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XXXVI. The Birds' Petition...


XXXVII. Things to be Remembered.


XXXVIII. Labor*.......


XXXIX. The Contrast, or Mary and Jane

. Moore 76

XL. Peter begins to Study Botany.


XLI. How Leo became a Pauper....Our Dumb Animals 83

XLII. A Deed and a Word*.... Charles Mackay 84

XLIII. Rice.

XLIV. Success in Life.


XLV. Work*.....

.Alice Cary 91

XLVI. The Boy who was not ashamed of Ridicule........ 93

XLVII. The Boy who was not ashamed of Ridicule (concluded) 94

XLVIII. Cork ....


XLIX. The Sparrows' Christmas Feast*.....Celia Thaxter 98

L. My First Fishing ....

.John G. Whittier 100

LI. The Cost of a Pocket Knife...


LII. Macaulay's Mother...

Lord Macaulay 104

LIII. The Orphan's Prayer*.. .. Rhode Island Patriot 105

LIV. How Nails are Made..

.Harper's Bazar 108

LV. Read that Again, Jack... Mrs. M. J. Mallary 110

LVI. Smile whene'er you Can*.


LVII. The Little Match-seller..

.Hans Andersen 114

LVIII. Fulton's First Steamboat..

Robert Fulton 117

LIX. The Two Travelers and the Oyster*..


LX. The Faithful Indian... The American Planter 120

LXI. Bears..


LXII. The Fox in the Well*. .John T. Trowbridge 124

LXIII. What to Read, and How...

.Joseph Alden 126

LXIV. Value of Birds...

...J. W. Mell 128

LXV. The Skater's Song*.

Luella Clark 130

LXVI. Captain Hardy and Nathan..


LXVII. Gall-Nuts......


LXVIII. The Prairie on Fire*.

Phoebe Cary 135

LXIX. Daniel Webster on Woodchucks...


LXX. The Stinging Tree...... Cassell's Illustrated Travels 139

LXXI. Whittling – A Yankee Portrait*....John Pierpont 141

LXXII. Coal Mines and the Safety Lamp..


LXXIII. Whittier's Boyhood Home. Butterworth in St.Nicholas 144

LXXIV. Our State*.....

....John G. Whittier 147

LXXV. The Baobab Tree..

Wonders of Vegetation 148

LXXVI. The Two Foxes..

..German Translation 149

LXXVII. Story of John Jobson and his Rat*.... 8. H. Browne 150

LXXVIII. A Singular Adventure .. .Juvenile Miscellany 152

LXXIX. Same Subject (concluded)..


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.Noah Porter 235

IX. Washington Asks Pardon....


X. The Frost*.

..Miss Hannah F. Gould 236

XI. Sir Isaac Newton....

...Bulfinch 238

XII. Life Compared to a River.

Robert Hall 239

XIII. The Ship on Fire*.

. Charles Mackay 240

XIV. Old Things...


XV. The Rain..


XVI. The Old Oaken Bucket*.. Samuel Woodworth 244

XVII. The Iron Age...

..Journal of Mines 245

XVIII. Pleasant Homes.

.J. G. Holland 246

XIX. The Home of my Childhood*... Graham's Magazine 248

XX. Words Fitly Spoken.......

Extracts 249

XXI. The History of Postage Stamps. . St. Nicholas 251

XXII. The Daisy*....

.James Montgomery 252

XXIII. The Structure of Birds....


XXIV. A Touching Plea for Birds.. . Henry Bergh (adapted) 257

XXV. Sowing*


XXVI. The World we Live in. T. De Witt Talmadge 259

XXVII. Scene from the Little Merchant... Maria Edgeworth 261

XXVIII. Clear the Way*.


XXIX. Iceland...

. Picture Gallery of Nations 265

XXX. Life in Russia..

Marshall Jewell 267

XXXI. Beautiful Hands*.


XXXII. Androcles and the Lion....

T. Day 269

XXXIII. How to Move an Audience.

.Herries 271

XXXIV. The Old Barn*...

Alfred B. Street 272

XXXV. The Shell on the Shore.. English Magazine 275

XXXVI. Fidelity Rewarded....


XXXVII. The Three Bells*.

.John G. Whittier 279

XXXVIII. Decisive Integrity....

William Wirt 281

XXXIX. The Petrified Forests of California.


XL. The King's Picture*...


XLI. An End of all Perfection...... Lydia H. Sigourney 286

XLI. Ossian's Address to the Sun


XLIII. Auction Extraordinary*......... Lucretia Davidson 290

XLIV. The Mocking Bird of America .J. J. Audubon 291

XLV. The Mocking Bird's Song*.

.J. R. Drake 293

XLVI. The American Indian.... Charles Sprague 295

XLVII. Nicholas Nickleby Seeking for a Situation. . Dickens 296

XLVIII. Tell me, ye Winged Winds*..... . Charles Mackay 301

XLIX. The Bobolink....

Washington Irving 302

L. The Two Sisters*.

..Felicia D. Hemans 304

LI. Branches or Types of Animals...



LII. Precepts.

.. Sir Matthew Hale 310

LIII. The Solitary Reaper*

Wm. Wordsworth 311

LIV. A Fable....

Theodore Parker 312

LV. Cheerfulness


LVI. Better than Gold*.

Alexander Smart 315

LVII. Home A Mother's Love

. Albert Barnes 316

LVIII. Gil Blas and the Old Archbishop...A. R. LeSage 318

LIX. Charcoal's Story*.

.Happy Hours 322

LX. Sponge.

Manual of Commerce 323

LXI. Small Beginnings not to be Despised.... 326

LXII. An April Day*..

.. Geoffrey Chaucer 329

LXIII. Death of Alexander Hamilton . .Pres. Nott 330

LXIV. The Grave of Aaron Burr...


LXV. Ring Out, Wild Bells * - Alfred Tennyson 334

LXVI. An Army of Monkeys...

Lieut. Reid 335

LXVII. Enthusiasm Necessary to Success.Prof. W. Mathews 338

LXVIII. Spring*.

Mary Howitt 339

LXIX. God only can Satisfy our Affections. W. E. Channing 340

LXX. Paper..


LXXI. The Winds*

Hannah F. Gould 344

LXXII. A Curtain Lecture of Mrs. Caudle. Douglas Jerrold 346

LXXIII. Educated Observers

. Hearth and Home 349

LXXIV. Longing*.

.James Russell Lowell 351

LXXV. Appetite...

Horace Mann 352

LXXVI. Water-Spouts


LXXVII. Solitude*.

William Cowper 355

LXXVIII. Nothing Lives for Itself Alone.. .John Todd 357

LXXIX. The Stranger on the Sill*....

T. B. Read 360

LXXX. The Sensitive Author...

.R. B. Sheridan 361

LXXXI. Sorrow for the Dead .... Washington Irving 365

LXXXII. Hymn of the Churchyard*. ..H. W. Longfellow 368

LXXXIII. Soliloquy of King Richard III. . Wm. Shakespeare 369

LXXXIV. Origin of Yankee Doodle..


LXXXV. How the United States came to be called Uncle Sam. 372

LXXXVI. Niagara Falls*.

.J. S. Buckingham 373

LXXXVII. Death of Absalom..

...Bible Willis 376

LXXXVIII. Macaroni and Vermicelli. Samuel Woodworth 379

LXXXIX. Oratory as an Art.

Sheridan Knowles 381

XC. Passing Away*.

.John Pierpont 383

XCI. Choice Extracts..

Pope, Blair and others 385

XCII. The Bell of Justice.. ..poetry by Longfellow 387

XCIII. The Speech of Brutus.

.. Shakespeare 389

XCIV. Antony's Oration over Cæsar's Body*. Shakespeare 390

XCV. Selling Old Things......

. Century 393


XCVI. Tell's Address to the Mountains* Sheridan Knowles 395

XCVII. The Authors of our Liberty ...Geo. H. Curtis 396

XCVIII. Give me Liberty or give me Death. Patrick Henry 398

XCIX. Imagined Speech of John Adams..Daniel Webster 402

C. Independence Bell, 1776......


CI. Declaration of Independence. ....Thomas Jefferson 407

CII. The First Declaration of Independence ....


CIII. The American Flag*

...Joseph R. Drake 414

CIV. The National Flag.

. Charles Summer 416

CV. The Star Spangled Banner*.

.F. S. Key 417

CVI. Emigration for our Interest.. .Patrick Henry 419

CVII. Love of Country a Cardinal Virtue*... Sir W. Scott 421

CVIII. Progress of Mind*

. Sidney Dyer 422

CIX. Self-Culture.....

E. H. Chapin (adapted) 423

CX. Transition*....


CXI. Our Wondrous Atmosphere


CXII. Typography - Origin and Progress ..J. W. Russell 428

CXIII. Song of the Railroad*

Chas. T. Wolfe 432

CXIV. The Evils of War .....

.Henry Clay 433

CXV. The Ship and the Sea-Gull*....British Workman 435

CXVI. A Storm on the Ocean...... .. Archbishop Hughes 437

CXVII. An Incident of the Sea.. Washington Irving 440

CXVIII. The Ship “ City of Boston "* Will Carleton 441

CXIX. The Time to Work...

Henry T. Miller 443

CXX. Battle of Waterloo*

.Lord Byron 445

CXXI. Death of Little Paul.

.Charles Dickens 447

CXXII. There are no Dead*.

.Sir Edward Bulwer 450

CXXIII. My Mother's Bible*.

..George P. Morris 451

CXXIV. Phillips on America.....


CXXV. Rienzi's Address to the Romans* ... Miss Mitford 453

CXXVI. The Church Bell......

Cardinal Wiseman 455

CXXVII. Grattan's Reply to Corry.


CXXVIII. T'hree Grains of Corn*.

Miss Edwards 458

CXXIX. Room at the Top.

.J. G. Holland 460

CXXX. Religious Liberty.

. Daniel O'Connell 463

CXXXI. Song of Steam*.

..George W. Cutler 464

CXXXII. Address at Gettysburgh. . Abraham Lincoln 466

CXXXIII. Cover Them Over*

Will Carleton 467

CXXXIV. The Future of the Republic.... .Judge Story 470

CXXXV. Curfew shall not Toll To-night* .. Rosa Hartwick 472

CXXXVI. Universal Education

.Horace Greeley 475

CXXXVII. God's First Temples*. William Cullen Bryant 478

CXXXVIII. A Summer Night*... .... Philip James Bailey 482

Word Lessons - Twenty-two pages


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