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24 April

Mother: Keep a jar of Musterole handy

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Question and Answer (Continued)


Yield Public Utilities. Maturity: About About. Interborough Rapid

Transit Co. First and

Refunding 5s.. Jan. 1, 1966 8+ 6.00% Laclede Gas Light Co.

(St. Louis) First 5s... May 1, 1919 98 6.75% Western Union Tele

graph Co. Funding and
Real Estate 4 %s...... May 1, 1950 87 5.35%

American Agricultural Chemical Co.
First Convertible 5s..

Oct. 1, 1928 American Can Co. 15-Year Debenture Sinking Fund Is.

Feb. 1, 1928 American Smelting and Refining Co. First 5s...

Apr. 1, 1947 Armour & Co. Real Estate First 4%s..

June 1, 1939 Bethlehem Steel Co. First Extension Sinking Fund 5s..

Jan. 1, 1926 Central Leather (o. First Lien 5s... Apr. 1, 1925 Republic Iron and Steel Co. Sinking Fund Mortgage 5s...

Apr. 1, 1940 United States Rubber Co. First and Refunding os..

Jan. 1, 1947 Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. First 15-Year 5s....

Dec. 1, 1923 Western Electric Co. First 5s. Dec. 31, 1922

Foreign Governments. American Foreign Securities Secured Notes 5s...

Aug 1, 1919 Anglo-French External Loan 5s Oct. 15, 1920 City of Paris External Loan 6s. Oct. 15, 1921 Dominion of Canada Notes 5s. Aug. 1, 1919 Dominion of Canada External Loan Gold 5s..

Apr. 1, 1926 French Republic Secured Convertible 5%2s...

Apr. 1, 1919 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Secured 5s..

Sept. 1, 1918 United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Ireland Secured Convertible 5%s.. Feb. 1, 1919 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Secured 5%s....

Nov. 1, 1919 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Secured 5%5...

Nov. 1, 1921 Among the industrial preferred stocks the following are recommended :

Per Cent. American Beet Sugar.

6 American Car and Foundry.

7 American Locomotive.

7 American Smelting..

Bethlehem Steel....

American Tobacco.
American Woolen..

United States Steel..

Central Leather...

General Motors..
International Nickel..

Republic Iron and Steel.


Goodness gracious! Everybody's coughing and how are we going to move that old congestion 'way inside? "A good old-fashioned mustard plaster" says somebody. Fine - if only it would not blister!

How about Musterole? The very thing! Give us that pure white ointment. Rub it in over the place. It won't blister. And can't you just feel how it gets down underneath the skin and penetrates?

Musterole is made of oil of mustard and other home simples. Just rub it on the skin. It goes down to the seat of the congestion. There it generates heat. But it is a peculiar nonblistering heat. That heat disperses the congestion.

But the most peculiar part of Musterole is that a few moments after you have applied it you feel nothing but a delighting sense of coolness. And relief is usually immediate.

Congestion and coughing usually go when that clean, pure, white ointmentsearches them out. Musterole comes in 30c and 60c jars -hospital size $2.50 at all druggists. The Musterole Co., Cleveland, Ohio

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BY THE WAY Contrasting the characteristics of different races,

« Collier's” Russian correspondent says that an Englishman may sometimes rub you the wrong way, but if he asks you to go hunting with him in Africa and says that he will meet you six months from now in latitude 3° north, longitude 37° east, you can go right along getting your outfit ready. If, he says, Gen. eral Hindenburg should tell you that you had broken Rule 772 and would be shot at sunrise, there would be no chance of escape because the commandant overslept or forgot it, or got a present of ten thousand rubles. But if a Russian says ten o'clock to-morrow morning, neither you nor he necessarily expects hiin to be there he merely approves in a general way of the ten-o'clock idea. This lack of sharp attention to time, of dependability as to detail, is, says the correspondent, one of the reasons why the Russians have failed in “the special and highly technical game of making war."

A Washington man, a Southern paper says, while motoring through Virginia, stopped one day at a toll bridge he had often passed over and found a new keeper in charge. “Where's the man who used to act as keeper here?” asked the motorist. “He's dead, sir," was the reply. “ Dead? Poor fellow! Joined the great majority, eh ?”? “ Well,” said the new keeper, cautiously,“ I wouldn't like to say that, sir

. He was a good enough man as far as Í know."

A list of plays which have had one thonsand consecutive performances in England or America includes the following: " Our Boys,” a comedy presented about thirtyfive years ago, which held the record for twenty years with 1,362 performances ;

Charley's Aunt,” 1,466 performances ; “ The Private Secretary," " A Chinese Honeymoon,” “Peg o' My Heart," and “Romance," a popular play which is now running in London.

“The Zuloaga exhibition closed in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on March 14, with a record-breaking attendance. The total paid admissions for the four weeks registered over ten thousand, which is twice the paid admissions registered by the exhibition when it was shown in New York City.” So says an item in the “ American Art News." The population of San Francisco is placed at about 463,000, while that of New York is estimated at over 5,600,000. The figures fur

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6% Farm Mortgages

Violin Lovers mish food for thought.

THE GREAT POWER The great power in the world war is the American Farmer. He is needed as never before. Your money invested in our Farm Mortgages and Real Estate Bonds lielps finance the farmer of the Great Northwest. Send for pamphlet "S" and current offerings. Denominations $100 and up. E. J. LANDER & CO.

Grand Forks, Capital and Surplus $500,000

North Dakota


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letter appealing for books for sailors, recently published in this column, contained the phrase “ volunteer and drafted sailors.” A naval officer writes in comment on this letter:

The writer of the letter must be misinformed, because there are no

“ drafted sailors" in the service. There is nothing quite so odious to an enlisted man or officer in the regular Navy as to be called a drafted sailor. Every man in the regular Navy is a volunteer, and a willing one, too.

A foreign-born American citizen, one of the really patriotic variety, on being jokingly called only an immigrant," replied

, according to the “ Typographic Messenger:" " have nothing to be ashamed of. I really have more right to be proud of my Americanism than you. You came into this country naked, and I came here with my pants on. You came here because you couldn't help it. I came because I wanted to."

This amusing retort reminds the “ Messenger” of Booker Washington's similar


Eng the

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By the Way (Continued) reply to a proposition to solve the Negro problem by sending our colored population to Africa : “ We colored folks have a better right to stay here than anybody else except the Indians, and they have been driven out by the whites. We were so highly thought of that we had our passage money paid. You can't say that of any other class of immigrants.”

“ The law recognizes a distinction between the care due to a passenger on the train and that due to one who is merely on the platform waiting to get on. To the former the railroad company owes the highest degree of care, while to the latter it owes ordinary care not to injure him.” This distinction, which it will be wise for travelers to keep in mind, was made in a recent case before the Indiana Appellate Court. In this case a passenger had sued for injuries received while attempting to board a moving train with a child in his arms, when his foot slipped through a defective step. If he had been on the train trying to get off, the case would have been different. But surely no one ought to try either experiment while holding a child in his arms!

Are the children of the present day making anything that will be as charming and as lasting as the “samplers" made by the little girls of a century ago? In a recent sale of a collection of these curiosities in New York City many well-preserved specimens were shown. One of them began with four different styles of A B C, then went on:


Education forms the tender mind Just as

The twig is bent the tree is inclined Another, starting with three varieties of the alphabet, continued :

Let modesty that heaven born maid
Your words and actions grace
Tis this this only that can add
True lustre to your face

1793 Æ. 12 YEARS SCARBOROUGH Y 1806 The most elaborate, both in its needlework and its sentiment, ran as follows:

Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand
As the first effort of an youthful hand
And while her fingers oer the canvas move
Engage her tender heart to seek thy love
With thy dear children let her have a part
And write thy name thyself upon her heart
When death shall close her peaceful eyes
Fit her to reign with thee above the skies

ABIGAIL DUTTON GAFFREY 1826 Not every large business succeeds in developing a capable manager from its own staff of employees. An advertisement in a New York City daily shows that one of the largest grocery firms in the country must look outside for such a man. It reads in part:

Comptroller. -Wanted, a competent office manager of sufficient experience to fill the position of comptroller of our business. . . . Salary to start $7,500 per annum. Address, in confidence, etc.

A protest of Norwegian shipping associations against German atrocities on the high seas is published in “Shipping." In part it reads : To the German People :

On October 17, 1917, a convoy composed of thirteen unarmed ships, together with its escort of two English torpedo-boat destroyers, was destroyed in the North Sea by German cruisers. Without warning these neutral merchant vessels--and among them five were Norwegian-were shelled and wholly destroyed, no opportunity being given the crews to save themselves nor any attempt whatever being made to rescue them. Those seamen who were fortunate enough to get into lifeboats were themselves made the target for direct gunfire from the German cruisers and a large number were killed in this manner.


The new Spring models are ready, a wide variety of dainty Boudoir Gowns, Underwear, Negligees, Skirts, Caps, Brassieres, etc., from the simplest styles at modest prices to the more elaborate and costly. As usual, our showing includes Lingerie of both French and American manufacture. New Boudoir Gowns New Washable Silk Slip-over of Charmeuse in

Skirts Pink, Blue, or Lavender, fine

Skirt of Flesh-color washable shirring at waistline, $10.75.

Satin, two Scalloped ruffles ; Gown of Coral or Light Blue lengths, 34 to 36 inches, $6.95. Crepe de Chine, slip-over model, Cream Lace, shirred back and

Skirt of White Tub Silk, double front to form waistline, $12.75. front and back, extra-large

size, lengths 36 to 38 inches, Boudoir Gown of Blue or $4.95. Pink Crepe de Chine, Empire model, neck and sleeves trimmed Skirt of White Tub Silk, double with fine Lace, elastic at waist, front, Scalloped ruffle, lengths $11.75.

34 to 36 inches, $2.95. Gown of Crepe de Chine in Skirt of White Tub Silk, three Lavender, Blue, or Pink, top of Hemstitched tucks, double Georgette Crepe, Skirt has panel, lengths 34 to 36 inches, box-plaits, $13.75.

Write for new illustrated Spring and Summer Catalogue
James McCutcheon & Co.

Fifth Avenue, 34th & 33d Sts., N. Y.

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Atmospheric System of Steam or Vapor Heat The ADSCO Valve opens 14, 42, 34, to use just that much radiation. With the ADSCO Regulator al source of supply, you have positive control of fuel as well as heat needed in each room. You save 20% to 30% fuel ; 10% to 15% installation cost. No noise-no complicated devices.

Write for Bulletin 133-0 Please give names of your architect and steamfitter. If you are interested in heating a group of

buildings ask for our bulletin on “Central Station Heating.“ Dealers write for proposition. AMERICAN DISTRICT STEAM COMPANY

General Office & Works, No. Tonawanda, N. Y.

Branches : New York Chicago Seattle

24 April

Tours and Travel

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts


Health Resorts

Our International

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On Seneca Lake

The Margaret Louisa

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Back Log

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Commonwealth Ave. Boston

31st Street & Fifth Avenue
Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of
the most homelike hotels in the world.

New York
Your inquiries qladly answered
OT-Costello-Tigr and our booklet mailed

Combines every convenience and home

comfort, and commends itself to people of If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well and be within easy reach of social and dra

refinement wishing to live on American Plan Why we must play. A vacation

you cannot find a more comfortable place in
matic centers.

WM. E. LEFFING WELL, Pres. is more necessary in these war

New England than

Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or $2.00 per day without meals.

A MINERAL SPRINGS HEALTH times than in any other. To play

Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon

RESORT AND HOTEL is the first instinct of man. It



The only place in this country where

the Nauheim Baths for Heart and has always been necessary for It affords all the comforts of home without

Circulatory Disorders are given with a extravagance.

Natural Calcium Chloride Brine, development of physical, home and social life. If this be so in ABERDEEN HALL

The Pioneer American "Cure" of the Y. W. C. A.

for Heart Disorders times of peace, when there are


14 East 16th St., New York The treatments, under the direction of Beautifully situated on elevation fronting the only ordinary cares and anxie sea, in estate of 1,000 acres, well covered with

homelike А

physicians, are particularly adapted to

hotel for self-supporting Heart Disease, Circulatory, Kidney, ties, how much more so today pine and oak woods. Thoroughly equipped women. Rates in rooms 60c. to 90c. Restau

Nutritional and Nervous Disorders, with all modern improvements. Private rant open to all women. Send for circular.

Rheumatism, Gout and Obesity. when we are working under

bathing beach, tennis courts, golf club, beau-
tiful walks and drives. Accommodations for


All sports and recreations. FINE GOLF! such terrible anxiety and stress, automobile parties. Delightfully cool ocean

Send for Nlustrated Booklets
breezes. New management. Address
and under such high pressure ?

Aberdeen Hall, Hyannis, Mass.

It cannot be continued with

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium THE BERMAKEN On beautiful mountain lake renowned for out a breakdown unless there

the variety and attractiveness of its scenery.

A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
Kenberma, Mass.
Bracing mountain air, pure water, fine boat-

mental patients. Also elderly people requiring is relaxation and diversion. QUIET, RESTFUL PLACE for quiet people. ing and bathing, miles of mountain trails, a

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass. Ocean front. Modern improvements. Ample most attractive golf course, good automobile Take a vacation in the great lotable. Fine bathing. Cottage to rent. roads and garage. The Inn is entirely modern, Crest View Sanatorium

with broad piazzas overlooking the lake. Fine ternational Pacific Northwest,

Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respecte,

athletic field and tennis courts. Electric lights home comforts. H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D. Oregon, Washington and British

and steam heat. Large dancing floor and daily

orchestral concerts. Till June 1, address Columbia, amongst the snow

For Au HERMAN V. YEAGER, Mgr., Hughesville, Pa. LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick capped mountains, the trout


Doylestown, Pa. An institution

devoted to and salmon rivers, the forty

of the

the personal study and specialized treat

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, golf links, the fifteen thousand

Open Air ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy
rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to miles of motor roads, the

piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable.
Refs. exchanged. The Misses SARGEANT.

(late of The Walter Sanitarium) thousand miles of coast line

The Adirondacks

“ The Dorms,” Poultney, Vt. and inland seas. Our Inter

If you want to take your vacation in the
woods, to spend your days on lakes, inlets,
Three modern buildings with all improve-

pational Playground and the and trails, and your evenings and nights by Mest Fresh milk, fruits, and vegetables from New York City Washington Square district
World's Greatest Out of Doors.

the camp-fire, to fish, study birds and flowers,
and climb mountains, to have the company of

farm. Attractive walks and drives. Mountain
Box 0, Poultney, Vt.

Seven airy outside rooms, elevator service
enthusiastic campers, and the guidance of a
Write Outing Department

and all improvements. June 15-Sept. 15. $110
family who are experts in wilderness outing,

monthly. Mrs. O. G. DALE, 27 West 11th St.

send for the booklet on the “Back Log
Idea.” T. K. BROWN, Jr., Haverford, Pa.

Real Estate
(Maintained by the Govern-
ments of Oregon, Washing-

ton and British Columbia)

and COTTAGES Family Outing Place on beautiful lake.
1017-18 L C. Smith Bldg., Seattle


Folder, photos, and rates.
Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

Comfortable, homelike. Al

furnished house 14 rooms, at Branford, Coun, titude 1,800 ft. Extensive

Established 1857 on shore front. Private park about 60 acres verandas overlooking Keene (IME

Kenosha, Wisconsin

and bathing beach. Modern plumbing, Gas,
Valley. Trout fishing. Camp-

hot water furnace, electricity. 5 open fire
ing. Golf links, nine well-kept greens. Mile

Finest Health Resort and Sanitarium on Lake places. Address Box 1,234, New Haven, Com.
WASHINGTON STATE course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta Mich., in 100-acre park. Moderate rates. Booklet.
bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im-

A New Bunga-
Evergreen and evercool!
Snow-capped mountains, virgin
provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spe


low. 5 rooms, large
pine forests, national parks,
cial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP,

veranda, pleasant
seas, lakes, waterfalls, roads
Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y. WYOMING—Trapper Lodge house;3 acres of land southern exposure

, near , new garage and hen
into the heart of it all! And
Alaska, the wonderland at A

mostly valuablewoodland, large brook through

An all season stock ranch. Good water, table, our door! This book.beauti.

fishing and saddle horses. Camp OUTDOORS property near house ; 3% miles from WaterTOURISHBOOK fully illustrated, tells

you. plain. Cottages with central club house WITH COMFORT in the Big Horn Moun town, 9 miles from Waterbury. Price $2,200
Write : 1. M. Howell, Sec. of
where meals are served. References required. tains. Address WYMAN & SON, Shell, Wyo.

$1,200 cash. J. CASSIDY, Woodbury, Conn.
State, Dept, 0, Olympia, Wash,

For circular or information address JOHN B.
BURNHAM, 233 Broadway, New Yo


Health Resorts De

, the Great West for young people. com “The Indian Mountain House”

A well established private school. Splez

did patronage, good enrollment for next ervations made now. Start June 15. For partic COTTAGES and CAMPS

year. Washington's increased population isulars address 8,325, Outlook. Refs. exchanged.

creases school demand proportionately,
At head

Address MADAM SUZANNE, P. O. Box No. 1,284.
Hotels and Resorts
Delightful location, excellent cuisine. Best

bathing beach on lake. Best of fishing and

hunting. Prices most reasonable. For particu-
lars write JOHN HOWLAND, Pror.

The Wayside Inn

Beautifully situated lot of nearly $
New Milford, Litchfield Co., Conn. At Philipse Manor-on-the-Hudson

acres in Venice of America." Frontage de In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all the For those seeking the advantages

300 feet on bluff overlooking river, with good year. An ideal place for your summer's rest. of a home, without its cares. Directly on

boating and fishing. Price $1,600. 2 hours from New York. Write for booklet. the river. Clientele of highest standard. Sanford


Hall, est. 1841
Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor. Send for folder or pay the Im a personal call.

618 Pennsylva Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Telephone, Tarrytown 176.
Private Hospital


Casco Bay
Robinhood Inn and Cottages

Colonia) house,

N. Y. Comfortable, homelike surround-
Bailey Island, Me. Will open June 15. Ou bank of Hudson at famous Tappan Zee.

8 rooms, bath, hot and cold water, 4 fireplaors

ings; modern methods of treatment ; | telephone; furnished throughout with Coke Bathing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss Beautiful scenery amid points of historic Massey, 5000 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. interest. Inn has been rebuilt and newly competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn, nial furniture; 2,000 feet shore line, 23 acres

woodland and meadow. Reached by auto park, flower and vegetable gardens.

or boat. Photographs. References required Thwing's Camp Belgrade Lake, Driving, Folf, boating and swimming. Com

Food the best. Write for booklet. Address 8,365, Outlook. Rent for the summer. A picturesque collection of rustic cottages

L. E. DE GROAT, Piermont, N. Y. on shore of island, beautifully watered and wooded. Cottages furnished complete with all NEW YORK CITY

facing the ocean. Eleven rooins, five conveniences. Central dining cabin with ex

open fires, glass porch, electric light, tele cellent table also used for dancing and enter- HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing

phone, three baths. Fully furnished. 'J. B tainments. Fine fishing, boating and bathing.

McMaster, 2109 De Lanceyst.,Philadelphia, Pa For information address

adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms Newfoundland, New Jersey

with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, FRANCIS D. THWING, Belgrade Lakes, Me.

Rent for season

Seashore Cottage including meals. Special rates for two weeks

A quiet, restful health resort among the hills THE FIRS or more. Location very central. Convenient of northern New Jersey. Large sunny porch;

fully furnished; hot and cold water. S. W. to all elevated and street car lines. Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine

dry, exhilarating air. All forms of hydrother LITTELL, 138 8. Main St., Rockland, Maine. Inexpensive summer colony. Inn, tents, cot


apy and massage under medical supervision.

Believing that there is a curable physical basis BALD HEAD CLIFF, YORK, MAINE
tages. Select patronage. Booklets give full par-
ticulars. Prof. S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.

for most chronic ailments, we seek the under-
lying cause through a scientific study of each

Beautiful home of the late Mrs. George
individual case. Booklet sent on application.

Conarroe for rent. 16 rooing, with garage YORK CAMPS LOON LAKE,

and 10 acres of land. Modern in every detail
Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets
In famous Rangeley region in heart of

Directly on the ocean. Particulars, YORK

CLIFFS CO., 80 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
mountains facing lake. Private log cabins
with open fires, bath and hot and cold water,

Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

26 years of successful work. Thorough, reCentral dining-room. Golf within easy reach; The science of conducting a hotel properly liable, dependable and ethical. Every com: garage. Boating, bathing, fishing, mountain is at its highest when it is least apparent. fort and convenience. Accommodations of

Beautiful cottages. Completely fter climbing. Farm one mile from camp furnishes This is exemplified by the cultured,

superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys

nished. Private grounds; golf and tennis fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry, certified milk. livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.

Inforination given. YORK CLIFFS CO.

tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop. Send for illustrated booklet “BFred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Room 723, 80 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.




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Tarpon Springs, Florida

[blocks in formation]

Famous New England

Summer Resort

Real Estate

Real Estate


THE Ray Adding Machine. Saves time,

Business Situations
money, labor. Costs less than an average mis-
take-only $25. Adds with speed and accuracy

WANTED-Position as confidential secreCAPE COD Ocean Front Farm Prices have not advanced in Co

of highest priced machines. Also directly

tary. Broad experience. Salary to start, $2,000.

Box C, Highland, Ulster Co., N. Y.

subtracts. Used by U.S. Govt., International
Housekeeping bungalows. 5 and 6 rooms and produce 100 per cent higher. For information,
bathroom; fireplace. Grand view. $130 and etc., write RURAL LIFE Co., Kinderhook, N.Y.

Harvester Co., B. &0. Ry., business and pro-
fessional men' everywhere: Handsome desk

Professional Situations $150 season. L. S. RICH, Truro, Mass. To Let “The Moorings." Bolton Landing, stand free. Send no money, but write for 20

MUSICIAN, experienced as organist and day free trial. The Ray Company, 2147 Candler

director of choir and choral society, also CAPE COD-Barnstable

Furnished cottage, 10 bedrooms, 3 baths, Bldg., New York.

mezzo-soprano soloist, wishes position near property,

ork in

Boston. References for many years' running water, electric lights, open fireplaces, acre and a half, on Bow Lane, 77 feet front,

vicinity of New York City. Address H. C., largę piazzas. Beautiful trees, water front, 270 feet rear. Large residence and outbuild brook, filled icehouse. Address Lieut. Claude


75 Winchester St., Brookline, Mass. ings, in need of repair. Price very reasonable. Bailey, U.S. N., Burnt Hlls, N. Y. For blue print and particulars address Owner,

Professional Situations Companions and Domestic Helpers 1025 North Broad St., Elizabeth, New Jersey. ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW CITY church, pastor on war service, needs

POSITION as hospital housekeeper in coun-
substitute offering good reasons excusing try. Experienced. 5,815, Outlook.
For Rent for Summer Months from National service. Country clergyman LADY, middle age, wishes position as use-
Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles acceptable. 5,823, Outlook.

ful companion to lady. Experience and no
from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by
present owner, who will rent for the entire

Business Situations

objection to elderly person. Best references.

Address Box 226, Chappaqua, N. Y. season at moderate rental. Completely A New York real estate firm of the highest furnished. Six rooms with three

POSITION as housemother in boys' school

standing needs the services of a young lady FOR SALE OR TO LET bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with

or college for coming year. Exceptional creto assist in card indexing, etc. Painstaking dentials. 5,811, Outlook. running water. Ice, wood, and

temperament, neat handwriting, and ability rowboat included. For full particulars Bass Rocks, Gloucester, Mass. address 7,855, Outlook.

to draw simple diagrams essential.


ACTIVE, middle-aged woman wishes to assalary. Assistant, P. O. Box 1936, New York.

sist in congenial home, adults. 5,824, Outlook.

GENTLEWOMAN desires position, girls' ocean. Hat piazzalon froņt and sides. contains O'Funkhed.onete spring an ater, manitary

Companions and Domestic Helpers school, housemother, chaperon, hostess. Near 6 chambers, bath, running water, dining and

WANTED-Good, competent woman to act

Philadelphia. Fall term. Reference. 5,826,

Outlook. living rooms with a fireplace. Also has shed

plumbing. Golf, tennis, boating, bathing, as working housekeeper and take charge of

fishing. E. B. WALTON, Glenburnie, N. Y. with additional toilet. This property includes

servants in home short distance from New

COLLEGE graduate, cultured, musical, de about 7,000 square feet of land and is located

York. Best of references required. 5,813,

sires summer position as secretary, tutor, Outlook.

companion. Personal interview. Excellent near Moreland Hotel. For particulars address, For sale. Cottage, Saltaire, Fire Island Beach, Dr. FORSTER H. SMITH, L.I. 8 rooms, completely furnished, screened WANTED-Dietitian to act also as business

references. 5,831, Outlook. 306 Sun Building, Lowell, Mass. porches, all improvements. Terms reasonable.

manager for women's dormitory in a State

POSITION as hotel matron, refined, capable Would exchange for country property. Ad university. 5,827, Outlook.

American woman, 40, not married. Experidress 8., 17 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.

REFINED, conscientious young woman to

enced with help and guests. Credentials from assist in care of girl and boy, aged five months

present position of three years. 5,832, Outlook. For , 3 beauand two years, respectively. Experience not

TRAVELING to California in July, New tiful lots on Wiggins required, but sympathetic understanding

York lady will plan route to accommodate
St. Near car line and depot. Address Mrs. M.A.

invalid or child. REFERENCES exchanged. Gilbert, Roger Williams Univ., Nashville, Tenn.

necessary. Protestant preferred. All year

home in Adirondacks. Box 7, Lake Placid 5,842, Outlook. Beautiful Summer Home. Six rooms,

Club, Essex Co., N. Y.

LADY desires engagement, summer season, hot and cold running water and bath. Won

WANTED-Woman to look after two chil-

companion or for teaching. Experienced. derful view, fine location. Write for particu

dren, ages six and nine. References required.

Credentials. Will travel. 5,843, Outlook. lars. Very reasonable. LOUIS J. FONTAINE. | W nished, 4 rooms, bath, electricity , , 5,835, Outlook.

REFINED woman, a practical nurse and REFINED American or of the Allied, na

general housekeeper, would like position along NEW HAMPSHIRE Garage. Westerly water. Trolley. Bathing tions to assume entire charge of two year old

these lines or as traveling companion to inunsurpassed. Moderate. 8,317, Outlook. boy and to assist with older child. New York

valid. Splendid references of ten years from TO LET-AT GREGG LAKE

City winter, country in summer. Protestant present employer. Winter, P. O. Box O,
family. 5,840, Outlook.

Tarrytown, N.Y.

WANTED, 347 Westervelt Ave., Tompkins Teachers and Covernesses By the season or month, furnished rustic

For Sale, Windham Co., Yt., near Brattleboro, ville, S. I., telephone 1472 Tompkinsville, cottage with roof piazza, large porch, fireplace, modern new cottage, 2,000 ft. elevation, ga nursery governess or mother's helper to take EXPERIENCED teacher desires position running water, boat and good bathing

facili rage, electric lights 200 acres, refined neighbor care of twin boys 7 years old, do plain sew in grammar grades or junior high for fall of ties. Apply to C. H. FLEMING, Salem, Mass. hood, tillage and timberland. Most attractive ing, and little light housework. Mrs. Francis 1918. Excellent references. 5,821, Outlook. location in Vt. John L. Howard, Brattleboro, Vt. A. Cundill.

TEACHER, refined young lady, desires Cornishto for season in Cornish Colony, high TOPEEN, 3 furnished cottages near

, RENT, ON LAKE CHAM cafeteria managers, aletitlans. Miles Richards, i work preferred. References. 9,822, Outlook. ground, beautiful view, 10 acres, garden, ga

537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston, YOUNG refined woman desires position as rage; 9 rooms, modern conveniences, reason Burlington. Boats, ice, and two garages. Very 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays, nursery governess. In or near New York able terms. Apply P. MacKaye, Windsor, Vt. desirable. $300, $200, and $125 season. Miss 11 to 1.

preferred. Experienced. 5,819, Outlook. M. E. Meech, 326 College St., Burlington, Vt.

YOUNG woman, teacher in well-known Farmhouse, furnished. Near

Teachers and Covernesses private school, desires summer position as teet. Running water hohouse. Kent"$130. Lake Champlain dence, innrooms, a physicarceraining, $1,400 men for English,

teacher or companion. 5,818, Outlook.

FRENCH lady of education and refinement Write H. S. FERRY, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. baths, hardwood floors, broad veranda, garage, university schools, $1,500 to $1,800; two men who has taught in leading schools for many

boathouse and boats, icehouse full. Also cot with doctor's degrees, college positions, $1,500 years desires position with refined family to White Mountains

tage, 3 rooms and bath. All completely fur to $1,800 ; history and English for boys'lacad teach French in return for home and exnished and equipped. Ready for immediate emy, $1,500 to $2,000; two head masters for

penses ; no salary asked. Can act as chaperon. JACKSON, N. H.

occupancy. Excellent fishing. Ample grounds. university training, schools, $1,800 to $2,000. Willing to travel. 5,825, Outlook. 2 furnished cottages. One 8 rooms; Located between Burlington and St. Albans. Address THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS' one 11 rooms. Overlooking entire White $1,200 for season. Would sell. Wm. R. Wheeler, AGENCY, Macheca Building, New Orleans,

YOUNG woman, experienced, successful Mountain range. $140, $250 for season. Army and Navy Club, Washington, D. C.

teacher, at present doing graduate work, deLouisiana.

sires summer position as companion or tutor. A. G. PORTER

WANTED-Competent teachers for public Specialty, preparation for college entrance. 171 Westminster St., Providence, R.I. FOR RENT, FURNISHED and private schools and colleges. Send for bul Experience in outdoor sports. Ready for

letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y. LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. Plattsburg and Fort Ethan Allen, a large,


duties May 22. Highest references. 5,828, CALIFORNIA needs teachers with gradu Outlook. ate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers'


PROFICIENT, experienced teacher attractive place with considerable library, Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, fur billiard room, terrace and gazebo with un

Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal. nished, for rent and for sale. Write for book

Spanish desires summer engagement. 5,833, surpassed views; garden with small pond-lily

TEACHERS desiring school or college Outlook. lets. Sargent & Co., New London, N. H. Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate. pool, evergreen arboretum; swimming-pool.

positions apply International Musical and TUTOR wishes position for next year. 5,834, For further particulars address J. J. FLYNN Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. Outlook. For Rent, Season, $1,500, & W. B. McKILLIP, Burlington, Vt.

WANTED-Principal and assistant for in YOUNG man desires to be tutor and com

termediate department of private school for Lovely Summer Estate in

panion to one or more children in a private For Sale Beautiful 14-Acre Island

girls in the Southwest. Eastern training and family. Good references. 5,802, Outlook.

successful experience required. Also resident
teacher of French and Spanish. Send full in-

PRIVATE French teacher with fifty pupils

seeks PRIVATE SCHOOL. References. 1.000 ft. elevation, 142 acres, unexcelled view,

Well wooded, fine bathing beach, good fish formation to 5,830, Outlook.

ing, charming views. Very accessible. % WANTED-Experienced, refined young Plenty of water, diving pool, tennis, sleeping

Neuchateloise, 235 West 102d St., New York. mile to station on Rutland Railroad. Two porches for 7, furnishings for household of 16,

woinan as nursery governess for two children, 2 baths, electricity, garage, forge, telephone, and ice. All ready for camping. Price $10,000.

cottages (one furnished).

Boats, garden, fruit 5 and 3 years of age. French, English, or ice, garden, berries, modern barn, pastures,

American only: good references required. R,

BOOKS, MAGAZINES REYNOLDS R. E., Burlington, Vermont. cows, dairy and separator, neighbors of cúl

Apt. 3A, 875 Park Ave., New York.

MANUSCRIPTS Fine lakeshore farms and cottage sites. ture and distinction. Tenant engaging place

YOUNG'S Book Exchange, the mecca of soon can keep excellent farmer-chauffeur and wife (cook) used to the place. Map, pictures,

SITUATIONS WANTED literature pertaining to colored people, 135 W.

135th St., New York, Send for catalogue. and full description can be got from owner, C.C. Hoag, Franklin Bank Bldg., Philadelphia.

Business Situations
House of 10 Rooms
SECRETARY. Teacher of English, uni-


Beautifully shaded by large maples. Large versity graduate, with knowledge of 'type-
baru and hen house. Never failing spring of writing, desires position as secretary for PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also 4
cold water. Fruit in abundance and trout summer. 5,837, Outlook.

verses of America - The Pledge to the Flagbrook running through farm. Located in the AMERICAN Protestant widow, great sense 2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a camps in

beautiful mountains of Vermont, near village of humor, happy, sunny disposition, excellent little leaflet. Further the cause of patriotism the pines. Completely furnished, $200 to of Peaclam. Good roads. Telephone connec health, gentle birth, capable, artistic, possess by distributing in your letters, in pay envel$275 for season. Sand beach for children. tion. For information and photos address ing executive ability, good judgment, common opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social C. H. EASTON, 1 Broadway, New York.


sense, practical, tactful, and adaptable, wishes gatherings. 200' sent prepaid for 30 cents. 70 Bridge St., So. Hadley Falls, Mass. position. 5,836, Outlook.

Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J.


To Rent-A Farm of 61 Acres

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“That attack of dyspepsia of which you are com-
plaining is due to one of two causes.

Either you have over eaten or you have been
working under a nervous strain. For food will not
• properly digest when you go to your meals with
nerves on edge.

There isn't anything serious about this form of indigestion and the simplest sort of treatment should bring immediate relief.

For years, I always recommended the use of pepsin in such cases until, in later years when I had put pepsin into chewing gum, I suggested to my patients that they chew a stick of Beeman's Original Pepsin Gum for ten minutes after each meal.

Pepsin is good for stomach ailments, while the chewing of the gum acts as a nerve tonic.”

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