 25.
Whether the idle prisoner through his grate, 48.
While the slow clock, as they were miser's gold,

Whither? Albeit I follow fast, 347.
Who cometh over the hills, 361.
Who does his duty is a question, 387.
Who hath not been a poet ? Who hath not,


Why should I seek her spell to decompose, 386.
With what odorous woods and spices, 401.
Woe worth the hour when it is crime, 104.
Wondrous and awful are thy silent halls, 63.
Words pass as wind, but where great deeds

were done, 364.
Worn and footsore was the Prophet, 19.
Ye little think what toil it was to build, 406.
Ye who, passing graves by night, 83.
Yes, faith is a goodly anchor, 308.
Zekle crep' up, quite unbeknown, 170.


[The titles of major works and of general divisions are set in SMALL CAPITALS.)

Channing, Dr., Elegy on the Death of, 104.
Chippewa Legend, A, 53.
Christmas Carol, A, 403.
Cochituate Water, Ode written for the Cele-

bration of the Introduction of the, into the

City of Boston, 96.
Columbus, 55.
Commemoration, Ode recited at the Harvard,

Concord Bridge, Ode read at the One Hun-

dredth Anniversary of the Fight at, 361.
Contrast, A, 75.
Courtin', The, 170, 219.
Credidimus Jovem regnare, 423,
Curtis, George William, An Epistle to, 388.
Dancing Bear, The, 404.
Dandelion, To the, 83.
Dante, On a Portrait of, by Giotto, 87.
Dara, 291.
Darkened Mind, The, 319.
Dead House, The, 309,
Death of a Friend's Child, On the, 87.
Death of Queen Mercedes, 405.
Debate in the Sennit, The, 197.
Discovery, The, 410.
Dobson's, Mr. Austin, “Old World Idylls,” On

Receiving a Copy of, 382.

A. C. L., To, 19.
Above and Below, 78.
Absence, 400.
After the Burial, 308.
Agassiz, 374.
Agro-Dolce, 402.
Al Fresco, 295.
Aladdin, 300.
Alexander, Fanny, To, 385.
All-Saints, 319.
Allegra, 10.
Ambrose, 77.
Anti-Apis, 94.
Appledore, Pictures from, 302.
April Birthday, An at Sea, 437.
Arcadia Rediviva, 396.
At the Burns Centennial, 427.
At the Commencement Dinner, 1866, 430.
Auf Wiedersehen, 308.
Auspex, 409.
Bankside, 383.
Bartlett, Mr. John, To, 322.
Beaver Brook, 99.
Beggar, The, 5.
Bibliolatres, 99.
Biglow, Mr. Hosea, to the Editor of the At-

lantic Monthly, 275.
Biglow, Mr., Latest Views of, 265.
BiGlow PAPERS, THE, 165.
Biglow's, Mr. Hosea, Speech in March Meet-

ing, 277.
Birch-Tree, The, 79.
Birdofredum Sawin, Esq., to Mr. Hosea Big-

low, 220.
Birdofredum Sawin, Esq., to Mr. Hosea Big-

low, 239.
Birthday Verses, 398.
Black Preacher, The, 395.
Blondel, Two Scenes from the Life of, 336.
Bon Voyage, 386.
Boss, The, 433.
Boston, Letter from, 111.
Bradford, C. F., To, 383,
Brakes, The, 406.
Brittany, A Legend of, 28.
Broken Tryst, The, 402.
Burns Centennial, At the, 427.
Captive, The, 78.
Capture of Fugitive Slaves near Washington,

On the, 82.
Casa sin Alma, 403.
Cervantes, Prison of, 405.
Changed Perspective, 433.
Changeling, The, 89.

E. G. de R., 386.
Eleanor makes Macaroons, 408.
Elegy on the Death of Dr. Channing, 104.
Ember Picture, An, 329.
Endymion, 392.
Epistle to George William Curtis, An, 388.
Estrangement, 398.
Eurydice, 88.
Ewig-Weibliche, Das, 399.
Extreme Unction, 75.
Eye's Treasury, The, 406.
Fact or Fancy? 402.
Falcon, The, 48.
Familiar Epistle to a Friend, A, 327.
Fancy's Casuistry, 322.
Fatherland, The, 14.
Festina Lente, 248.
Finding of the Lyre, The, 294.
First Snow-Fall, The, 292.
Fitz Adam's Story, 411.
Flying Dutchman, The, 422.
Foot-Path, The, 333.
For an Autograph, 295.
Foreboding, A, 407.
Forlorn, The, 14.

Fountain, The, 11.
Fountain of Youth, The, 316.
Fourth of July, 1876, An Ode for the, 370.
France, Ode to, 91.
"Franciscus de Verulamio sic cogitavit,” 409.
Freedom, 97.
Future, To the, 64.
Garrison, W. L., To, 102.
Ghost-Seer, The, 83.
Giddings, J. R., To, 25.
Glance behind the Curtain, A, 49.
Godminster Chimes, 297.
Gold Egg: A Dream-Fantasy, 326.
Grant, General, On a Bust of, 439.
Graves of Two English Soldiers on Concord Bat-

tle-Ground, Lines suggested by the, 96.
Growth of the Legend, The, 74.
H. W. L., To, 330.
Hamburg, An Incident of the Fire at, 59.
Happiness, Ode to, 323.
Harvard Commemoration, Ode recited at the,

Hebe, 65.

The, 15.
Holmes, To, 381.
Hood, To the Memory of, 105.
How I consulted the Oracle of the Goldfishes,


Hunger and Cold, 61.

Legend of Brittany, A, 28.
L'ENVOI (To the Muse), 347.
L'Envoi (Whether my heart hath wiser grown

or not), 25.
Lesson, The, 410.
Letter, A, from a candidate for the presidency

in answer to suttin questions proposed by Mr.
Hosea Biglow, inclosed in a note from Mr.
Biglow to S. H. Gay, Esq., editor of the Na-

tional Anti-Slavery Standard, 203.
Letter, A, from Mr. Ezekiel Biglow of Jaalam

to the Hon. Joseph T. Buckingham, editor of
the Boston Courier, inclosing a poem of his

son, Mr. Hosea Biglow, 181.
Letter, A, from Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Hon.

J. T. Buckingham, editor of the Boston Cou-
rier, covering a letter from Mr. B. Sawin,

private in the Massachusetts Regiment, 183.
Letter, A Second, from B. Sawin, Esq., 206.
Letter, A Third, from B. Sawin, Esq., 212.
LETTER FROM Boston, 111.
Lines (suggested by the Graves of Two English

Soldiers on Concord Battle-Ground), 96.
Longing, 91.
Love, 8.
Love and Thonght, 438.
Love's Clock, 407.
M. O. S., To, 23.
Mahmood the Image-Breaker, 315.
Maple, The, 405.
Masaccio, 296.
Mason and Slidell: a Yankee Idyll, 228.
Memoriæ Positum, 337.
Message of Jeff Davis in Secret Session, A, 248.
Midnight, 15.
Miner, The, 325.
Misconception, A, 432.
Miss D. T., To, 387.
Monna Lisa, 400.
Mood, A, 310.
Moon, The, 9.
My Love, 6.
My Portrait Gallery, 403.
Nest, The, 397.
New-Year's Eve, 1850, 295.
New Year's Greeting, A, 410.
Nightingale in the Study, The, 331.
Nightwatches, 405.
Nobler Lover, The, 438.
Nomades, The, 301.
Norton, Charles Eliot, To, 285.
Oak, The, 76.
Ode, An (for the Fourth of July, 1876), 370.
Ode (In the old days of awe and keen-eyed wor

der), 11.
Ode (read at the One Hundredth Anniversary

of the Fight at Concord Bridge), 361.
Ode recited at the Harvard Commemoration,

Ode to France, 91.
Ode to Happiness, 323.
Ode (written for the Celebration of the Intro


In a Copy of Omar Khayyám, 382.
In Absence, 24.
In an Album, 430.
In the Half-Way House, 426.
In the Twilight, 332.
Incident in a Railroad Car, An, 45.
Incident of the Fire at Hamburg, An, 59.
Indian Summer Reverie, An, 68.
Inscriptions, 432.
For a Bell at Cornell University.
For a Memorial Window to Sir Walter Ra-

leigh, set up in St. Margaret's, Westmin-

ster, by American Contributors.
Proposed for a Soldiers' and Sailors' Monu-

ment in Boston.
International Copyright, 433.
Interview with Miles Standish, An, 80.
Inveraray, On Planting a Tree at, 387.
Invita Minerva, 315.
Invitation, An, 300.
Irené, 4.
Jonathan to John, 238.

Keats, To the Spirit of, 20.
Kettelopotomachia, 269.
Kossuth, 100.
Lamartine, To, 101.
Landlord, The, 61.
Last POEMS, 433.
Latest Views Mr. Biglow, 265.
Leaving the Matter open, 176.

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* 20.

duction of the Cochituate Water into the

City of Boston), 96.
Omar Khayyam, In a Copy of, 382.
On a Bust of General Grant, 439.
On a Portrait of Dante by Giotto, 87.
On an Autumn Sketch of H. G. Wild, 387.
On being asked for an Autograph in Venice, 404.
On Board the '76, 339.
On burning some Old Letters, 401.
On hearing a Sonata of Beethoven's played in

the Next Room, 438.
On planting a Tree at Inveraray, 387.
On reading Wordsworth's Sonnets in Defence

of Capital Punishment, 22.
On receiving a Copy of Mr. Austin Dobson's

"Old World Idylls,” 382.
On the Capture of Fugitive Slaves near Wash-

ington, 62.
On the Death of a Friend's Child, 87.
On the Death of Charles Turner Torrey, 104.
Optimist, The, 400.
Oracle of the Goldfishes, How I consulted the,

Origin of Didactic Poetry, The, 421.
Palfrey, John Gorham, To, 101.
Palinode, 308.
Paolo to Francesca, 403.
Parable, A (An ass munched thistles, while a

nightingale), 432.
Parable, A (Said Christ our Lord, I will go

and see ), 95.
Parable, A (Worn and footsore was the Prophet),

Parting of the Ways, The, 298.
Past, To the, 63.
Perdita, singing. To, 8.
Pessimoptimism, 406.
Petition, The, 402.
Phillips, Wendell, 24.
Phæbe, 399.
Pictures from Appledore, 302.
Pine-Tree, To a, 62.
Pioneer, The, 90.
Pious Editor's Creed, The, 200.
Portrait Gallery, My, 403.
Portrait of Dante by Giotto, On a, 87.
Prayer, A, 15.
Pregnant Comment, The, 409.
Present Crisis, The, 67.
Prison of Cervantes, 405.
Prometheus, 38.
Protest, The, 401.
Recall, The, 400.
Remarks of Increase D. O'Phace, Esquire, at

an extrumpery, caucus in State Street, re-

ported by Mr. H. Biglow, 191.
Remembered Music, 10.
Requiem, A, 18.
Rhæcus, 46.
Rosaline, 17.
Rose, The: a Ballad, 16.
St. Michael the Weigher, 436.

Sayings, 432.
Scherzo, 408.
Science and Poetry, 410.
Scottish Border, 404.
Search, The, 66.
Seaweed, 294.
Secret, The, 411.
Self-Study, 302.
Serenade, 5.
She came and went, 89.
Shepherd of King Admetus, The, 44.
Si descendero in Infernum, ades, 63.
Singing Leaves, The, 293.
Sirens, The, 2.
Sixty-Eighth Birthday, 433.
Song (O moonlight deep and tender), 19.
Song (to M. L.), 10.
Song (Violet ! sweet violet !), 17.
Bankside, 383.

Beloved, in the noisy city here," 22.
Bon Voyage ! 386.
Bråkes, The, 406.
Dancing Bear, The, 404.
Death of Queen Mercedes, 405.
E. G. de R., 386.
Eye's Treasury, The, 406.

For this true nobleness I seek in vain,” 20.
Foreboding, A, 407.
Great truths are portions of the soul of

"I ask not for those thoughts, that sudden

leap," 21.
“I cannot think that thou shouldst pass
"I grieve not that ripe knowledge takes

away,” 25.
“I thought our ove at full, but I did err,"

“I would not have this perfect love of

ours," 20.
In Absence, 24.
Maple, The, 405.
“My Love, I have no fear that thou shouldst

die," 21.
Nightwatches, 405.
On an Autumn Sketch of H. G. Wild, 387.
On being asked for an Autograph in Venice,

On reading Wordsworth's Sonnets in Defence

of Capital Punishment, 22.
“Our love is not a fading, earthly flower,” 24.
Paolo to Francesca, 403.
Pessimoptimism, 406.
Phillips, Wendell, 24.
Prison of Cervantes, 405.
Scottish Border, 404.
Street, The, 24.
Sub Pondere crescit, 22.
“There never yet was flower fair in vain," 21.
To A. C. L., 19.
To a Friend, 385.
To a Lady playing on the Cithern, 406.
To Fanny Alexander, 385.
To J. R. Giddings, 25.
To M. O. S., 23.
To M. W., on her Birthday, 21.

away,” 21.

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To Miss D. T., 387.
To the Spirit of Keats, 20.
To Whittier, 386.
“What were I, Love, if I were stripped of

thee,” 20.
Winlock, Joseph, 384.
With a copy of Aucassin and Nicolete, 387.
With an Armchair, 385.

Wyman, Jeffries, 385.
Sower, The, 60.
Speech of Honourable Preserved Doe in Secret

Cauous, 253.
Standish, Miles, An Interview with, 80.
Stanzas on Freedom, 55.
Street, The, 24.
Studies for Two Heads, 85.
Sub Pondere crescit, 22.
Summer Storm, 7.
Sun-Worship, 433.
Sunthin' in the Pastoral Line, 260.

To the Past, 63.
To the Spirit of Keats, 20.
To W. L. Garrison, 102.
To Whittier, 386.
Token, The, 44.
Torrey, Charles Turner, On the Death of, 104.
Trial, 48.
Turner's Old Téméraire, 436.
Two Gunners, The, 176.
Two Scenes from the Life of Blondel, 336.

Under the October Maples, 407.
Under the Old Elm, 364.

Under the Willows, 286.

Telepathy, 408.
Tempora Mutantur, 425.
Threnodia, 1.

To A. C. L., 19.
To a Friend, 385.
To a Lady playing on the Cithern, 406.
To a Pine-Tree, 62.
To C. F. Bradford, 383.
To Charles Eliot Norton, 285.
To H. W. L., 330.
To Holmes, 381.
To J. R. Giddings, 25.
To John Gorham Palfrey, 101.
To Lamartine, 101.
To M. O, S., 23.
To M. W., on her Birthday, 21.
To Miss D. T., 387.
To Mr. John Bartlett, 322.
To Perdita, singing, 8.
To the Dandelion, 83.
To the Future, 64.
To the Memory of Hood, 105.

Valentine, A, 437.
Verses, intended to go with a Posset Dish, 438.
Villa Franca, 324.
Voyage to Vinland, The, 311.
Washers of the Shroud, The, 334.
What Mr. Robinson thinks, 187.
What Rabbi Jehosha said, 319.
Whittier, To, 386.
Wild, H. G., On an Autumn Sketch of, 387.
Wind-Harp, The, 307.
Winlock, Joseph, 384.
Winter-Evening Hymn to my Fire, A, 320.
With a Copy of Aucassin and Nicolete, 387.
With a pair of Gloves lost in a Wager, 433.
With a Pressed Flower, 5.
With a Seashell, 411.
With an Armchair, 385.
Without and Within, 297.
Wordsworth's Sonnets in Defence of Capital

Punishment, On reading, 22.
Wyman, Jeffries, 385.
Youthful Experiment in English Hexameters,

A, 398.
Yussouf, 318.

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