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ers, &c. very even upon a fheet of brown paper, and fo ano ther on that; letting them lie three days, then changing them in fresh papers, keeping them very close, for three days more, and then putting them between other fresh papers, fo repeating them till thoroughly dry, and then laying them in order between the fheets, and tie them up when tho roughly dry; laying them even at the bottom of your chest that they may not crumple or break. If you can catch any flies, butterflies, beetles or any ftrange pretty infects, put a pin through them, and pin them to a thin box, on the infide; it will keep them with the perfect colour, and beauty, and whole. But be very tender of the butterflies, for fear of lofing the fine colour or down, and of moths. If you meet with fine fnakes, worms, scorpions, batts, or pretty birds, if fmall you may keep them in fpirits: I will repay you what charges you are at for these, therefore be careful. And that you may not lose your labour when you return to England,and if any body fhould offer to prefs you, let them know, that you are upon the royal fociety's account, and have this commiffion from me to collect the foregoing things, for her majefty's fervice, viz. fhells, ftones, &c. for her grottos; and the reft for the improvement of natural history knowledge and phyfick. And pray get me what good feeds, and bulbous flower roots you can, and berries of pretty trees, and plants for the queen's gardens. I am fure no ingenious nor worthy gentleman, will meddle with you, if you acquaint them with this request of mine, to let you pass free, having the care and charge of these things for her majefty's fervice, and the royal fociety; and I defire you will let me know who fhew themselves kindly to you, that I may return their civilities, &c. God preferve and blefs you. I am

Your Friend and bumble Servant,



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The following Letter from ANGLESEY,containing, as we are affured, Matter of Fact; we could not but publish it, with the Verfes, out of Regard to fo diftant a Correfpondent.

Gued Meifter BAFFIUS,


a coocking; my gefts as ufal after brafe drunkin, fell into quarelings apout there peticrees; after many plows given CAPT. CACK. ---- and flunked fo brafely, that all the cogs and fhentlemen leaved him foul mifter of the pit; wherpon hur friend did wrote the following vurfes; which hur bags you to print, that they may be afham'd of there practifings, and fhave my fhugs and fhamberpots.

Porthaethwy, Anglesey,
28 May 1731.

Yours till deth Stopeth hur breth RHIVIART AP HUW.


TELL broke, brave MATT! at length we know,, Why TALLARD and his troops gave way; And where, at MONS fome years ago, Your boasted strength and fury lay.

Monfieur advanc'd with daring pride,
Regardless of each sweeping blast,
'Till you turn'd fhort, and warmly ply'd
Your bum artillery at last.

Can any virtuofo find,

From what ftrange force this volley flies, That, parthian-like, fo wounds behind,

And mauls our noses, more than eyes?

Cannons and mortars can't compare

With magazines in bowels pent: When fir'd amidst the heat of war, They force the touch-hole for a vent.

I 3


Let TORRES blufter as he will,

He must retire with foul disgrace;
If SABINE has but learn'd your skill,
To fpout it in his donship's face.

Your front could not the battel win,
Tho' arm'd with brafs to face your foes:
But foon as e'er your rere came in,
It took whole fquadrons by the nose.

In fhort, you boldly may defie

The pow'r of all the devils in hell: Full in their face your engine plie, You'll rout them all, if they can smell.

Grubftreet Journal, No 76.


The Inftructions of Mr. J---L J-CHRISTOPHER HILLIARD, printed in our laft Journal, turn'd into Hudibraffic Verfe.

Honeft KIT,


F you can't read, you'll get fome friend
To explicate th' advice I fend:
The former part regardeth thee;
The laft, what you must do for me:

If thou'lt be fafe, when far from land,
Be fure to keep god near at hand.
He'as kept you oft by providence;
Be therefore now void of offence.
Thou'aft fpent much time to little purpose,
And therefore.fhoud'ft redeem the furplus:
For god and man will cherish you, fo
You prove a careful virtuofo;
And bring a full account to me,
When god has brought you from the fea.


That I may know, when you return, all
That's worth remembring, keep a journal:
Make you a book, with cover rough,
A ream of paper is enough.
Whate'er you hear, write word for word,
They'll lend you pen and ink on board,
And that you may my thanks deserve
The following things, be fure, observe.

The winds, that blow the compass round;
And ev'ry time what depth you found:
Of latitude take the degrees;

See where it doth most rain, or freeze:
But fands and fhells I value most,
From the deep fea, far from the coaft.
Some pitch ftuck on, or flimy ftuff,
Will make the lead bring up enough:.
In different papers, put them in,
And write without, what is within.
That you may give defcriptions ample,
Let words like these be your example,
In latitude of --- - abounding
With yellow fand, this is the founding:
This little fifh we took alive,


Bring me fome moffes, plants, and trees,
And pretty feathers, from the feas;
No fruits, or herbs, are worth your getting;
But weeds are choice; we don't mind eating.
The things, when got, put up with care
In cagg, or pot of earthen ware;
Except the feathers, they must be
Kept fmooth, and from all bruifes free:
The larger trees, you'll make them fast,
Some how or other, to the mast.
Strange fishes wou'd do mighty well;.
A whale, or fhark's acceptable.
Large concha fhells you'll find on fhore;
Be fure you bring me three, or four :

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That is, if you can get them whole,
About the fize of a punch bowl.
A pound or two of fhining fand,
Or gravel, from fome diftant ftrand;
Provided it contains no gold,
Or any thing that can be fold.
But pretty ftones I moft admire,
That look like water, earth, or fire:
Not diamonds, emeralds, or rubies;
Thofe are for aviricious boobies."
Get ores, or foffils, as directed,
Such as our W- ------D as collected.
From every tree three branches lop,
At bottom, middle, and the top.

Then flowers, ferns, and thorns, you'll get ye,
Some of each fort, if they be pretty:
Preft in brown paper, let them lye,
Which at a chandler's you may buy:
(Two pence a quire will buy the beft)
Then lay them even, in your cheft.
I'm fadly vext, I fhou'd forget
To lend you my fly-catching net;
So made, as not to difcompofe -
The down, that on the infects grows:
But you'll take care, whene'er you fee
A fly, to catch it tenderly.

By handling rough, I fhou'd be loth,
You fhou'd contaminate a moth.
Transfix the beetle with a pin
Stuck to a box, extremely thin,
Not on the outfide, but within:
Thus they'll preserve their native hue;
But 'tis a fecret known to few.
Of butterflies be chiefly careful
To keep the duft, of which they are full
So wash your hands, for fear the tarr
Shou'd ftick, and their contexture marr.
Fine rattle fnakes you'll bring me home;
Of adders, worms, and fcorpions fome;


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