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manent Members, as well as all other Members, of the Security Council."

Continuing its further work along the lines indicated in the report, the Commission will proceed to the further study of the topics noted in the last paragraph of Part I of the report and the other matters contained in its terms of reference with a view to making the specific proposals set forth in the Resolution of the General Assembly of January 24, 1946 and reaffirmed in the Resolution of the General Assembly of December 14, 1946.

Dr. MANUEL SANDOVAL-VALLARTA Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

December 31, 1946

PART V-Continued
Chapter 3: Safeguards Necessary To Detect and Prevent
the Diversion of Uranium and Thorium from
Declared Refineries and Chemical and Metallurgical

Chapter 4: Safeguards Necessary To Detect and Prevent
the Diversion of Uranium from Declared Isotope
Separation Plants .

Chapter 5: Safeguards Necessary To Detect and Prevent
the Diversion of Uranium, Thorium, and Plutonium
from Declared Nuclear Reactors and Associated
Chemical Extraction Plants .

Chapter 6: Safeguards Necessary To Ensure the De-
tection of Clandestine Activities
Chapter 7: Safeguards Against the Seizure of Atomic
Energy Establishments or Materials

Chapter 8: Coordination of Safeguards


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Annex 1: Chronological Calendar of Meetings


Annex 2: List of Representatives and Advisers to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission June 14 to December 31, 1946.


Annex 8: List of Experts Participating in the Informal
Conversations of Committee 2


1 Annexes 3 to 7 will be included when this report is published in the Atomic Energy Commission Official Records. They comprise the following documents:

Annex 3: Summary Records of Meetings of Subcommittee 1 held on July
1, 2, 5, 8, and 11, 1946 (document AEC/C.1/Sub.1/1-5).
Annex 4: Working Documents Submitted by Members of the Atomic
Energy Commission (documents AEC/C.1.(WC)/2, July 17 and
AEC/C.1.(WC)/2/Corr.1, Sept. 9, 1946).

Annex 5: Summary Records of Meetings of Committee 2 held on July 17, 24, 26, and 31 and Aug. 6, 1946 (documents AEC/C.2/1-5 and AEC/C.2/4/Corr.1).

Annex 6: Provisional List of Topics for Consideration by the Legal Advisory Committee (Appendices I and II, document AEC/C.43, Aug. 7, 1946).

Annex 7: A Suggested Program of Work-Committee 2 (Appendix 1, docu

ment AEC/C.2/W.1, Oct. 14, 1946).




December 31, 1946

HIS REPORT COVERS the work of the Atomic Energy Commission from June 14 to December 31, 1946.

Under the Resolution of the General Assembly of January 24, 1946, Section I, paragraph 2 (a), the Commission is directed to submit its reports and recommendations to the Security Council. The Atomic Energy Commission, on November 13, 1946, resolved to submit to the Security Council by December 31, 1946, a report of its proceedings, findings, and recommendations based upon its deliberations to date. The report that follows contains five parts: I. Proceedings.

II. Findings.

III. Recommendations.

IV. First Report on Scientific and Technical Aspects of the Problem of Control.

V. First Report on Safeguards Required To Ensure the Use of Atomic Energy Only for Peaceful Purposes.

This report is offered as an interim report; its purpose is to set forth in the form of findings and recommendations the progress that has been made to date in the deliberations of the Atomic Energy Commission and its various committees and informal meetings.

A chronological calendar of meetings of the Commission and its committees is appended (Annex 1).


Part I: Proceedings


HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, at its Seventeenth Plenary Meeting on January 24, 1946, adopted a resolution (Resolution of the General Assembly, Atomic Energy Commission Official Records, Supplement No. 1) establishing an Atomic Energy Commission having the following terms of reference:

"The Commission shall proceed with the utmost despatch and enquire into all phases of the problem, and make such recommendations from time to time with respect to them as it finds possible. In particular, the Commission shall make specific proposals:

"(a) for extending between all nations the exchange of basic scientific information for peaceful ends;

"(b) for control of atomic energy to the extent necessary to ensure its use only for peaceful purposes;

"(c) for the elimination from national armaments of atomic weapons and of all other major weapons adaptable to mass destruction;

"(d) for effective safeguards by way of inspection and other means to protect complying States against the hazards of violations and evasions.

"The work of the Commission should proceed by separate stages, the successful completion of each of which will develop the necessary confidence of the world before the next stage is undertaken.

"The Commission shall not infringe upon the responsibilities of any organ of the United Nations, but should present recommendations for the consideration of these organs in the performance of their tasks under the terms of the United Nations Charter."

The resolution provided further that the Commission should be composed of one Representative from each of the States represented on the Security Council, and Canada when that State is not a Member of the Security Council, i.e. an initial membership

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