Annual Report

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Argus Company, printers, 1894
1894 contains a supplementary financial statement covering the period from Oct. 1, 1894, to April 25, 1895.

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Страница 416 - Leyden leaving a last will and testament which was duly admitted to probate by and before the Surrogate of Lewis County.
Страница 54 - An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes...
Страница 181 - State, shall be and are hereby adjudged and declared guilty of felony, and shall suffer death as in cases of felony without benefit of clergy.
Страница 53 - It shall be lawful for the trustees to call in and demand from the stockholders respectively, all such sums of money by them subscribed, at such times, and in such payments or instalments...
Страница 179 - AN ACT,* for the forfeiture and sale of the estates of persons who have adhered to the enemies of this State, and for declaring the sovereignty of the people of this State in respect to all property within the same.
Страница 118 - Each of the deputies appointed by the inspector shall take the oath of office prescribed by the constitution, and...
Страница 294 - An act to authorize the formation of railroad corporations, and to regulate the same...
Страница 201 - An act to settle and adjust the accounts of the troops of this State in the service of the United States, and for other purposes therein mentioned was brought in engrossed and compared at the table.
Страница 452 - Laws repealed. — Of the laws enumerated in the schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the last column is hereby repealed.
Страница 10 - ... be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction, shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both, at the discretion of the court; such fine not to exceed one hundred dollars, and such imprisonment not to exceed sixty days.

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