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" I verily believe and hope) impartial search of the true way to eternal happiness, do profess plainly that I cannot find any rest for the sole of my foot, but upon this rock only. I see plainly, and with mine own eyes, that there are popes against popes,... "
A Dissent from the Church of England Fully Justified: And Proved to be the ... - Страница 215
написао/ла Micaiah Towgood - 1804 - 319 страница
Пуни преглед - О овој књизи

The Theory of Religious Liberty in England

T. Lyon
...Protestants Chillingworth recounted how he saw, and still sees, "that there are Popes against Popes, Councils against Councils, some Fathers against others, the...themselves, a consent of Fathers of one age against the consent of Fathers of another age, the Church of one age against the Church of another age. Traditive...
Ограничен приказ - О овој књизи

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