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[blocks in formation]


how to fill up, 183
by a Magistrate, for debt, 184
State's, 184
land, form of, under act of Congress, Sept. 1850, 194
search, 185
State's, for retailing spirituous liquors without a licence, 186
to recover the penalty for turning a road, 186
against a defaulting witness, 189
in case of vagrancy, 191
to apprehend a single woman with child of a bastard, 191

against the reputed father of a bastard, 192

deed of, from one person to another, 111
form of, of real or personal estate, where there have been

partial advancements, and some of the

legatees are under age, 196
form of a codicil to, 198

form of a codicil annexed to, or endorsed on the back of, 199
Oath of, in a capital trial, 175

in civil cases, 176
to prove a will, 176
on a traverse, 176

at an inquest, 117
form of the record of the examination before a Coroner, 118
form of recognizance before a Coroner, 118
form of a precept to summon before a Coroner, 119.

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