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Utica State Hospital..

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165 626

165 576

900 2263



university of the state of New York. See Education department.

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fifth appropriation

veterinary college, state..

second appropriation

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veterinary examinations

165 332

vocational training bureau.

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"war contracts completion..

891 2252

Watertown, Jefferson farm school, support and maintenance.

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Western New York Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.

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application of certain sections of the code of civil procedure and repeal

of certain other provisions, article 3 (§§ 7-9).

arbitrations, application of code provisions (ch. 17, title 8)

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appropriation for registered architects, board of, temporary salaries.. 165


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Armories and arsenals: See also Armory commission, state; Military law,

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amended; National guard; New York guard.

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third brigade district armories, construction, alteration, repairs,
enlargement, renting, equipment and maintenance..

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Troy armory

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second appropriation

165 619

Yonkers armory

armories, use by world war veteran organizations, militay law amended,
8 186

armory property inventory, time of filing, military law amended, § 195.
compensation of armory employees, emergency expenditures, military
law amended, §§ 189, 198.

expenses of armories, time of apportioning funds and annual estimates,
military law amended, §§ 177, 178, 193..

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maximum compensation of employees, military law amended, § 189..
New York city, acquisition of site, construction of new arsenal,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

sale of old arsenal lands and building, payment of proceeds into
state treasury

appropriation for maintenance and operation.

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Army and navy veterans: See Grand Army of the Republic; Soldiers and
sailors; United Spanish War veterans.

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Ashes and garbage:

expense of collection in certain towns, town law amended, § 477a....

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Assembly: See Legislature; Speaker of assembly.

Assessments: See Taxes and assessments.

Assessors: See Municipal officers and employees, local laws affecting.

Assistant mental diagnostician: See Education law amended.

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[blocks in formation]


second appropriation

legislative journals, bills and documents, to receive bound volumes,
legislative law amended, § 47....

Attorneys at law:

admission to practice, court of appeals rules III and V amended, rule
IIIb added

[blocks in formation]

order of appellate division revoking right to practice law, recon-
sideration, admission

[blocks in formation]

Attorneys for Indians: See Indians.

Auditors: See also Town law amended.

Onondaga county, auditor, deputy auditor, confidential secretary, sal-
aries increased

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Auburn: City third class; see also City, headings.

revision and consolidation of charter...



Auburn prison: See also Prisons, state, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction.

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third appropriation

513 1331

85 151

Sennett town, farms, acquisition for industrial employment at.

Automobiles: See Motor vehicles.


court of claims, disposition when award is deposited, code of civil
procedure, § 268b added...

486 1251

effect of compensation award, beneficiaries, workmen's compensation
law, § 15, subd. 3, new paragraph added..

534 1362

interest payable on compensation awards, workmen's compensation
law amended, § 24..

preference against assets of insurance carriers, workmen's compensa-
tion law amended, § 34..



527 1350


appropriation for chauffeurs and inspectors, secretary of state's office.




frogs, open season, use for bait, conservation law amended, § 257....




form for use on voting machines, election law amended, § 397......
Band concerts:



Lyons village, proposition for...

6 12

Banking department: See also Banking headings following.

appropriation for maintenance and operation..

[blocks in formation]

Banking law amended:

See also Banking department;
amendments preceding index, p. 4.

Banks; Table of
banks and trust companies, omission of state examination, condition,
$$ 130, 215...
employees of banks and trust companies, loans on United States war
bonds, 139, 222...

investment companies, annual reports, period covered, § 298.
maximum expense charges, § 293, subd. 4..

personal loan companies and brokers, powers, restrictions, dividends,
penalties, §§ 344, 345, 350, 364, 368, 369, 371, 373.

public funds, investment in bonds of state land bank, § 149 added..
savings banks, authorized investments, § 239, subd. 11.

[blocks in formation]

deposits, maximum five thousand dollars, § 247, subd. 1.
investments in judgments against state, § 239a, subd. 1.
investments in securities of railroads under government control,
extension of time, § 239, subd. 7, ¶ i..........

167 646

701 1749

718 1776

payment of deposits of decedent where no personal representative
appointed, § 248, subd. 4....

withdrawal of deposits, § 243, subd. 2, § 248, subds. 1, 2.
school savings bank deposits, § 279, subd. 2.

trustees of savings banks in New York city, residence, § 260, subd. 2,
¶ a.

unclaimed deposits, dividends and interest, when published, § 46....

Banks: See also Banking law amended; Corporation headings.

acting as fiduciaries, bank tax to exclude other taxes, tax law
amended, § 24c..

[blocks in formation]

omission of state examination, condition, banking law amended, § 130.
state funds, deposit in any bank, state finance law amended, § 8....
Banks, superintendent of: See Banking department.

[blocks in formation]

Barge canal: See Canals.


Astor point lands, occupation by United States for lighthouse

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


police force, compensation....



Batavia State School for the Blind: See New York State School for the
Blind, Batavia.

Bath Soldiers' Home: See New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home,

Beacon: City third class; see also City headings.

city officers, powers and compensation, actions for negleignce....


appropriation for investigation, Cornell University..

Bedford Hills reformatory: See New York State Reformatory for Women,
Bedford Hills.

Beekman town:

[blocks in formation]

Industrial Farm Colony lands, use by state hospital commission.... 320 884.


Chap. Page.

registration, transportation, treatment of foul broods, penalties, agri-
cultural law, §§ 300, 303 amended, §§ 300a, 303a added....

770 1892

[blocks in formation]

attorney-general to receive bound volumes, legislative law amended,
§ 47

Binghamton: City second class; see also City headings.

real property, sale and conveyance by city to Israel J. Hullman,

[blocks in formation]

supreme court library, salary of librarian increased, education law
amended, § 1173.

[blocks in formation]

Binghamton State Hospital: See also State hospitals, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction..

[blocks in formation]

maintenance and operation..

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

third appropriation



second appropriation

Binghamton supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.
Birds: See Conservation headings; Game; Names of particular birds.

Bissell, Lucy A.:

appropriation for balance of compensation due late Justice Herbert P.
Bissell for 1919....

Blind: For items of appropriation in detail, see under names of par-
ticular institutions for the blind throughout index; see also Blind,
state commission for; State charitable institution headings.

[blocks in formation]

appropriaion for aid to pupils in certain institutions..
International Sunshine Society, care of children.
New York Institute for Education of Blind.

[blocks in formation]

New York State School for Blind....

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

165 626

state library, library for blind, salaries.

[blocks in formation]

relief and education of indigent blind, supervisors may provide, county
law, § 12, subd. 43 added.....

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