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John Heywood's Educational Works.

English Language.


John Heywood's Manchester Readers. A New Series of Books of rudimentary instruction for Elementary Schools of all grades and classes, specially prepared to suit the requirements of the NEW CODE, and affording the most efficient instruction in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, for the various standards of examination. The READING AND SPELLING LESSONS will be found of inestimable value, being based upon a perfect system of gradation, and differing in style from any others published. WRITING LESSONS are introduced in the Primer and the First Book; those in the former being expressly designed for practice on the slate, the letters in the copies being white on black ground.

The LFSSONS IN ARITHMETIC will be found adapted to the different standards, and an entirely novel feature is the introduction of a series of DRAWING COPIES for slate practice, instead of the inferior woodcuts which are generally found in reading books. F'cap 8vo, bound in strong cloth. Primer or Elementary Reader First Book, adapted to Standard I..


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64 pp., Price
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III. ....160 pp.,
IV......192 pp.,
V.&VI...224 pp.,


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1s. 2d.

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Key to the Arithmetical" Examples in John Heywood's

Manchester Readers. In two Parts, cloth, Price 1s. each. (Part I., for Primer and Books I. and II. Part II. for Books III., IV., and V. John Heywood's New Code Readers. In Five Books. Designed to supply the requirements of the Education Department for a second Series of Reading Books.

These books are compiled on the principle recommended in the "Instructions to Inspectors," that books for teaching reading should be of a nature to interest children. The earlier books consist of a number of simple tales specially adapted for the amusement and instruction of the young. Neither spelling, writing, nor arithmetic lessons are introduced, as the object of the NEW CODE READERS is simply to supply extra reading matter, and not to take the place of distinct manuals on other subjects of education. In the higher standards the books are varied in nature, and made up of lessons on subjects calculated to excite the interest of the children, while conveying to them valuable information. The lessons are carefully graduated, so that each standard is perceptibly more difficult than the previous one. Pieces of poetry are interspersed throughout, and care has been taken to exclude from each book any extracts which would be difficult of comprehension to the child in the particular standard.

The compiler, impressed with the conviction that every series of reading books must finally stand or fall upon the simple issue whether they are found successful in teaching children to read, has striven to attain this object throughout, and it is hoped that by making these books interesting, instructive, and carefully graduated, the work of the teachers in securing fluency in reading may be greatly facilitated.


F'cap Svo, bound in strong cloth.

First Book, adapted to Standard I....... 96 pp., Price


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o.; J. C. TACEY.

John Heywood's Educational Works.

School Management.

The New Code of Regulations, by the Committee of Council on Education, 1872. John Heywood's edition. A verbatim reprint of the official copy, re-arranged with all the Articles and Schedules relating to any one subject together, showing the cancelled Articles of 1871 in juxtaposition to the modified Articles of 1872, distinguishing the New Articles of 1872 throughout the Code, and containing an Official Letter relating to the subjects-English Grammar and Literature. Price One Penny. John Heywood's Table of the Standards of Examination in Elementary Schools, under the New Code. By GEORGE HOGG. Second edition, embodying all the alterations contained in the New Code, 1872, and showing at a glance the various Regular and Extra Subjects in each Standard, arranged in the most comprehensive form, with a carefully prepared summary of certain important provisions. No. 1, on card, size 12in. by 10in. Price 3d, No, 2, size 35in, by 22 in., mounted on cloth and rollers. Price 2s. The

Conscience Clause" (Section 7 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870). Regulations for Public Elementary Schools. Size, 23x17, mounted on board, to hang on wall, price 3d.; on rollers and varnished, 1s. 6d. ; size, 46 × 35, 6d. ; on rollers and varnished, 2s. 6d. Handbook on the Teaching and Management of Elementary Schools. By the Editor of the "National Schoolmaster." Cloth, price 2s.

A Handbook for Teachers of Infant Schools. By the Editor of "Holy Thoughts." F"cap 8vo, price 1s. 6d.

John Heywood's Certificates for Proficiency in Writing or any other subject of Education. Beautifully illuminated, with blank spaces for name of school, scholar, master, &c. Price 6d.

John Heywood's School Log-Books. Adapted for Schoolmasters under the New Code. Foolscap 4to, 4s. 6d. ; ditto, with Lock, 5s. 6d. ; Post 4to, 5s. Od.; do., with Lock, 6s. 0d.; Foolscap Folio, 6s. 6d. ; do., with Lock, 8s. 0d."

Horn's Treasurer's School Cash-Book. Adapted to the requirements of the New Code. Quarter bound, No. 1A, 38,; No. 1, 4s. ; No. 2, 5s. 6d. ; No. 3, 7s. Half bound, No. 1A, 4s.; No. 1, 5s.; No. 2, 6s. 6d.; No. 3, 8s.

School Memoranda. Adapted for the Registration of Numbers and Facts supplied to Government by Schools under Inspection, with valuable Hints to Managers and Teachers of Schools, Price 1s. Government Portfolio, for the Use of Schoolmasters under the New Code. Price 4s.

Price One Penny.
Price One Penny.
Price One Penny.

F'cap 8vo, price 3d.
F'cap 8vo, price 3d.

Boys' School Register of Marks.
Girls' School Register of Marks.
Mixed School Register of Marks.
Ladies' Daily Conduct Register of Marks.
Pupils' Daily Conduct Register of Marks.
Elementary Education Act, 1870 (Reference Copy of the), and the new
order of the Education Department regulating Elections. Price 3d.
Elementary Education Act, 1870 (A Popular Analysis of the). By
By F. J. MUNBY. Price 2d. ; or with a List of Incorporated
Statutes, and a copious Index of the Act, cloth, price 6d.

University Examination.

A Complete Guide to Matriculation at the University of
London. By W. DODDS, Master of Wragby Endowed Gramm
School. 48 pp., F'cap Svo, price 6d.

MANCHESTER: JOHN HEYWOOD, 141 and 143, Deansgate;


John Heywood's Miscellaneous Works.


Prayers for Adults. Compiled by the Rev. J. A. ATKINSON, M. A., Rector
of Longsight. Dedicated, by permission, to the Right Rev. the Lord
Bishop of Manchester. Price One Halfpenny, or 3s. per hundred.
A Father's Advice to a Son. In a Letter. Price One Penny.
The Church under the Tudors; with an Introductory Chapter
on the Origin of the Connection between Church and State. By
DURHAM DUNLOP, M.R.I.A. The People's Edition. Price Is.
Religious Equality and Church Establishments. By the Rev.
C. WHITTAKER, B.A. Price 6d.

St. Peter Never at Rome. The Historical Argument. By the Rev.
W. A. DARBY. Second Edition. 112 pages. Price 6d.
Bentley's Canticles and Prose Hymns of the Church.

Chanting. Price 1d.

Pointed for

Bentley's Psalter Chants, being a course of Double and Single Chants to be sung to the Psalms of David. Price 2d.

Bentley's Psalter, with the Canticles and Hymns of the Church, Pointed for Chanting. Cloth, price 1s. Limp Roan, red edges, 1s. 6d.

The Education of Girls.
Magazine. Price 2d.


A Paper reprinted from the Dublin University

P's and Q's: a Few Hints on Grammatical Construction. Square 16mo, price 2d.

Vowel Vulgarity. "Do you know your Alphabet ?" By A. E. I. O. U. price 6d.

Tales, Sketches, &c.

Sketches of Life and Character: or a Few of the Traits, Foibles, and Illusions of Every-Day Life ;

Our Boys

The Auction

Our Aunt Jane

One-Idead Folk
Domesticated Lads

Returning Thanks for the Ladies
Money making Money

Our Little Sister


F'cap 8vo, Illustrated Wrapper, Price 6d.

Favourite Reciter (The): a Collection of Pieces in Prose and Poetry, suitable for Recital in Sabbath Schools, and at Band of Hope and Temperance Meetings. Cloth, 1s. 6d.

The Westons of Riverdale, or the Trials and Triumphs of Temperance Principles. By Mrs. E. A. ALLEN. 3s. 6d.

Tim Bobbin's Life and Times, in Prose and Verse; with a Memoir of the Author, by JOHN CORRY. With Addendum, by E. RIDINGS. Demy Svo, blue cloth, 7s. 6d.


3s. 6d.

Love's Troubled Stream and other Poems. Cloth limp. Price 1s.
Home Reveries: Poems. By W. T. BIRCH. Cloth, gilt edges. Price 2s.
Echoes of Heart Whispers. Poems. By Mrs. E. A. ALLEN.
Heart Melodies. Poems. By Mrs. L. W. FOWLER, M.D. Price 2s.
Hours of Reverie, or Happy Reminiscences; being a Second Edition,
revised and enlarged of Poems and Songs. By J. M. PEACOCK. 48. 6d.
Miscellaneous Poems. By JOHN CRITCHLEY PRINCE. Foolscap 8vo, 1s.;
gilt edges, 1s. 6d.

Nuge Lyricæ. By the Rev. E. DUDLEY JACKSON, B.C.L. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, price 3s. 6d.

Sport and Pastime.

Slater's Amateur Florists' Guides. 6d.

Cricketer's Guide (The): a complete Manual of the Game of Cricket. With Illustrations. 1d.


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