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Books Printed for D. BROWNE. structions for managing the Brew-House, Malt Liquors in the Cellar, the Making of Wines of all Sorts. Directions for the Dairy, in the Improvement of Butter and Cheese in the worst of Soils; the Feeding and Making of Brawn; the Ordering of Fish, Fowl, Herbs, Roots, and all other useful Blanches belonging to a Country Seat, in the most elegant manner for the Table. Practical Observations concerning Distilling; with the best Method of making Ketchup, and many other durable Sauces. The Whole distributed in their proper Months, from the Beginning to the End of the Year; with particular Remarks relating to the Drying or Kilning of Saffron. By R. Bradley, F.R.S. The Sixth Edition. Price 25.6.de

5. The COUNTRY HOUSE WIFE, and Lady's DIRECTOR, Part II. Including a great Variety of Receipts for dressing all Sorts of Flesh, Fish, Fowl, Fruits, and Herbs, which are thc Production of a Farm, or from any Foreign Parts: Contain'd in Letters, and taken from the Performances of the most polite Proficients in most Parts of Europe. By R. Bradley, F.R.S. To which is added, from a Poulterer in St. James's Market, the Manner of Trussing all Sorts of Poultry; adorn’d with Curs: Shewing how every Fowl, Wild or Tame, ought to be prepar'd for the Spit; and likewise any kind of Game. Price 2 s. 6 d..

6: A Dissertation concerning Misletoe: A most wonderful Specifick Remedy for the Cure of Convulfive Distempers. Calculated for the Benefit of the Poor as well as the Rich, and heartily recommended for the common Good of Mankind. The Sixth Edition corrected. To which is added a Second Part, containing farther Remarks and Observations. By Sir John Colbatch, late Member of the College of Physicians. Price Is.

7. The Riches of a Hop-GARDEN Explain?d, from the several Improvements arising by that beneficial Plant, as well to Private Cultivators of it as to the Publick; wich the Observations and Remarks of the most celebrated Hop-Planters in Britain: Wherein such Rules are laid down for the Management of the Hop, as may improve the most barren Ground, from One Shilling to Thirty or Forty Pounds an Acre per Annum. In which is particularly set forth, The whole Culture, from the full it Breaking-up of the Ground, the Planting, &c. to the Kilning or Drying of the Hop: Rendred familiar to every Capacity. The Second Edition. By R. Eradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R.S.


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