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By Mr. SOMERS of New York: A bill (H. R. 13894) granting / lishment in Washington or elsewhere of a national school of an increase of pension to Josephine Alexander; to the Com diplomatic relations; to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. mittee on Pensions.

7710. By Mr. CARTER: Petition of B. J. Mansfield and By Mr. STRONG of Pennsylvania: A bill (H. R. 13895) many others, of Oakland, Calif., urging the passage of House granting a pension to Mary S. Hall; to the Committee on In- bill 11474, known as the old age bill; to the Committee on Penvalid Pensions.

sions. Also, a bill (H. R. 13896) granting an increase of pension to

7711. By Mr. CELLER: Petition of Flatbush Chamber of Elizabeth J. Varner; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions.

Commerce (Inc.); to the Committee on Rivers and Harbors. By Mr. WOODRUFF: A bill (H. R. 13897) for the relief of

7712. By Mr. JOHNSON of Washington : Petition of citizens John K. Kelley; to the Committee on Military Affairs.

of Centralia, Wash., praying for increases of pensions of Civil By Mr. ZIHILMAN: A bill (H. R. 13898) granting a pension War veterans and widows of veterans; to the Committee on

Invalid Pensions. to Minnie M. Smith; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions. By Mr. O'CONNELL: Resolution (H. Res. 214) paying addi

7713. By Mr. MANLOVE: Statement from Rev. William tional compensation to the six minority employees, the Deputy Cady, of Neosho, Mo., protesting that the name of Judge George Sergeant at Arms in charge of pairs, and the pair clerk and Wood, of Neosho. Mo., was used without his consent in connecmessenger; to the Committee on Accounts.

tion with a petition praying for defeat of the compulsory Sunday observance bill (H. R. 78), Judge Wood declaring that he

is a Christian and is unalterably opposed to commercializing PETITIONS, ETC.

of the Lord's Day; to the Committee on the District of Co

lumbia. Under clause 1 of Rule XXII, petitions and papers were laid

7714. By Mr. O'CONNELL: Petition of William J. MacMilon the Clerk's desk and referred as follows: 7705. By Mr. BLOOM: Petition of the directors of the Flat- Smith bill (s. 4441) and Vinson bill (H. R. 13646); to the

lan, president Bayway Terminal, opposing the passage of the bush Chamber of Commerce, who add their protest to House Committee on Agriculture. bill 8127; to the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive

7715. By Mr. QUAYLE: Petition of J. C. Penney, of New Departments. 7706. By Mr. BOYLAN: Resolution adopted by Flatbush tax on butter made from nuts and products other than milk; to

York City, favoring the passage of House bill 10958, placing a Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn, N. Y., opposing House bill the Committee on Ways and Means. 8127; to the Committee on Rivers and Harbors.

7716. Also, petition of Travelers' National Legislative Com7707. By Mr. BURTON: Memorial of Cincinnati Chamber of mittee of New York, favoring the passage of House bill 668, the Commerce, Cincinnati, Ohio, opposing any measure calling for repeal of the war-time Pullman surcharge; to the Committee on Government operation of Muscle Shoals and urging that steps Ways and Means. be taken for the early operation of Muscle Shoals by private 7717. By Mr. PARKS: Petition from citizens of Ashley enterprise; to the Committee on Military Affairs.

County, Ark., protesting against any change in the place of 7708. Also, memorial of the Toledo Clearing House Associa- holding court to the district in which Little Rock is located; to tion, Toledo, Ohio, opposing Senate bill 3151, limiting the juris- the Committee on the Judiciary. diction of district courts of the United States; to the Committee 7718. By Mr. PEAVEY: Petition by the Ashland County on the Judiciary.

Board of Supervisors, favoring the raising of the tariff on 7709. Also, petition of the Men's Bible Class of the United cheese bigh enough so that the American farmer can compete Church (Congregational) of Oberlin, Ohio, indorsing the estab- with the Canadian farmer; to the Committee on Agriculture.

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