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Literary Notices.--Commercial Report.


On the Sunday preceding the present Warwick's “Spare Minutes,” or Resolved anniversary, collections were made in Meditations and Premeditated Resolutions, several churches, which we understand with fact-similes of the singular emblematical were very liberal ;—that of St. An- Francis Quarles and George Withers.

Frontispieces, and the explanatory Poems of drew's alone, exceeded £50.

Just published, Poems, by Joseph Jones, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Dublin. M. A. neatly printed in 12mo. price 5s. boards.

Contents.-I, Authorship-II, the Church The Methodists of Dublin have lately III, Greatness-IV, Zeal-V, the Satiristerected an elegant and commodious VI, Content. chapel in that city. It is an oblong Prayers for every morning and evening in building, about 82 feet long, and 46 the week ; designed for the use of children and wide within the walls. The pulpit, young people, of the lower orders ; to which desk, handrail, &c. are of oak, hand- promote the cause of piety, virtue, and bumasomely carved. The communion rail nity; By Joseph Jones, M. A. price 1s. 3d. in front of the desk, is in the form of neatly half bound. the letter D. The galleries are sup, from the Book of Common Prayer. By Joseph

Prayers for the use of families, compiled ported by Grecian fluted columns, and Jones, M. A. 12mo. price 1s. Deatly half bound, the chapel is calculated to contain

or 9d, sewed. about 1500 persons. It was opened Also, price, 8s. 6d. A New System of Caton the morning of Sunday, June 3d. ting, &c. made familiar to any capacity; acby the Rev. Adam Clarke, LL. D.; To which is added, a useful Sketch of the when, being greatly thronged, it was

Stature Measurement of the Human Figure, supposed that not less than 2000 were whereby a person may be enabled to cut present. The collection on this occa- clothes for customers abroad, by having only sion amounted to £140.

the circumference of the breast and waist, and
the height of the person, in inches. By John

Literary Notices.

No. 1, of a new publication from the Caxton

Press, entitled the Queen Bee. Shortly will be published, a Reprint of that ERRATUM,Col. 371, line 11, for President very rare and curious little Manual, Arthur read Resident.

COMMERCIAL REPORT, LIVERPOOL, JUNE 21, 1821. There has been a great stillness in commerce since our last, and there seems to be little prospect of the current year affording more profit to the mercantile world, than the one which preceded. There appears to be too great a production of most articles; yet, coupled with great competition at the place of growth, it keeps up the cost prices : but poverty amongst the conşumers in Europe, occasions depression at the place of sale; whilst in this country, capitalists investing their money in the public funds, no inducement is offered for any speculation in goods. Our Government is certainly most anxious to assist commerce; and it is in contemplation to encourage the transit trade, and modify the duties on many articles, which at present bear very heavily on several branches, without being very productive. The duty on the lower descriptions of Wool, we think, falls under this character. It very little benefits the agriculturist;

and, while it injures the manufacturer of coarse woollens, it has been the means of depriving us of the orders for this species of our manufacture from Germany and Russia.

The transactions of the month now past, may be comprised in a narrow compass.
In Cottons, the demands have been moderate, and prices may probably be rated a shade lower

. Brazils are still doll and declining, and for East India cottons there is scarcely any inquiry. It must be observed, that the total import of Cottons this year, into this place, falls short apwards of 60,000 packages, in comparison with a similar period last year,-on which account the trade generally are looking for a revival ere long.

For British Plantation Sagars, the demand has somewhat revived, and prices have advanced 1s. per cwt. If the season should be favourable for Fruit, there is great probability of a brisk demand, with an improvement in value.

By accounts from Demerara, the Coffee crop (it is stated,) promises to be most abundant : prices here, vary little since our last, and the demand is far from being lively.

Foreign Spirits of every kind are greatly depressed, the sales are trivial, and the prices much below the rate of the lowest period during the last twenty years.

The Stock of Tobacco is diminishing fast, and the consumption of this article appears to have sustained no check.

Dye-woods maintain their prices; and Naval stores have met with ready parchasers on arrival, in consequence of extensive orders having been received from London, for Spirits of Turpentine. Roany sells at 15s. per barrel ; Archangel, at 16s. ld. ; Stockholm, 18s. per barrel.

The importations of Hides continue on a large scale, nevertheless prices remain very firm. Oils of all kinds are dull; Tallow is lower.

Grain.—On the last Market day, the attendance of the trade was very slender, and the continuance of fine weather has produced a great languor in both this and the adjacent country markets. The best qualities of Wheat are fully supported; but in lower qualities, as well as in other descriptions of grain, purchases are only made for the immediate wants of the consumer.


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Imperial Magazine;







off the floods, which swell over the

banks, and carry all before them. With a Catalogue of all really British Sometimes the effects are more awful Plants, as they come into Flower.

still; the shock, in proceeding from the cloud to the earth, or from the earth

to the cloud, proves fatal to the lives This is the most important month in of men or animals, frequently with the year to Britain. The warmth, circumstances of curious interest. An and gentle showers of Summer, have electric cloud, thus highly charged, brought the different species of corn commonly traverses some part of a to perfection; and man proceeds to district every year, but within narrow reap the fruit of the bounty of his bounds, and rarely in the same tract Maker.

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