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The Antiseptic, Healing

Powder for the Feet Takes the friction from the shoe, relieves the pain of corns, bunions, callouses and sore spots, freshens the feet and gives new vigor. Makes Tight or New Shoes Feel Easy

At night, when your feet are tired, sore and swollen from walking or dancing, sprinkle Allen's Foot-Ease in the footbath and enjoy the bliss of feet without an ache. Over One Mill

ALLEN'S FOOT:EASE ion five hundred thousand pounds of Powder for the Feet were used by our Army and

Quadel Navy during the

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la a Pinch, use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE

Travel by

implies, convertible into-exchangeable complicated affair and deserves careful
for-stock. The conditions upon which attention.
this exchange may be made are subject Collateral trust bonds are secured by
to considerable variation. The bonds the deposit of other securities. Some-
are usually convertible into stock at a times these securities may be stocks and
certain price, and sometimes before a bonds of the issuing company, or pos-
certain date. For example, a thousand- sibly of other companies which
dollar bond may be convertible into owned by the issuing corporation.
stock, one share of stock for each $100, Strictly speaking, they are not mortgage
at the rate of, say, $100 a share, and the bonds, although some of the bonds
conversion privilege may expire in ten pledged for their payment may them-
years—ten years before the bonds ma- selves be secured by a mortgage on the
ture. If the stock is selling at less than property.
$100 a share, there is very likely no in- Debenture bonds, in the true sense of
ducement for the bondholders to avail the word, are merely promises to pay.
themselves of the conversion privilege, Sometimes they enjoy mortgage se-
but if the stock should climb to more curity, but in most cases they are
than that figure the exchange would of merely an obligation on the part of the
course be profitable. Convertible bonds issuing company. The credit position of
are prone to fluctuate more or less with the issuing company is a very important
the selling price of the stock. If they factor of course in the case of unsecured
are secured by a mortgage, they are bonds.
naturally safer than the stock, and Income and adjustment bonds are
probably sell at a higher figure. They usually issued after a reorganization or
are not always thus secured, however, receivership. At such times it is impor-
and may depend upon the credit position tant to reduce the fixed charges of the
of the issuing corporation for their company, and these bonds usually pay
value as investments. Determining the interest only if it is earned, and some-
worth of a convertible bond is often a times the interest is cumulative, some-

times not. These bonds may in some

cases be secured by a mortgage, but, SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

with the debentures, are usually considINVESTMENT SERVICE BUREAU ered among the weakest of a railway's If you are an investor you owe it to yourself to read issue. Of course if the company's credit The Mortgage in Retail Packages

position is good these bonds may be

considered good investments. FREE from the Investor's Service Bureau This informative booklet without cost

Equipment bonds are almost always SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE, 598 Fifth Avenue, New York rated as high-grade investments, being

secured by rolling stock (cars, locomo

operation of the road-and the value of During the past year the Financial Editor the security is usually considerably in of The Outlook has helped hundreds of excess of the amount of bonds outstandOutlook readers to solve intelligently their ing. It is customary for equipment particular investment problems. Perhaps you bonds to mature serially, a certain proare contemplating a shifting of your present portion every year, so that as the rollholdings or have fresh funds to invest. In ing, stock deteriorates the amount of the either case we shall be glad to give you outstanding bonds is correspondingly respecific information on any, securities in

duced. which you may be interested. A nominal charge of one dollar per inquiry will be made Terminal bonds are also considered for this special service.

high grade in most cases. Terminals, The Outlook Financial Department operation of a railway, extremely valu

like equipment, are necessary to the THE OUTLOOK COMPANY able, and in the majority of cases the 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City interest on terminal bonds is made an

operating charge on the roads which
make use of the terminals. Some-
times in the case of a union station,
for instance—the various roads using
the terminal all join in guaranteeing the
bonds secured by the property, so that
the bonds may be the guaranteed obliga-
tion of several railway systems.

These are the main classes of railway
bonds. The layman cannot expect to be

familiar with them in detail, for a
On the exclusive North Shore

thorough knowledge of bonds requires
A beautiful hotel perfectly appointed,
where the comfort and pleasure of

years of study and experience. Men
its guests are constantly considered.

with knowledge of the subject are Every guest room connects with pri

always available in the best banking
vate bath. Accommodations for 450.

houses, however, and their knowledge is
For reservations, write or wire
E. R. Grabow Company, Inc.

at the disposal of their clients and
E. R. Grabow, President

prospective clients. And, after all, the Twenty years under the same management.

three main ngs to find out about are

the security for the bond, the credit
Che Hotel de Luxe

position of the issuing corporation, and
the marketability of the investment.
Satisfied as to these three points, the
investor can proceed with confidence.


Are You An Investor ? tives

, etc.).,

equipment necessary to the

Going to Europe?

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of New England


Advertising Rates: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page.

Not less than four lines accepted. “Want" advertisements, under the various headings, “Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each “Want” advertise ment is set in capital letters without additional charge. It answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered.


Tours and Travel

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FROM MONTREAL, JUNE 30 England, Holland, the Rhine, Oberammergau (Passion Play), Austria, Italy (including

Naples), Switzerland, France, Belgium.

MENTOR TOURS 733 Monadnock Bldg.,

including the

THE EUROPEAN SUMMER SCHOOL Independent and party travel

Our Scholarly Leaders to Every European Country Special tours to Norway, Sweden,

Tours Interpretive Talks and the North Cape.

Have Interesting Routes Write for Booklet A. 10

For details write BENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 500 Fifth Avenue, New York City 15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass.

Miss Marion Hawley, Malden, Mass. Tel. 409





Templeton Inn

Come to Camp Sacandaga sacandaga

Templeton, Mass.

Europe Beckons

Rock Ridge Hall

8 Capitals Tour See Europe, compre

Hotel Hargrave

Craig Knowe

Travel-Study Club Italy to Eng.

Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate


CONNECTICUT tery of the Orient Tureg visitors


n the Foothills of the BERKfrom all over the world to


Interbrook Lodge and Cottages site on my hilltop farm. Elevation 1,230 leet

Keene Valley, N.Y. In pines and spruces, Housatonic River 2 miles. Springs, beautifu heart of mts., beautiful location, 400-acre farm view. Arrangements made on place for me in connection with house. Send for illustrated toring, horseback riding, building of shacks

booklet. $18 and $20. M. E. LUCK, Prop. buying of provisions, vegetables, milk, eggs. The quaiutest and most interesting of all

and butter. Personal interview.6,929, Outlook countries. Come while the old age customs prevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook


climbing, tennis, fishing. Capacity 150. $18 RENT Care Traffic Dept.

week up. Illus, booklet. w. W. Black, Prop. A good-sized house. 5 master's bedrooms,

baths, large living room, broad porches, beauIMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

On Lake tiful view. Fully furnished. Price $200 a TOKYO


L. R. SANFORD. for full information

ADIRONDACKS A camp for Rates for a single room withont bath and with 3 meals,

the lovers of the out-of-doors. Refined sur- A $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

roundings. Good table. Large living-hall, summer from $800 to $2,500. Several de Called the most homelike and complete Cottages and tents for sleeping. Boats and

sirable houses for sale, fine location. Ideal yursummer hotel in America.

canoes. Black bass fishing. Hikes into the roundings. Mrs. L. J. Booth, Litchfield, Coun. European Tour For young women

Altitude 1,200 feet.

woods. Nights around the camp-fire. Every

thing comfortable and homelike. Chas. T. tive itinerary includes Passion Play. Apply Located in a quiet village. Accommodates

For Rent in Stonington, Conn.

MEYER, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co., N. Y. early, party is limited. Box 637, Mesa, Ariz. one hundred guests.

10-Room Cottage, with 2 baths: 3 Excellent cuisine, elevator service, private

servants' rooms and bath; garage and 6 acres bathrooms, steam heat, electric lighting.

hew Gardens Inn

of land. Beautiful view overlooking Long

Island Sound; near-by facilities for bathing
Season June 15 to Sept. 15.

and tennis. Rent $900. Apply to Mrs. W. H. THE BEST MODERATE PRICED TOURS Booklet.

Robey, 202 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.

18 minutes from Penn Station, New York
WARTE TOURS Boston 30,
City. Residential American Plan Hotel.

In the country convenient to all parts of
the city. Wonderful for the "kladies."
Radio Concerts


several high-class seashore cottages. Best rienced university conductor. Passion Play.

Golf-Riding-Dancing-Tennis selectious now. Photos, plans, and full descrip

Near Geo. B. Watts, 400 Oak St., Minneapolis, Miun. WELLESLEY HILLS, MASS.


tion. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass.
Fine location. Hot and cold running water in
Geo. H. Wartman, Resident Manager

Coast to Coast nearly all bedrooms. Private baths. Sun-room.

Gentleman's Summer or All-Year Home
and Return
Our table a specialty. Terms moderate. Tel. PENNSYLVANIA

In family since clearing of the land. 150 acres,
Automobile Tour
NEW YORK CITY The Wiscasset Bungalows

productive soil, well divided. New moderne

barn, comfortable old-fashioned farmhouse65 Day itinerary includ.

and Central Dining Hall electric lights and running water in botli. ingevery point of Scenic

The comforts of a home without the cares of

High elevation, finest scenery in Franklin and Historic Interest in

housekeeping. M.C.LOCKWOOD, Mt.Pocono, Pa.

County, Me. Sacrifice for quick sale. Particiroom the United States, $850

lars of W.F.S., Box 7, South Braintree, Mass. for particuları J.Raymond Wilson, Inc,


TO RENT FOR SEASON 503 Fifth Avenue, New York City

West 720 St., through

THESTER, Vt. "The Maples." Delight

. to 71st St., New York FREE TRIP TO EUROPE will be

roomy, pure water. bath, hot and cold : broad

Spacious summer home at Seal Harbor. 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely piazza, croquet, tine roads. Terms reasonable.

Mount Desert Island, Me. Address av organizer of a small party. Established 1909. fireproof. One block to 72d St. en- Refs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT.

G. S. TALCOTT, 36 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. BABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn. trance of Central Park. Comfort and refinement combined with moderate Health Resorts

80-acre rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.


10-room house, Penobscot Bay view, borPrivate, select, economical. Lectures on his

ders lake, electrice, low price if sold now, 1tory, art, current events. Booklet. Dr. and

The Bethesda White


miles Rockland, R. F. D., Maine, J. F. RICH Mrs. FLICK, University, Syracuse, N. Y.


ton Square

A private savitariuin for invalids and aged

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address SALE OR RENT Hotels and Resorts ad joining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. with and withont bath. Rates $3.50 per day,

RANGELEY LAKE, MAINE mcluding meals. Special rates for two weeks

Rest Home Completely furnished housekeeping cotCANADA or more." Location very central. Convenient The Beeches, Paris Hill, Me.

for semi- tage. 6 master bedrooms, 2 maids, living. to all elevated and street car lines.

invalids and those needing rest and change of diuing rooms, 2 baths, also smaller cottage scene. 22 miles from Poland. Same White Mt. Bargain if immediate. Particulars M. E. scenery. 900 feet altitude, Good food, cale, ALLEN, 107 Forest Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y

massage, hydro and electro-therapy. Children Digby, Nova Scotia

with their burges made welcome ate separate Sunset: 1e: Cottage on Mill Island. 1:


(Near 5th Avenue) COTTAGES

silver. Small boat. $40 for season. LOUIS E 40 West 45th Street

Nurse with Golf, tennis, fishing, boating, bathing.


MALLORY, 318 Main St., Springtield, Mass.

special training. Private home. Beau-
Write for booklet to

tiful spot. Horse, auto drives included. Mrs.


Rose Rockwood Mckissick, Belgrade, Me.
Directly in the fashionable club and shop.

ping section. Within five minutes' walk to

CAPE Ocean Front Bungalows all principal theaters.

“ INTERPINES" A high-class hotel

Moderate rents. patronized by those desiring the best accouBeautiful, qniet, restful and homelike. Over

COD s. w. Ball, 56 Pine St., N. Y inodations at moderate cost. Rates and map gladly went upon request.

26 years of successful work. Thorough, re. Comfortable Vacation-Consider

liable, dependable and ethical. Every com. JOHN P. TOLSON, Prop.

RENT, fur Denver's largest and best furnished hotel

fort and convenience. Accominodatious of At Heath, Mass. 10

nished, for summer of superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys

longer, charming colonial estate. Fruit, vege tein a specialty. Fred. W. Heward, Sr., M.D.,

table gardens, icehouse, garage, good roads -While in New YorkFred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Five iniles from Mohawk trail. Coinmunity o

culture, healthful, restful. Apply owner, Mrs Moderate Prices, Centrally located. For a quiet, comfortable, home

Nellie S. Clarke, Far Hills Farm, Heath, May Write for desired information.

lightfully located, spacious grounds, roons like place in which to staySingle rooms, use of bath, $1.50 & 82 for rest and relaxation ; particular attention STOG LAKE. To Let, furnished bungalow

Pon Siog Lake, Holland, Mass. For the season CONNECTICUT

paid to diets. The Tenacres, Hinsdale, Mass. Suite, parlor, bedroom and bath, for 2,

terms very reasonable. References required $4& $5 daily

John F. Hebard, Southbridge, Mass. R.E.D.2 The Wayside Inn Parlor, 2 bedrooms and both, 4 or 5

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick NEW MILFORD, Litchfield Co., Conn. person8, $6 & 7 daily

People to Get Well

MONTANA In the foothills of the Berkshires, Opeu all the

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR year. An ideal place for your summer's rest.


the personal study and specialized treat2 hours from New York. Write for booklet.

Partner Wanted to invest $5,000

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Mrs. J. ·E. CASTLE, Proprietor

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

Yellowstone Park. Log buildings ou banko ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

beautiful river, Camping parties, with saddl EUROPE

late of The Walter Sanitarium

horses and pack train. Fishing, bear and ell 202 WEST 1030 STREET

hunting. Opportunity to build a good business Well - known West

Address JACK HAMILTON, Lakeview, Mond Few steps only from Broadway Subway Sta.

Fairview Sanatorium Swall private sava

Rutland, Mass. )59 Manor Place lishment, Miss Slight

NEW HAMPSHIRE torium, limited to six patients. Pleasant locaNEW YORK

tion, large airy rooms. Attending physician,

one of the best lung specialists. Address FACING WHITE MOUNTAINS MAINE HURRICANE LODGE and Annie T. Bryant, Prop., Edson Ave. Tel. 53.

Randolph, New Hampshire


Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

20 ACRES OF LAND-PRICE $5.000 Mount Pisgah French School Comfortable, homelike. Alti.

Owner will take back $2,000 in mortgage. Boothbay Harbor, Me. French life in tude 1,800 feet.

MISS LEWIS, 17 WEST 47th ST. beautiful and restful surroundings. French

verandas overlooking theme FOR RENT, Furnished. Well-ven-
tilated apartment. 8 large outside rooms.

New York,

Tel. Bryant 382 spoken in the house. For particulars address

Valley. Trout fishing. Camp- 2 baths, arranged for privacy. Near Riverside Prof. Ruerat, 66 Pitman St., Providence, R. &. ing. Swimming pool. Golf

NEW Park and Columbia University.6,917, Outlook. SUGAR HILL

HAMPSHIRI links; mile course y well-kept greens. Tennis MASSACHUSETTS

COTTAGES TO RENT OR SELL and croquet. Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy: New York surmer apartment, cena For particulars address WM. E. SATCHELI

Owner, 162 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. THE WELDON HOTEL .

airy, attractively furnished, modern improvearate suites and single rooms. Open from June

ments. 3-5 months. Refs. $175. 6,935, Outlook. GREENFIELD, MASS. BELKNAP, 613 Clarendon St., Syracuse, N. Y.

NEW JERSEY offers special winter rates for rooms, and will serie at a moderate price a Club Breakfast: A PIROB. DEssex-on-Lake-Cham,

IDEAL OUTING BUNGALOY Special Noonday Luncheon, and Evening Dimer. A series of weekly musicales and plain. Cottages with central club house

Mother and daughters VERMONT

On Metedeconk River, near Bayhead guests. For further particulars apply to For circular or information address John B. Farmhouse "Address 6,931, Outlook.

FOR RENT inonthly dances given for the pleasure of our where meals are served. References required. living in old-fashioned

wish to take boarders. new, furnished 6-room house ; 2-car garage J. T. SELLER, Manager. BURNHAM, 233 Broadway, New York.

hot and cold water, Address 6,939, Outloo

LOUR LODGE Hotel Webster


The Shirley-Savoy


Edinburgh End Boarding Estal

Country Board

Camp 10 Rent

Real Estate

COOKING for PROFIT. Earn handsome
income; home cooked food, catering, tea
Companions and Domestic Helpers

Teachers and Governesses room, etc. Correspondence course. Am. SECRETARY-companion. Well-bred, col- TUTOR-Harvard senior on year's learers FOR SALE School Home Economics, Chicago. lege graduate, 7 years' experience, excep

absence (now in Florida) wishes position is UPPER MONTCLAIR

tional recommendations. Would chaperon tutor or tutor-companion with desirabe

also. 1,270, Outlook.

FOR THE HOME Colonial house and two acres opposite Upper

family during spring and summer. ExperREFINED young French lady wishes to

enced and successful. Athletic, fond of Montclair Country Club. Nine rooms and HOME-made caudies, fresh, pure, delicious.

teach French or be companion. 1,273, Outlook.

door sports. American, Protestant. Exeriut three baths; two-car garage with rooms for

references. Will travel at home or abroad) 2 lbs, assorted, $1. postpaid. Marjorie Sutton, help. Fine garden well_stocked with trees,

WANTED, by Protestant lady, experienced, Dundee, New York. shrubs, and flowers. Further information

position as hostess or house-mother. Trained,

1,241, Outlook. refined, with home making qualifications.

KINDERGARTNER wishes position as comumunicate with H. F, TURTLE. 39 White St., N. Y. Tel. 3832 Franklin.

References. Address Mrs. S. M. Emery, 1073

governess in family of one or two children Beacon St., Brookline, Mass.

kindergarten age. 1,267, Outlook.
* BOSTON azette and Country Journal”
MADAME OLIVIER, French teacher, ex-

EXPERIENCED teacher an school -
dated March 12, 1770. twenty years before

perienced traveler in this country and abroad, ecutive, college graduate, wishes positioni i George Washington was inaugurated Presidesires position as companion, secretary, or

girls' school strong enough to place pri dent of the United States. Also an issue of tutor. Speaks all modern languages. 1,278, ciples of education and character betete ADIRONDACK CAMP-FOR RENT the “ Advocate Faunily Guardian," published


expediency. Address 1,271, Outlook. in New York May 1, 1865, containing graphic

UNIVERSITY graduate and teacher, also FRENCH master in large Fastern prepara 18 rooms, 20 acres, 4 miles from Paul Smith's,

account of the death of Abrahain Lincoln. university student, wish positions as traveling tory school desires summer position as titor ou Upper St. Regis Lake, Railroad Station Also a copy of “ The American Anti-Slavery

companion-governess, or nurse-maid for sum- companion to your boy or boys. Prince Lake Clear Junction, post-office, telegraph Almanac. 1839, a curious and powerfully in

mer vacation. 1.280, Outlook.

graduate. Can speak French. Will travel and express office conveniences. Day and

teresting document. Any one interested in the REFINED young woman, college under- 1,288, Outlook. night trains from New York. Furnished,

above can obtain detailed information regard- graduate, desires a position as traveling comincluding linens. Icehouse, barn, 3 platform ing same, price, etc., by writing to J. M. G.,

FRENCH teacher, Protestant, experiencesi.

panion. Summer months. 1,279, Outlook. tents, woodshed full of wood,' boathouse 1,274, Outlook.

college, university, preparatory, master

STUDENT desires driving position during with large upper porch. Rent reasonable.

her business, wishes position; day, bigh For particulars address JUDSON F. STONE,

summer months. Ex-army ambulance driver. school, college; North, Northwest. (uSTATIONERY

1,285, Outlook. Agent, 30 N. La Salle St., CHICAGO, ILL:

celled references. Certificates France, CA

HOUSE-mother or hostess in boarding nell, 1,225, Outlook.
FOR $1 postpaid. 2011 sheets bond notepaper school by cultured lady accustomed to re-
and 100 envelopes printed with your naine fined surroundings: herself a mother. Capa-

WOMAN graduate student, specializing Sunset and address. Good paper and first-class work. ble of managing servants. 1,284, Outlook.

in child hygiene, wishes summer position i with Boarul. Write for booklet and ref- Sainples stamp. M. C. Harj), Lansingburg,

home or institution. Experienced in child

YOUNG lady, having finished two years in

care and teaching. 1,296, Outlook. erences. R. Bennett, Raquette Lake, N. Y.

college and one in teaching, desires position UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any as companion or tutor for the summer. Ref

YOUNG woman, Canadian, graduate Yes type of correspondeuce. 200 sheets high erences exchanged. 1,287, Outlook.

York Babies' Hospital, teacher's certificatr. FC A grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed (lacks, Furnished Camp. 8 rooms,


would like responsible position as nurse or with your name and address postpaid $1.50

gentle birth, college

governess. 1,302, Outlook. bathrooms, fireplace, porches, ice, wood, Samples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave.,

woman, sunny disposition, common sense. Garage, golf, swimnining. $600. 6,915, Outlook.

tactful, executive ability, business head, ath-
Troy, N. Y.
lete, withal thoroughly domesticated home-

THIRSTY blottere sent free on request, maker, desires position of trust. Salary not
ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW also samples of excellent stationery for per- less than $100 per month. 1,286, Outlook. MISS Guthman, New York shopper, wili

sonal and professional use. Franklin Printery,
Warner, New Hampshire.

MATRON, changing, desires responsible shop for you. services free. No samples. Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles

position. Would contract for autumn. 1,290.

References. 309 West 99th St. hy good road froin Bolton Landing, Lake NOTE paper and envelopes. Your name Outlook.

BOY8 wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The George. Entirely new, Built by present

and address on 100 sheets good quality paper COMPANION-nurse or housekeeper, ex- Outlook each week. No investment necessary. wher, who will rent for the entire season at and 100 envelopes. Blue or black ink. Post- ecutive abilities, versatile, good manager

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, moderate rental.Completely furnished paid $1. Huntington Press, 21 Bath St.,

private or institutional position. Chaperon The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Are Wroughout. Five rooms (three Norwich, Com.

for traveling. Highly recommended. 1,289, New York City. bed rooms) and bath. Kitchen with


WANTED-Defective people to board. + Jumping. water. Ice, wood, and


COMPANION desires to accompany lady dress W., Pawling, N. Y. rowboat included.

traveling during suito mer. Excellent referFor full particulars audress 6,479 Outlook.

TO young women desiring training in the Professional Situations ences. 1,294, Outlook.

care of obstetrical patients a very thorough

COLUMBIA senior desires position during
WANTED-Physician, also manual train-

nurses' aid course of six months is offereits LAKE. Ho fem, urnished, cottages and ing and woodcraft man, for boys' camp,

summer as companion ; would travel. Excel- the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New Maine. 1,291, Outlook.

lent references, Other positions considered. York. Monthly allowance and full mainte Priced from $150 to $800 for season. somes.

1,298, Outlook.

nance is furnished. For further inforuatiua EDWARD S. ANSON, Essex, N. Y.

Business Situations

LADY wishes to place housekeeper who address Directress of Nurses.

has been in her employ 8 years. 1,297, Outlook, COTTAGES ON LAKE GEORGE TWO EDUCATED MEN AND WOMEN

INVALID or nervous patient cared for in (PROTESTANTS) FOR LUCRATIVE AND COLLEGE girl wants position as com

physician's suburban home. Wite professiota. FOR RENT In Adirondack Mts.

CONGENIAL FINANCIAL WORK. IN- panion or governess for summer months. Can nurse. 1,185, Outlook. solf, tennis, boating, bathing. Meals at club TERESTED PROSPECTS SUPPLIED BY furnish references. Address 1.299, Outlook. YOUNG minister and wife in small Middle li desired. GLEN BURNIE Co., Glenburnie, N. Y. US. PERMANENT CONNECTION. SEND EXPERIENCED young French woman,

West city will take care of boy of 6 to 11 years. QUALIFICATIONS TO 1,187, Outlook. college professor, wants position, traveling

Experience with children. Beautiful home. Companions and Domestic Helpers chaperon or companion, for summer. Now

1,256, Outlook. To Rent at Richfield Springs, N.

in California. 1,301, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, EXPERIENCED woman to direct com- HIGH school teacher of experience wants

established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. Large comfortable furnished house. To a missary department and domestic help for position for summer. 1,303, Outlook.

25 West 24th St., York. private family only 20 rooms, wide verandas;

suminer camp in the Adirondacks. Need not 8 acres; orchard, garden planted, large cor

COPYING done, stories prepared for press. be trained dietitian, but must have practical

Teachers and Governesses

Box 215, Jonesville, Va. ered veranda off second floor; all modern experience in private school or other institution. 1.240, Outlook.

AS tutor to party traveling abroad this *conveniences; complete carriage house ;

OPPORTUNITY to share home of profes

summer, college man desires position. 1,245, gardener's cottage; icehouse filled with ice; WANTED, about May 20, by an invalid

sional man in quiet country house bar

Outlook. residence adjoins golf links and commands

Boston; beautiful surroundings: no children: Jady, living about 20 miles from New York, beautiful view ; fine drives in surrounding

JUNE or September. English woman wishes fine private library ; use of automobile ; ideal lady as working housekeeper. Good cook

with good health. country; about a mile from lake. Apply to

tutor or governess
position as

References asked and

home for man of culture and quiet tastes Euglish, French, arithmetic. Good music. Ref- Terms with board $200 per month. given. Please write to J. C. Brewster, 130 East Judson F. Stone, Agl., 30 N. La Salle St., Chicago, III. 15th St., New York.

ferences seven and five years. 1,295, Outlook. Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses PENNSYLVANIA

WANTED--Excellent nursery governess,

English preferred. Best credentials. Two FOR SALE Large tract of

children under ten. Permanent position if

mutually satisfactory. Position New York er containing several beautiful

State. 1,283, Outlook. akes. The most attractive place in Pennylvania for a summer hotel, cottages, oating, fishing, and ice plant. Near station SITUATIONS WANTED n railroad having daily train to New York nd Scrauton. Address Box 65, Carbondale, Pa.

Professional Situations

NURSE, graduate, refined, companion to ;

gentleman or couple. Good traveler. Quality Home. 16 rooms. All conveniences.

references. 1,372, Outlook. arge grounds. Northwestern Penn.; on bill GRADUATE nurse, experienced, wishes

RE YOU in need of a Mother's erlooking town. Always cool. 6.959, Outlook.

position in camp. Box 701, Central Club, 132

East 45th St., New York.

Helper, Companion, Nurse, Gov-
EXPERIENCED male nurse (former Con-

gregational minister) desires care of gentle-
scutneyville, Vt. For rent, season 1922,
man. Would also act as companion or secre-

erness, Teacher, Business or Professional fully furnished cottage. 9 rooms, bath, fire

tary. Excellent references. 1,293, Outlook. lace, broad porches, garage, hardwood floors,

Assistant? irudien space, on beautiful hillside, wonderful

Business Situations ew Coun, River Valley. Terms moderate.

YOUNG man wishes position as councilor
P. Blanchard, 5019 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
in boys' camp. References. 1,277, Outlook.

The Classified Want Department of The
GRADUATE engineer, radio expert, good

swimmer and sportsman, wants position in EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES

*Outlook has for many years offered to subboys' camp for summer vacation. 1,281,

Outlook. WANTED-Competent teachers for public

scribers a real service. A small advertise1 private schools. Calls coming every day. for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency,

Companions and Domestic Helpers dbany, N.Y. Two cultured, French-speaking young

ment in this department will bring results. women as social secretaries or companions to DIETITIANS, secretaries, cafeteria man

parties going abroad. References. Address ers, governesses, matrone, housekeepers,

Room 228, Schenectady High School, Schecia) superintendents,

The rate is only ten cents workers,


nectady, N. Y jehards, Providence, R. I. Box 5 East Side, ston, Trinity Court, 16 Jackson Hall, FriYOUNG man, college graduate, wishes

per word, including address chance to travel abroad next summer. Present Ays 11 to 1. Address Providence.

position instructor in high school. References PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and iurnished. 1,228, Outlook. oployee : housekeepers, matrons, dietitians,

FRENCH woman, high school teacher, vernesses, secretaries, mother's helpers,

wishes position as companion or tutor during tendants. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge,

Buwmer. 1,266, Outlook. ass.

SITUATION wanted by experienced kinWANTED-Teachere all enbjects. Good

dergartner and social worker during the cancies in schools and colleges. Interna

mouth of July. Care of children with family nal Jusical and Educational Agency, Car. who spend the summer in the mountains. vie Hall, X. I.

Address R. P. B., 464 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. TEACHERS WANTED for public and COMPANION, will travel, care for semiivate schools, colleges, and universities. invalid, chaperon, social secretary, position of lication Service, 1254 Amsterdam Ave., trust, desired by woman highly recommend + York.

ed. C. A. T., General delivery, Summit, N. J.

Help Wanted!

Department of Classified Advertising

381 Fourth Avenue, New York City





N a recent issue of The Outlook," a C.” “But I can't say FFFTHEE; I've lost

subscriber writes, "you refer to Dr. my tooths." "Then hold out your hand, Work as being, to the best of your and I'll teach you to lose your 'tooths,'” knowledge, the first physician to occupy says the mischievous teacher. The i Cabinet position. It has perhaps small boy gets a crack on the hand amid already been called to your historical great laughter, and the game goes on ecollection that Dr. James McHenry until all the victims have tried in vain vas Secretary of War in the Cabinets of to say C. Washington and Adams."

Dr. McHenry, another reader adds, A little girl, a contributor writes, is was born in Ireland in 1753, was a stu- learning “The Village Blacksmith;” she lent of Benjamin Rush, and was one of astonishes her teacher by getting it this he signers of the Declaration of Inde- way in a rehearsal: pendence. Fort McHenry was named in

The smith, a mighty man is he, iis honor. Dr. McHenry inaugurated With large and swiney arms. nany radical and enduring reforms in he army. He died at Baltimore in

Another-perhaps this was a case of

tangle-tongue said that the National 1816."

Hymn was “The Star-Bangled Banner." • The nervous tension of life in Ireland

"Home Cooking," reads a sign in one juring the events that preceded the es

of those New York delicatessen stores cablishment of the Irish Free State is

that are the haven and refuge of the well shown by an article in the "Atlan

tired apartment dweller. “That's what ic" which tells of "a kindly, white

my husband likes," remarked one of naired American woman" who

these housewives as she was purchasing morning, while living in Dublin, came

the family dinner while a reporter stood co the verge of a nervous breakdown

by. und asked her husband for a razor. “What in the world do you want with

Anatole France, who is seventy-eight, t?” he asked.

went to Stockholm to receive his Nobel “I'm going to kill myself. Where is

Prize just after recovering from a severe .t?"

illness. He was fearful of catching cold, "Why, my dear, my razor won't help

and wore several well-padded waistcoats you. It's a safety."

under his coat. The Swedish custom A few days later she met General

officers were suspicious. “What have Macready at dinner in the Royal Hospi

you got in here?" one of them asked, al on the outskirts of Dublin, where he

with his hands on the great novelist's ived with his family, and related the

coat. "France," was the reply. incident to the old officer. "Well, Mrs. —," drawled the Gen

The following story has appeared in eral, solemn and thoughtful, “I shave

several papers: "Shortly before going with an old-fashioned


Every morning when I lather my face I take

abroad last year Sinclair Lewis bought

a fancy suitcase for his wife. They used this old weapon in my hand and I say

it on a week-end trip up the Hudson and to myself: 'Now, Nevil Macready, will

it was stolen on the train. In it was the you cut your throat or shave yourself?'—

manuscript of Lewis's new novel. The and I always shave!"

real tragedy is that Mr. Lewis did not

have a carbon copy." A children's party among the Kaffirs Messrs. Harcourt, Brace & Co., Mr. of South Africa, according to a book Lewis's publishers, say regarding this called “Savage Childhood,” has fully as story: "Aside from the facts that the much fun as any of our parties. Among stolen suitcase was not one but two, that the games played is one called "School- they were not stolen on a train up the master." A twelve-year-old boy mar- Hudson, U. S. A., but at a station in shals five or six diminutive youngsters London, that in neither of them was who have lost their front teeth. He be- there a single word of manuscript, notes, gins to teach them their A B C's. or any other literary material, that Mr. (These three English letters are widely Lewis always keeps a carbon copy of known among the natives.) He says to everything he writes, and that, finally, the first tiny boy, "Now say A, B, C." when the suitcases were stolen he had The little fellow begins, “A, B, Thee." completed only a small part of the new "Wrong," says the teacher; "hold out novel, ‘Babbitt,' the story is a triumph your hand; it is not Thee, but C.” The of correct detail." child without the front teeth says, “But I didn't say Thee, I said THEEEEE.” The British office boy is fully as con"Exactly,” says the inexorable teacher; vinced of his own worth as is his Ameri"So hold out your hand and get can compeer, if we may judge from this whacked.” Amid roars of laughter he excerpt from "Answers:" now says to the second boy, “Now, sir, "Two office boys were outside the palasay A, B, C." The little fellow wriggles tial building of a great firm. Said the and says, "But I can't thay it." "Oh, first boy: ''Ullo, Dick! Wotcher lookin' you can't 'thay' it, can't you? Well, I'll at the orfice wot sacked you last week teach you to thay' it. Now, sir, say for? Are you trying to get took back?' A, B, C." This boy pronounces it with His friend sniffed. "No bloomin' fear!' great emphasis, "A, B, FTHEEEE." he said. “I just dropped roun' to see if "Wrong again," says the teacher; "it is they woz still in biz'ness.'


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