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" Polk, you know, he is our country. An' the angel thet writes all our sins in a book Puts the debit to him, an' to us the per contry; An' John P. Robinson he Sez this is his view o "
Fable for critics. Bigelow papers. Unhappy lot of Mr. Knott. An oriental ... - Страница 172
написао/ла James Russell Lowell - 1858
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The Book of Poetry: Collected from the Whole Field of British and ..., Том 1

Edwin Markham - 1926 - 3243 страница
...worn't the best mark of a saint; But John P. Robinson, he Sez this kind o' thing's an exploded idee. 123 Parson Wilbur he calls all these argimunts lies; Sez they're nothin' on airth but just fee, faw, fum: An' thet all this big talk of our destinies Is half on it ign'ance, an' t'other...
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