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Ipfa fuperftitio difcit fuperare timores,
"Hic fcelere abfolvit nam Deus ipfe reos."
En adfum; venio; tu flores necte amaranthi,

Palmarum frondes, ambrofiafque rofas!
Pectora qua miti fervent coeleftia flamma
Et peccatores pace fruantur, eo.
Ipfe feras, vir care, meo folatia lecto
Supremam curans explicuiffe viam ;
Tuque piis manibus condas morientis ocellos,
Ultimaque arripias ofcula ab ore meo.
Quin adfta potius niveo venerandus amictu,
Dextra facratam rite tenente facem;
Ante oculos attolle crucem, da figna falutis,
Meque fimul doceas, ipfeque difce, mori.
Olim dilectam, dilecte, tuere puellam,

Cernere compofitam non tibi crimen erit.
Cernes pallenti difcedere fronte colorem

Et tremulum ex oculis lumen abire meis; Donec et oris honos, motufque, et fpiritus auræ, Torpeat et venæ pulfus, amorque tui.

O vox facundæ mortis ! tu fola fateris

Pulvere quam levior, quam fugitivus amor!




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Then too, when fate fhall thy fair frame destroy,
(That caufe of all my guilt, and all my joy)

In trance ecstatic may thy pangs be drown'd,
Bright clouds defcend, and angels watch thee round,
From op'ning skies may ftreaming glories fhine,
And faints embrace thee with a love like mine.
May one kind grave unite each hapless name,
And graft my love immortal on thy fame!
Then, ages hence, when all my woes are o'er,
When this rebellious heart fhall beat no more;
If ever chance two wand'ring lovers brings
To Paraclete's white walls and filver springs,
O'er the pale marble fhall they join their heads,
And drink the falling tears each other sheds ;
Then fadly fay, with mutual pity moved,
"Oh may we never love as these have loved!"
From the full choir when loud hosannas rise,
And swell the pomp of dreadful facrifice,
Amid that scene if fome relenting eye

Glance on the stone where our cold relics lie,



At tua cum fato pulcherrima forma peribit,
Omnis caufa mali, lætitiæque meæ,
Somnia fupremas fallant coeleftia pœnas,
Deficit ut languens fpiritus ore tuo.
Defcendant nubes, immortalefque ministri
Invigilent lecto, fida caterva, tuo:
Gloria te cœli irradiet, fanctique sodales
Te quoque, qualis erat nofter, amore colant.
Amborum cineres una condantur in urna

Ut tibi duret honos duret amorque meus.
Sic, ubi ceffârint poft fecula longa dolores,
Indomito fanguis nec mihi corde fluet:
Si Paracletenfes muros et amoena fluenta
Advena cum tenera virgine viset amans;
Supra marmoreum jungentes ora fepulcrum
Ex utriufque oculis lacrymam uterque bibent,
Clamantes facra moti pietate, "Sit horum,
"O precor! a noftra forte remotus amor."
Cum refonant pleni centum de vocibus hymni

Pompaque facrificos occupat alta choros,
Si quis adorantum moerentes vertat ocellos

In lapidem fub quo corpora nostra jacent ;



Devotion's felf fhall fteal a thought from heaven,
One human tear fhall drop, and be forgiven.
And sure if fate some future bard shall join
In fad fimilitude of griefs to mine,
Condemn'd whole years in abfence to deplore,
And image charms he must behold no more;
Such if there be, who loves fo long, fo well;
Let him our fad, our tender ftory tell;

The well-fung woes will foothe my penfive ghoft;
He best can paint them who can feel them moft.



Ignofcenda quidem cœlo pia lacryma furtim
In cineres gelidos officiofa cadet.

Quod fi quis vates venturo tempore noftris
Sentiet ærumnas corde dolente pares;
Damnatus dominam abfentem plorare per annos
Et non fpectandum fingere mente decus,
O fi talis erit tantos qui norit amores,

Nofter amor fuerit quam mifer, ille canet.
Dulcia forte meos mulcebunt carmina manes;
Hæc melius pinget, qui mala fenfit amans.



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