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Utica State Hospital..

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United Spanish War veterans..

university of the state of New York. See Education department.

second appropriation

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fifth appropriation

veterinary college, state.

second appropriation

165 623

165 368

165 559

veterinary examinations

165 332

vocational training bureau..

165 334

66 war contracts" completion.

891 2252

Watertown, Jefferson farm school, support and maintenance.

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fifth appropriation



Western New York Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.

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arbitrations, application of code provisions (ch. 17, title 8)

Arbitration law:

application of certain sections of the code of civil procedure and repeal

of certain other provisions, article 3 (§§ 7-9)

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appropriation for registered architects, board of, temporary salaries.. 165


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Armories and arsenals: See also Armory commission, state; Military law,

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amended; National guard; New York guard.

appropriation for Buffalo armory, boat house..

fourth brigade district armory.

New York arsenal..

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third brigade district armories, construction, alteration, repairs,
enlargement, renting, equipment and maintenance..

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Yonkers armory

armories, use by world war veteran organizations, militay law amended,
§ 186

armory property inventory, time of filing, military law amended, § 195.
compensation of armory employees, emergency expenditures, military
law amended, §§ 189, 198...

expenses of armories, time of apportioning funds and annual estimates,
military law amended, §§ 177, 178, 193....

maximum compensation of employees, military law amended, § 189..
New York city, acquisition of site, construction of new arsenal,

sale of old arsenal lands and building, payment of proceeds into
state treasury

Armory commission, state:

appropriation for maintenance and operation.

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second appropriation

third appropriation



Army and navy veterans: See Grand Army of the Republic; Soldiers and
sailors; United Spanish War veterans.

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expense of collection in certain towns, town law amended, § 477a.... 186


Ashes and garbage:

Assembly: See Legislature; Speaker of assembly.

Assessments: See Taxes and assessments.

Assessors: See Municipal officers and employees, local laws affecting.

Assistant mental diagnostician: See Education law amended.

Asylums: See State charitable institutions.

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second appropriation

legislative journals, bills and documents, to receive bound volumes,
legislative law amended, § 47......

Attorneys at law:

admission to practice, court of appeals rules III and V amended, rule
IIIb added

[blocks in formation]

order of appellate division revoking right to practice law, recon-
sideration, admission

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Attorneys for Indians: See Indians.

Auditors: See also Town law amended.

Onondaga county, auditor, deputy auditor, confidential secretary, sal-
aries increased

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Auburn: City third class; see also City, headings.

revision and consolidation of charter..



Auburn prison: See also Prisons, state, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction.

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Sennett town, farms, acquisition for industrial employment at.

85 151

Automobiles: See Motor vehicles.


court of claims, disposition when award is deposited, code of civil
procedure, § 268b added..

486 1251

effect of compensation award, beneficiaries, workmen's compensation
law, § 15, subd. 3, new paragraph added..

534 1362

interest payable on compensation awards, workmen's compensation
law amended, § 24.

[blocks in formation]

preference against assets of insurance carriers, workmen's compensa-
tion law amended, § 34..





appropriation for chauffeurs and inspectors, secretary of state's office.

frogs, open season, use for bait, conservation law amended, § 257....

form for use on voting machines, election law amended, § 397.

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[blocks in formation]

Banking law amended: See also Banking department; Banks; Table of
amendments preceding index, p. 4.

banks and trust companies, omission of state examination, condition,
§§ 130, 215...

employees of banks and trust companies, loans on United States war
bonds, 139, 222..

investment companies, annual reports, period covered, § 298.
maximum expense charges, § 293, subd. 4..

personal loan companies and brokers, powers, restrictions, dividends,
penalties, §§ 344, 345, 350, 364, 368, 369, 371, 373.

public funds, investment in bonds of state land bank, § 149 added.
savings banks, authorized investments, § 239, subd. 11.

deposits, maximum five thousand dollars, § 247, subd. 1.
investments in judgments against state, § 239a, subd. 1.
investments in securities of railroads under government control,
extension of time, § 239, subd. 7, ¶ i.....

payment of deposits of decedent where no personal representative
appointed, § 248, subd. 4....

withdrawal of deposits, § 243, subd. 2, § 248, subds. 1, 2.
school savings bank deposits, § 279, subd. 2.

trustees of savings banks in New York city, residence, § 260, subd. 2,
¶ a.

unclaimed deposits, dividends and interest, when published, § 46....

Banks: See also Banking law amended; Corporation headings.
acting as fiduciaries, bank tax to exclude other taxes, tax law
amended, § 24c..

[blocks in formation]

omission of state examination, condition, banking law amended, § 130.
state funds, deposit in any bank, state finance law amended, § 8....

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[blocks in formation]

Astor point lands, occupation by United States for lighthouse

[blocks in formation]

Batavia State School for the Blind: See New York State School for the
Blind, Batavia.

Bath Soldiers' Home: See New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home,

Beacon: City third class; see also City headings.

[blocks in formation]

city officers, powers and compensation, actions for negleignce........ 171 651


appropriation for investigation, Cornell University..

Bedford Hills reformatory: See New York State Reformatory for Women,
Bedford Hills.

Beekman town:

165 368

Industrial Farm Colony lands, use by state hospital commission.... 320 884


Chap. Page.

registration, transportation, treatment of foul broods, penalties, agri-
cultural law, §§ 300, 303 amended, §§ 300a, 303a added...

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

attorney-general to receive bound volumes, legislative law amended,
8 47

Binghamton: City second class; see also City headings.

[blocks in formation]

real property, sale and conveyance by city to Israel J. Hullman,

[blocks in formation]

supreme court library, salary of librarian increased, education law
amended, § 1173..

[blocks in formation]

Binghamton State Hospital: See also State hospitals, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction..

maintenance and operation.

second appropriation

third appropriation





second appropriation

Binghamton supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Birds: See Conservation headings; Game; Names of particular birds.

Bissell, Lucy A.:

appropriation for balance of compensation due late Justice Herbert P.
Bissell for 1919..

Blind: For items of appropriation in detail, see under names of par-
ticular institutions for the blind throughout index; see also Blind,
state commission for; State charitable institution headings.

appropriaion for aid to pupils in certain institutions.
International Sunshine Society, care of children.
New York Institute for Education of Blind.

[blocks in formation]

New York State School for Blind..

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation



state library, library for blind, salaries.

[blocks in formation]

relief and education of indigent blind, supervisors may provide, county
law, § 12, subd. 43 added..

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