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The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.

City (Mo.) P. L., 98, 181; Nahant
(Mass.) P. L., 251;. Northboro
(Mass.) P. L., 252; Ohio Wesleyan
Univ. Md., 403; Peoria (Ill.) P. L.,

Bradley, I: S., C100.
Breckenridge, R. M., bibl. of Cana-
dian banking system, 188.
Brett, W: H., Pres. Ohio L. Assoc.,
92, 390; use of periodicals, C12; im-
proper books, C36; discussion on,
C73; scheme of indexing presented,
C87, C100.

Breul, K., bibliog. guide to German
language and literature, 328.
Bridge, Shirley, Croo.
Bridgeport (Ct.) P. L., art exhibit at,
29; 14th rpt., 249; electrical display
at, 249; adoption of "two-book
system, 249; photographic exhibit,
356; exhibitions of posters, 340.
British Museum reading-room (Doug-
las), 405.

Brivois, J., bibl. of A. Daudet, 188.
Bronte family, bibl. of (Wood), 106.
Brookline (Mass.) P. L., 179; exhibit
of posters at, 96; two-book system
at, 169; bulletin, nos. 1-4, 222; cata-
log of English prose fiction, 248;
music department, 356; catalog of
music lib., 406.
Brooklyn (N. Y.) Institute of Arts
and Sciences L., 28.
Brooklyn (N. Y.) L., 28; bulletin, no.
33, 35; privileges to schools, 179;
37th rpt., decrease of circulation,
321; newspaper clippings on em-
blems and devices, 322; alterations
of bldg., 322.
Brooks, Henrietta St. B. (class '96),
N. Y. S. L. S., app. head cataloger
at Carnegie L., Pittsburgh, Pa.,


Brown, Ja. D., open libs., 9-12; Clerk-
enwell open lib., 51-54.


Browne, Nina E., another charging
system, 168; one librarian's way of
keeping notes, 306-308; asst.
corder, A. L. A., 389.
Browning, Eliza G., comm. on Li-
brary schools and training classes,
A. L. A., 387, C100.
Bruce (Robert), memorial branch of
N. Y. F. C. L., 251.
Brussels International Bibliographi-
cal Conference, 337, 346.
Bryn Mawr (Pa.) Coll. L., Sauppe
philological lib. at, 29.
Bryson L., N. Y. (Ford), 244-245.
Buck, Horace R., gift of $2000 to
Portland (Ct.) Town L., name to be
changed, 325..
Buddhism, reading list on (Providence
P. L. monthly bulletin), 67.
Buffalo (N. Y.) L., 59th rpt. (Larned),


Buffalo's Catholic Institute, Eleanor
E. Davie, libn., 406.
Building Trades L., Chicago, discon-
tinued, 356.
Buildings, library, Hopkinton (Mass.)
P. L., 29-30; Spooner L., Kansas
State Univ., 30; Ingalls Memorial
L., Rindge, N. H., 32, 263: Adams
(Mass.) P. L., 57; Abbott Memorial
L., Dexter, Me.. 59, 285; Pennsyl
vania State L., 62; Mass. State L.,
85-86; Y. M. C. A. L., N. Y., 101;
Warwick (Mass.) P. L., 102; Y. M.
C. A., N. Y., 136; Univ. of Nebraska
L., 138; Univ. of City of N. Y., 205;
Chelmsford (Mass.) P. L., 216; Peck
Memorial L., Marathon, N. Y., 217;
Greenwich (Ct.) P. L., 289; Bayard
Taylor Memorial Assoc., Kennett
Sq., Pa., 401; alterations of Brook-
lyn (N. Y.) L., 322; Carnegie L.,
Pittsburgh, Pa., 382-335; Milwaukee
P. L., 87; Des Moines (Ia.) P. L.,
322; Erie (Pa.) P. L., 356; Fall River
(Mass.) P. L., 59, 216, 285, 356; West-
185, 289; Greenwich,
Ct., 289; Western Reserve Univ.,
249; Heath, Mass., 323; Hoboken
(N. J.) P. L., 185, 250, 323; Kansas

Providence (R. I.) P. L., 32, 63,
253; Jersey City (N. J.) P. L., 250,
401; Jervis L. A., Rome, N. Y., 287;
Schenectady (N. Y.) P. L., 253;
Warwick (Mass.) P. L., 102; Wood's
L., Bradford, Vt., 284; Reynolds L.,
Rochester, N. Y., 324, 359, 404;
Rogers Memorial L., Southampton,
L. I., 360; Steele Memorial L., El-
mira, N. Y., 249, 250; University of
Illinois L., 220, 360; St. Augustine,
Fla. F. P. L., 289; Wisconsin State
Hist. L., 184, 401.
Burchard, E: L., sec. Chicago L.
Club, 56, 131.
Burgoyne, Gen., list of books on
(Otis L.), 407.

Burke, Edmund, bibl, of, 256.
Burnham, A. C., gift for lib. to Cham-
paign, Ill., 65, 103.

Bursch, D. F. W. (Bowker), 77-78.
Burstall, S. A., bibl. of education of
girls, 67.

Burtch, Almon, Croo.
Butte (Mont.) F. P. L., 179.
Buttrick, Francis, bequest for lib. to
Waltham, Mass., 65.
Byberry L., Phila., 62.

California, lib. legislation in, 91.
California State L., 134; catalog of

state publications, 1850-1894, 140.
Call, R: E., bibl. of Rafinesque, 141.
Calloway, M., bibl. of Sidney Lanier,


Campbell, D. A., CIOI.
Campbell, Mrs. D. A., Cior.
Cambridge (Eng.), index to catalog of
books relating to, 35.
Cambridge (Mass.) P. L., 96.
Camp, Prof. D. N., vice-pres. Ct. L.
Assoc., 92.
Campbell, Mrs. D. A., C101.
Canada, bibl. of Canadian banking
(Breckenridge), 188; bibl. of Cana-
dian hist. (Gagnan), 364; (Bourinot),
408; bibl. of (Prov. P. L. bulletin),

Canning (Eng.) Town P. L., sub-
ject-index of gen. lit. contained in
(Congreave), 327.

Canton (Ill.) P. L. See Parlin, L.
Canton (O.) P. L., opening, 216.
Carbondale, Pa., proposition to es-
tablish F. P. L., 249.

Cards for "two-book" system (Jones),

Care of maps (Parsons), 199-201.
Carnegie L., Pittsburgh, Pa., branch
libs. for, 183; Henrietta St. B.
Brooks appointed head cataloger,
254; W: R. Watson appointed asst.
libn., 255; classified catalog, 290;
5th rpt. additions, 356; account of
Carnegie L. (Shaw), 359; Carnegie
L. presented to city, description,
illust., 382-385.
Carpenter, Edmund J., Boston P. L.,
Carpenter, W: H:, bibl. of Ibsen, 223,
224; bibl. of Björnstjerne, 328.
Carr, H: J., vice-pres. Pa. L. Club,
55, 92; two-book system, 171; first
vice-pres. A. L. A., 387, C84, CIOI.
Carter, C: M., aid of libs. in art edu-
cation, 44.

Case L., Cleveland, O., reopening,
96; exhibition of books and pictures
of cathedrals of Europe, 340.
Cat. bibl. of (Huidekoper), 256.
Cataloging of scientific literature pro-
posed, 75, 81; (Royal Society), 82;
Harvard Univ. rpt., 83-84; (Frank-
lin Institute rpt.), 173-173; report
of Royal Society on co-op, catalog,

308-310; cataloging in the future
(Wade), C21; (Cole), C24; discussion
of Miss Wade's paper, C71-72.
Cataloging and classification (dep.),
35, 66, 104, 140, 187, 222, 255, 290, 326,
363, 406.
Catalogs, leading of type in printing
(Stetson), 302; general cat. of liter-
ary periodicals, Nelson, C30, C67;
Royal Soc. cat. of scientific papers,
C66; Solberg's suggestions, C67; dis-
cussion, C66-71.
Cathedrals, books and pictures relat-
ing to (Case L., Cleveland, O.), 340.
Catholic literature, list of (Spring-
field L.), 105.
Censorship of library books, 162;
(Crunden), 198.

Central California L. Assoc., organ-
ization meeting, 128; 1st meeting,
128; April meeting, 177; May meet-
ing, 211; October meeting, 391;
topic for November meeting, book
publishing and bookselling in Cal.,


Champaign, Ill., gift for lib. to, 65,


Champlin, G: G., N. Y. S. L. S.
(class '95), position with Library
Bureau, 290.

Chandler, Alice E., Woman's Educa-
tion Association, 305, 306.
Changed titles, 36, 105, 407.
Chapman, J. W., Cior.
Charging, various methods of, for
two-book system (Jones), 44, 168-
172; new system of (Browne), 168;
English systems of, 178.
Chase, Maj. A. H., exec. comm. N.
H. L. Assoc., 55, 101.
Chase, Florence P., asst. cataloger
St. Louis P. L., 34.
Chattanooga (Tenn.) L. A., 58.
Chautauqua vs. Cleveland for next
meeting, discussion, C81-83.
Chelmsford (Mass.) P. L., dedication,


Chemistry, bibl. of aceto acetic ester
(Seymour), 36; bibl. of didymium
(Langmuir), 188; bibl. of cerium and
lanthanum, 188; list of books on
(Bolton), 408.

Chicago Academy of Sciences (Wick-
ersham), 277.

Chicago Art Institute (Wickersham),
Chicago Building Trades L. discon-
tinued, 356.

Chicago Law Institute (Wickersham),


Chicago libraries, brief sketch of
some (Wickersham), 274.
Chicago L. Club, 19th meeting, 25;
20th meeting, 55; 21st meeting, 55-
56; 22d meeting, 95-96; 23d meet-
ing, 130-131; 24th meeting, 393-394.
Chicago P. L., 134; death of director
Bernhard Moos, 255; to be deco-
rated with mosaics, 386.
Childhood, psychology of, bibl. (Tra-
cy), 224.
Children's departments in Bost. P.
L., 178; Brookline P. 'L., 179; San
Francisco (Cal.) F. L., 359: New
Haven (Ct.) P. L., 358; (correction),


Children's reading. See Young, read-
ing for the. Developing children's
interest in good reading (Mass. C.
L.), 351, 375.
China, reading list on (Osterhout F.
L.), 35; (Bost. P. L.), 66; China,
Corea, and Japan (Waltham, Mass.,
P. L.), 256; catalog of books on
(Essex Institute), 406.
Chinese Central Asia, bibl. of (Lans-
dell), 142.
Chivers, Cedric, new book list (Eng-
lish publications), 406.
Church history, bibl. of (Cowan), 141,

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
Congo Free State, bibl. of (Reeves),


Churchman, Anna L., died July 27,


Cincinnati (O.) P. L., bulletin of
books added in 1894, 140; quarterly
bulletin, no. 124, 255.
Clark, C. Amelia, vice-pres. Ct. L.
Assoc., 92.

Clark, G: T:, libn. San Francisco P.
L., 34: vice-pres. Central Cal. L.
Assoc., 128; access to shelves, 177;
relation of State L. to other libs., 391
(discussion); improper books, C33.

Clark, Mrs. G: T:, CIOI.
Clarke, Edith E., 34; list of books in
Woman's L., Columb. Expos., 4:
accepted position as cataloger in
office of Sup. of Pub. Docs., Wash-
ington, D. C., 254.
Clarke, J. M., bibl. of geology and
paleontology of N. Y., 224.
Classification, Rowell's system (Cut-
ter), 214-215; municipal literature
(Wells), 279; alphabetical order of
the consonants (Cutter-Sanborn),

Cleary, Andrew, treas. Central Cal.
L. Assoc., 128.
Clerkenwell (Eng.) P. L., 138-139; ac-
cess to shelves at (Brown), 9-12,
51-54, 138-139; quarterly guide to
readers, 35; class guide to fiction
and juvenile literature, 290.
Clerkenwell open lending library
(Brown), 50-54.
Cleveland, O., proposed for confer-
ence in August, 1896, advantages
discussed, C80, 81, 82-83.
Cleveland (Ó.) P. L., Open Shelf, pub.
by, 35, 134, 222-223, 327; decision to
sell bldg., 356.

Cliff dwellers, list of books on (Den-
ver P. L.), 140.

Clock and watch making (Waltham,
Mass., P. L. bull.), 256.
Clodd, E:, selected book-list on primi-
tive man, 364.
Clubs, girls and women's, list of
books for, 20, 282, 399.
Cobham, C. D., bibl. of Cyprus, 67.
Coe, Ellen M., 104; list of books for
girls' clubs, 20; guiding boys' read-
ing, 118-119; marriage of, 186.
Colby, Adah M., libn. and treas. N.
H. L. Assoc., 55.

Cole, G: W., how teachers should co-
operate with libns., 115-118; two-
book system, 171; annual literary
index, 198; treas. A. L. A., 389, C84;
resignation on account of ill-health
not 388, 406; cataloging in
the future, C24: treas. A. L. A.,
Coleridge, S: T., bibl. of (R: Herne
Shepherd), 292.
Collating of library books (Fletcher),
80-81; (Nutting), 114.
College L. and college paper (Bick-
nell), 387.

College settlements, bibl. of (Jones),

Colorado, lib. legislation in, 91.
Colorado L. Assoc., organization
meeting, 211.

Colorado Medical L. Assoc., Denver,

Colorado State L., 96-97.
Columbia Coll. L., gift to, 161, 173-
174, 197, 213; 25,000 v. added, 392.
Columb. Expos., list of books in lib.
of Woman's building (Clarke), 4..
Columbus (O.) P. L., annex to lib.
bldg., 400.

Columbus (O.) Public School L., 134.
Combination order and shelf-list slip
(Austin), 49-50.
Communications (dep.), 4, 44, 114, 162,
198, 234, 266, 302, 338, 374.
Concord (Mass.) F. P. L., 180; two-
book system at, 169, 180.

Congreave, A., libn. West Ham,
Eng., subject index Canning Town
P. L., 327.
Connecticut, lib. legislation in, go.
Connecticut L. Assoc., 4th ann. meet-
ing, 91-92; May meeting, 210-211;
fall meeting, Oct. 2, 352-363: hand-
book for 1895, 353-
Connecticut State L. Commission, 29;
Ist rpt. (review), 131.
Conover, chairman comm. on legis-
lation Ohio L. Assoc., 390.
Co-operation in the cataloging of
scientific literature, 75, 81-84, 172-
173, C25, 308-310; teachers and
libns., Cole, 115, 118.
Copyright depositories (Rauch), C43,
Corea, Bibliographie coréenne (Cou-
rant), 408.

Corean war, reading hist. on (Provi-
dence P. L. monthly bulletin), 67.
See also China.
Cornell Univ. L., bulletin no. 8, 186.
Cossitt L., Memphis, Tenn., 60, 98-99.
Cossitt L., North Granby, Ct., 182.
Costume, books on (Drexel Inst. ref.
lists), 35.
Countryman, Gratia, 185.
Courant, Maurice, Bibliographie co-
réenne, 408.
Cowan, H, bibl. of church history,


Crandall, Francis A., Superintendent
of public documents, 113, 139, 197.
Crandall, M.. I., has left Cornell L.,


Crane, Mrs. Clarissa, bequest to
Crane P. L., Quincy, Mass., 221.
Crane, Joshua E., appointed libn.
Taunton (Mass.) P. L., 326.
Crane P. L., Quincy, Mass., 219-220;
bequest to, 221.

Crawford, Miss Esther, libn. Sioux
City (Ia.) P. L., declines re-election,
Creighton, Mrs. Laura C., Cro1.
Crerar L. to be a lib. of science, 76,
86; lease of floor in Marshall Field
bldg., 249; (Wickersham), 277; An-
derson Hoyt Hopkins app. assist-
ant libn., 326.
Criminal Law L., N. Y. City, first
public lib. of criminal law, 402.
Criminology, bibl. of abnormal man
(MacDonald), 188.
Cripple Creek trip (Oakley), C99.
Cruft, Gen. J. T., vice pres. N. H. L.
Crunden, F. M., comm. on resolu-
tions, C47; memorial to W. F. Poole,
C54; indexing periodicals, C64, 66;
cat. of periodicals, C69, 70, 71, C101.
Cuba, reading list on (Salem P. L.),


Curnow, Charlotte E., Cror.
Cutler, Louisa Salome (Utica, N. Y.,
P. L.), died Aug. 2, 290; in memo-
riam (Cutter), 310-311; resolutions
passed by Utica (N. Y.) P. L., 326.
Cutler, M.. S., principles of selection
of books, 208, 339; list of books in
home lib., 222; paper on two funda-
mentals, 246.
Cutter, C: A., Rowell's classifica-
tion, 214-215; work of arranging
and opening Forbes L., Northamp-
ton, Mass., 251-252; list of subject-
headings for dictionary catalog,
399: reprint of index to expansive
classification, 406.
Cutter, W. P., exec. board Wash. L.
Assoc., 26.
Cyprus, bibl. of (Cobham), 67.

Dana, J: C., 104, Cror; advertising a
lib., 88; A. L. A. comn. on state aid
to libs., 89; Denver P. L. handbook,

131-132; pres. Col. L. Assoc., 211,
pres. A. L. A., 387, 389, C84.
Dana, Mrs. J: C., C101.

Dante, additions to Harvard Univ.
collection on (Lane), 36; index to
proper names (Toynbee), 36.
Dartmouth Coll., bibl. of (Bisbee,
Gerould), 106.

Darwin, C. C., exec. board Wash. L.
Assoc., 26.

Daudet, A., bibl. of (Brivois), 188.
Davidson, Mrs. Emma, state liba.
Indiana, 66, C101.

Davie, Eleanor E., accepts position
in the Buffalo Catholic Institute,

Davies, J: F., 104; summer reading,


Davis, And. M., early records of
Harvard College, 142.
Day, Belden S., Cro1.

Dayton (O.) P. L., 216; Linda A.
Eastman app. assistant libn. and
cataloger, 326, 340.
Decatur (Ill.) City L., 29.
Delisle, L., Bibles de Gutenberg, 36.
Dennis, Carrie C., treas. Nebraska L.
Assoc., 2111, Cor.

Denver (Col.) City L., 97; opening of
new rooms, 58; two-book system
adopted, 356, 400.
Denver (Col.) P. L., extr. fr. rpt., 58:
list of books on science, 66; Books
pub. by, 104; handbook (review),
131-132; list of books on cliff-dwel-
lers, 140; books of Col. Medical L.
Assoc. lent to, 180; lib. tracts is-
sued by, 203: name of monthly jour-
nal Books changed to The Beak-leaf,
255; list of books on education, 363.
Deptford Institute F. L., Woodbury,
N. J., 64, 102.

Des Moines (Ia.) P. L., 1st supp. to
catalog, 66; Bulletia, no. 1, 290;
city to raise funds for new lib.
bldg., 322; removal to temporary
quarters, 356.
Detroit (Mich.) P. L., 59: gift of
medical lib. to, 97: Siamese books
given to, 174; bulletin no. 6, 186.
Dewey, Melvil, lib, notes in the Book-
man, 178; received request from
office of Société Internationale de
Bibliographie for permission to
translate decimal classification into
French, German, Italian, 255; rpt.
on co-operation, C58.
Dexter, Me., gift of Abbott Memori-
al L. to, 59.

Dexter, Lydia A., pres. Chicago L.
Club, 55.

Dickinson, C: E., vice-pres. Col. L.
Assoc., 211.
Dickinson, Mrs. C: E., Ctor.
Dillman, Prof., Semitic lib. goes to
Johns Hopkins, 357.
Directories in public reference libs.
(Thwaites), 341.
Directories in P. Ls. (Thwaites), 34;
(Davies), 374.
Ditchfield, P. H., Books fatal to their
authors, 188.

Dixon, Mrs. Zella A., associate libn.

Univ. Chicago L., 185-186; depart-
mental ls. Univ. of Chicago, 375-377-
Doesborgh, Jan van, printer, Ant-
werp, bibl. (Proctor), 292.
Douglas, Ada B., Cior.
Douglas, Eva, First day in British
Museum reading-room, 405.
Douglas, James, annotated guide to
literature of mining and metallurgy,


Douglass, F, books on (Waltham,
Mass., P. L.), 256.

Dover (N. H.) P. L., 12th rpt., 180-181.
Doyle, A. Conan (Springfield L. Bul-
letin), 141.
Doyleston (Pa.) L. Co., bequest for
building to, 103.

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The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
Entomology, Amer. economic, bibl.
of (Henshaw), 292.

Erie (Pa.) P. L., corner-stone laid, 356.
Essex Institute (Salem, Mass.), books
on China, 406.
Ethics, bibl. of (Hyslop), 106.
Evanston (Ill.) F. P. L., rpt. of addi-
tions, 322.

Drayton, Michael, bibl. of (Spenser
Soc.), 250.
Drew, Hon. Irving W., vice-pres. N.
H. L. Assoc., 55:
Drexel Institute (Phila.) L., reference
lists, 35, 66; library class, graduat-
ing exercises, 247; list receiving
certificates and prizes, 247; rpt. of
library class A. L. A. comm., C62.
Driscoll, Emma, libn. Spokane
(Wash.) City L., 66.

Drury College L., Siamese books
given to, 174;
Ducourtieux, P. Les Barbou, impri-
meurs, 408.

Dudley, C: R., sec. Col. L. Assoc.,
211; vice-pres. A. L. A., 389, C84,

Dulles, Jos. H., bibl. of Ja. McCosh,


Du Maurier, reference list on (Provi-
dence P. L. bulletin), 140.
Du Rieu, Dr. W. N., autotype repro-
duction of rare mss., 87-88, 205.
Durville, H., Bibliographie du mag-
nétisme et des sciences occultes,

Dziatzko, K:, Autor- und verlagsrecht
im alterthum, 36; Sammlung bib-
liothekswissenschaftlicher arbeiten,


Earl, Robert and Mrs., Gift of resi-
dence, Herkimer, N. Y., to be used
as F. P. L., 254.

East Weymouth, Mass., lib. for, 216.
Eastman, Linda A., app. assistant
libn. and cataloger of Dayton (O.)
P. L., 326.
Eastman, W: R., Cror; lib. work of
Univ. of State of N. Y., 21, 267-270;
travelling libs., 28, 133, 269; A. L.
A. comm. on state aid to libs., 89.
Economics, reading list on (Y. M. C.
A. L., N. Y.), 105; bibl. of (Warner),
106; (Rand, comp.), 256.
Eddy, H: H., Pratt Institute (class
1894-95), appointed libn. Norfolk L.,
Norfolk, Ct., 255.
Edinburgh (Scotland) Ls., smoking-
rooms in, 405.
Education, of girls, bibl. of (Burstall),
67; bibl. of (Hunter), 224; in Rhode
Island, bibl. of (Tolman), 224;
classed bibl. (Phila. P. L.), 291; list
of books on education in Public
School L., Denver, Book-Leaf, 363.
Egypt, books on (Osterhout F. L.),
Ehrich, Louis R., Cror.
Eldridge, Mrs. C. A., C101.
Electricity, reading list on (Y. M. C.
A. L., N. Y.), 105; dictionary cata-
log of bibl. of applied electricity,
Wegweiser für die elektrotechnische
fach lit., 328; reading list on (Wal-
tham, Mass., P. L.), 427.
Elliott, R: R., Indian bibl., 188.
Elizabeth (N. J.) P. L., 29.
Elmendorf, H: L., secretary A. L. A.,
389, C84, Cror.

Elton, Oliver, bibl. of Michael Dray-
ton (Spenser Soc., London), 256.
Emblems and devices, newspaper
clippings on (Brooklyn, N. Y., F. P.
L.), 322.
Emerton, Ephraim, mediaval Eu-
rope, 36.

English authors' biographies, reading
list (Enoch Pratt F. L.), 406.
English books (N. Y. F. C. L.), 290;
Chivers's new book-list, 406.
English Catalogue, 223.
English prose fiction, catalog of
(Brookline P. L.), 248.
Enoch Pratt F. L., Balt., 28, 133;
finding-list of central lib., 104; April
bulletin, 186-187; July, 290; Finding-
list of books and periodicals, 290;
October bulletin, 406.

Evening Home and L. Assoc., Phila.,
corner-stone of building laid, 31.
Ex-libris. See Book-plates.

Fall River (Mass.) P. L., issue of
bonds for building, 59; purchase of
site, 216; inviting architects to sub-
mit plans, 285; plans of new bldg.
accepted, 356.

Fassig, Oliver L., Cior; sec. and
treas. Wash. L. Assoc., 26.
Faulkner, Hon. F. C., vice pres. N.
H. L. Assoc., 55.
Faxon, F: W., asst. sec. A. L. A.,
389, Cior.

Fell, Morris L., bequest to Doyles-
town (Pa.) L. Co., 103.
Ferns, bibl. of biology of (Atkinson),
Fiction, chronological lists of histori-
cal (Bost. P. L.), 66, 222; reading-
list of (Y. M. C. A. L., N. Y.), 105;
descriptive list of ancient historical
(Griswold), 141; in libs. (Central
Cal. L. Assoc.), 211-212; catalog of
English prose (Brookline, Mass., P.
L.), 248; class guide to (Clerken-
well, Eng., P. L.), 290; historical
(Waltham, Mass., P. L.), 291; in
public libraries (Woodruff), 342-345;
reading-list of 100 novels (St. Joseph,
Mo., P. L.), 359; annot. list (Mass. L.
C.), 363; Amer. hist. novels (Otis L.
bulletin), 363, 407; class-list, no. 1
(Salem, Mass., P. L.), 407; History
and criticism of fiction (Salem,
Mass., P. L.), 407.

Field Columb. Museum L., Chicago,
179-180; (Wickersham), 278.
Field, Herb. Haviland, bibliographia
zoologica, C29.

Filon, A., bibl. of Merimée, 67.
Finney, B. A, local bibl. and index-
ing of local newspapers (Mich. P.
L.), 354:
Finnish Lit. Soc., Helsingfors, cata-
log (Grotenfelt), 224.
Fishing, list of books on, Osterhout
F. L., 255.

Fitz P. L., Chelsea, Mass., 216.
5000 books (Ladies' Home Journal),
Fleming, W. K., stenographer, Cior.
Fletcher, Hon. J. S., gift of lib. to
Westford, Mass., 185; contract for
bldg. awarded, 289.
Fletcher, W: I., public lib. move-
ment, 28; collating of lib. books,
80-81; Annual literary index, 1894,
106, 198; Amherst summer school,
175, 320.

Fletcher F. L., Burlington, Vt., 133-


Fogg, J: H., bequest for lib. to Wey-
mouth, Mass., 216.
Folk-lore, proposed bibl. of, 67.
Foote, E.. M., 139.
Forbes L., Northampton, Mass., 31;
opened July 1, 251; arranged by C:
A. Cutter, 251.
Ford, Jennie A., vice-pres. Ct. L.
Assoc., 92.
Forestry, reading-list on (Newark P.
L.), 187.
Forsyth, Walter Greenwood, and
Harrison, Jos. Le Roy, comps.,
James Abbott McNeill Whistler,


Fort Wayne (Ind.) P. L., opening, 59.
Foster, L. S., bibl. of ornithology, 141.
Foster, W: E., monthly reference lists,
67, 104-105, 140, 187, 223, 255, 290, 327,

[ocr errors]

363, 406; A. L. A. comm. on state aid
to libs., 89.
Fowler, Mrs. Clara B., libn. Los An-
geles (Cal.) P. L., 186.
France, Catalogue annuel de la librai-
rie française (Jordell), 187; finance
of France, bibl. of (Stourm), 408.
Francis, Mary, C101.
Franklin, B:, bibl. of, Wetzel's Ben-
jamin Franklin as an economist, 408.
Franklin Institute, Phila., rpt. of
comm. on indexing scientific litera-
ture, 172-173; account of lib., 219;
Miss Isabella Harris appointed cata-
loger, 255.

French books added to North Adams
(Mass.) P. L., 251.

French finance (Stourm), 408.
French literature, cat. raisonné of
(Lemcke), 363.

French Revolution, reading-list on
(Springfield L.), 187.

Friends' F. L., Germantown, Phila.,


Frost, Walter C., Cro1.

Full names, 36, 67, 105, 141, 187, 223,
256, 291, 363, 407.
Fuller, H: B., Newberry L., 29.
Furniture, reference list on (Provi-
dence P. L.), 223.

Gagnon, P., Bibliographie canadi-
enne, 364.

Galbraith, Anna M., bibl. of hygiene
and physical culture for women, 256.
Gale, N. B., bequest for lib. to Laco-
nia, N. H., 104.

Galena (Ill.) P. L., opening, 29.
Galliner, Mrs. H. R., libn. emeritus
Withers P. L., Bloomington, Ill.,


Garland, Caroline H., Cro; exec.
comm. N. H. L. Assoc., 55; comm.
on library schools and training
classes, A. L. A., 387.

Gauss, E. F. L., Pres. Chicago L.
Club, 130.

Geology and paleontology of N. Y.
(Clarke), 224; North Amer., bibl. of
(Keyes), 292.

George, C., Schlagwort-katalog, 67.
Georgia, Fla., State L. Ass'n proposed,

German books, 313; issued for home
use in Springfield (O.) P. L., 353; list
of German books (Newark, N. J., P.
L.), 291.
German language and literature, bib-
liog. guide (Breul), 328.
German literature, reading-list on
(Providence P. L. bulletin), 105.
German universities, bibl. of (Paul-
sen), 142.

Germania Männerchor, Chicago, Ill.,
catalog of books (500), 363..
Germany, Allgemeine bibliographie
der staats- u. rechtswissenschaften,
Gerould, Ja. Thayer, bibl. of Dart-
mouth College and Hanover, N. H.,

Giacosa, P., Bibliografia medica itali-
ana, 408.

Gifford, W: L. R., libn. Cambridge
(Mass.) F. P. L., 34; purchase of
books for Millicent lib., 282.
Gifts and bequests (dept.), 65, 103, 185,
221, 254, 289, 325, 405.
Gilbert, F. T., death of, 222.
Gillett, C: R., practical library-mov-
ing, 48-49.
Gilman, Hon. E. H., vice-pres. N. H.
L. Assoc., 55.
Gilmore, L. B., Classifying and num-
bering of Public documents (Mich.
P. L.), 354.
Girard (Pa.) P. L., dedication, 216.
Girls, list of books for clubs of, 21, 282,
399; bibl. of education of (Burstall),


The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
added, 401; list of books on soci-
ology, pol. economy, 406.
Hartwell, Prof., Public L. from citi-
zens' point of view (Mich. P. L.), 354.
Hartwell (O.) L., given to city, 134.
Harvard University, rpt. on catalog-
ing scientific literature, 83-84-
butions, no. 48, 142; bibl. contri-
Harvard Univ. L., 97-98, bibl. contri-
butions, no. 50, 142; Siamese books
given to, 174; alterations at, 181.
Harvey, Cecil C., C101.
Hasse, Adelaide R., retirement from
Los Angeles P. L., 161–163, 186; libn.
U.S. Division of Public Documents,
186; training of lib. employees (Has-
se), 202-203, 239-241, 272-273, 303-
305; comm. on library schools and
training classes, A. L. A., 387.
Hastings, L. A., C101.
Hatch, H. C., gift of lib. building to
Western Reserve Univ., 103; laying
of corner-stone of lib. bldg., 249.
Hawes, Clara Sikes, cataloger Phila.
L. Co., 222.
Hawks, Emma B., asst. libn. of Dept.
of Agriculture, Washington, 222.
Hayes, Rutherford P., exec. board
Ohio L. Assoc., 92, 390.
Hayward, Almira L., memorial of
Mass. L. Club on death of, 23.
Hazeltine, Mary Imogene, comm. on
co-operation A. L. A., 387; social
and travel features of the confer-
ence, C92-100. C101.
Hearst, Mrs. Phoebe A., gift of lib. to
Lead City, S. D., 65.
Hearst F. L., Anaconda, Mont., 399.
Heath, Mass., town voted to erect P.
L. bldg., bequest of $500, 323.
Heckman, Frank B., elected libn.
branch 6, Phila. F. Ls., 404.
Hedge, F. H., vice-pres. Mass. C. L.,

Glen, Henry, libn. Schenectady (N.
Y.) P. L., 253.

Glen Cove, L. I., organization of pub-
lic lib. for, 97; opening of lib., 181.
Gloucestershire, Eng., bibl. of (Hy-
ett), 67.

Gloversville, N. Y., 15th rpt., 250; two-
card system, special privilege cards,
valuable books on tanning, 250.
Goethe, bibl. of (Bost. P. L.), 220.
Goodison, Alice T., asst. Mercantile
L., Phila., 222.

Gould, G: M., dict. of medicine, etc.,


Gove, Aaron, Sup. Denver Public
Schools, introduced to conference,
C73; speech on libraries, C74-75.
Government documents, value of, for
insurance (question-box), C83.
Gowing, F:, exec. comm. N. H. L.
Assoc., 55.
Grand Rapids (Mich.) P. L., extr. fr.
rpt., 59-60.
Gray, L: T., resignation, 222.
Greece, reading-list on (Salem P. L.),
67, 141; bibl. hellenique, v. 1, 2 (Le-
grand), 67; v. 3, 142.
Greek manuscripts (Jacob, A.), 328.
Green, S: S., 34; technical collections
in libs., 24; A. L. A. comm. on state
aid to libs., 89; address at Northboro
(Mass.) P. L. dedication, 252; at ded-
ication of Ingalls Memorial L.,


Greene, F: D:, bibl. of Armenian cri-
sis, 188.

Greenwich, Ct, gift of lib. to, 103;
foundations laid, description of, 289.
Greg, Rev. James B., C101.
Griswold, S. B., suppl. to subject in-
dex of N. Y. S. L. (law), 327.
Griswold, W: M., descriptive list of
novels and tales of ancient history,
pt. 1, 141; pt. 2, hist. of North Amer.,


Grotenfelt, G., Suomalaisen Kirjal-
Itsunden Seuran Kirjaston Luettelo,


Gruel, Léon, La rose d'or, 188.
Guernsey, Zoe, C101.

[blocks in formation]

Guild, Dr. Reuben A., withdrawal of Hellmann, Prof. G., bibl. of meteo-
rology, 36.
membership in A. L. A., C55.


Helena (Mont.) P. L., financial troub-
les, 98; bulletin no. 11, 105; bulletin
no. 12, 140; bulletin no. 13, 187;
special call for books on mining, 250;
two-book plan, age limit removed,

Halliwell - Phillipps, Shakespearian
collection (Smyth), 55, 133.
Hamilton (Ont., Can.) P. L., 103.
Handley, Hon. J:, bequests for lib. to
Winchester, Va., 104.
Hanna, Mrs. J: R., vice-pres. Col. L.
Assoc., 211.

History for ready reference, vols. 4,5
(Larned), review, 132, 283.
Hoar, L. See Reuben Hoar L.
Hoboken (N. J.) P. L., gift to, 185; site
of lib. selected, plans in compe-
tition, 250; plans chosen, drawn by
Albert Beyer, 323; alphabetical cata-
log, 327.

Hoe, Rob., catalog of lib. of (Bier-
stadt), 36, 283.


Hoepli, Ulrico, publication of Da
Vinci's Codex Atlanticus,
Bibliotheca historica italica, 328.
Hodgman, I. M., CIOT.
Hodgman, Mrs. I. M., CIOI.
Holbrook, E. F., treas. Vt. L. Assoc.,


Holmes, Judge O. W., gift to Pitts-
field (Mass.) Athenæum, 104.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, poem (Nel-
son), 5; reading list on (Osterhout
F. L.), 35: (Providence P. L. month-
ly bulletin), 67.
Home Lending L. Assoc., Cleveland,
O., 180.

of Cleveland, 180; of Knoxville,
Home libraries, of Armour Inst., 180;
Tenn., 217; list of books in children's
home Is., Albany, 222.
Hopkins, Anderson Hoyt, app. assist-
ant libn. John Crerar Scientific L..
Chicago, Ill., 326; Handbook of
library economy, C41, 78.
Hopkins, E. Washburn, bibl. of re-
ligious systems of India, 408.
Hopkinton (Mass.) P. L., opening of
new lib. building, 29-30.
Hospital libs. (Taylor), 349-
Hovey, E. C., ideal public lib.. 28.
How may we make the guiding of
children's reading part of the teach-
er's work?, Merington, 119-121.
How teachers should co-operate with
libns., Cole, 115-118.
Howard Memorial L., New Orleans,
La., extr. fr. rpt., 30-31.
Huber, J. C., bibl. der klinischen
helminthologie, 67.

Harlem L., N. Y., rpt., rates of sub-
scription, 286; adv. in N. Y. cable

Helminthology, bibl. der klinischen
helminthologie (Huber), 67,
Helping inquirers (Little), C19, 78.
Henshaw, S:, bibl, of Amer. economic
entomology, pt. 4, 292.
lem, Mass., P. L.), 291.
Heraldry, chivalry, reading-list (Sa-
Herkimer F. L.'A. to be incorporated
in autumn. Judge and Mrs. Robert
Earl have given residence to be
used as F. P. L., 254.
Herzog, Alfred C., vice-pres. N. J.
L. A., 390, Cror.
Hewins, Caroline M., Cro1; chairman
comm, on state aid to libs., 89; dis-
cussion of libraries in secondary
schools, C77.
Hill, Francis B., Crot.
Hill, Frank P., two-book system, 171-
172; comm. on Public documents,
A. L. A., 387.

Hills, Mrs. Agnes, treas. Ct. L.
Assoc., 92.
Hinrichsen, S. T., Cro1.
History, reading-list on Constitution
of the U. S. (Salem P. L.), 35; read-
ing-list on the Civil War (Spring-
field P. L.), 36; Medieval Europe
(Emerton), 36; reading-lists on Eng.
and Amer. (Y. M. C. A. L., N. Y.),
105; Amer. hist. biog., hist. fiction
(Waltham, Mass., P. L.), 291; North
Amer., descriptive list (Griswold),
292; reading-list on Eng. (Spring-
field, Mass., L.), 363; bibl. of Cana-
dian hist. (Gagnon), 364; United
'Pupil's outline
States, White's "
studies," 408,

cars, 302.

Harrassowitz, Otto, catalog von Gram-
matiken, etc., 406.
Harris, Isabella, Drexel Inst. Lib.
Dept., appointed cataloger Franklin
Institute, Phila.
Harris, Mrs. A. S., bequest of $50,000
for P. L. at Oshkosh, Wisconsin,
266, 289.
Hart, Mrs. W: H., gift of memorial
window to Y. M. C. A. L., Troy,
N. Y., 325.
Hartford (Ct.) P. L., two-book sys-
tem adopted, 60, 169; list of boys' and
girls' books, 105; bulletin, v. 16, nos.
1-4, 105; V. 17. nos. 1-2, 187, 406;
57th rpt., additions, 401; music dept.

Hughes, Mrs. S.. Morgan, asst. libn.
Terre Haute (Ind.) P. L., 34.
Huidekoper, Rush Shippen, bibl. of
the cat, 256.
Hull, Fanny, Cror.
Humors and blunders (dep.), 68, 142,

Hunt, M.. E., suit against Nashua,
N. H., 218-219.

L. Assoc., 55.
Hunt, Hon. N. P., vice-pres. N. H.

education, 224.
Hunter, Sir W: W., and others, state
Huntington (L. I.) P. L., 60.
Hutchins, F. A., organization of libs.
in Wisconsin, 93; pres. Wis.
Assoc., 94; Wisconsin L. commis-
sion, 393.

Huxley, Thomas, bibl. 1890-'94, Re-
view of Reviews (Sept.), 408.
Hyett, F. A., bibl. of Gloucestershire,
Hygiene and physical culture for
women, bibl. of (Galbraith), 256.
Hypnotism, bibl. in Vincent's "El-
ements of hypnotism," 328.
Hyslop, Ja. H., bibl. of ethics, roб.

Ibsen, H:, bibl. of (Carpenter), 223–


Iles, George, comm. on endowment,
A. L. A., 387; list of books for
girls and women (review), 396-398.
Illinois State Hist. L., 181.
Imhoff, Ono, Crox.
(West), C32:
and exclude them
Improper books: methods to discover
(Clark), C33; (Larned), C35; (Brett),
C36; papers and discussions, C76.
Incunabula, Beiträge zur incunabeln,
kunde (Reichhart), 224.

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The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
Jones, M. K.., bibl. of college and
social settlements, 67.
Jones, M.. L., pres. Nebraska L. A.,
211, CIOI.

Jones, Olive C., Crot.
Jordell, D., Catalogue annuel de la
librairie française, 1894, 187.
Josephson, Aksel G. S., a classification
of municipal literature, 279; Upsala
(Sweden) Univ. L., hist. of (review),

Independence (Ia.) F. L. rpt., addi-
tions, 357:
Index Medicus, scheme of indexing,

Indexes, 106.
Indexing of scientific literature, pro-
posed by Royal Society, 75, 81-82;
letter of Royal Society regarding,
82; rpt. of Harvard Univ. on, 83-
84; rpt. of Franklin Institute on,
172-173; international scheme, C63;
scheme of Index Medicus, C65.
India, Vedic, books on, 224; religions
of, bibl. (Hopkins), 408.

Indian bibliographies (Elliott), 188.
Indiana L. Assoc., 3d ann. meeting,


Indiana S. L., new legislation for,


Indianola (Ia.) P. L. rpt., 323.
Indianapolis (Ind.) P. L., legislation
regarding, 98, 134; list of books on
Washington, 105; 21st rpt., 285.
Information, helping inquirers (Lit-
tle), C19.

Ingalls Memorial L., Rindge, N. H.,
account of building, 32; formally
dedicated June 13; description of,
speech by S. S. Green, 253.
Ink (Swan), 127, 163-167; (Mass. L.
Club discussion on), 127.
International Bibliographical Con-
ference,adoption of modified Dewey
classification, 337, 346; bibl. of sci-
entific literature (Andrews), C25.
Invertebrate morphology, bibl. of
(McMurrich), 36.
Iowa Ls., column monthly in Iowa
Capital, 323.

Iowa L. Society, 5th ann. meeting,
94-95; plan for home study adopted
by, 161, 176-177.
Iowa State Univ. L., gift of private
lib. to, 65.

Italian librarians (Plummer), 4-5.
Italy, libs. and libns. (Plummer), 4-5;
Bibliotheca bibliographica italica
(Ottino), 142; Statistica delle biblio-
teche, pt. 1, 184; bibl. del teatro
drammatico italiano (Salvioli), 224;
Bibliotheca historica italica, 328.

Jackson (Mich.) City L., 216.
Jacob, A., Notes

les manuscrits
grecs palimpsestes de la Biblio-
thèque Nationale, 328.
Jadart, H., Debuts de l'imprimerie à
Reims, 328.

Japan, reading on (Osterhout F. L.),
35, (Bost. P. L.), 66; bibl. of (Wenck-
stern), 132-133..
Jaquith, Mrs. Olivia B., C101.
Jellison, A. M., sec. Central Cal. L.
Assoc., 128.

Jermain, Mrs. Frances D., 1st vice-
pres. Ohio L. Assoc., 92, 390.
Jersey City (N. J.) P. L., Sunday
opening at, 60; purchase of site for
new lib. bldg., 250, 401.
Jervis L. A., Rome, N. Y., organiza-
tion, 63; lib. opened July 12, 287.
Jewell, Hon. E. P., vice-pres. N. H.
L. Assoc., 55.

Joan of Arc, reading-list,

(Mass.) F. P. L., 256.
Jobs, Mary K., app. libn. Plainfield
(N. J.) P. L., 406.
Johns Hopkins L., Baltimore, Md.,
Prof. Dillman's Semitic L. acquired,
357; Univ. studies, 13th ser. bibl.
of white servitude in Va., 364.
Johnston, D. V. R., comm. on Public
documents, A. L. A., 387.
Jones, Ada Alice, Cror.
Jones, Gardner M., charging methods
for the two-book system, 44, 168-
173; libs. of local history, 215; Wire,
G: E., and Cutter, C: A., list of
subject-headings for dictionary cat-
alog (review), 399.

[blocks in formation]

Kelso, Tessa L., retirement from Los
Angeles P. L., 161-162, 186.
Kennett Square, Pa., incorporation of
Bayard Taylor Memorial Assoc., 60.
Kensington, Mass., plans for lib.
building for, 60.

Kephart, Horace, shall a libn. aid
personal interests? 4; review of Man-
chester City L. catalog, 27.

Keyes, C: Rollin, bibl. North Amer.
paleontology, 1888-'92, 292.
Kilbourn, Ada P., libn. Poultney
(Vt.) P. L., 252.

Kimball, Arthur R., removal, 3; rec.
sec. and clerk N. H. L. Assoc., 55;
list of libs. in N. H., 61.
Kimball, Mrs. H. L. McL., exec.
board, 27.
Kindergarten, list of books on (Open
Shelf), 35.

King, J. L., state libn. Kansas, 104.
King, Mrs. Porter, to entertain library
congress, Atlanta, Ga., 386.
Knoxville, Tenn., home libs. in, 217.
Krehbiel, Henry E., list of musical
works, 408.

Kroeger, Alice B., vice-pres. Pa. L.
Club, 55, 92.
Krug, Julia, Cror.

Kuhl, W. H., Aeronautische bibl.,
1670-1895, 256.

Kuhns, L. O., bibl. of A. de Musset,


Laconia, N. H., bequest for lib. to, 104.
Ladies' Home Journal, list of 5000
books, 187.
Lagarde Semitic lib. at Univ. of City
of N. Y., 31.

Lake George (N. Y.) F. L. rpt., 286.
Lamaism, list of books on, 292.
Lancaster (Mass.) Town L., 181; farm-
ers' class-list, 35; two-book system
at, 169.
Landon, Leland W., on Vt. State L.
Commission, 55.

Lane, W: C., additions to Harvard
Univ., Dante collection, 36.
Langley, E. E., Cior.

Langmuir, A. C., biol. of didymium,


Languages, catalog of grammars, etc.
(Harrassowitz), 406.

Lanier, Sidney, bibl. of (Calloway),


Lansdell, H:, bibl. of Chinese Central
Asia, 142.
Larned, Josephus N., History for
ready reference, v. 4 (review), 132;
V 5, 283; selection of books for pub-
lic library, 270; comm. on library
schools and training classes A. L.
A., 387; improper books, C35.
Latané, J: H., early relations between
Maryland and Virginia, 224.

Lavish gifts to Columbia College, 173-


Law, Bibliotheca juridica, 36; Biblio-
graphie générale des livres de droit
et jurisprudence, 106; Allgemeine
bibl. der staats- und rechtswissen-
schaften, 108.

Law Soc. of Upper Canada L., 103.
Lawrence (Mass.) P. L., gift of books
to, 60; 23d rpt., additions, duplicate
card catalog, 323..

Lead City, S. D., lib. given to, 65.
Leading of catalog type (Stetson), 302.
Lectures at Tacoma (Wash.) City L.,
33; at Nottingham (Eng.) F. P. Ls.,
64; at Lenox (Mass.) L., 98; at Leeds,
Eng., art, bridge construction, celes-
tial geology, music, 325.
Lee, G: M., C101.

Leeds (Eng.) F. P. L., 25th rpt., addi-
tions, 325.

Legrand, E., bibl. hellénique, 67, 142.
Leib, Mrs. Laura, Cior.
Leicester (Mass.) P. L., gift for lib.
building to, 65.
Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. L., ad-
dition to, 182.

Le Mars (Ía.) F. L., additions, 323.
Lemcke, Ernst (B. Westermann & Co.),

Catalogue raisonné of world litera-
ture, 363, Cro1.

Lenox, L., N. Y., 182; addition to, 61;
proposed consolidation with Astor
L. and Tilden Trust, 75, 84-85, 114,
125-126; (N. Y. L. Club discussion),

[ocr errors]

129, 204.

Lenox (Mass.) L., lectures at, 98.
Leonard, Grace F. (class '95), N. Y.

S. L. S., appointed classifier at Prov-
idence Athenæum, 255.
Leyden International conference of
zoologists, 391.

Leypoldt, Augusta H., and Iles, G:,
list of books for girls and women, 5
pts. (review, R. R. Bowker), 396-398.
Librarian, personality of (Poole), 21;
a librarian's epitaph, Nathaniel
Ward (Harvard), 348.
Librarians, some Italian (Plummer),
4-5; assistant librarians associa-
tions, London, Eng., 325; Congress
of, at Atlanta, Ga., 348.
Librarians (dep.), 34, 66, 104, 139, 185,
221, 254, 290, 361, 406.
Libraries, technical collections in
(Andrews), 6-9; adaptation of, to
local needs (Peck), 21, 45-48; ideal
building for (Hovey), 28; proper
standard for public, 54; and schools,
58, 59, 113, 114; advertising (Dana),
88; (Cole), 115-118; (Merington), 119-
121; (Sargent), 121-122; (Bolton), 122-
123; (Milwaukee P. L.), 123-124;
(Mass. L. Club discussion), 127-128;
(N. Y. L. A. meeting), 209; censor-
ship in, 162; (Crunden), 198; of the
U. S. (Putnam), 215; inspection of
(Eastman), 268; expert assistance,
268; Amsterdam (N. Y.) L. made
free to public, 321; what a free li-
brary does for a country town, 348;
Chicago Building Trades L. discon-
tinued, 356; list of musical libraries
in Germany, 361; Sammlung bib-
liothekswissenschaftlicher arbeiten,
364; Departmental Ls. Univ. of Chi-
cago (Dixon), 375; Art decoration in
(Bolton), 386: co-operation and spe-
cialization (Paterson), 391; relation
of state lib. to other libs. (Clark),
391; in secondary schools (Sharp),
C5, 16; discussion, C76; best method
of changing subscription to F. P.
L. (McClintock), C46; address on
(Gove), C74; systems of control, sup-
port, and administration Public Ls.,
317, 319, C91.
Libraries of the Northwest (Bowker),
77-80; First lib, of the Northwest
(Thwaites), 382.

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