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power to refer to, any question as to construction of recited in-

struments, &c., 463.

appoint new referees, 576, 577.
proviso for cesser of estates, on refusing to submit certain dis-

putes to, 656.

provision for, of the life of surviving mortgagor, 604.
power of, on donor leaving England, 373.

in creditor-deeds, 386.
in assignment of covenant, 390.
to complete purchase and manage estate, 375.
to receive purchase-money, compound for defects of

title or error in description, and compel specific

performance, 379.
to give and receive seisin, 381.
to register deeds in Grenada, 382.

in Jamaica, 383.

in Virginia, 384.
to execute release of claims, 384.
to receive principal and interest, 385.

legacy, 388.

sum of money, 389, 390.
power for trustees to appoint each other, 574.

provision for, of deed, unless executed by all parties within two

years, 621.



trusts of, when given as an indemnity, 193.

assigned to attend inheritance, 233.


proviso for, of lease upon sale, 664.

of term on performance of trusts, 666, 667.

proviso for, of term for raising portions and annuities, 667.

on assignment of term on performance of trusts,668.
of lease if messuage burnt down, at lessee's op-
proviso for, of jointure in certain events, 648.

tion, 612.
at lessee's option, at the end of seven or fourteen

years, 617.
on nonpayment of rent, or assigning or under-

letting without consent, or failing to observe

covenants, 618.
of estates for life, on refusing to take and bear sur-

name and arms, 630, 637.
on ceasing to reside in mansion-

house, or to repair and insure
it, or on cutting timber, &c.,

634, 637.
of life-interest in money fund, on daughter cohabit-

ing with her husband, 639.
of trusts in favour of testator's niece, on her inter-

marrying with any one of next of kin to a cer-

tain person, 640.
of estates, on younger son becoming an elder or

only one, 640.
of interest in a sum of money, on becoming heir

apparent to a certain person, 641.
of proportional shares of settled monies, on becom-

ing entitled to any part of real estate, 641.
of estate devised on acquiring a certain other, with

option to retain devised estate on conveying

the other as directed, 641.
of estate tail, on dying in the lifetime of parents,

leaving children, such children to take as
tenants in common in tail, with cross-remain-

ders among them, 643.
of covenant to pay a sum of money to wife on her

refusing, when of age, to convey her interest

in certain premises to covenantor, 654.
of estates, on refusing to submit certain disputes to

arbitration, 656.
of husband's life interest in stock on bankruptcy,

&c., 645.
in real estate on insol-

vency, &c., 647.

of part of rent-charge, on husband's executing

power of jointuring, 652.
of infant's estates, unless when of age she concurs

in confirming settlement, 650, 651.

of charge on payment of a sum of money, 653.
proviso for reduction of, in case of eviction, 673.

cesser of, in certain events, or if raised, to be ap-

plied in exoneration of lands, or in compensat-

ing those who have borne it, 674.

though not reduced into possession, to become the property of

husband, 658.

power to execute release of, 384.
limitation to trustees to support, 276, 277.

to prevent destruction of, on conveyance by different

tenants for life and the reversioner, with inter-
posed contingent estates to children of tenants

for life, 165.

trusts in mortgage of, 212.

nominal, 47, 49, 64.
deposit and payment of residue, 44.
bill of exchange, 50.
annuity, 50.
transfer of stock, 50.
bankers' accepting and honouring bills and drafts, 51.
loan, 59.
debt, 60.
rent and covenants, 63.
stock and property of wife becoming husband's, 63.
marriage of ward with consent of Court, 63.
marriage and covenant, 63.
marriage grant and covenant, 64.
marriage and settlement, 65.
marriage, and intended dismissal of bill in Chancery, 65.

marriage, and money paid and secured to be paid, 64.
natural love, 46.
purchase-money, 43.
when paid to more than one, 44.

accountant-general, 45.

executrix in husband's life, 53.
by more than one, 44,

commissioners on behalf of the Crown, 44.

in discharge of mortgage, 59.
when part paid and residue secured, 56, 61.

to mortgagee and residue to vendor, 57, 58.

already received and residue now paid, 52.
when several trustees, by way of mortgage (under two different

trust deeds) made joint contract for sale of contiguous

lands at one entire price, 45.
in a partition of land, each party taking his share by a separate

deed, 46.
when paid by parceners in certain proportions, 47.
in conveyance of estate-tail to purchaser in fee-simple, 49.
where land belonged to tenants in common, and one dying, de-

vised to trustees, who, with surviving tenant, sold en-

tirety, 51.
where purchase made by trustee with trust-money at the instance

of the cestuis que trust, 52.
where conveyance made to the heir-at-law of purchaser, who

died after payment of purchase-money, and before convey-

ance, 52,

where freeholds are released, and copyholds covenanted to be

surrendered, by one deed, 53.
where sale and purchase are made under decree of court, 54.
where it is to be held upon the trusts of will, 54.
where part of it is to be held upon trusts declared by another

deed, 55.
where lands are conveyed in part satisfaction of debt, 56.
where lands were subject to recent mortgage, and mortgage-

money was to be considered as part of purchase-money,

and purchaser to satisfy same, 56.
when paid in satisfaction of sums charged on estate by will, 56.
when applied in part payment of mortgages, and estate sold is

discharged from residue, and all contribution, 58.
when payment recited in indenture of even date, 59.


when paid into the Bank, pursuant to Act of Parliament, 59.
when mortgage discharged, and estate conveyed by indorsement

from mortgagee's trustee, 59.
where purchase-money collaterally secured, 60.
where part secured to be paid at a future time, 62.

when paid to avoid expense of proving will in Chancery, 62.

power to compel specific performance of, 379.
power to complete, 375.

trusts to carry into effect, or to release and re-sell, 204.
covenant to surrender, in purchase-deeds, 753.

mortgages, 755.
annuity-deeds, 756.

settlements, 757.

to enlarge estate tail in, into a fee, 765.

trusts to raise, 219.

power to consult, as to expediency of executing powers, 557.

lien of, where each covenants for himself alone, 686.

by two jointly and severally, 686.
two severally and for wives, and as respects titles

to distinct mess
three or more severally, as to their own acts, and acts

of wives, 687.
two severally, as to their distinct shares, 687.
trustees for sale, but beneficially interested in some

manner in the purchase money, 687.
joint-tenants, 687.
copartners or tenants in common, 688.
several tenants in common in fee, one of whom is

seised in right of his wife, as to their respec-
tive fourth

parts, 688.
two vendors, each for an undivided moiety, 688.
husband, for himself and wife, 689.
father, for himself and wife, and by his son jointly

and severally, 689.
several appointees having different shares, 689.
two, as to their distinct interest, 690.

essuages, 686.

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