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Thirteenth. The vessels of war Answer. Granted : but, during and merchantmen in the ports of their stay in the territory, they will Peru, will be allowed the term of submit to the laws of the country. six months, from the date of the Seventeenth. To those indiviratification of this treaty, to get duals of the army


have their stores and provisions on board, come to the determination, with to enable them to depart from the regard to their future destination, Pacific.

agreeably to this treaty, leave will Answer. Granted: but the ships be granted them to re-unite with of war will only be permitted to their families their other interests, make preparations for their voyage, and to remove to the place they without committing any act of hos- may have chosen; in which case tility, either there or on quitting the they will be furnished with passPacific—they being obliged to ports so that they may not be moleave all the seas of America with- lested in any of the independent out touching at any port of Chili, states until their arrival at their or any other port in America, which places of destination. may be occupied by the Spaniards. Answer. Granted.

Fourteenth. Passports will be Eighteenth. Any doubt that may granted to the ships of war and arise in the stipulations of the armerchantmen for their uninterrupt- ticles of the present treaty, will be ed navigation from the Pacific to interpreted in favor of the indivitheir ports in Europe.

duals of the Spanish army. Answer. Granted : agreeably to Answer. Granted : this stipulathe preceding article.

tion will depend on the good faith Fifteenth. All the chiefs and of- of the contracting parties. ficers made prisoners at the battle And having concluded and ratifiof this day, will be set at liberty ed this treaty, which is hereby apfrom this moment, as well as the proved, there will be made four prisoners taken in anterior actions copies of the same, two of which by either of the armies.

will remain in the power of each Answer. Granted: and the of the parties whose signatures are wounded will be taken care of un- hereto affixed, &c. til they shall be able to dispose of Delivered and signed, with our themselves.

hands, on the field of Ayacucho, Sixteenth. The generals, chiefs the 9th of December, 1824. and officers, will retain the use of their uniforms and their swords

Jose CANTERAC, and will also retain in their service such assistants as correspond with

ANTONIO JOSE DE SUCRE. their rank, and their servants.

BUENOS AYRES. MESSAGE of the GOVBRNOR of Buenos Ayres to the 5th Congress.

Gentlemen-Great events have according to law and custom, you transpired during the period of witness the reality of what you were vour recess. On assembling again, anxiously expecting the past year. The liberating army of Peru has ry examples of generous devoteddissolved all the materials of Spa- ness to their country's cause, and nish power consolidated in the of unwearied attention to the ameheart of the Andes, and dissipated lioration of her institutions. Poputheir illusions. The independence lation and capital from all parts are of the American continent is no encouraged. The increasing proslonger disputed. The act, by which perity of our commerce, the acGreat Britain has just recognized tivity of our industry, and the geit, is another memorable event ; neral welfare of our laboring popubecause it shows the triumph of lation, will make the principles of the principles which establish the our government every day more legitimacy of our rights against dear to us, as they will introduce the overbearing alliance of the an- into the less favored classes of socient aristocracy of Europe. Fi ciety, that good feeling, that innally, the provinces of Rio de la stinct of liberty and order, which Plata are incorporated into a na- disconcerts and derides the mational compact. The general con- chinations of the ambitious. The gress, well advised of the situation ignorance of the people has alof each of them, has taken proper ways been their principal resource. steps, sanctioned the fundamental To destroy this, you ordered the law, which will soon be laid before establishment of a considerable you. You will see, gentlemen, the number of elementary schools in same spirit shining within it, as in the city and country. It has been those laws which you enacted on done ; but the state and progress the 13th of November, 1824. Ex- of those which were confided to perience has shown that they are the benevolent society, have anthe most suitable to guarantee a swered all hopes, and will serve as union which could not be antici- a model and an incentive. The pated but by the sanction of a law. colleges have this year under

The governor has provided from gone some improvement. Exer. the treasury of the province for the tions have been made to repress expenses of defence and national the spirit of insubordination, which organization, in the manner which the examples of lawlessness, during will be presented to you.

He a long period of revolution and dishopes to meet your approbation; order, always disseminate. Youth, because it has been done conform- unaccustomed to any feelings of ably to your express wishes. But respect, will form men incapable he would have wished to avoid the of being free, of governing, or benecessity of taking upon himself ing governed, but by terror and the discretionary charge of the ex- violence. The university wants a ecutive power, in order not to ex- constitution, which, giving it an pose himself to the danger of foster- existence worthy of its object, ing prejudices which can be cured would offer a security that the saonly by time and a progressive crifices made for the establishment civilization.

and preservation of classical inThe congress will no doubt struction were productive. This hasten to remove this pretext of matter is on the point of being discontent, and the province will concluded. then confine itself to giving saluta- The frequency of crimes, and especially in the country, is a pal- ness had introduced, for the sepable proof of the insufficiency of curity of those who may be the the existing law, and of the incon- object of them. This year these venience of the actual form of pro- works have been commenced, to ceeding. A form of law will be which will be added the erection presented immediately to correct of suitable court houses in each these evils, which ought not any district, where justice may be adlonger to exist in the country.

A ministered without the inconvecommittee is occupied on a mer- nience attending the unsettled ju. cantile code, and their labors will risdiction of justices of the peace. be presented to you this session. The exertions made for the orIn order to establish the security ganization and recruiting of the of landed property, it has been ne- provincial army have not been cessary to define exactly the bound- fruitless. It is improved in numaries of each estate, by extricating bers and discipline. The veterans them from the uncertainty in which on the frontier have fulfilled their they have hitherto been involved, duty satisfactorily; but prudence destitute of the safeguards which requires not only the completion , alone are capable of affording a but the augmentation of their knowledge of lands in this coun- forces. The committee, entrusttry, level as the ocean. The to ed with reforming the military pepographical committee, organized nal code, adapting it to our instiand provided with every requisite, tutions and necessities, will soon have already undertaken to set ge- present their labors for your delibeneral boundaries, to serve as start- ration. ing places for subsequent opera- The receipts of the province tions, and are preparing a chart in have considerably increased during which each may see the boundaries the past year, and have been amof his property clearly defined. ply sufficient for the expenses of

The public works for the city the public service, both ordinary are fast approaching completion. and extraordinary. The loan conThere is no doubt that a temple tracted for in London, has been and a school in each village will transported hither to advantage, be monuments erected to liberty. without any difference in exchange. This plan has commenced opera- It is hoped that the works for the tions : you will not refuse to vote, harbor, to which it was chiefly every year, a sum for an object so destined, will realize their compleworthy. Civil and religious edu- tion by means of private compacation will form the habits of a nies, and their own funds ; in such people truly free: it will render case leaving free the other monies crimes more rare, coercion less for other objects : in the mean necessary, to preserve peace and time they may be productively empublic order. The past year, you ployed, and our industry encouraapproved of the plan of erecting ged. All the documents relative posts of security in the country, to it will be seasonably brought with the view of facilitating the forward. The machines and tools administration of justice, and of necessary in the coining of money rooting out those inhuman prao are already completed, and a contices which want and wretched- tract has been entered into, to

raise an establishment of the kind most absurd, as well as the most during the coming year.

frightful tyrannies, appear not to Gentlemen-I congratulate you have been sufficiently felt, inason your return to your honorable much as even, at this time, laws are duties under auspices so flattering. 'applauded which presumptuously There is great need of your co-ope- tolerate the right of thinking and ration. In the infancy of our na- of acting agreeably to conscience. tional existence, and alter so long The province would appear to dea struggle, peace also has its dan- scend from the point of civilization gers, and demands important sacri- which it has attained, if it were to fices. The spirit of anarchy, dis- establish a law of toleration, or to seminated in a thousand ways, pretend to grant a liberty, which may corrupt our institutions; and the public authority was always aristocracy, originating in the very obliged to protect; but, since the revolution itself, will avail itself of laws that formerly governed, renevery means to bring them into dered necessary an act to abolish disrepute. Our situation at this them, and to give a solemn guaranimportant epoch, makes the exam- tee to persons who may wish to ples you may offer in the exercise live in our society, the goverment of your functions of transcendant has found no other way to do it importance. It is necessary to with dignity than by the proposed demonstrate that free institutions law, which it has the honor to are not only the most proper to transmit for the consideration of make a people prosperous and the honorable representatives. This happy, but that they elevate their act, which will complete the liberty minds and inspire them with a of the citizens, will not be less boundless and irresistible energy glorious than that which solemnly in vindicating the national honor. declared, in the same month, the

Juan Gregorio De Las IIERAS. independence of the republic.

Buenos Ayres, 18th May, 1825.

MANUEL J. GARCIA. Proposed lawsole article. The

right, which every man has, to Address and Law of Congress of worship the Divinity agreeably to BUENOS AYRES.

his own conscience, is inviolable in Buenos Ayres, July, 1825. the territory of the province. Power, the offspring of force and error, having first enchained

ADDRESS of the new Government of person and property, proceeded to

the BANDA ORIENTAL to the Conconquer through itself, gave immutable laws to the imagination and

gress of the UNITED PROVINCES endeavoured to govern even the

or La Plata, sitting at Brexos

AYRES. consolations of the heart. Knowledge dissipated the shadows and SOVEREIGN CONSTITUENT CONGRESS. annihilated imposture. Liberty The provisional government of triumphed every where; the in the eastern province, in its present violability of persons and property situation, finding the national reprewas acknowledged as a vital prin- sentation assembled in the soveriple of society. Nevertheless, the reign constituent congress, considers that the wishes of the “ Ori. already attained; for it counts, entals” will be accomplished, and more than on its own resources, on that this province will soon be receiving the powerful and respecplaced in the rank which her mis- table influence of the national refortunes and sufferings for liberty presentation, to which its deputies have deserved. The provisional will soon be united. The Oriengovernment would begin by mani- tals hope thus much from the sovefesting its respect for the sovereign reign congress, and expect it with congress, presenting for its high justice, recalling the public engageconsideration the proceedings of ments of that body. the day on which it was installed. The provisional government beThis document, which comprehends lieves that it has performed its first a memorial presented to the go- obligations with the necessary vernment by the commander in promptitude, and that it will comchief of the army, will afford the plete its duty by presenting you sovereign congress all information with its homage, respect and obedirelating to the state of the province ence. up to the present time.

[Signed] The provisional government, at Senor MANUEL CALLEROS, the moment of its installation, has MANUEL Duran, chosen to give this province the LORETO DE GOMENSORO, same form with the others of the Francisco JOAQUIN MUNOS, nation; and therefore has hastened Juan Jose VAZQUEZ, and to convoke its provincial represen

FRANCISCO ARANCHO, secretary, tation, that from this legitimate To the sovereign constituent conbody the province may receive its gress of the United Provinces government and institutions. It

of Rio de la Plata. considers the object of its wishes


66 that

LETTER from M. Garcia, to the Brazilian Secretary for Foreign

Affairs. Buenos Ayres, Nov. 4, 1825. administration of the province, The undersigned, secretary of have solemnly declared null the state in the department of foreign acts of proceedings by which it affairs of the republic of the Uni- was attempted to annex that counted Provinces of La Plata, author- try to the empire of Brazil; and ised especially by his government further, have announced has the honor to address his ex- their general, constant, and decellency the minister of state for cided wish has been for a union foreign affairs of the empire of with the other argentine provinces Brazil, to apprise him, that the in- to which they have always belonghabitants of the eastern province, ed by the most sacred ties known having recovered, by their own ef- to the world ;” the general conforts, the freedom of the territory gress of the United Provinces, to occupied by the forces of his im- whom this declaration was transperial majesty, and after establish- mitted, could not, without injusing a regular government for the tice to itself, abstain from the ex

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