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By mortgageo to pay premiums on policy of insurance

already effected; and in case of its becoming void, to

effect a fresh one; with a declaration, that, in the

event of the premises being burnt down or damaged,

money to be received under the policy shall be laid

out in rebuilding or repairing the premises


To assure life for the benefit of a mortgagee


To insure life in a certain sum, in case there shall be

three children of a marriage; in a further sum, if

four children; and in a further sum, if five; and to

assign policies to trustees; but the covenantor not

to be obliged to keep the same on foot in certain

events; with proviso for enabling trustees to effect

such assuranceson failure of covenantor, and

penses out of trust estate. (In settlements).


By receiver to collect and apply rents


Between mortgagor and mortgagee not to revoke the

powers of receiver; and in case of death or disability,

to appoint another; with a proviso for exempting

mortgagee from liability for receiver's defaults, and

subjecting mortgagor to losses

. 795

To pay rents and perform covenants, and when any of

the lives drop, to renew in the names of the trustees,

paying fine and expenses


By mortgagor to renew, and assign renewed leases to

mortgagees, with provision, in case of mortgagor's

neglect, for mortgagees to surrender leases and take

others in their own names

797, 798, 800

To obtain renewed lease, with a license to demise; and

thereupon to demise the same to mortgagee upon


trusts of original lease, and to pay fines


By grantee of annuity that grantor shall be at liberty

to repurchase after a certain time, upon giving six

months' notice; and he will in that event release and

assign the premises


By father and son to pay annuity (after the death of

the son) during the joint lives of certain persons.

(In settlements)


By intended husband, that during joint lives of intended




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wife and her mother, he will not reduce wife's unset-


property into possession


For payment of annuity; such covenant to be an

auxiliary security only


That grantor shall have the option of repurchasing

rent-charge, either in one sum or in several; and

that, on such repurchase, the whole or part of the

land shall be discharged therefrom: if part only pur-

chased, then to have the option of exonerating lands

released from a just proportion of the residue of rent 804

That residue of hereditaments not conveyed shall be

chargeable with rent in exoneration of land conveyed 805

By jointress not to distrain on certain part of the estate

charged with jointure, sold free from incumbrances .

Not to claim jointure out of part of lands; and if claim-

ed, such shall be released therefrom, with a proviso

that residue of lands shall remain subject to the



Direction and appointment by request to a trustee, and

covenant by the trustee to stand possessed of pre-

mises for residue of a term to the extent of the right

of another, upon trust, to indemnify others, and their

heirs, and the premises from payment of an annuity,

with a reservation of trustee's prior privilege of in-



By wife's father, to leave her a sum which, with other

monies she is entitled to, shall amount to a specified


That all the property to which intended wife may be-

come entitled during coverture shall be for her


rate use


That wife, if survivor, may purchase husband's residence

at a sum named


By intended husband, that his executors shall pay a

sum to the trustees, to be held by them upon cer-

tain trusts, within a given period after his decease 810

To pay legacies and mortgage money, and procure as-

signment of term


To discharge money land from the trusts declared

thereof, or to cause the money to be invested in the

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Page 5, line 18, for “gprite” read “ geprite.”

9, 1. 17, for “ donor" read “owner.”
32, l. 13, Mr. Pigot's Treatise on Common Recoveries and Pre-

cedents in Conveyancing were both posthumous pub

lications. 34, l. 12, add—“ When Booth was on the decline, Mr. Duane

rose to considerable eminence; respectably skilled in his profession, and singularly industrious. He was the editor of Fitzgibbon's Reports, and supplied the publisher of Bacon's Abridgment with the article Common.' He was a polite scholar, of acknowledged taste in painting and music, and the most skilful medallist in England. His collection of medals was famous over Europe. He sold his cabinet of Syriac medals to Dr. Hunter, by whom it was bequeathed to the University of Glasgow.” Butler's Historical Memoirs, iv. 460, 3rd edit. Encycl. Brit. art. Medals, xiv. 487, 7th edit.

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