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On the throne

of England


water. Sept. 20th, Wayne surprised near Paoli. Sept. 26th, Howe enters Phila. Oct. 4th, Battle of Germantown. Oct. 7th, second Battle of Stillwater. Oct. 17th, Burgoyne's surrender. Dec. 11th, Washington goes into

winter-quarters at Valley Forge. 1778. Feb. 6th, treaty with France signed. June 18th, Philadel

phia evacuated by the British. June 28th, Battle of Monmouth. Massacre of Wyoming. July 11th, French fleet arrives off Sandy Hook. Aug., unsuccessful invasion of Rhode Island. Nov. 12th, Massacre of Cherry

Valley. Dec. 29th, British take Savannah.
1779. March 3d, Americans surprised at Brier Creek, Ga. British

take Stony and Verplanck's Point. July, Tryon ravages
Conn. July 15th, Wayne recaptures Stony Point. Sept.,
Sullivan ravages the Indian country. Sept. 23d, Paul
Jones takes the Serapis. Oct., Americans repulsed at

1780. May 12th, Gen. Lincoln surrenders Charleston. July 10th,

French fleet arrives off Newport. August 6th, Battle of
Hanging Rock. Aug. 16th, Gates defeated near Camden.
Sept. 23d, Andre captured; discovery of Arnold's treason.

Oct. 7th, Battle of King's Mountain. Exploits of Marion. 1781. Jan., Arnold ravages Va. Jan. 17th, Battle of the Cowpens.

Jan., Feb., Morgan and Greene's retreat. March 15th, Battle of Guilford C. H. April 25th, Battle of Hobkirk's Hill. British posts in Carolina captured. Sept. 6th, British take Forts Trumbull and Griswold, Conn. Sept. 8th, Battle of Eutaw Springs. Oct., French and Americans besiege Cornwallis at Yorktown. Oct. 19th, sur

render of Cornwallis. 1783. Sept. 3d, treaty of peace signed between Great Britain and

U. S. Nov. 3d, Americans disband their army. Nov. 25th, N. Y. evacuated by the British. Dec. 23d, Wash

ington resigns his commission. 1787. Shays's Rebellion in Mass. Constitution of the U. S. framed

by a convention at Philad. 1788. First permanent settlement in Ohio, at Marietta. 1789. Government organized under the Federal Constitution.

Washington elected first president. Cincinnati founded. 1790. Indian War; Gen. Harmer defeated in Indiana. 1791. Vermont admitted into the Union. St. Clair defeated by

the Indians.





On the 1792. Kentucky admitted. Columbia River explored.

1794. Whiskey Rebellion in Pa. Gen. Wayne ends the Indian England

War. Jay's treaty with Great Britain. 1796. Tennessee admitted. Washington's Farewell Address. 1797. John Adams becomes president. 1799. Naval engagements with French vessels. Dec. 14th, death

of Washington. 1800. Washington made the capital. Treaty with France. 1801. Jefferson becomes president. Tripolitan War. 1802. Ohio admitted. 1803. Louisiana purchased. U. S. frigate Philadelphia captured

by the Tripolitans. 1804. The Philad. retaken by Decatur. Tripoli bombarded. 1807. Burr tried for treason, and acquitted. U. S. frigate Ches

apeake attacked by the Leopard. 1809. Madison becomes president. 1811. Harrison gains the battle of Tippecanoe. 1812. June 18th, war with Great Britain declared. Hull's invasion

of Canada, retreat, and surrender. Unsuccessful attack

on Queenstown. U. S. gains brilliant naval victories. 1813. Americans defeated at Frenchtown; take York, U. C.; be

sieged in Fort Meigs; take Fort George ; repulse the
British at Sackett's Harbor; also at Fort Stephenson.
Sept. 10th, Perry's great victory on Lake Erie. Oct. 5th,
Battle of the Thames. British take Forts George and

Niagara. Jackson's campaign in the Creek country. 1814. July 5th, Battle of Chippeway. July 25th, Battle of Lun

dy's Lane. Americans besieged in Fort Erie. Aug. 24th, Battle of Bladensburg; British enter Washington and burn the public buildings. Sept. 11th, Battle of Plattsburg. Sept. 13th, British repulsed at Baltimore. Dec.

15th, Hartford Convention, 1815. Jan. 8th, Battle of New Orleans. Feb. 18th, peace with

Great Britain proclaimed. Decatur settles with the


Barbary States.
1816. Treaties with southern Indians. Indiana admitted.
1817. Monroe president. Seminole War begins. Mississippi ad-

mitted. Erie Canal commenced.
1818. Illinois admitted. Jackson seizes Pensacola.

1819. Spain cedes Florida to U. S. Alabama admitted. 1820 1820. Maine, before a part of Mass., admitted.

1821. Missouri admitted. Missouri Compromise passed.

Geo. IV.

On the throne



1823. Com. Porter suppresses West Indian pirates.

1824. La Fayette visits America. England 1825. John Quincy Adams inaugurated as president.

1826. July 4th, death of John Adams and Jefferson.

1829. Jackson inaugurated, seventh president. 1830 1832. Ravages of the cholera. Black Hawk's War. Nullification

in S. C. U, S. Bank vetoed. 1833. Jackson removes the deposits from U. S. Bank. 1835. Second war with Seminoles. Great fire in New York. Texan

Revolution commences. 1836. Battle of San Jacinto. Arkansas admitted. 1837 1837. Michigan admitted. U. S. recognizes independence of Texas.

Van Buren becomes president. Financial distress. Trou

bles on the Canada line. 1841. Harrison, inaugurated as president March 4th, dies April

4th. Tyler succeeds. Difficulties in the Cabinet. 1842. North-eastern boundary settled with England. Dorr's Re

bellion in Rhode Island. 1845. Polk president. Texas and Florida admitted. 1846. Iowa admitted. Mexican War commences. May 8th,

Battle of Palo Alto. May 9th, Battle of Resaca de la Palma. Sept. 24th, Capitulation of Monterey. Americans conquer California. N. W. boundary settled with

Great Britain.
1847. Feb. 230, Battle of Buena Vista March 27th, Scott takes

Vera Cruz. April 18th, Battle of Cerro Gordo. Aug. 20th,
Contreras, Churubusco. Sept. 8th, Molino del Rey. Sept.

13th, Chapultepec. Sept. 14th, Americans enter Mexico. 1848. Discovery of gold in California. July 4th, peace with Mex

ico proclaimed. Wisconsin admitted. 1849. Taylor inaugurated. 1850. Descent of Lopez on Cuba. July 9th, death of the presi

dent. Fillmore succeeds. Sept. 18th, Omnibus Bill

passed. California admitted. 1852. Difficulty with England on the fishery question. 1853. Pierce inaugurated. World's Fair. The Koszta difficulty.

Perry enters the Bay of Jeddo. 1854. Japanese make a treaty with the U. S. Kansas and Ne

braska Bill passed. Missouri Compromise repealed.
1855. Troubles in Kansas.
1857. Buchanan inaugurated. Revulsion in business. Mormon

1858. Minnesota admitted.




On the throne

of England


1859. Expedition to Paraguay. John Brown seizes the U. S.

arsenal at Harper's Ferry; is taken, and with six com

panions hanged. Oregon admitted. 1860. Arrival of Japanese embassy. Dec. 20th, Secession ordi

nance passed by South Carolina. 1861. JANUARY 9th, Mississippi secedes; 11th, Alabama and Flor

ida secede; 19th, Georgia secedes ; 26th, Louisiana se

cedes; 30th, Kansas admitted. FEBRUARY 1st, Texas secedes ; 4th, Peace Conference assem

bles at Washington—"Confederacy” formed at Montgomery, Ala. ; 8th, Davis elected provisional president

of “the Confederate States”. MARCH 4th, Lincoln inaugurated. APRIL 13th, Fall of Sumter; 15th, President calls for 75,000

men; 17th, Virginia secedes ; 18th, Confederates seize Harper's Ferry; 19th, Volunteers attacked in Baltimore;

20th, Confederates seize Norfolk navy yard. May 3d, President calls for 82,748 men; 6th, Arkansas

secedes ; 20th, North Carolina secedes. JUNE 3d, Union victory at Philippi, Va.; 8th, Tennessee

secedes; 10th, Union repulse at Big Bethel, Va.; 11th,

Union victory at Romney, Va.
JULY 5th, Battle near Carthage, Mo.; 11th, Union victory at

Rich Mountain, Va.; 14th, Union victory at Carrick's
Ford, Va.; 20th, Confederate Congress meets at Rich-

mond ; 21st, Union defeat at Bull Run, Va.
August 10th, Battle of Wilson's Creek, Mo. ; 29th, Forts at

Hatteras Inlet, N. C., captured.
SEPTEMBER 10th, Union victory at Carnifex Ferry, Va. ; 20th,

Confederates take Lexington, Mo.
OCTOBER 21st, Union defeat at Ball's Bluff, Va.
NOVEMBER 7th, Battle of Belmont, Mo.-Capture of Port

Royal, S. C.; 8th, seizure of Mason and Slidell.
DECEMBER 20th, Union victory at Dranesville, Va. ; 30th,

N. Y. banks suspend specie payments.
1862. JANUARY 19th, Union victory at Mill Springs, Ky.

FEBRUARY 6th, Capture of Fort Henry, Tenn. ; 8th, Capture

of Roanoke Island, N. C.; 16th, Capture of Fort Donelson,

Tenn. ; 22d, Davis inaug rated for a term of six years. MARCH 6th-8th, Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark. ; 8th, Ram Vir

ginia sinks the Cumberland and Congress; 9th, Engagement between the Monitor and Virginia ; 14th, Capture of Newbern, N. C.; 23d, Union victory at Winchester, Va.

On the throne



APRIL 4th, McClellan commences his Peninsular campaign;

6th, 7th, Battle of Shiloh ; 7th, Capture of Island No. 10, Miss. River; 11th, Capture of Fort Pulaski, Ga.; 25th, Capture of Beaufort, S. C.-Capture of New Or.

leans; 28th, Capture of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, La. May 4th, Yorktown, Va., taken; 6th, Union victory at

Williamsburg, Va.; 9th, Pensacola taken; 10th, Gen.
Wool takes possession of Norfolk, Va. ; 30th, Corinth,
Miss., taken; May 31st, June 1st, Battle of Fair Oaks or

Seven Pines.
JUNE 3d, Lee assumes command before Richmond ; 6th,

Surrender of Memphis, Tenn. ; 25th, Battle of Oak Grove,
Va., commencing the seven days' struggle; 26th, Battle
of Mechanicsville, Va.; 27th, Battle of Gaines's Mill, Va.;
29th, Battle of Savage's Station, Va. ; 30th, Battles of

White Oak Swamp and Charles City Cross Roads, Va. July 1st, Battle of Malvern Hill, Va.; President calls for

300,000 more men.
August 9th, President calls for 300,000 additional troops-

Union victory at Cedar Mountain; Aug. 26th-Sept. 1st,
Pope's Battles between Manassas and Washington; Aug.

30th, Union defeat at Richmond, Ky.
SEPTEMBER 6th, Lee's army invades Maryland ; 14th, Union

victory at South Mountain, Md. ; 15th, Capture of Har-
per's Ferry by“Stonewall Jackson "; 17th, Union victory
at Antietam Creek, Md.—Union defeat at Munfordsville,

Ky. ; 19th, Union victory at luka, Miss.
OCTOBER 4th, Confederates repulsed at Corinth, Miss. ; 8th,

Union victory at Perryville, Ky.
DECEMBER 13th, Union repulse at Fredericksburg, Va.; 29th,

Union repulse at Vicksburg, Miss. ; 31st, Battle of Mur

freesboro, Tenn. (Dec. 31st-Jan. 3d, 1863.) 1863. JANUARY 1st, Emancipation Proclamation ; 11th, Capture

of Arkansas Post, Ark.
APRIL 7th, Naval attack on Fort Sumter, S. C.; 17th,

Grierson's raid in Miss. (April 17th-May 1st.)
May 1st, Union victory at Port Gibson, Miss.; 2d, 3d,

Union defeat at Chancellorsville, Va.; 3d, Confederates
capture Col. Streight; 12th, Union victory at Raymond,
Miss. ; 14th, Union victory near Jackson, Miss.; 16th,
Union victory at Champion's Hill, Miss.; 17th, Union

victory at Big Black River, Miss.
JUNE 15th, Lee's second invasion of Maryland commences;

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