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Deposit and payment of residue

When paid by Commissioners of Woods and Forests on

behalf of his Majesty .

When several trustees, by way of mortgage (under two

different trust deeds) made a joint contract for sale of

contiguous lands at one price for the whole .

Consideration, and receipt from accountant-general

In a partition of land, each party taking his share by a

separate deed

When paid by parceners in certain proportions

Nominal consideration in release of part of land from


Nominal consideration paid to trustee

In conveyance of an estate-tail to a purchaser in fee


Bill of exchange

Grant of annuity

Transfer of stock.

Bankers accepting and honouring bills and drafts

Where the land belonged to two as tenants in common,

and one having died devised to trustees for sale, who,

with the surviving tenant in common, sold the en-


Where the purchase is made by trustee with trust-

money at the instance of cestuis



Where the conveyance is made to the heir-at-law of the

purchaser, who died after payment of the purchase

money, and before conveyance

Where part has been already received, and residue is

now paid

Where freeholds are released, and copyholds covenant-

ed to be surrendered, by one deed

Where paid to executrix during husband's life for a re-

versionary interest .

Re-purchase of annuity ·

Where the sale and purchase are both under the de-

cree of the Court .

Where it is to be held upon the trusts of will

Where part of the purchase money is to be held upon

trusts declared by another deed

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