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A Page from McKinley's Illustrated Topics for American History, No. U 19

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No. 1. Boonesborough, Ky., in 1775, the first fort erected in Kentucky, and the first permanent settlement in the State. Note the stockade connecting the outer walls of the houses; the windows and doors all face the interior of the enclosure.

No. 2. Astoria, in 1811, embodying the same principles of construction as seen in the Boonesborough picture.

No. 3. Fort Frye, Ohio, in 1792. This old engraving gives an excellent idea of the construction of the block-house with its overhanging story. One of these is placed at each angle of the triangular stockade.


Copyright, 1912, McKinley Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.


Be Sure to Inspect Free Samples of

McKinley's Illustrated Topics for Ancient and American History

These topics comprise a comprehensive notebook system, including a
durable, low-priced cover with patent rings; and loose leaf pages con-
taining analysis, references for topical reading, source studies, outline
maps and a very valuable collection of historical pictures. Teachers who
have adopted the topics state that their use has organized the class work,
has enlivened the study of history and awakened a deeper interest on
the part of students.

Any teacher who has not inspected sample copies of these topics should

write at once to the publishers

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Published monthly, except July and August, by McKinley Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Copyright, 1917, McKinley Publishing Co. Entered as second-class matter, Oct. 26, 1909, at Post-office at Phila., Pa., under Act of March 3, 1879


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is due to its rare combination of these three desiderata.


In The Outlook for Feb. 14, 1917, Mr. Roosevelt writes in an article entitled, The Dawn and Sunrise of History:

UT one of our own men, the distinguished Orientalist and Egyptologist, Professor James Henry

Breasted, of the University of Chicago, has now produced the best book of its kind that has ever been written on the subject. His ‘Ancient Times : A History of the Early World,' is written with the avowed purpose to be simple enough for use in high schools; but, perhaps for that very reason - inasmuch as the very best book for intelligent and well-grown boys is usually an uncommonly good book for grown-up men and women - his work is absorbingly interesting for every one who, without being an original student, is yet able to appreciate the tremendous drama of the ages which Mr. Breasted unfolds before our eyes." For full descriptive pamphlet, address the publishers


SOME OF ITS TEACHING HELPS: 1. Concise summaries are given at the beginning of each chapter.

2. Each paragraph treats one phase of the subject which is described by a title.

3. The relationship between previous matter, and each new subject is clearly shown.

4. Important events and documents are outlined in tabular form.

5. Clear, progressive maps illustrate the expansion of the countries studied.

634 pages profusely illustrated.


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The History Teacher's


can be furnished as follows: Bound Copies of volumes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 at $3.00 per volume; Unbound Numbers at 20 cents per copy as follows: Volume 1 (5 numbers); Volume 2 (9 numbers); Volume 3 (9 numbers ); Volume 4 (9 numbers); Volume 5 (7 numbers); Volume 6 (7 numbers); and Volume 7 (10 numbers).

McKinley Publishing Company



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