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" An* yit she gin her cheer a jerk Ez though she wished him furder, An' on her apples kep' to work, Parin "
The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal - Страница 178
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The Dartmouth, Том 4

...An' peeked in thru the winder, An' there sot Huldy all alone, With no one nigh to hinder. "He kind o' 1'itered on the mat, Some doubtfle o' the sekle...heart kep' goin' pity-pat, But hern went pity Zekle. "Sez he, 'I'd better call agin ;' Sez she, 'Think likely, Mister.' The last word pricked him like a...
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The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell

James Russell Lowell - 1897 - 492 страница
...once her feelins flew Like sparks in burnt-up paper. He kin' o' 1'itered on the mat, Some donbtfle o' the sekle, His heart kep' goin* pity-pat. But hern...her apples kep' to work, Parin* away like murder. " Yon want to see my Pa, I s'pose ? " " Wai ... no ... I come dasignin' " — " To see my Ma ? She...
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